Hello Kitty Dog Tattoo

There are a lot of things that are just plain wrong with Hello Kitty fanatics. Getting a Hello Kitty tattoo is one of them. Getting a Hello Kitty Star Wars tattoo is even worse. But when Hello Kitty fanatics start tattooing their dog with Hello Kitty, there has been a boundary that has been crossed. Can there be a bigger insult if you are a dog? Having to go around in life with a Hello Kitty tattoo because you owner thought it would be “cute.” That dog must have been teased mercilessly by the other dogs at the park…

Hello Kitty tattoo dog

Hello Kitty dog tattoo

Which leads me to my latest Hello Kitty fear. If a Hello Kitty fanatic would be willing to place a Hello Kitty tattoo on their dog, then obviously my wife would have no problem tattooing me with Hello Kitty. I think I’m going to have to be extra careful from now on when I go out drinking or I may end up with they same exact Hello Kitty Hell that dog must endure…

This was sent in by a number of readers including hellopink, Tim, Hayley and cuterthanu – may all of you have to wear a Hello Kitty tattoo yourself…

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  1. Wow! That is horriable! Why would anyone do that to a dog or any other animal. I like hello kitty but this is wrong!

  2. Okay, I wonder what SHE looks like if her dog has a tattoo. She must have full blown tattoo sleeves and her back has no virgin skin left.

    I think the dog killed herself.

  3. I am a Hello Kitty fan but you’re right this has crossed the line. Keep in mind this isn’t Sanrio’s project it was a fan’s. I do have a huge Hello Kitty collection and want nothing more in the world but to own all the stuff taht your wife has but I would never go so far as to tattoo an animal! That is just cruel.

  4. I hope that the dog will never turn back home XD
    I feel really sad for him….

    I think he’s going around the city wondering to cancel that owful tatoo from his back….

  5. It could be for identification purposes, in case you need to have “proof of ownership.” To prevent dognapping? I’m just brainstorming.

    I have my orange tabby cat microchipped, but I would never tattoo him.

    I dislike dogs, but not enough to tattoo one with Hello Kitty.

  6. I’m an avid member of BMEzine (body modification site) and this photograph was featured on Modblog.

    The owner of the dog didn’t tattoo it because it was cute, it was for identification purposes and they wanted their mark to be unique. I mean, c’mon, you don’t see many dogs with Hello Kitty tattoos, do you?

    In fact, the owner of the dog doesn’t even LIKE Hello Kitty, so you shouldn’t brand her a ‘fanatic’

  7. That’s beyond cruel. The dog probably ran away from its owner to save itself from the stupidy that was radiating from its owner.

    If she wanted a Hello Kitty tattoo so badly she should have gotten one herself. What a friggin’ moron.

    Kari Rose: That whole statement is ignorant. You’re right, though, it doesn’t make the owner a Hello Kitty “fanatic”- it just makes her an idiot.

  8. I hope they find that poor pooch!VERY sad! Sometimes people tattoo pets for ID reasons.It’s safe & can make a difference in finding a lost pet.

  9. Get real. Her and the Vet should be prosecuted for animal curelty. Want to tag the dog? Go to any PETA or SPCA site and there a lot of less cruel tagging methods then a tattoo.

    The fact it’s HK just makes it beyond stupid. It makes her irresponsible. MOST animals that have to get tattoos, get one that’s small. This is decoration. (And for the record, yes I like HK, but I’ll be damed if I’d put her on ME much less my pet. At the VERY least…shouldn’t she have put Pochacco on it?)

  10. Hello from Thailand!

    I’ve read through your blog.. I mean all entries!! and it’s quite nightmare for the one who dislike or hate this little pinky winky kitten (=o=!!!)

    I’m not Hello Kitty’s fan and I don’t hate Hello Kitty but! Hello Kitty Tattoo makes me sick! (=[]=!!) Like OMG! even the dog has Hello Kitty tattoo!?!?

    but I hope they can find their dog (with Hello Kitty tattoo as a logo!!)

  11. The dog went missing quite a long time ago, so it’s either been found or still missing.

    Tattooing animals isn’t as bad as it seems. It’s popular for owners who are body modded to modify their animals as long as they are at no extra risk. The poster states that the tattoo was done under anesthesia therefore the dog would of felt nothing.

    I know somebody who had a Pikachu head tattooed on the underbelly of their cat, so if it was lost and shaved, she would be more recognizable. Does it make a difference if its Hello Kitty or a Pikachu or a frog or something.

  12. DO NOT be so judgemental! The dog was NOT hurt by the tattoo & it might very well help bring it home.It is NOT cruel!!!

  13. Maybe not a fanatic, just stupid. There are more humane ways to tag a dog. If your going to give a dog a tattoo for identification purposes, why not the owners name and phone number or something? (And even that’s ridiculous…) Or perhaps the microchip…which actually tracks the pet so you can find them. A f***in’ HK tattoo…

  14. i shaved my dog once…because it was very hot…..
    he was soooo pissed.
    if i tattooed him a hellokitty, i might have to run for my live.

    microchip’s invented for a reason…

  15. I am sorry, but surely microchips cannot be good for your pet. Putting a little device under their skin that can be trackable years later..hmm.

    Surprised they haven’t put them in humans yet.

    In my opinion I think a electronic microchip getting inserted below a pets skin is worse than a tattoo for identification purposes. I’d honestly tattoo my pet instead of putting a tag under its skin.

