Hello Kitty Converse High Tops

Since I was in high school, I’ve always enjoyed wearing Converse high tops. They were sort of my fashion statement while all the other students around me went for Nike or whatever other fashionable shoe was in at that moment. Of course, during that time they only had 2 colors – black and white. It wasn’t until I went to college that they started printing them in a variety of different colors and patterns. In fact, I still have a pair of both black and white Converse high tops.

There is nothing worse than when a product that you have loved for years sells out. I tolerated the different colors and even the different patterns until my wife came home with these:

Hello Kitty Converse high top basketball shoes

Hello Kitty Converse high tops

That’s right. They actually make Hello Kitty Converse shoes these days. What’s worse, every time I decide to wear my Converse high tops, my wife wants to wear her “matching pair” – something tells me I will never be wearing them again.

You know that Hello Kitty Hell has moved to an entirely new level when even the shoe style you grew up with has come out in a Hello Kitty model. I think I’ll go cry myself to sleep…

355 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Converse High Tops

  1. “No, they will lead you down the Hello Kitty extreme road.” I can’t be a part of that.”

    Too late for that, so might as well tell me. I’ve been collecting since first grade and now i’m in my third year of college…So tell me!!!

  2. Those actualy look kinda cute…

    PS: Dispite all my hatefull words…I think i’m like you. I probaly LOVE Hello Kitty deep down, but it hurt’s to addmit it….

  3. I have to have these.. I can’t find them ANYWHERE online, it’s so depressing! You think they would at least be on Ebay. ๐Ÿ™ Your wife should buy several pairs and sell them online ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Now you must realize, upon releasing such exciting information unto a blog read daily by – ironically – Hello Kitty fanatics, that you cannot dangle such candy in front of our eyes and not give us any information on where to find them. They’re just sneakers, after all. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s one of the few extremities you display in your blog that us common Hello Kitty folk can actually own and afford without tearing holes in our pockets. Of course.. I only say this because I absolutely adore them. I love Hello Kitty, but I don’t collect very much of her, due to well.. being young and broke. But these I have fallen in love with these shoes, and I would really love to own them, and I know everyone else here would benefit from the knowledge of discovering where they are sold. And – hey – we won’t have to bother you about it anymore! ;D

  5. Gotta give me credit for trying. I don’t have very much HK stuff – it would’ve been nice. Thanks anyway, then.

  6. I own *goes off to count* 96 Hello Kitty products =^_^= I’m gonna make a site called Hello Kitty Heaven and we shall compete :]

    I’d love a pair of HK cons though.


  7. holycow, those are the best shoes ive ever seen.

    you and my boyfriend would get along. i draw a line at some things though, like decorating our common spaces in HK. i just collect it and put it in a closet. i like having a chic apartment with a few skeletons in my closet hahaha

    i have a coffee maker, multiple bath mats, pez dispensers, sandals, blankets, towels, bento boxes, chop sticks, coffee maker, other appliances, water cooler, christmas ornaments, easter egg decorating kits, keychains, cell phone charms, posters, sticker books, pens, pencils, stationery, dominoes, playing cards, hk Uno!, juice (that i bought in hawaii over a year ago and STILL havent opened), fruit snacks, and the list just keeps going.

    i am actually planning a trip to japan just to see what else i can buy. so nyah.

  8. I’ve looked everywhere online can’t find them itwould be a great item to add to my collection, it would be nice if you could tell us where to find them. Thanks

  9. I feel your pain man..but my girlfriend will not stop bothering me about these.PLEASE tell me how to get these so she will leave me alone!

    – Also living in hello kitty hell

  10. I feel your pain man..but my girlfriend will not stop bothering me about these. PLEASE tell me how to get these so she will leave me alone!

    My first impression is that this is not from a boyfriend because that is not how a boyfriend would approach this ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sounds like a Hello Kitty fan pretending to be a boyfriend.

    If I happen to be wrong (doubtful), let me just say that she is never going to leave you alone – Hello Kitty fanatics do not know how to, so you are either stuck with her or it is time to move on.

    Everyone, just feel privileged that you get to share a bit of Hello Kitty Hell with me because, I will state again, http://www.hellokittyhell.com/2007/02/16/it-aint-going-to-happen

  11. I hate hello kity its so retarded please tell me where you get these shoes from so i can dance around them and burn them ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. OMG this is wonderful. I have always loved Hello Kitty. But I also love converse… so this is just fantastic!! jesus christ what is so wrong with Hello Kitty?!?! You can get anything on a converse shoe these days. People express themselvse with the different prints. And didn’t you say you wanted to be different from all the other kids who had nikes? I’m in high school and every one has black and white converse and… HELLO ITS BORING. you make no sense.

  13. plase,tell where i cant get those because im in love wit hello kitty i just want them so bad im jus 10 yrs old so if you dont tell me were i can get them…jus think about like your killin ma soul…so plase tell me were you got them or were i can get them :*(

  14. plase,tell where i cant get those because im in love wit hello kitty i just want them so bad im jus 10 yrs old so if you dont tell me were i can get them – jus think about like your killin ma soul

    Actually, by not telling you I’ll be saving your soul from becoming a Hello Kitty addict. This is a good thing.

  15. I heard Hello Kitty was really a Harajuku hooker…I’m kidding [but not really]. Wouldn’t that be funny tho, a big cat hooking to make the rent? Of course we all know Hello Kitty wouldn’t really hook because she [and some really savvy Japanese homosexuals] have created the most evil empire ever known to brainwash little girls..”Hello Kitty”. Who would have thought the Anti Christ would be “soooo cute!!”. I personally do not find hello kitty cute, mostly because I don’t understand what the point to Hello Kitty is. It’s basically mindless pink entertainment with whiskers. I did love sailor moon, but I can’t picture purchasing anything sailor moon, let alone SAILOR MOON CONVERSE..Jesus Christ, typing that made me feel dirty. It starts with Hello Kitty sashimi..moves on to Hello Kitty converse..then what’s next? I’ll tell you what’s next..
    Hello kitty hybrids..Hello Kitty condoms..Hello Kitty metal pap smear clamps, “OMG THOSE CLAMPS ARE SOOOO CUTE!!”…Hello Kitty Xanax [After reading some of these threads I’m actually not opposed to that]..Hello Kitty Bibles..
    I’d suggest putting Hello Kitty on a crucifix, but I fear Catholic school girls would find it “soooooo cute”. in this world someone could probably franchise off that idea [hehe, one step ahead….suckas].

    I do seriously fear a Hello Kitty world order.

  16. i luuuurve them i want them sooooooooooooo0oooo0 much im gonna search till i find THEM…………………………….i LOOO0OOVVVVVVVEEEEEEE333333EEEEE THEM

  17. Oh Em Gee! these sneaks are just absolutely delicious. Your wife is one lucky lady. I’d kill to get those cute sneaks. Haha sucks to be you though.

