Hello Kitty Psycho Test 2

I’m sure there is some underlining reason why Sanrio labels it’s tests as “psycho” in their URLs (hint to Hello Kitty fanatics, it’s a not so subtle message to you). Whatever the reason, Hello Kitty couldn’t stop at just one psycho test, so here is another:

HK Test

Hello Kitty Speculative Fiction Psychology Test

My theory is Hello Kitty psycho psychology tests all tell you that you are depressed so that you have a reason to buy Hello Kitty to make you happy. At least Hello Kitty thinks I’m depressed (note: spelling and grammar are Hello kitty’s, not mine) :

You often look down on yourself.

You feel bad about your personality. In another word, you only see your shortcomings and ignore or your advantages. If you must expose your inner self in front of others, you find that very hard to do, and you would hate yourself. But actually, if you look from another angel, your shortcomings could be your advantages instead. For example, you think you get mad easily, but actually that’s because you are very sincere and you don’t hesitate to show your emotions. If you think you are weak, others probably think you are very gentle and understanding. You must look at your personality from another positive angle and be nice to yourself.

Of course, my wife sees this as yet more proof that my life is depressing because I don’t accept Hello Kitty as my savior. I blame it on having to listen to the Hello Kitty theme song 24 hours a day over her new Hello Kitty speakers. Either way, it confirms that I’m living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Hello Kitty Psycho Test

Now before all you Hello Kitty fans (who shouldn’t even be viewing this blog anyway – haven’t you realized this is an anti-Hello Kitty blog yet?) get into a Hello Kitty hissy-fit about the title of this entry, I’m just using the words that Sanrio uses in their own url to post (see, even Sanrio thinks that all of you Hello Kitty fanatics are a bit psycho šŸ˜‰ – actually double psycho if you look at the url) the Hello Kitty Psycho Psychology Test:

Hello Kitty psychology test

While I have major concerns when people ensure their psychology tests to a make believe feline, it’s simply another example of how Hello Kitty is after world domination. Beyond the money in your pocket book, she wants to control your mind as well (which she if effectively doing to far too many Hello Kitty fanatics). Of course, my wife wanted me to take the test which produced the following results:

It’s virtually impossible for you to care for others. For example you would probably eat and drink next to a friend who is on a diet, or you would share your romance with a friend who just broke up or some other insensitive things like such. Sometimes, you should really stand in other’s shoe and think of them – otherwise, those around you would probably think you are a “self-centered” and evil person.

Wow, that was an abundance of Hello Kitty sweetness calling me a “self-centered evil person” just because I preferred to keep the red cup for myself…Hmmmmmm, maybe Hello Kitty should take some of her own psycho psychological advice. Or maybe this is just the result that Hello Kitty herself creates when you have to look at her in Hello Kitty Hell everyday…

Of course, my wife sees the results as a sign that I don’t have enough Hello Kitty in my life and need more to combat the evil within me “so Hello Kitty’s sweetness can seep into your heart” — now, the thought of that is true Hello Kitty Hell…

Hello Kitty Hospital

I know it is going to be a Hello Kitty Hellish day when my wife screams with excitement about a new Hello Kitty place she wants to visit. It appears that there is a women’s hospital in Taiwan that has a Hello Kitty room for expectant mothers. It is decorated with pictures of Hello Kitty and Mimmy and who knows what else…

Hello Kitty hospital

I suppose this is their way of making the father go through the same pain and nausea as the mother giving birth, although I suspect that having to stay in a Hello Kitty decorated room waiting for your baby to arrive is actually more painful for the father. It certainly isn’t a positive sign of what the man can expect in future years.

My wife’s interest in this concerns me on a number of levels, but I have these terrible thoughts that we are going to end up going from the Hello Kitty love hotel to this Hello Kitty hospital. The only upside I can see in this whole situation is that it may possibly mean I don’t have to spend so many nights on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag, but I’m not sure that even that is worth the price for the obvious future Hello Kitty Hell I will have to endure…

Thanks (I think) to Cindy who should be forced to have all her kids born at this hospital

Hello Kitty (Official) Pantie Liners

Ah, the joys of having people send random Hello Kitty photos my way. Now not only do I know that there are unofficial Hello Kitty pantie liners, I also know that Kotex makes official Hello Kitty pantie liners (at least in China). I can already hear the conversation that is coming once my wife stumbles across this….”We can fly over on the Hello Kitty airline, pick up all kinds of Hello Kitty goods that aren’t available in Japan (like there aren’t enough here?!?) and have a great Hello Kitty time.”

Hello Kitty Kotex Panty Liners

Thanks (I think) to hellokittydarling (someone with that name should not be reading my blog)

Hello Kitty Menstrual Pantie Liners

Just when you believe you’ve seen it all, Hello Kitty reminds you that there is no bottom in the pit of Hello Kitty Hell. This, my friends, is when you know you have a true Hello Kitty fanatic on your hands. 99.9% of the population would look at these and simply say “WTF?!?” but to a Hello Kitty fanatic, something like this makes perfect sense and you receive a reply like this one from my wife: “What a cute idea, I want those” (I know, I know, you’re asking yourself “HOW is that a cute idea?!?” but it is useless to try and understand). So I present to you the Hello Kitty menstrual pantie liners:

Hello Kitty Menstrual Pads

Hello Kitty Menstrual Pantie Liners

Courtesy (I think) of fork in the comments via ebay

They also come in holiday themes:

Hello Kitty Halloween pads

Sent in by Xenaspanky

Hello Kitty Exercise Ball

I should have learned to keep my mouth shut living in Hello Kitty Hell by now, but sometimes there just isn’t the connection on how bad things will turn out when you make an innocent suggestion. Take, for example, my suggestion to my wife that we both exercise a bit more. The intention was to get a membership at a local fitness center so that we weren’t both behind the computer 24 / 7. Of course, intention means little when you are living in Hello Kitty Hell…

And so, yesterday I walked into the house to see a big, pink Hello Kitty exercise ball:

Hello Kitty Exercise Ball

No doubt the exercise ball is hideous, but it is the least of my current worries. The minute I saw that I realized that exercise equipment is one of the few areas where my wife has not gone on a Hello Kitty rampage and so I’m dreading what else may show up in our house soon…

Hello Kitty Band-Aids

Hello Kitty BandaidOne of the most frustrating aspects of living in a Hello Kitty Hell is the embarrassment that comes along with it. Yesterday morning I accidentally gave myself a nice paper cut and needed a band-aid to protect it. Of course, the only band-aids that we have in the house are Hello Kitty band-aids.

Not really having a choice in the matter, I reluctantly wrapped my finger in the Hello Kitty band-aid and went about my business. I didn’t think anything more of it until I was at a cash register ready to make a purchase and the sales lady kept looking at my finger and then back up to me with such a strange look that she obviously thought I was some kind of psycho. How could I blame her? – a grown man walking around with a Hello Kitty band-aid is not somethingĀ normal norĀ can it be adequately explained inĀ a couple of minutes.

Next time I think it will be less painful to just bleed to death…


Hello Kitty bandaids

Left by Lia via facebook

Hello Kitty band aids

Sent in by Melissa who says: “My friends and I were having a fun day at the river this last summer when my friend Kevin hurt his foot, so after we got home we had to bandage up his foot and the only band-aids I had were Hello Kitty.” This is why you never want to hurt yourself in the presence of a hello Kitty fanatic…

hello kitty bandaid

Sent in by Becca