  16. that’s messed up. Not right at all- if i were to find that dog i would be DAMN sure she never got it back. That’s abuse- plain and simple…

  17. Although I know my pooches would look adorable in Hello Kitty pj’s, I would never subject them to wearing a cutie kitty.

  18. At first I thought it was messed up but if its for identification purposes, its actually a very good idea. Many vets carry different micro-chip reading devices so you might get a micro-chip imbedded in your pet and then it gets lost and when its found, there will be no record of your pet in the place where its found (do you get what I mean?) because there are more than one micro-chip systems running in the US right now. This is actually an ingenious way to identify your pet. The problem is now that is been released on the net, other people may copy and it may not be so individualized anymore.

  19. That is just CRUEL. A vanity tattoo on a dog is not right! A dog can’t choose to have a tattoo like people. That is animal cruelty!

  20. I can’t believe this idiot thought it was ok to tattoo her dog….Hello kitty lover or not, this is just CRUEL. She should be arrested for animal cruelty and the vet should be stripped of their license.

  21. All my dogs are tatooed. Not with Hello Kitty, but they all have ID tatoos. Difficult to remove, easy to read, universally compatible unlike microchip readers,… I know a lot of tatooists if you’re looking for one. BTW – for safety, always on the inner flank or stomach, NEVER the ear. That’s too easy for a thief to chop off. And THAT’s cruel and all too common.

  22. so this is the first time i have ever read one of your entries, and you are too funny, best week ever here you come watch out dane cook, there is a man in hello kitty hell commin..

  23. I have put alot of thought to this and I really dont understnad why you would wont to tattoo your animals and I do understand it would be a good way of I identifacation but and the same time if you were going to do something like that why dont you just get get one of those chips with the taracking divise in it so when he ran away you could have called and they would have told you were he was. A tattoo of the other hand could be coverd up and you would never be able to prove it was you pet in the first place !

  24. In response to Melissa’s last post: how could you cover a tattoo on a dog so that it wouldn’t show? Besides, who cares if it’s a hello kitty tattoo, the dog doesn’t know. I think that a microchip and tattoo are equally as bad. Both the place of insertion of a chip and a tattoo could get infected. If I get my puppy in February, it’s going to be an expensive dog and maybe I would want a tattoo or something so that I could get my dog back if someone took him. If the dog didn’t feel them give the tattoo, then I don’t see what the big deal is. People do a lot worse (i.e.: rubber banding/chopping off tails, ear clipping, etc.) when the dogs can feel it.


  26. i understand the whole tattoo for identity thing, but a number/ address or just a simple logo design would be more suitable, smaller and less likely to get infected. the fact that there is colour on it proves to me that it has an element of “decoration” to it which in my opinion is unecessary for identification purposes. i like hello kitty but not to that extent. if your gonna do it, get a microchip or a tattoo that is small, painless and suitable for its purpose. cruelty to animals is wrong. full stop.

  27. Ya, the dog must had killed itself….. This is horrible and terrible!
    I am a Hello Kitty Fan, and had 3 dogs, but I had never done such a sick thing to do it on them! If I am the dog, I would tear off my skin after that tattoo is on me(even though i am a fan) !
    Hope that owner would never had her dog back….

  28. I don’t see the big deal. The dog didn’t feel the tattoo and the dog doesn’t see or care about the tattoo. I love my pets and I don’t think it’s so bad. After all, it’s a unique way of identifying it. Plus, that other person was right…there are a few different microchip systems. I mean, the tattoo would be something completely unique so you can prove it’s your animal.

  29. OMG..I have never in my life seen such a ridiculous argument about something so stupid. There is a lot worse going on in this world than to waste your time in a chat room fighting about a HELLO KITTY tattoo. HAHA u all should be ashamed of yourselves. Is everybody in here like 12 and can’t find it in themselves to just say whatever. Who gives a shit besides the owners of the dog and the dog itself. Dogs normally forgive their owners for taking them to the vet to get routine vaccinations. This damn dog was under sedation!!! Are your dogs sedated while getting shots? Go do something worthwhile with your time like help somebody!
    I could seriously laugh for a whole day about this.

  30. you guys are stupid. if tattooing is ok for people it should be ok For pets.people dont even get put under for tattoos.
    pets are hurt/killed giving birth to litters of their young.
    guess they shouldnt be allowed to do that either.

  31. I think all of you who think that this is wrong and think that this is animal abuse or cruelty are completely judging somebody you don’t know. Let’s think for a second what we do to ourselves. Women pierce their ears because they think its a custom, it looks pretty, its fun to wear jewelry. But… what about those women who haven’t gotten any piercings? People its called CHOICE. and yes your right that dog didn’t have a choice. but neither did the cows that got tags on their ears, or the cattle that got branded, or the dogs and cats that got spayed or neutered (personally I think anyone who takes those two last things away from a cat or dog is animal cruelty but I know it serves its purpose.) So for those of you who think that this picture is wrong, why don’t you instead think about the reason why this dog owner may have done it. That dog didn’t run away intentionally. I know that my pets which I love very much and take care of them as much as I would my own children have at one point or another gotten out of the house and trying to find them can be very emotional for me. This owner may have opened the door and the dog may have naturally wanted to explore outside it’s territory. With all seriousness, YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK worrying about something like this. Open up your eyes and read carefully, the dog was not hurt. it was sedated and I know for a fact that tattooing dogs and cats is not a new thing for id purposes.

    microchip my *&& I can already see it. “Oh look honey a lost puppy, quick go get the microchip scanner! You know the one you bought me for Christmas last year!”

