Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

There should be a rule that Hello Kitty Xmas shopping can’t be considered until December (actually the rule should be that it is outlawed, but you have to begin with tiny steps). It seems that since I received my unwelcome Hello Kitty mouse and mouse pad, my wife has decided that the beginning of the Xmas season has begun. That means that every Hello Kitty items she finds that she wants ends up on a list of things I’m supposed to buy.

Her current #1 (which I’m desperately hoping will change) is this Hello Kitty sewing machine:

Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

Hello Kitty sewing machine

Hello Kitty sewing machine patterns

The part that she loves (and send shivers down my spine) is that it has a memory card that you can place in and it will automatically stitch Hello Kitty and her friends for you. I can already see the disasters that will occur if she ever ends up getting it. It’s start slowly with a Hello Kitty on a handkerchief or socks where nobody can see it. Before long, she’ll get a little bolder and decide that my polo shirts could use a Hello Kitty monogram. Once that happens, it’s all downhill and I won’t have a single piece of clothing that doesn’t have Hello Kitty somewhere on it.

You know that Hello Kitty Hell is taking on a whole new dimension when Hello Kitty items that aren’t even in the house start to haunt you…

Update: More Hello Kitty sewing machines

Hello Kitty transformer

Hello Kitty transformer

19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

  1. It could be worse. She could be asking for a Hello Kitty or My Melody vibrator. Your love life would be ruined for good, then. And yes, they were produced and now extremely rare. I’ve contemplated getting one as a gag-gift for my sister before, but I’m not sure I want to spend on it what people ask for it.

  2. dear god man. my wife is a hello kitty fanatic. in target in GA where she lives..she found a hello kitty costume and if it was a bit bigger she would have worn it. she even said so herself. she isn’t near as adicted as your wife…but damn she sees hello kitty and she squiles and i am most likely stuck buying it possibly cause if i don’t. she looks at me and gives me a pouty look all cute and..ugh lol now im glad she doesn’t sew cause she would want this….but she imidiatly saw the little pictures it can sew and i swear she was jumping for joy >_>

    all the power to ya man…im in a similar boat as you lol take it easy!

  3. I have the hello kitty “personal massager” I bought it for my roommate for xmas a few years ago and when she moved out, she “conveniently” left it.

    Target has a HK sewing machine which I purchased. It’s great. At least the reviews ssay so. I have yet to open and use it. 🙂

  4. rotflol i sooooo want that now i saw a little one at target for $100 but it doesnt have the memory card…. i could make hello kitty doggy pajamas…

  5. Want to know the really, REALLY sad truth about this machine?
    My mother has one. And yes, the senseless over-embroidery of cute kittens on random objects soon followed. But not jsut restricted to her wardrode; after some practice, my mother decided to experiment with MY possessions.
    I had to go to school with Sanrio crap all over my library bag and shirt pockets. I tend to wear a lot of black. You can see how this can be detrimental to my sanity…

  6. hey my name is marianne and ive been looking around frantically for a sewing machine like this.. please tell me where to get one. : ]]]

    pleaseplease please help me : D thanks
    wuffles bye.

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