  18. Hehe this is funny, I love how u do that “Hello Kitty Hell”… making all the girls go crazy!
    I’m a Hello Kitty fan myself actually..but unfortunately I live in Sweden so yeah.. there’s not much I can do about my great love for HK! But I’m happy I didn’t live in Japan or somewhere like that. It feels better to know that I can’t have those stuff, even though I want it so badly.. then it’s easier for me to give up, cuz I’m used to it.

    I feel sorry for you girls! but “Hello Kitty Hell” is just doing the only right thing! This isn’t good for you, don’t let Hello Kitty make you lose your minds!!

  19. How much do the Hello Kitty Converse High Tops cost??? Where can i buy them??? Can i buy them with internet???If i can, from which site??? Thenks

  20. i think i might have seen thOse shOes befOre.. in persOn but i’m nOt exactly sure! hehe… if i see them shOes i’m gettin them straight away!. ๐Ÿ˜›

  21. WHOA!!!!!!!!
    IL Converses!!
    IL Hello Kitty!!!
    and buy them..

  22. Man I am so sorry for the hell that you live in. I don’t know how you have’t gone insane.

    To the point, I work for a certain shoe company and have received email requests for this particular product and I take pride in telling inquiring customers that “Unfortunately we do not offer this product on our website…”
    I think i’d go nuts if we did.

    Stay strong friend

  23. O My God where can they be found???? i want them so bad i can’t belive they even make them! O My God i am like her biggers fan and i have to have a pair of them!

  24. First of all…..oh god I can’t even look at that picture.

    Second are you people joking? Do these morons ask where to find all the stuff you post on here? Do they not realize you’re AGAINST Hello Kitty?

  25. And the word “biggers” does not exist

    I think the word you may be looking for is “biggest”.

    Learn to spell before you type.

  26. Oh my God! You`re such a freak! I`m sure u won`t loose ur eyesight if you see someone with these shoes! You have to look @ your wife everyday so there`s no difference if there are some people more!

  27. Is there any way we can contact your wife. Im guessing she’ll be a little bit nicer than you about telling us where we can get these.

  28. Is there any way we can contact your wife. Im guessing she’ll be a little bit nicer than you about telling us where we can get these.

    lol – doubtful. She thinks that anyone who reads this blog is a Hello Kitty traitor ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. hi,
    i was just wondering if you would be able to tell me where i could purchase a pair of these? a site, store?
    thank you.

  30. i was just wondering if you would be able to tell me where i could purchase a pair of these? a site, store?
    thank you.

    Please read through the comments…I have already answered this question a number of times ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. AHA! I figured it out. You photoshop cool hello kitty stuff to torture and abuse her fans. We cannot find the “Chucks” because they are a figment of your twisted and destroyed soul made ‘real’ using tricks and deceit.

    I applaud your diseased mind – no, really!!

    You sir are and evil genius of the highest order.

    Can you photoshop me a pink 1970 Plymouth Superbird with a Hello Kitty theme so that I have a reason to whine?

    “…I muuuussssttt have the Kitty hot rod or I will kill myself – please tell me where to get it…”


  32. lmfao,hello kitty converse, i am a chick, i like hello kitty, despite my many growing passions of hatred towards bandwagons…i like those a lot, if i ever found them would i buy them though? No, sadly, even though they look amazingly adorable…why? Because chucks werent meant for this kind of…disgusting show…i have non-traditional converse i suppose, being as when *I* was a kid, aka a few years ago, i had weird looking funky colored chucks…but alas, not hello kitty…Hello kitty is a popular in thing that ruins beautiful things like Converse…and makes me cry, for I love them both, but love Converse more…and i know that every other chick wearing those is not a chuck fan, but a bandwagon person…i feel your pain in hell, preps walk around with their fancy shirts and converse nowdays, and i feel like curling up in a ball, same with all the emo kids and fake punk scenesters….why couldnt peds make a hello kitty shoe? why oh why converse…oh why…

  33. omg im not a hello kitty fan or anythingand im reading the comments of all these obssessed people. I just wish to know where i can get them from cuz i wanna start collecting converse aand this is original.. somethng you cant get no matter how hard you look. i could care less if you tell me or not but if u do thank you. im not gona feen over converse…

  34. I’ve been reading the comments many times and I just want to ask you something. Are you stupid or what!?
    They really want then, so WHY can’t you tell them, honest?!
    You are very weird do you know that?
    Just tell them so they stop ask you.
    Did you really think that you just can show some pictures of them and think that no one would ask you “where did you find them?”

  35. you know
    iโ€™m not going to pester you over this
    i for one am not a hello kitty obsessor (w/e i canโ€™t spell)
    however i do enjoy the chucks
    now hello kitty is cool
    and chucks kick ass
    and together itโ€™s like oreos and milk
    but personally, i believe that all of you fanaddicts should calm down
    ever think of checking out underground stores and raves
    this โ€œrareโ€ stuff will eventually be so overrated (as if itโ€™s not already) eventually
    this happens to everything
    donโ€™t blend into a fad
    check out gloomy bear
    or foamy the squirrel
    these things are hardly fad-ish and very easy to find on comic book websites
    stop asking someone that wonโ€™t tell you
    heโ€™s not going to cave
    check out darkhorse.com and other nerd sites
    like i said it doesnโ€™t really matter
    neo yuppy scumbag bitches are going to ruin all of my love for chucks anyway as if walmart hasnโ€™t already with their knockoff crap
    someone should make a site ragging on rocket dogs
    iโ€™d so help moderate
    but like i said quit wasting your time with this guy
    grow some creativity
    get some iron ons and fabric paint and prints
    and develope individuality by rocking your hello kitty shoes that no one else owns
    honestly you call yourself fanaddicts
    if you really were so desperate for kitty chucks youโ€™d make your own
    iโ€™m not siding with anyone
    done.done. and done

  36. ??? ….I want these….I have loved HeLlO?โ€ขยท. Kitty since kindergarden…..I have to have these where on god green earth did u find these?……pretty please tell me….so the years of HeLlO?โ€ขยท. Kitty love can continue!!!

  37. Wtf?! If You Hate Hello Kitty So Much, Why The Hell Did You Start This Friggin Website!?? You’re Complaining About It So Much That You Start A Website? That’s Sad, Tbh. You’re Tormenting Other People Who Are Pratically Willing To Sell Their Souls Just To Get Their Hands On Those Sneakers. I Bet You Get A Kick Out Of It. You. Tbqh. Are Sick. As I Said Before.

  38. I like this shoes so much. I’m now in my manga/anime period and this is are just amazing cute shoes XD. But I’m affraid that I never will be able to buy them. But Lucy found them!!! Dear Lucy why you don’t post where you found them??? (Sorry but my English isn’t verry good^^)

  39. PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!! tell me where u got these shoes???!!!!! plz plz plz!!!!! i really luv converse shoes and i totally luv Hello Kitty…..its the perfect combination…i luv ’em so freakin much!!!! it wuz luv @ first sight!!