    Grow up people.

  32. To be real honest with all of you… I believe that a bunch of people who are “hellokitty” worries me more than a person tattooing their dog that they so much love and with it would come home. do yourselves a favor… feed a starving child or something useful.

  33. I understand wanting to put a tattoo on your pet, for identification purposes. There are alot of cats in my neighborhood that look like my cats, if one of the got out, I’d fear that she’d never come home. A tattoo would at least help identify her.

    Ferrets get tattoos frequently, if you go to a pet store and look in the ears (or sometimes under the arm) of the little babies you’ll see one or two little dots. It identifies the breeder they came from.

    So, i understand the desire for a tattoo for your pet… but a hello kitty tattoo? That’s just cruel.

  34. WOW i think thats really bad who would do that to a dog i feel sorry for it. the dog should be taken of them if thats what their doing to it right, it must of hurt as well if it hurts humans then it will hurt it defo

    give the dog a REST!

  35. who ever sed the tattoo doesnt hurt the dog is stupid.
    they feel pain too. if you got a tattoo it guarenteed to hurt,
    and they feel pain more than us. dogs squeal if u cut their
    toenail. 😐
    they do feel pain. and putting a tattoo on your dog is a really
    terrible thing to do. not to mention sad. losers..
    micro chips are better. they store info on the dog like its name,
    address & number. its not like your just gonna tattoo their
    address under the hello kitty tattoo. my god.

  36. i agree with the person above. give them a rest! their not human; theyre compleatly different. dogs are our companions not a hello kitty billboard!!

  37. You are all either ignoring parts of this because you cant read properly or because you want to automatically label someone as an animal abuser, seriously. THE DOG WAS SEDATED. Also, I wouldnt ever put my address, people MOVE you know, Im sure most of you have done that once or twice at least during your lives. Names are also not as reliable. How many female white and brown jack russells do you think have hello kitty tattoo’d on their bellies. Probably not many. Also, the majority of the time that an animal is found its NOT by someone who HAS an ID scanner.
    I can assure you the dog doesnt even realize its there, or if it does its hardly worrying about it “OMG what will the other dogs at the park think of THIS!?!”. Please.

  38. I honestly dont find this THAT bad as someone tattoos their dog.

    “who ever sed the tattoo doesnt hurt the dog is stupid.
    they feel pain too. if you got a tattoo it guarenteed to hurt,
    and they feel pain more than us. dogs squeal if u cut their

    I saw that in a previous comment.
    The dog was SEDATED.
    SECOND They only squeal if you cut the nail TOO SHORT.

    Get your facts.

    I think this is actually a good idea. If the dog is lost, the likelyness of it being found rises because such an odd detail can be described.

    This isnt animal cruelty.

    Grow up people.
    Get your facts.

  39. Ugh, James’ little thing. If you’re so against animal cruelty and all that, like saying and that. Why don’t you care about the tattooing? You toatally just screwed up your whole point. The dogs don’t deserve that ata ll.

  40. I agree with both sides of this argument. If the owner just randomly took the dog to the vet to get it a Hello Kitty tattoo because they thot it would be fun, yeah that’s cruelty. But face it people, it IS a good way to identify your animal, and all purebred registered dogs have tattoos as a means of identification, only difference being theirs are letters and/or numbers. It’s done while the dog is unconscious, and some people have their animals tattooed while having their pet spayed/neutered, therefore not putting the animal under anesthetics any more than they have to. I think that this is no more cruel than a microchip or a tag. The only way I would find this offencive would be if some freak just decided that it would be fun to get all sorts of ‘cool tats’ for their favorite poochie. But that is obviously not the case here. So cool it people.

  41. SOME DUDE:
    “SECOND They only squeal if you cut the nail TOO SHORT.”

    no. i have two dogs and they squeal when i take like even just a bit off when theyre long

    but why have a tattoo when you can have a dog tag?
    the dog tag provides phone numbers & addresses. tattoos dont.

    and theyre also cheaper and BETTER for the dog.

  42. that poor lickul doggy!!!!
    y wud sum1 put a tatoo on a dogs nipple!!!!!!!!!
    like people r guna b looking there n e way!!!!!!!!
    i dont fink sooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

  43. Wow, unbelievable. That’s atrocious, tattooing a dog-with Hello Kitty none the less. It’s one thing to tattoo an unwillingly and unknowingly PERSON, but to do that to an ANIMAL that has no ability to defend themselves [unless they attack, but then that would be grounds for some people to put a poor animal to sleep] is DISGUSTING. PETA should get all over this, pronto.


  45. u shud be thinking and feeling for the poor dogs that are locked in tiny crates several dogs to one crate, when there being strangled or beaten over the head with sledge hammers or watever they use, to end up on a plate or the cats that are put in boiling water (ALIVE)!!!!!!

  46. Identification purposes? I don’t really get it…
    Here in France, pets have to get a tattoo in their ear(just letters and numbers, and it’s painless) and all the tattoos are registered in a national data base, so there are no problems of identification…
    I thought it was the same in the US until now :/

  47. The first time I looked at the picture I was thinking, “Wow, I have never in my whole life seen or heard of someone tattooing their dog.”
    I never knew that you could.
    I thought it was cool in the begining.
    But I thought about it and in a way it is animal cruelty.
    I don’t know I just think it is wrong.
    Wether it was unconcious or not.

