Hello Kitty Yogurt Maker

The thing you learn in Hello Kitty Hell is that if you complain about one aspect of Hello Kitty, it will usually come back to haunt you because Hello Kitty has likely capitalized on both sides of the issue. my wife continues to hint about trying an all Hello Kitty diet (just thinking about that sends chills down my spine) and I finally blurted out, “it would be the most unhealthy diet in the world” (note to self: don’t blurt out things that will challenge my wife to prove me wrong). So I guess it really shouldn’t be a surprise that I found a new Hello Kitty Yogurt maker in our kitchen this morning.

Hello Kitty Yogurt Maker

Somehow I still don’t think that sugar and yogurt constitute a healthy diet, but I’m keeping my mouth shut to avoid more “healthy” Hello Kitty food gadgets ending up in our kitchen…

17 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Yogurt Maker

  1. I showed your blog to my hubby (more like I made him read it…) He wants me to tell you that no one feels for you more than he does… 🙂

    just love your posts!

  2. Thank you for the great world of Hello Kitty. You’ve made my week. Please keep blogging so that my BF can start to relate to the misery you are put through. Let the obession begin!

  3. Ok I think hello kitty is cute but i would NEVER own anything by hello kitty its just outrageous and im so very sorry you have to live like that-Peaces Kali

  4. i’m saddened to see that you don’t have the hello kitty hair dryer on your appliance list. not really, but it does spark debate, doesn’t it?
    I, like you, have spent far too much time surrounded by hello kitty. Fortunately for me, the torture has ended as I have left the employer selling such offensive wares. The dryer wasn’t the only irritating item i saw day in and day out. The list includes pens, hairbrushes, mirrors, makeup kits, candy (on occasion) purses, wallets, and more. An entire rack of creepy cat crap!
    I fee your pain. That is all I can say.

  5. OMJ I don’t relly eat that much yogurt ( sometimes it makes me barf ^^;) but i would totaly eat yogurt that was made by hello kitty! I love her!

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