  40. I think,you should just tell people where u got these!they will keep asking,i dont see whats wrong with hello kitty?so ppl get obbossed with it who cares,u probley get obbossed[can’t spell good] with something too lol!!i am a big hello kitty fan but i have no merch only plushie but i do wan’ these shoes,and i know u don’t wanna tell pp but once you get over it they will stop begging you and emiling you!!!!!!!!ppl wanna Know!!!!!!!!!!!..loleshpley Me!

  41. Maybe you should start collecting something and your wife will see how annoying it is to you!!!!!!!!she mite stop collecting hello kitty so much and mite stop bugging you or whatever!!!!
    just a thought!!!!

  42. I hope you all realize that he is right. Hello Kitty is addictive. I know, well, because I am also addicted. I do honestly think it is starting to kill me a little && it is definitely taking a toll on my wallet.. However, I will continue to search for some of my very own Hello Kitty Converse =]

  43. i have those shoes to!
    my friend bought them for me in japan
    the store has a website
    but im not telling only because its funny how desperate you all are for them

  44. Wow! I love these shoes! I want dem so bad! It sucks that your not willing to share where we could get them… but don’t worry ima have them one day ๐Ÿ˜‰

  45. why should i tell you where i got them?
    i dont know you or care about you
    oh and i dont like desperate people who beg its gross.

  46. omg i love them where can i get a pair. im obessed with hello kitty. if u could email me where i can get a pair tyhat would be great thanks.

  47. i want them i love hello kitty i will torment you 4 ever 1 way or another i will get them i will hunt you down and find them i have enbarked on this journey and i will never give up until i get them there must be something you like i will find out and make 1 of these torture website ok so dont tell me but mark my words i will get my hands on them just be careful when you walk around that corner past the mailbox in the closet next to the trashcan on your roof in the attic every were a hello kitty fanatic middle school girl in love with hello kitty can hide im asking about the shoes but where can i get the mat under the shoes? can you tell me that never mind i’ll just find them

    -demented hello kitty loving princess

  48. p.s. i will get the shoes and mat i will get them and y r u being such an a-hole about them tell these crazed girls and me were she got them and the heels u r gonna put a pic of them 2 and make us suffer even more so beware be afraid very afraid
    thank you and have a nice day
    -demented hello kitty loving prrincess

  49. i give up i now will h8 u 4 the rest of my life and i will 4ever have this hello kitty hell crap engraved in my mind
    -demented hello kitty loving princess

  50. YOUR SO FLIPPIN TWISTED! You will continue to burn in hell and I will never visit this web site again because u set it up to torture people…

    I was just playing. You are so fake though u would not be wearing the shoes if you didn’t love her too. I went through the same thing kinda. I was soooo in love with Keroppi and would see all the cute stuff for Hello kitty. And I swear I hated that *****, but when they retired Keroppi I lost it and converted I had no choice. Now I’m in hello kitty hell, and I love it!!! I mean hate it I hate it!!! Lol
    Prissy T used to love Keroppi still do

  51. where did your wife get them????! i’m with angie on this one! just tell us where u got the them andu can live!!!!! p.s >>>> HELLOKITTY, BEST THING EVER MADE!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  52. Perhaps more than one person has found these shoes by now and posted a comment here, only to have him remove the comment. That’s how intractable this guy is.

    If you’re that big of a collector, contact Converse and pay an exorbitant amount to get them to make you a pair. That’s probably what his wife did.

    Then don’t ever get to wear them anywhere because you will be so afraid of ruining them since they’re so hard to get. They’ll sit on your shelf or in your glass case or your hermetic vault and do you no more good than any of the rest of the stuff you never do anything with but look at.

    And let’s face it: Chucks are CRAPPY SHOES that look great and wear badly. Even regular ones aren’t worth the price. If you must wear them, just put in Hello Kitty shoelaces like I do.

    He’s not going to tell you. Give up.

    And if I find them, I’m going to buy them, take a pic of me wearing them, post a link to it here and not tell you where I got them, either.

  53. hello im back c u hav`ent given up and still havent told any1 were to find them well g2g bye p.s. tell us already

  54. plz u cant stop me from becoming a hello kitty freak plz tell me where i can get thoose SHOES (im 12 i want thoose shoes now!!plz pzl plz plz)

  55. I can’t believe there are grown adult people that would buy Hello Kitty anything for any reason other then a child. I mean really stop and think about this Hello kitty is up there with that Barney and that fake Barbi. All three need to be taken out and used for target prctice

  56. listen tish ok im with u on the barney and barbi but with hello kitty wat kind of twisted demented alien life form r u (excuse my language) shes beautiful and can only be blamed 4 bringing happiness 2 people (of all ages)all over the world all u guys remember that when your here writeing mean and hurtful things about her p.s. she got no mouth cuz i got too many expressions
    -hello kitty loving princess

  57. hk makes the life of men (not counting in gays etc) horrible especially those that have a hk hyped girlfriend/wife this guy just has compasion with us couse he knows what hell it really is to walk over the street with a grown up woman dressed like a 6 year old or has one like in my case a gf that’s pretty loaded then buys a decent gamingcomputer wich i wanted for a veeery long time and its hello kittyfied even the desktop is hello kitty and non changable she hired a programmer for that, really things like that arent fun for us to live with >.<
    p.s. i’m so totally wearing pants right now

  58. i have a pair of hello kitty flats
    i cant tell you where i got them, cuz they are for me only… unless you ask nicely

  59. As a longtime fan (minus the obsessive bit that seems to be gnawing away at others), of HK I’m increasingly disappointed with not only how much other brands have sold-out to shill their products via Hello Kitty, but how much Sanrio has sold-out Hello period. Products like these would make me a bit embarrassed to admit I like Hello Kitty, if I actually cared about people’s opinion on that.

    I’m sad, though not surprised at how many fashion challenged people actually want to strap something this ugly on their feet. Also sad is how many people obviously are so ignorant that they fail to notice the point of this website. Hint: It’s not to direct you to where you can buy Hello Kitty products so ugly that they need to be nuked from orbit.

  60. I want those soooooooooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaddddd and I submitted my e-mail address before 0.0 I think someone emailed me and said that they would get back to me and keep me updated about them, but they never wrote me back again…i =[ s anyone going to tell me where you get those from I promise I won’t tell anyone….I’ll do just about anything that is sane to ge them =]

    Please I will highly appreciate it ^.^

  61. all the people commenting about how they want these are a complete disgrace to original wearers of converse sneakers.

  62. dude I love original converse sneakers but its also great to embrace new things…I would be extremely happy to have these shoes in fact I would be glad to take these off your hands

  63. i would love to have those you have to tell us where ti get them or at least sell them so one of us can get them bcuz you dont want them and we do so HAND THEM OVER!