  48. Come on peops!!!
    Dogs and cats get their ears tattoed with a identificationnumber, at the vet, which isnt done the soft way
    Just so you can find the animal if it runs away
    So whats the problem in this case, where the dog was under anesthesia?????!!!

  49. There is absolutely no reason for a dog to have a tattoo for identification purposes. There are microchips with a “unique” serial number for that. That is really cruel.

  50. I don’t see how it is cruel, The dog was under anesthesia and i really doubt it cares about a tattoo on its belly. they tattoo horses lips, i believe most people on hear ave exaggerating by calling this animal cruelty and there is no way that would kill a dog..idiots

  51. I do not think that it was right of the owner of the dog in questoin 2 tatto her! I do not wish these people 2 go 2 hell but 4 them 2 think of the stress and pain there pet probebly had 2 go thru. and 4 ur info that is cruel and all those who think not well think again coz it is!!! 🙁

    Please think of the animals, next time u c people fighting 4 the animals stop and think…………………

    ps 2 the porson who last comented ur da idiot not them same 2 all those other ppl who think its all right 2 put animals thru pain and stress!!!!

    thanks xoxoxoxoxoxo

  52. who ever did this to this poor dog should die i really mean it….i think u should try it on your nipple or on your dick first & see how it feels and then write back to me and tell me how it feels…?????

  53. I guess everyone didn’t read the part where the tattoo was done at the vet’s so if it was so cruel why did the vet let her do it?

  54. hey there!!!!

    i’m a tattoo artist from Greece and it’sd my job to tattoo people!!!
    PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! dogs cats and other animals don’t have the choice to think if they want a tattoo like human do!!!!!!
    don’t do this to animals!!!!!
    the healing progress must have been horrible for this poor animal!!!!!!!

  55. For those that believe ID tags or microchps are enough to identify the pet, they are correct. However, the owner of a pet that is tattooed has additional LEGAL rights in the US that ID tags or microchips do not always deliver. The extent of protection and what constitutes a ‘brand’ varies by state law.

    In many jurisdictions criminal felony charges can be brought against individuals that harm, steal, or otherwise impair ownership of a branded animal.

    There are also tax reasons, once the animal is branded it becomes legal property and the care and raising it can fall under a business or hobby which is tax deductible.

    Those of you that TRULY love your pets should be more than willing to investigate what constitutes branding (tattoo, tagging, freeze or fire brand, etc) in your jurisdiction. It can not only make it easier for a lost pet to be returned, but give that pet and the owner legal protection than an animal would would otherwise not be eligible.

    But using hello kitty for a brand? That’s just mean. 🙂


  56. i dont think that tattooing a dog is cruel at all!! actually im thinking of tattooing my dog also she loves the sound of the tattoo gun and is always lying around when its on!

  57. omg i think that was so freakin smart since i love hello kitty and im one of her biggest fan an i was wonderin that who ever did that would u let me know so that i could do that to my kitty but i love it

  58. Why does it seem like nobody is actually reading? Let me spell a few things out.

    The. Dog. Was. Under. Anesthesia. And. Under. Veterinary. Care.

    “Under Anesthesia” – This means that the dog was unconscious at the time and DID NOT FEEL ANY PAIN IN RELATION TO THE TATTOOING PROCESS.

    “Under Veterinary Care” – This means that there was a person trained in maintaining the well-being of animals present during the tattooing process. Surely if it were animal cruelty the veterinarian would have stepped in to stop it.

    As a matter of fact, thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of pets are tattooed BY veterinarians, often in the ear WITHOUT anesthesia or sedation. And the process is still LESS painful than many other “culturally acceptable” medical procedures inflicted upon animals – ear cropping, tail docking, and neutering come to mind.

    Are dog tags and microchips a better way to identify pets? In some ways, yes, but both have significant disadvantages.

    Dog tags are attached to collars. Collars come off. You may never take your dog’s collar off, but that doesn’t mean your dog can’t get it caught on a fence and end up getting out of it, or that someone unscrupulous can’t remove it. Collars with tags are cheap, they’re easy, and most dogs have them (and really, every dog should) – but they can’t be relied upon.

    Microchips are a better choice than collars in terms of permanence – your dog is virtually incapable of losing something implanted under its skin. However, they are not visible to the naked eye and the information stored in them is therefore inaccessible to anyone that does not own a microchip scanner – which is the huge majority of the people that may find a missing dog. Even animal shelters don’t all have microchip scanners. So even though your pet is highly unlikely to lose the information stored in its microchip, there’s also a good chance that the person that finds your pet isn’t going to be able to access the information.

    Tattooing is just as permanent as a microchip, and the information (while less explicitly identifying than that stored on a microchip) is a great deal more accessible. Many registered purebred dogs are tattooed with their registration number, which could feasibly be used to find you. Dogs that are not valuable registered purebreds are also tattooed, often with small logos or designs that will help identify them. The nature of tattoos limits what you should include in them – a phone number or address would be ill-advised, so it can still be difficult to locate the owners of a found tattooed dog – but it is still an excellent form of identification.

    All dogs should wear collars with identifying tags, but they should also have a secondary method of identification – because collars can and do fail. Which secondary methods are used is chosen at the discretion of the dog’s owner. Is tattooing a dog under anesthesia really any more inhumane and unethical than jabbing it with a large needle while it is conscious to implant something under its skin? It is my opinion that it is not. Ideally all dogs would carry all three methods of identification – a lot more dogs would probably find their way back home if they did.

    The dog in question is probably the pet of a tattoo artist, which explains why this tattoo is more artistic and whimsical than most ID tattoos. The fact that it is cute and colourful doesn’t decrease its value as an identification mark. This tattoo could be the reason that the dog gets returned to its home and family – isn’t that what you would want?

  59. i think i know why the dog ran a way!! poor thing it doesnt matter if it didnt feel a thing it just not right and i dont think it should be legal!

  60. gettin a tattoo under anesthesia would hurt alot less than being implanted w/a micro chip w/o anesthesia and obviosly this is a person who cares very much 4 his pet otherwise he wouldent even care to find it. so dont judge him you idiots – always worried w/ other peeps buisness

  61. I have 2 purebred dogs. Both my girls were tattooed on their bellies with a unique tattoo number. As I read this thread, I cant help but wonder who the “idiots” are…

    Neither of my girls were sedated when they had theirs done. They were 7 weeks old. My older girl’s isnt as legible because she, quite honestly, was more interested in going to play with her sisters rather than lie with her belly up. My younger girl didn’t move a muscle through the whole time.

    A comment about the nails. The reason your dog squeals when you take a little off is because you’ve conditioned them to do so. At one point, you either cut too much or somehow traumatized the dog into thinking nail clipping is scary. Its not because they are hurting. Does it hurt to trim your nails?

    Seriously people, tattooing is safe and effective and if they find this dog, you can bet that the dog will be returned to its rightful owner BECAUSE of the tattoo. The dog was probably being altered or something while they did it (which is why I’d think it was sedated) because I know many very responsible, caring, intelligent breeders that dont sedate simply for a tattoo. And there is no difference to the dog whether the tattoo is a bunch of letters and numbers, or a HK face… tell me the difference, please. It’s not any more painful… its a tattoo either way. So why not?

  62. The dog was under anaesthetic and a vet was present at the time.
    Can anyone tell me where to get this anaesthetic that lasts up to several weeks while the skin heals and the body gets used to the ink?
    Also, can anyone provide a reliable guarantee that the vet was not corrupt in some manner?

  63. Cool, I dont know what is wr=ong with these people

    it’s only a Tatoo,
    Im going to take my wife out and get one on her belly so I can find her when she strays

  64. Honestly, tattoos dont take long to heal in dogs (or cats)… several weeks? I’m a little puzzled where you would have got the idea it would take that long. Animals have a very speedy healing mechanism in their skin. That is why one has to be very careful if your cat, for example, gets in a cat fight that they dont get an abcess because the skin heals over “too quickly” and traps infection underneath before it can drain out. Besides that, we’re not talking a large elaborate tattoo. In Canada (and I believe the US as well), for a registered purebred dog, permanent identification is demanded. I believe that it is more than “cruel” to NOT tattoo or microchip, but I still prefer tattoos (call me old school). How many pets are lost every year and never find their way back to their owners? THAT is cruel! Humane societies often tattoo their animals before they’re adopted. Dont you think if it was cruel or painful (neither of which it is), they would stop doing it? Dog’s bodies are not built the same as a humans. Their nerves dont function in the same manner. Remember they are only in the womb for 63 days!! Humans are in there for over 9 mths. They are not humans, no matter how much we love them. They dont think like we do or internalize things like we do. They live in the moment (which is one of the great things about dogs). They dont understand the concept of anger or hate. I’m not saying they dont have feelings, but they dont have feelings like we do. They love with much more of their being than people do. They are truly unconditional. So to equate what a dog goes through to what a human does… it doesn’t work that way. I’m not saying one is more valid than the other, but just that they are different and you will never think like a dog, no matter how hard you try. So suggesting that the dog ran away because of a tattoo at the same time is really mean and uncalled for.

    I dont know the vet, but I can bet they know what they’re doing. The way an animal is tattooed (aside from those in the ear) are drawn on with a pen. When my puppy was done at 7 weeks, she didn’t so much as flinch and she wasn’t sedated or under anestetic at all. You can bet that if it hurt in the least, she would have at least moved at some point during the procedure. Unless you have watched it being done, you really cant comment on if it hurts them or not. I’m sorry, but honestly, you’d be talking about something you know nothing about. How could you possibly have an opinion? I would strongly urge you to visit a vet clinic while they are tattooing an animal and watch it done.

    If its the very idea that its a HK tattoo that appauls you, well, I guess its a good thing its not your dog. HK tattoo vs registration tattoo… no difference as far as how the dog looks at it. I’m not saying I’d rush out and get a HK tattoo on my pet, but that was the owners choice. At least it serves a purpose, unlike some of the things we subject our best friends to (like dressing them up in little outfits and carrying them in a handbag).

  65. Why would they tattoo there dog? If they like hellokitty that much then why don’t they get themselves tattooed.

    I love hellokitty and they probably do too but the reason why they got away with that was simply because there was not any police permission or contacts . Get what I am saying? Thanks:) From kittypearl

  66. I’ve had a dog which was tattooed for ID reasons. She was a greyhound/coonhound mix. In the area where I grew up, these dogs were raced; however, it was through a path in the woods and not on a track.

    The dogs were not kept as race dogs are – they were family pets. The dogs were tattooed to remove any question of ownership at the finish.

    I assisted in having my dog’s ear tattooed as well as assisting with the tattoos of other dogs.

    Like people, some animals tolerated the process better than others.
    My dog showed very little discomfort during her tattoo.