  64. It’s 10:28 at night and i just got off the phone with converse to ask about these hello kitty high tops. I was told that converse never made those, they are fabricated and a fake. Converse has never, ever made hello kitty high tops and never will. They also told me to feel free to write the president of the company if i didn’t believe them. So I’m not falling for your hello kitty converse crap. Everyones making such a big tado and you won’t tell anyone where you got them because it will ruin them so to speak, but the real reason you aren’t telling is BECAUSE CONVERSE NEVER MADE THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. ok mr./ms. hello kitty hell…wherever these are probably sold in japan anyway. If you do live in Japan… you won’t even see people wearing them in the states. Just tell me where I can get them from. please!!!!

  66. OMG I love these! I want them! I love this site btw. I’m a huge Hello Kitty fan and I googled hello kitty tv’s and your page came up. Keep up the great work!

    P.S. I think you secretly LOVE Hello Kitty. Meow!

  67. i really think your pathetic, your wife may like hello kitty A LOT, maybe even too much but saying things like “Why on earth would I help others become like my wife and put other innocent significant others at risk of living with what I live with?”, kinda makes me think you don’t love your wife very much. I don’t know if she knows about your website, but if she does i bet she really feels like crap. Your basically putting your own wife down for something she has an obsession over. You truly are dealing with this the wrong way and speak an infinite deal of nothing.

  68. imagine if your little girl gets down on her knees, looks you in the eyes, welling up tears and says…”daddy, this is all i want for my birthday. I promise if you give this to me, i will never ask for any thing else ever again… my heart isn’t complete without it” She’s not a spoiled little girl but when she does stuff like that to me my heart just melts. Pease… i want to do this for my daughter. please help me out.

  69. you know what… i think your wife got those sneakers from japan! sanrio is japanese and they have crazy stuff in japan like hello kitty wine, hello kitty laptops, hello kitty cars, and even hello kitty houses. I’m almost positive!

  70. you know what mr. you’re making us crazy by not telling us where these sneakers come from. guess what…mr… you are one of us. by making this website… you are obsessed with hating hello kitty!

  71. Hey they’re pretty cute. But do you know where I can get the converse that go all the way to your knees. And no I don’t want them in Hello Kitty. I like Hello Kitty but not for Converse. Converse Rock. Please Help Me. Thanx!

  72. sharon… you can get the high tops that go all the way up to your knees at journey’s… you can get them on linee or you can go to the actual store. they cost from 70-125 dollars.

  73. Sanrio DOES make a version of the Converse high top shoes. They are all black with a gothic hello kitty near the back of the shoe. They are black shell toe high tops.

  74. what honest adult would wear converse sneakers anymore, let alone ones with pink HK printed all over them?

    nevertheless, the are quite cute. i’d wear them if i was still five years old ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. I don’t care too much about Hello kitty although i do collect some things occasionally mostly for my daugthers. I don’t think this shoes are evil or from hell just because you don’t like the character. It is just a cartoon character and just as people like collecting things that are important to them, so do you by Buying or pair of converse shoes. I don’t think liking hello kitty merchandize is more frikish or evilish than being broken up about the “selling out” of a shoe brand or creating a blog about how much you hate hello kitty. Seems to me that you might be even more obsesed about hello kitty than most hello kitty fans.
    Be tolerant. You are allowed to have your own opinion and your own life, don’t try to make people to think like you. I bet if you saw a pair of “star wars” converse you’d go crazy about them. I’ve see batman motif converse, why isn’t that a sell out?. Diversity is what makes this world works. It would be impossible to have everybody wear the same color of shoes or the same design because everybody has a different taste in things. A society were everybody gets the same is called communism.


  77. Personally, You just as pathetic as the rest of us HK fans by making an anti-HK website. You’re actually making the fans more crazy by posting stuff like this. I suggest you get a life and stop bashing HK fans and being a jerk like this. People are going to find it anyway, so stop trying to prevent it.

  78. Those Hello kitty shoes are cool looking …. but i won’t wear them. I think I’ll look wierd wearing them because they’re too pink for me.

  79. haha..hello kitty hell, looks like someone is jealous that he was made male and can’t be obsessed with her!!
    1. we know your wife doesn’t get all this stuff, id be suprised if you are even married…i know cause if my husband made some site like this bashing what i found dear, id kick his ass!!
    2. i want to point out the picture..go ahead look at it……yeah look a lil used huh..so if his”wife” really got them why do they look used?
    3. FYI for your lil enjoyment: Hello Kitty symbolizes generosity, innocence, kindness and most importantly… friendship
    4.i have friends give me a few days and ill see where i can locate these shoes ๐Ÿ™‚


    its taking the best most punk/skater/alternative/vintage shoes in the world

    and making them gay and pink and girly.


    they’re all sick

    p.s, no, I’m not some middle aged sour old woman looking back on the old days, I’m a 13 year old girl who is having to witness the death of what must have been the most awesome shoe brand in the world, before Nike took over.

  81. This is so funny, even though as I look through your blog I am using my very own Hello Kitty computer mouse, I like Hello Kitty but I also like reading your blog. I am an undecided traitor to both sides, its funny to see just how much useless crap people will buy which has HK on!
    The best thing I have found it HK tweezers!!

  82. I collect and sell limited edition and rare sneakers. This man is a liar. His wife DOES NOT, and I repeat DOES NOT have these shoes. They were never available to the public, so unless she has a high position at Sanrio or Converse, she DOES NOT own this shoe. Look at his pictures of the shoe, they are the same pics all over the internet. Its not like his wife was wearing them and he took a picture of her wearing these shoes. I doubt he even has a wife, but all you HELLO KITTY fans and rest easy, because neither He, His Wife, or any common person has these shoes in there collection. YOU CANT BUY THESE!!!

  83. This look custom made check the fabric inside, converse wouldnt sale an item like that… Sanrio has come out with shoes which are sold in there stores for 40 bucks and also flats sold at claires and hot topic.

  84. I want Hello Kitty to go extinct! Gawd, so annoying. I read this for laughs. I seriously would kill hello kitty if it wasnt just a cartoon cat, but sadly, it doesnt exist. I can dream…..

  85. Y’know, with all the Hello Kitty crap out there, I fear that in the distant future, Hello Kitty Fans will take over this world, and Hello Kitty haters (Such as myself) will be living in (insert rude word here)!!!

  86. cant you just tell us where she bought the hello kitty converse from? and stop being an asshole.Just because you dont like something it gives you no right to try and turn people aginst it too.You need to grow up.Im 13 years old and i think i have a bit mor maturity than you!!Just tell them were your girlfriend got the shoes from you freakin moron!!I wont be suprised if your girlfriend leaves you.

  87. Sorry about your distaste to Hello Kitty…. I just
    went on google.com and pulled up Hello Kitty
    Converse Shoes and anyone who is interested….
    there are some on there and on ebay….