    The argument can always be made that the animal did not consent to the tattoo thus making it wrong to do.

    The same argument can be made for piercing the ears of a very young child or even the keeping of a pet in general.

    I don’t think people should tattoo an animial for strictly cosmetic purposes, however there are not likely to be other Jack Russell Terriers with a HelloKitty tattoo, so it would be a boon in identifying the animal.

  67. she wrote “done by me at the vet under anesthesia”

    so calm down its just a dog. he didn’t felt anything when it was made and I’m sure the dog doesn’t even know that its there. If he knows he will not care about it. its just a tattoo nothing more.

  68. ok. i work at a tattoo shop and am heavily tattooed. tattooing a dog for identification purposes is way different than an actual tattooed design. tattooed id numbers are single line, tested ink, etc…. single line heals fast and is virtually painless in the healing phase. the techniques used to color and fill an area are completely different, and anyone who has had a tattoo knows that it hurts like hell for at least 3 days afterwards…not to mention the possibility of infection or abscess, or the possibility that your dog might have a reaction to the ink, which does contain human-safe trace amounts of heavy metals, in some instances. i am an avid tattoo collector, and there is no way in hell that i would ever even consider putting my two dogs under the needle, anesthetic or no. its just plain cruel. a dog is a life that you have accepted responsibility for, essentially your child. i wouldn’t take my child to get tattooed, why would i do that to my dog?!?! a pet is not an accessory or flesh to practice your technique on…this is definately cruelty to an animal.

  69. I don’t really think that this Hello Kitty tattoo is really attractive, especially on this dog..
    But tattooing your dog isn’t animal cruelty, that’s for sure.
    My cousins had their dog’s names tattooed in Japanese on the inside of one of the back legs. (Why Japanese, I don’t know; they’re Mexican..)
    In any case, this particular tattoo to be on this dog is truly Hello Kitty Fanatic.

  70. I have dog named kameeche. He were juct ID number, an happy. No need for Silly kitty. Just ID. Japan would not be this cruel. Kaytee bad influence on us. Tattoo ugly. Not cute Kitty. I never calm down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Um, Lol, I’m doin my english paper on “chipping” your animal’s in addition to collaring them. Lol, if someone was reeeeaaaaalllllly desparate, couldn’t they remove the tatoo or go over it? IMO, using a chip is probably better and more accurate. Did they ever find their dog?

  72. I don’t really think this is a big deal. Before microchiping breeders would tattoo a symbol on their dogs and cows bumbs were burnt and no one thought twice. At least she went to the vet and the dog was under! Think about it….its wrong to let your 5 year old daughter wear make up and get highlights!!! Chill out!

  73. Seriously, chill out. Dogs have been getting tattooed at shelters for identification for years….and when a vet tattooos ID numbers on a dog it’s under anesthesia…allowing an owner to ID something they enjoy other than lousy sloppy numbers done by a non professional tattoo artist aka the vet is by all means just fine!!! And, why judge an individual with tattoos?? Whoever did in the previous comments is very ignorant beyond belief…and should be ashamed of their idiocity .

  74. This is like taking a family member to tattoo him/her without his/her consent.

    Imagine, the dog felt like as if it had been abducted by aliens and woke up in a “normal” state but not actually not the same life anymore.

  75. it is sad that the owner did that to the dog…stupid

    but ummm…other dogs are not going to make fun of that that dog that has that tatto just cause of that tattoo!!they wont even care really…dogs dont judge by the apperence…probally character

  76. If u think thats bad then what about cows.
    Think about all the little cows (moo moos)
    that get branded. They dont even get anesthesia.
    At least the dog got anesthesia.
    I dont think dogs need tatoos
    but there are so many more important things to worry about than that

  77. thats just to wrong i would never let any of my dogs go through that pain knowen that they dont like the character but i would get it on me bu tnot any of my dogs thats just crazy why would any crazy person would want to do that to a poor inacent dog.i wonder how they kept him still???????????

  78. personally, i think its really cute. i am a 100% animal lover and totally against animal abuse, but really, this is not animal abuse at all. the dog was sedated! obviously no one here knows what sedated means- the dog is asleep AND CANT FEEL ANYTHING. they wake up and they don’t even know the difference. even if she did notice, doubt she would care, common now its not like dogs and cats are running around trying to look good for each other. They don’t care what they look like. if the dog didn’t feel anything, then there is nothing to worry about and is deffinetly not animal abuse. i think it is awesome, whether it may be for identification purposes or even just for the hell of it. It is very unique and shows a strong relationship between the dog and it’s owner. I love it.
    must have been expensive though.

  79. I bet my girl wont have any problems at all, I bet she will beg for me to get at tatto like that !! *Screem*

  80. @ Jennifer

    You are such a stupid ditz. I really try hard not to insult people on forums but you really take the cake. Animals do not try to look good for one another? Of course they do, you retard. There are plenty of studies documenting animal mating habits, and YES color and pattern are a BIG DEAL when it comes to choosing mates. It’s all an indication of your genes. It also affects social hierarchy, and a multitude of other aspects in the animals life, JUST LIKE WITH HUMANS.

    But that’s not even the point. The point is, when you’ve made the decision to own an animal you are supposed to do whats BEST for the animal, not treat it like a fashion accessory. Anesthesia for animals is very risky business because their metabolisms are so high. There’s a very fine line between keeping the animal under and causing it harm. And even then, do you think tattoos heal over night? No. The animal is still going to feel the pain when it wakes up.

    I see several people trying to make a case against microchips be because of A) Government conspiracy (which I won’t address because if anyone believes this BS they should be demoted from the human race); or B) there are multiple scanners in use…

    Well Sherlock, if the average internet user knows this, I’m pretty sure the Humane Society and vets know this too. They’ll check for more than one. And more likely than not, if you got your pet chipped in a particular city or state, vets around the same area will use the same scanner. Unless you think your dog is going to run away cross-country, you’re safe. And yes, if you change your address it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to register that change with your veterinarian and the appropriate local counsels.

    By the way, the health risks of getting your dog chipped are practically NIL. They are very, very small implants. About the size of a grain of rice. If you actually did any research on the matter (which you should, if you have pets) you would make less of an ass out of yourself.

    Finally, this tattoo is obviously a vanity tattoo and not a real identification tattoo because REAL ID tattoos are made up of unique alpha-numeric characters which are entered into a national database. A HK tattoo is purely stupid vanity.

  81. I don’t see why it’s so cruel. It was done with a veterinarian present, and while the dog was under anesthesia ( as said in owners posted ad. READ IT!). It couldn’t have been any more painful than the identification number tattoos that almost all of registered breeders put on their puppies before selling them. Those I.D. #’s are usually more than 5 numbers long, as opposed to a small Hello Kitty tattoo. I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

  82. Ideally microchips are great. They hurt no more than any other type of injection (Before anyone has a go at me i know the needle is bigger but is is also very very sharp, therefore less pain and a dogs skin is less sensitive that that of a human_ i could go all sciencey here about pain receptors etc but if your interested look it up). However, there is a growing trend with dog snatchers to cut out microchips. Therefore having an identification tattoo as well as a microchip is a good idea on a pedigree dog. No pain no gain. As for HK tattoo because its not registrable on a database its just as useful as the actual picture of the terrier. So HK no identification tat yes!!

  83. How dare they do that to a dog. Putting tattoos on them, On the stomach that hurts. I have 2 I think I cant bare more pain than a dog that doesn’t know what to expect. I think thats really mean.

  84. Omg! Dude dat person is a total freak! wat is wrong wit dem?!?!!?

    Who in there rigght mind would tatoo their freakin dog! i mean realli.. you can do plenty of things for ID.. but a tat.. thats beyond cruel

  85. that is the most sickest thing it the hole world who would want to hurt an animal they never did anything to you


  87. Ok, I dont understand why you people are getting your panties in a knot about this. Its not animal cruelty. If its for identification purposes, why does it matter. To all the people who say jokingly “the dog probably ran away,” you have to remember: its a dog, it doesn’t know what that is, it could probably care less. Can’t tell you how stupid it sounds when all you can say is, “thats cruel its unwilling!” You wouldn’t be jumping up and down if it was just a big number or something. The reason why one wouldn’t just use tags is because: they fall off… end of that argument.

    This is not animal cruelty, sure it had no say… but a dog also has no say in who it lives with. Do you people think that is cruel? Probably not.


  89. omfg that is freakin wrong…. i mean peeps are right, it would totally help bring it home… but like omg even if it didnt hurt the dog while he got it.. still think about it…. i guess what im sayin in the end is juss that… the dog had no say and like idk if you must get a tattoo on yer DOG, then get something cool… not hello kitty mmkay?

  90. i think your dog ran away because it tryin 2 get some money 2 get his tat removed by laser. good luck doggy…hope ur willing to sell ur body 2 get enough money.

  91. I love HK too, and I have a tattoo of her! There is nothing wrong with getting an ID tattoo on your pet, as long as it is done under general anesthesia, probably at the same time as spay surgery. What about people who dock puppies’ tails and crop ears? Those dogs go through much more discomfort than getting tattooed. At least a tattoo heals more quickly. Also, something more unusual betters the chance of her safe return. My old throughbred horse was tattooed under his upper lip without anesthesia and didn’t even flinch. And he was just a colt! However, microchipping is much safer and much less stressful, and most animal control facilities and shelters will check for chips.

  92. Oh what’s up with that?! A tattooo on a DOG…
    the people who has done that is burn in hell!!!
    HATE IT:! hate the people. only wish one thing die die die

  93. I hope the dog. is in a better place now.
    where people not hurt it!?
    hope that it not will come back to its owner.

  94. In general this isnt fair a cute collar cute tags….stuff like that r best this is just cruelty……in general i mean dogs r very intelligent creatures so give it a break the dog probably ran off from them for a reason XD

  95. it’s really amaizing the dog look’s sow cute with the tatoo I really love hello kitty ;D
    many kisses
    be the way i’m portuguese that’s why I write so bad XD

  96. Holy Cow!! Some of u ppl are just plan stupid. So what if she tattooed her dog…its for ID purpose. No different than what they do to horses (inside upper lip), cows (inside each ear and they do not sedate then either!!), goats (ears..same as cow no good drugs).
    And here u r whinning about someone taking there dog to the vet haveing it put under so this could be done..GOOD FOR HER!! I live in a place were an ID chip would do me no good..they r only good if vets or shelters have the readers. Collars….tags…fall off…So tattooing ur animal IS the best way to ID that animal as urs. If u want to have a cow over animal cruelty how about the animals that r truely suffering. You want a hot iron put to ur skin…how about a cold brand…just as painful.
    I am not against either of the methods I have mentioned above and it was only stated to those who think a loving owner trying to insure the safety of her animal is cruel.
    Yea its Hello Kitty…SO WHAT!!!! There r worse things in the world. BTW for u cruelty ppl…go look up a tattoo device for livestock….