    I would like to know what your hobbies are that
    your wife doesn’t like….. it takes all kind, but
    I collect Popples and Hello Kitty….. they make
    me smile and we all need to do that more…. :^D



  89. I love hello kitty like crazy i got like all my lil crazy calling me hellokitty on deck:)im like so in love with hellokitt and everthing she make

  90. please!!!i have benn wanting it since months and i canยดt find in anywhere!!!!!pleaseee!!!i need more information about this shoes!might you think that are stupid but iยดm going crazy!!!!iยดm from argentina and is imposible find a model like these!!!!!
    please help me!iยดm a hello kittyยดs fan since i were borned!!

  91. first of all i want to ask wh3r3 did you find th3s3. i am a h3llo kitty fanatic and i would do anything to g3t thos3 sho3s. th3y ar3 hot. i would rock th3m 3v3ry day at school. 3v3rybody would b3 h8tn on m3.


    ur only chance would be 2 go on like, ebay, and look for them but even then ur chances are slim 2 none, PLUS converse wear out easy and u could EASILY be paying $80 for them on ebay….plus they may not necessarily be ur size ALSO over time the shoes would get more and more expensive so………….. yeah basically you could MAYBE find liek 1 pair and pay anywhere from $80 to well over $100 or $200…..its not worth it unless ur serious collector and plan on keeping them in their box in mint condition

  93. OMG dude! I love your comments hahhaha. Thanks for the blog and for all those hilarious responses ๐Ÿ™‚

    PD: I saw a fake shop in Shanghai where was possible to get them. Obviously, fake ones :S (delete this part of the comment if you want!)

  94. Do you guys not read? THEY DO NOT SELL ANYWHERE! CONVERSE NEVER MADE THESE SHOES. THEY ARE FAKES. THEY DO NOT EXIST IN ANY FORM THAT YOU CAN BUY THEM. NOW STOP ASKING AND READ COMMENTS FIRST. You will NOT find them on Ebay. You will NOT find them in another country. You will NOT find them anywhere. They are fakes.

  95. When I was a kid only the poor kids (which includes me) wore Converse High Tops. Some time in the late 80’s they became a fashion statement and an anti fashion statement and became ridiculously expensive. Since then I have bought the knock offs.

  96. I FOUND THESE!!!&& bought three pairs. Seriously, why hate Hello Kitty? I have loved it since I was little. And stop complaining, it’s not like she makes you wear Hello Kitty stuff. There are tons of woman I know whose husbands are obcessed with football, they get football christmas presents, and there house’s are covered in ugly football stuff, but they don’t go and start hate sites. Seriously, grow up. It sounds like your just jealous because you fell like she likes HK more than she likes you. ?I’m not saying this is the case, it’s just how you come across sounding.

  97. If you insist, I will most certainly take all your wifes HK purchases off your hands. I know this is quite a big deal, but I am willing to make the sacrifice.
    P.S. And if you think that would merely increase my needs for more more more, I’m happy to say that this will not be a problem. I am a ever-changing teenager, and will soon be over my crazed hello-kitty stage, become a goth, and happily burn them. Please think it over. thanks,

  98. Ok I am a BF and through a article I read on engadget I eventually clicked my way to this post, tech news has been boring today. Anyway then I got to thinking my gf would really like these shoes, but this guy is not going to give up the answer (I’m not stupid, or a hello kitty fan.) so i use google go to the converse website type in hello kitty, of course nothing… nothing at all using google as a matter of fact…
    So now i understand the level of hell you live in, apparently the stuff you show off doesn’t exist outside of your dimension.
    And I just opened this doorway to hell.
    I will be leaving this site forever, and I hope it stays out of my dreams, and your demons (crap) stay out of the real world.


  100. Excuse Mr. Hello Kitty Hell Man,
    I would like to know where I can get those Hello Kitty Chucks your wife has. I am in a wheelchair, so rolling around with Hello Kitty Converse shoes would make me soooooo happy. Just think about it. Are you going to deny a poor girl in a wheelchair the opportunity to be happy with her Hello Kitty Converse shoes? Think about it!!!! Let your conscience decide. Are you going to let me suffer like this?? PLEASE tell me where I can get them!!! Remember God loves those who are good to other:)

  101. Dude, when you made the…I think second comment on here about these shoes, you wrote “You donโ€™t want them. The less people that know they exist, the betterโ€ฆ”. If you think its so much better that people don’t know about them, then why did you post them on your site?

  102. I so want those! Hello Kitty Hell, when you wrote that we don’t want those and the less people know about it the better why did you post this? I love Hello Kitty. I have t-shirts, freaking guitar picks that move, and soon I will have a Hello Kitty Fender Stratocaster. I came on here to see what all awesome stuff Hello Kitty has out. So can anyone tell me where to get those?! ๐Ÿ˜€ i love them! i also love converse, seeing as I have multiple pairs. (: where do they sell those?

  103. OMG Chris!! I about fell out of my chair laughing!! The “Hello Kitty Cliff”!! HAHAAAHAHAHAHHAHAAA But I think, why the hell not, they sell everything else under the sun.
    Until recently, I did not even realize that this had become such a cult thing! I vaguely remember this stuff from high school. My husband & I hosted a Japanese exchange student last summer. I figured all of her crap was just a passing fad in Japan…After reading this site… wow!Was I ever wrong.

  104. I’m mad at converse they don’t fit me. But these look horrid I would never buy them if they were twilight I would though

  105. these are ridiculous. noone should be wearing these pieces of crap.
    subtle colors of converse are fine, not something a clown threw up on.

  106. For those being real converse and hello kittym they sure look crappilly made. First of all, I have never seen Converse ever use shoe laces like those in ANYTHING, not even in baby shoes. They are too thin and too short…The material they used looks odd. It looks home-made, and not the converse trying to look home made type either…. hmmm *rubs chin*

  107. Don’t get me wrong,I’m an HK fan but to you ultimate,extreme fans who have,like,100+ collectible items of her,than stop looking here for more junky stuff that will just collect dust over the years because….
    1)He is clearly not going to tell you were to get them
    2)Invader Zim would look waaay better on those
    and 3)HK is begining to become some punk-rock cat thing

  108. Look.

    I friggin’ beg you.

    I NEED these converse! What you’re doing is just some cruel way to get a mild power trip, and it’s really pathetic!

    If you just TELL us where to buy them, we’ll all buy them, so we’ll all have them, then realising we all have them we’ll throw them away cuz they’re not individual anymore!

    +1 for us, +1 for you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Pleeease? x

    P.S: to all HK fans in this thread, you can get hand painted HK high-top canvas sneakers in a converse style on eBay, but they’re not really converse or HK. ๐Ÿ™

  109. Honestly…I like Hello Kitty, yeah. But not to any extreme of spending hundreds of dollars or even $20-30 per item. Screw that. You’re not that cute, Hello Kitty, damn you.

    My sister just bought FOUR Hello Kitty lipglosses from Mac, $14 each. Tch, like hell.

    I understand WHY this guy hates it so much. I mean look at it through his POV. His wife has HK crap EVERYWHERE. Prolly all around the house, wearing the product, invading his personal space with it…spending their hard earned cash on nonsense. Dude, keep up the good work. Don’t let anyone break you.

  110. I love Hello Kitty too and i am 49 years old… i even have a MySpace Page for her… she is so sweet… I would love to have these sneakers… they are so cute…

  111. Hi, you said in your recent post that you would reveal where Hello Kitty fans can get these Converse as well as other items. Can you please let me know where i can buy these sneakers? Thanks!

  112. i dont need to know who sells them i was just wondering if they are authentic i know they do sell real hello kitty converse they are very popular i just wanna know if these are actually made by converse or if they are custom made…i too am a fanatic but i dont blame you for being mean to some of these people seeing as to how they are rude to you as well its okay if u dont answer me if its too much of a bother i wont bug you again but i was just wondering… thank you. p.s. even though i love hk i do agree that there is no point in buying useless things either my collection is simple and i would like to have it passed down to my daughter if i ever have a girl otherwise i would donate it to poor children…i know u dont care i should erase that end piece but im not i already wrote it :0) bye now good night

  113. So after reading the hilarious thing you wrote about the battle between you and your wife, and the bet you two had….I do believe you said that if someone send you a comment inquiring about where to find an item you would now tell them? Is that correct? If so I would love to know where I can find the HK Converse…pretty please?

    Thank you, Angela ?

  114. Hello kitty shoes are the “CUTETESSSSTET thing EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” lol You people are so weird :.)

  115. D*mnit! I only come to this site for new HK items that this guys wife gets. And I kept looking for the link to the HK Converse. Then going down the comments I just saw the above comment. Dude I know HK fanatics are weird… but this site (the anti-HK site) is pretty weird for a guy.

  116. Wahahahahaah……
    I am absolutely loving this…..
    All these only display how poisoned the HK followers’ minds are…. Crazy fellows….

    Keep up the great site….

  117. i love hello kitty things and games i lke this shoes because there are hello kitty pictures i love hello kitty and i whant to kiss her

  118. hi im alisha im 9 nd i dont have many nice things if u could kindly tel me where u got these from it would be great for my birthday present plese ples help me

  119. Hello! can you tell me where i can find usine hello kitty converse to buy it in big. thank you very much. Delphine from Paris.

  120. its like having one small bite of a cookie then getting it yanked away from under your feet then watching someone who doesnt even like cookies eating it right in front of your face and saying im eating it because i dont want you to eat it. you know what i mean?

    hi im emily and im a hello kitty addict!
    hi emily!

  121. everyone he’s lying i emailed converse and they said that they have never made anything like this so they’re either photoshopped or someone else’s custom design and i don’t think he’ll tell you the person. I think they’re fake

  122. these actually look really cheesy :/ i like HK…a bit [she says while wearing her hello kitty undies, how odd]
    i myself own some black and bright pink chucks though ๐Ÿ˜€

    AND the comments on this post made me rofl. HK fans do not possess the skill to read i see. the one about the kid in the whelchair had me laughing for a good 5 minutes.

  123. hey i’m not gonna ask exactly where you got them but i have to ask, where they made like that or did someone costomize them?

  124. I should be making job applications but i have spent over two hrs looking for the Hello Kitty converse and they do NOT exist. Only customised versions like on ebay, BUT when i find them and i WILL as i dont give up concerning Hello kitty matters, I will post where to buy them on here and that rude little man who won’t tell us will pay YES HE WILL PAY AND WE WILL LAUGH IN HIS FACE!!! Hello kitty FOREVER U RUDE LIL MAN WHO EVER U ARE!

  125. Ha! I have just done something that will verify IF these Hello kitty converse actually exist (i have gone a lil nutso but its ok). I emailed the big guns themselves – Converse, asking if they exist. SO IN YOUR FACE YOU RUDE LIL MAN WHO WONT TELL US! All Hello Kitty fans MUST email converse asking if they DO exist, as the more enquiries the better the likely hood we will get a response. I am ADAMANT to find out if Hello kitty converse exist, and whoever said us Hello kitty fans are dumb are obviously deluded miscreant depraved FOOLS! WE WILL WIN THIS BATTLE!

  126. Oh my GOSH. I have just been bothered to read allt he comments on here and people have said they have already emailed Converse and Converse say they don’t exist SO IN YOU FACE YOU RUDE LIL MAN!!!! (Back to job applications) x ๐Ÿ™‚

  127. If they don’t exist where did these shoes
    come from and why do we all want
    them. ;0)
    I would think Converse would make a Special
    Edition for all of us Hello Kitty Fans.
    I’m Just Saying !!!!

  128. My brother sent me this website to get a good laugh. I was amazed on how big Hello Kitty really is and the plethora of merchandise.

    But this Converse Hello Kitty tennis shoes is by far the most incredible due to the threads. The first comment was from… 2006?!?!?! Yet there still new posts from fanatics requesting information for this shoes in 2009!!!

    AMAZING!!!! O.o

  129. First, let me say, I enjoy your blog very much. You’re Hello Kitty pain is my Hello Kitty pleasure. Haha. BTW Sanrio Luxe is going to have Hello Kitty Asics available soon! Sanrio Luxe is a store that likes to price Hello Kitty items even more obnoxiously. Sadly, I am still a fan of Hello Kitty.

  130. http://www.google.ca/

    The complete lack of certain pivitol thought processes astounds me.

    I do not like or dislike Hello Kitty. I am neutral. Fans will say I lie because how could I NOT think like them. While having no overwhelmingly obsessed Hello Kitty fans as friends or relatives, I cannot hate it.

    What continues to get me is a few simple facts about the internet.

    – The ignorant will never learn how to write properly.
    – The obsessed will skip reading the millions of ‘it ain’t gonna happen’ messages plastered around the site.
    – The blatantly lazy and stupid will refuse to use Google, put any effot into lookign for themselves, and will badger relentlessly to get the answer.
    – A good percentage of those asking ask for one reason only. Not for the answer, but to keep you in your hell. And it works. You actually think they’re asking, but really they’re nagging you and finding it terribly amusing. Now more will do it because I pointed it out and people like that will never change.

    – Only the intelligent will actually read this and understand it, not the idiots who are points 1 through 4.


  131. anyone who is asking here is so damn stupid and i hope everyone who asks reads this so they know how dumb they are haha

  132. I apologise for adding to your hell but my girlfriend is nutty about Hello Kitty so a trip to Foot Locker, a trip to Hot Topic and an hour or so of my time and I became a hero to my H.K. fan. For perspective, I am a hydraulic mechanic and I bought these items after work one day, I’ll let you imagine the looks I got as I bought this stuff all dirty and desheveled.
    I may have scared some parents ni the store and prevented some sales if it helps.

  133. hey, i know you are busy and that you not want to tell where we, or me can get them…

    but iยดm not a fan of Hello Kitty but i think Hello Kitty is cute…

    and i think that i want little thing with Hello Kitty.. so please can you tell me where i can get a pair of that shoes?

    thank you beforehand…

  134. honesty people. just do a google search if you are that desperate. it’s not a hard thing to do. you know, most of the crap that is on here is probably not authentically sanrio products, hence the difficulty of actually finding the items. they are most likely custom made or forged. so get over yourself about finding the shoes and do something more productive with your life. and if you really have to find the shoes, don’t beg to this hk hater. you are just fueling the fire. don’t you understand?

  135. Why would you even make a hellokitty site like this put all these different things on here and not tell anyone where you got them i think this is just plain dumb…….

  136. ok i love hello kitty
    but i dont blame him for not telling anyone about where to get everything
    i mean i think hes virtully sick of hello kitty
    sure ok it wouldnt kill him to put a link for em but you an just look for them ur self

    if i find a link i will be sure to post it x

  137. ‘Actually, by not telling you Iโ€™ll be saving your soul from becoming a Hello Kitty addict’

    Have you by any chance realised the irony that by creating this website you have revealed yourself to the world as more of a HK addict than most collectors? Why do you also continue the up-keep of this site even though you proclaim to despise Hello Kitty so greatly? Are you a fan of self harm by any chance? Bit of a masochist? How about telling us all where your wife got the shoes and you will be left alone about the subject.

  138. those shoes are ugly. get it through your heads he wont tell you. jesus christ you people are sad. they’re just shoes. you could buy hello kitty fabric and make your own by removing the fabric from a plain pair of converses. there are tons of websites that give you instructions on how to do this.

    these are probably from some shop in japan anyway, figure it out or get over it.

  139. & this guy’s an ass. why would you go out of your way, so far out?

    “Itโ€™s 10:28 at night and i just got off the phone with converse to ask about these hello kitty high tops. I was told that converse never made those, they are fabricated and a fake. Converse has never, ever made hello kitty high tops and never will. They also told me to feel free to write the president of the company if i didnโ€™t believe them. So Iโ€™m not falling for your hello kitty converse crap. Everyones making such a big tado and you wonโ€™t tell anyone where you got them because it will ruin them so to speak, but the real reason you arenโ€™t telling is BECAUSE CONVERSE NEVER MADE THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  140. and shut up brook, youre only 13 thinking you know the whole history about converse. converse has been around since the 70s and you were born in ’96.


  141. i didnt read all these comments but I just wanted to say when I was out in Seattle a few weeks ago I found a Sanrio store in a mall and they had HELLO KITTY CONVERSES. it wasnt these same ones but they were mostly black and white and SUPER cute. high tops, of course… I wouldve bought them if they’d been in my size but alas…

  142. I’ve already found a place to buy them online.
    They sell loads of nicer ones though.

    …But I’m not going to tell you ๐Ÿ˜‰
    because it’s amusing to see you search for hours for a pair of shoes that you probably won’t find.
    Have a nice day ๐Ÿ˜‰

  143. Hello! Well, I facina hello kitty
    and I would love to know where his wife buy his own …
    please await your response …
    thank you very much
    I love hello kitty.

  144. i love how more people comment asking where to get stuff you post or how awesome it is than just hatin along with you.
    i love these!! i want them!!! so bad!
    a blue pair would be nice, or purple. cute <3

  145. umm i know ur not wanting to really tell us the info… but please i wanna know.. i likes to collect all types of High top converse and i really really needa a pair of the hello kitty ones…

  146. ohhhh come on man just tell us where your wife bought them its not going to hurt anybody, we just want to know to get them, its not going to affect you….

  147. you are a jerk, you know that why can’t you just tell us where and we will leave you alone!!!!its not that hard to just tell us!!!

  148. I found a pair of Hello Kitty high top converse at the some of the bigger Hello Kitty stores in malls. I found mine they are black and white cartoons of Hello Kitty all over the shoe. I found them at Valley Fair Mall in San Jose, California. The cost only $40 on sale I think the orginal price was $60 im not sure. I havent been there in a month so i dont know if they still sell them im pretty sure they do. They also sold Hello Kitty Vans and those came in a few different pairs. Hope you guys get a pair! I love mine! :]
    *Hello Kitty*

  149. I found a pair of Hello Kitty high top converse at the some of the bigger Hello Kitty stores in malls. I found mine they are black and white cartoons of Hello Kitty all over the shoe. I found them at Valley Fair Mall in San Jose, California. The cost only $40 on sale I think the orginal price was $60 im not sure. I havent been there in a month so i dont know if they still sell them im pretty sure they do. They also sold Hello Kitty Vans and those came in a few different pairs. Hope you guys get a pair! I love mine! :]
    *Hello Kitty*

  150. If I put a link or told you where to buy them, He’d probably remove it anyway. These shoes where pretty rubish anyway, the wear TOO easily, If you wear them for awhile they get scuffed easily. $40? For shoes??? Such a ripoff. You can get them online for much cheaper. They have alot of nicer shoes to choose from, But as I said, I won’t be able to tell you anyway. A couple people probably already said where, but it probably got removed.

  151. These HK fans are kind of creepy. Just… wow.

    1) Did you try… oh I don’t know… Google?
    2) If you got nowhere, did you think that maybe they don’t make them anymore?
    3) Did you not see the past three years of comments where HKH said he would not be telling you where to find these shoes?
    4) Did you not see the entire entry explaining why your whining isn’t going to persuade him?

    Apparently not.

  152. i love hello kitty so much but i haft to find some for christmass but famous foot wear wear don t have them no more in my size no more if you find some send me a pichier at my e mail pleas because i love hello kitty.

  153. i love converse and i love hello kitty too!! so this shoes is a must for me..weee..can anybody tell me where can i find this? please please!!!

  154. Frigg.
    Just tell us where your wife got the damn converse.
    What do you have against hello kitty?
    Honestly..U don’t have to be such a jerk face.

  155. I can’t believe they even exsist, I am a big fan of unique converse, I happen to own a pair.. But those are awsome, you have got to tell where you got them… They are sooooo cute!

  156. lol, i love hello kitty but it is delishley funny that no-one will EVER know where to buy these shoes! XD
    ppl should just give up!

  157. Those shoes are the worst things i have ever seen. I had hello Kitty Trainers when i was 10, and even then, it was because my mum bought them for me…

  158. Oh Jesus Mary and Joseph, I want those converses.
    I. want. them.
    I need it.

    I’ll sell my soul for the knowledge of how to get that.

  159. My aunt lives in Japan and sometimes sends me Hello Kitty things even though I don’t really like HK anymore. It’s kind of a family joke, I was obsessed as a child and now I’ve grown out of it. Kind of cute, I guess, but I don’t really care for it. It annoys me how people are all like “HELLO KITTY LOVES EVERYONE OMGZ”. She. Does. Not. Exist. Dammit.

    Anyway, I have these shoes. ๐Ÿ˜‰ My aunt tracked some down and sent them to me. Aren’t I (un)lucky?

  160. lmao at this XD
    buy your own friking blank converse shoes and draw the face on yourself you uncreative whiny morons.
    its what i will be doing! and i may even convince someone do facilitate this for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  161. It’s funny how long everyone can talk about this.
    Hello Kitty is just good merchandise.
    There are some freaks but the most people won’t complain here because they are just about 6 to 12 years old.
    My daughter (almost 8) is all into Hello Kitty (how long will it last?)
    2 months ago she liked tinkerbell and 2 years ago forever friends.
    Now I like some hello kitty stuff but I prefer death kitty or pussy deluxe (at least that’s sexy).
    For all you freaks “get a life” or a adult hobby.
    Hello kitty is for little girls who play with barbies and my little pony.
    And if you really can’t have a life, just look around internet under hello kitty shoes or whatever and don’t bother someone who doesn’t like hello kitty.

    so for mr. hello kitty hell.
    Just stop this blog!
    Nothing good can come out of this.

  162. wtf :S im 14 goin on for 15 in october.. i LOVE hello kitty!!
    Who are u to judge who likes & who dislikes hello kitty?
    cause i’ll tell u something, your saying its for little girls. Actually it was first made for teenagers and adults, so get your facts right before you start to judge people!!!!!!
    p.s. i have hello kitty flip flops ๐Ÿ˜€

  163. i neeeeddd!!! thessee. these are sikk. size 4 please?!
    e-mail me please!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ nicee. i was looking all over the place just for these shoes!

  164. Yo just to let you know ima dude and i feel ur pain on this cat person but my wife wont stop buggin to know were she can get some kicks like that feel free not to respond if you dont want to i just got to show her that i tried.ha ha ha

  165. Thank God Japan bought the Converse license so I don’t have to worry about that one popping into my country. It’s way too gaudy. Or maybe because its way too pink.

  166. i think your blog is absolutley hilarious!.
    i am a hello kitty lover, but i think its rather funny how you tease all the hello kitty fiends and wont tell them where to get any of the products, their comments are quite entertaining LMAO.

  167. I got mine at the Macy’s in San Francisco, but heard you can
    find them at the Nordstroms in Santa Monica…. Call them
    first before going in case they have run out, but you can
    request your size and special order them. <3

  168. I’m not like, obsessed with Hello Kitty, but I think It’s reaaally cute. ^_^
    I would appreciate it so much, if you just told me where to find these, though I doubt you will seeing as you’re being so mean about it. >.<
    But I guess it's worth a try. ;3

  169. What is the meaning of this website?!
    You dont even tell people where they can buy those??!!!
    So… why did you even publish this post if you dont want to tell where they can buy those shoes..?

  170. I LOVE that you won’t tell anyone where she got those blasphemous kicks — Which should be shuffled off to HELL with)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I love your replies!!! XD

  171. Kitty Hell owner, I totally understand how you feel. My mother’s OBSESSED w/ Hello Kitty. Just weeks ago, we bought a Orange Hello Kitty Purse in the Houston Galleria. SHE SPAZZED. You should see the look on my father when he saw Hello Kitty AGAIN. I don’t like Hello Kitty. She just freaking creeps me out. Period.

  172. Wow you’re stupid to bash on people that like Hello Kitty.. So what if they do? You probably like crappy stuff too, why don’t you just tell them where your wife got those shoes and actually be generous!?

  173. awwwww i need them hello kitty is the best and Converse have ALWAYS been my favorite so yep i think i need them. lol as for her wanting to wear maching shose as you… its always wrong for couples to match in any kind of way,shoes, shirts,hats,outfits,ect… , just saying lol

  174. Actually they are pretty sweet no im not a homosexual(no offence to any who are out there) but i do like hello kitty. my bday was today and actually got a HEllo Kitty pillow/throw and hat/scarf so the shoes would be an awesome ending =D

  175. You poor, poor man. I feel for you, I really do. I thought i had it bad, I live with my grandparents and mother and my grandfather, being an ex-marine, is obsessed with them. He wants me to be one and usually does exercises to ‘toughen me up.’ Ever since I was a little four year old girl, I’ve had anything to do with marines shoved on me. I sleep under a standard marine blanket. But even this is not as bad as what you are going through. I do wonder if you have ever talked to your wife about her obsession? Maybe explain that it makes you feel uncomfortable (understatement) and that you ask if she could reign it in just a little? I know as a 13 year old that I have no place giving you advice but I hope you try to talk it out with her.


  176. I do love HK, would like to see how these shoes are priced, but those facts are both beside my point in commenting. Just wanted to say as a psychology student what an interesting narcissistic/sadistic thing you’ve got going here…reading just this thread of comments is amazingly similar to watching an episode of Criminal Minds or one of those profile of a killer shows in the emotional response its inducing in me…creepy.

  177. Don’t worry man… The My Little Pony express is coming to ruin everything in it’s own perverse way now. It’ll brush Hello Kitty aside like a locomotive swats an errant cow. Then you can hate on that instead ๐Ÿ˜€
    (Seriously, how long until MLP Converse come along? Almost everything else has been crossover-fan-arted to death by it)

    But at least it won’t be the kitty.

    Unless of course they join forces. Can you imagine the horror…

  178. i think that these are cool shoes but i would not buy them first where they used? second what size are they? third who wore them? i would want them but why buy them when you could go to a store and buy a brand new pair and they have not been used and they are all clean and when you are wearing them you will not go home take off your shoes and smell sweat you want to smell roses!!!! and i think that will be a good thing to go home and take off your shoes and have them smell like roses not stinky sweat but i really really do love hello kitty my hole entire room is her even the walls!!! alot of my friends say that is a little to far but i am only 12 so i get use to it

  179. hiyaa! im guessing that your not gonna tell me where your wife got those shoes from but my little sister loves hello kitty (personally, i don’t see the attraction but we were all young once) and my mum wants to get her a pair for her christmas ๐Ÿ™ thanks x

  180. This is impressive! You posted that in October 2006 and as of November 2011 people are still asking where to find the shoes – FIVE YEARS LATER!! *standing ovation* Good job, HKH! LOL

    Love the blog, BTW! I personally live in Star Wars Hell. My husband wanted to name our first child “Anakin” if that’s any indication. ๐Ÿ™‚

  181. Just saying when everyone is wearing ur precious black an white converse they arent unique anymore!! they have to make new style so poeple can keep the brand an still have some uniquness and i agree older adults shouldnt be wearing hello kitty but teens and younger college age people theres a market and an area of hello kitty designed for them so why not?

  182. Hey,
    hahaha! I am laughing because the same was happened with me. My girlfriend gifted me “pink” hello kitty shoes on my birthday and requested me to wear them for night party. That night was one of my worst nightmares. Every friend of mine laughed on me but who cares? I saw really deep love in my gals eyes and that’s sufficient for me!

    Though I never wore them again and specially she also never forced me after that night but I kept them in my shelf as one of best gifts from my gal! I love her and I hate pink hello kitty! ๐Ÿ˜›


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