  97. I don’t know if this was mentioned or not but I want to say it anyway… I tattooed my dog when he was a puppy so if he ever was stolen or got lost I could find him. Of course this was way before the chip technology was introduced, but I’m glad I did it. He was not in any pain at all or else I would not have done it.

  98. this is messed up!
    dogs dont need to get hurt.
    and tatoos hurt.

    this is seriously stupid.
    i feel bad for this poor dog.

    i love animals.
    and this is a way of torture.

  99. Torture?? TORTURE?? The dog was ASLEEP when they owner did this..do u ppl even read before u type ….
    Torture is when ur animal is taken from u ..and u know damn well where that dog is..who has it..BUT U HAVE NO PROOF IT IS URS. Mircochips DO NOT work if the vets….animal shelter…animal control does not have a reader…in my county and most of the surrounding ones.NO ONE has a reader….so what good is mircochipping??????
    Why don’t u ppl go whine about TRUE animal abuse and the lack of counties that will do nething about it. I watchecd a horse STARVE TO DEATH and could not get NEONE to do a thing about it.
    Get ur priorties straight….I will tattoo EVERYONE of my animals ….Tattoos do not hurt if they r asleep when done…and afterwards..LOL..that small of one on the dog won’t even know it.
    AS for the above comment “dogs don’t need to be hurt” umm how about ur dogs gets lost…u have no proof the dog in the shelter is urs…and gets put to sleep…yea..that just so much better then giving it a little ID tat!!!!

  100. yo thats an ok dog tatt…. my pitbull has a grenade tattoo on his neck and loves it. i did not yelp one bit. this winter i plan on getting a kitty skull and cross bones on his shoulder. it will look phat

  101. The mass combined iq of the majority of the responders in this blog is about 15 Maybe 20 but I think that might be too generous. First of all, Microchips, Do hurt when they go in regardless of the sharpness of the needle. Vet’s advise doing it while the dog is under anesthesia before or after a spay/neuter. ( thats right its not called spading, or fixing. uneducated grimy people!) Secondly.. Microchips DO NOT TRACK your pet. Its not a freaking lo jack system!! ( for those of you not old enough to know what lo jack is .. google it.) For those of you bright enough to know that tattooing your dog for identification purposes is in fact NOT CRUELTY. Bravo you are in the higher echelon of intelligence in this response column. ( again .. for those of you not old enough or bright enough to know what that word means … google it.) I like hello kitty, I don’t know that I would tattoo her on anything. But as far as noticable markings go. Brilliant idea! Those of you missing the total irony of putting a kitty on a dog. Perhaps use the money you normaly use to get in the petting zoo to protest the cruelty there, and buy a sense of humor. I can only assume that the average age of responders is between 14 and 24. No insult meant towards the informed few in that age range. But judging from the lack of spelling ability, and instant kneed jerk responses of ..” OMG how cruel that idiot is!!! ” Its hard to imagine much informed thought was put into the posts. Especially after the very informed post from Sera. Apparently people would rather type idiocy rather than read informed answers. The bit that scares me, is that one day. You lot will be encouraged to drive, and worse .. Vote.

  102. THIS IS TO PINKKRYPTONITE: okay, you wanna get smart? First of all, it may not hurt the dog, but I just think it’s a tad mean okay? Second of all, I don’t appreciate being called an uneducated grimy person. Okay, so maybe, you shouldn’t go around telling people that they are uneducated and grimy because for all you know, it could be an opinion… which i’m sure it is… and, how do you know they’re grimy… I mean unless you stalk them or something but, that’s none of my business now is it. And, maybe if you’re so smart, you wouldn’t be googling dog tattoos or hello kitty all day would you? And now your probably wondering why in the world I do it either and saying well you shouldn’t be talking but uhmm, I never said I was smart…. go ahead look back in the paragraph but.. I didn’t… did I? And last but not least, look at this… I believe I didn’t misspell any word in here… am I correct? Well, anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day, telling people that you don’t even know the name of, that they are grimy and uneducated. Bye… know it all wannabe stalker=]


  103. Oh and PYNKKRYPTONITE: i hope you do comment back cause, i just wanna know what you think about what i had to say, and im sure what alot of others are thinking…=] so yeah… please take my advice and just simply…. well…. get a life<3

  104. AND I KNOW I KEEP COMENTING BUT AS I READ YOUR COMMENT OVER AGAIN PINKKRYPTONITE, well I just have the need to say that I can be informational… give me a subject (that I know) and then you’ll be informed… but, I just don’t feel that I have the need to be informational all the time. I mean, look back in the comments. I did mention in my first that it would bring it home and everything and no, I wasn’t informational, but, I was stating my opinion. And mine just wasn’t as direct and informed as yours but, in the end, either, you think it’s wrong or you think it’s right. And, you had to at least think it was one of them because, that’s all you can… unless you think it’s both wrong and right like me… but, concluding that you are saying “oh blah blah blah it didn’t hurt the dog…. blah blah blah its fine….. blah blah blah hello kitty’s cool but I don’t think I would tattoo her on anything” and stuff… I’m guess ing that your opinion in the end is that, it’s right to do it and Pinkkryptonite, that’s perfectly okay however, please, don’t go around critisizing the people of the oppisite opinion which they are totally entitled to. And, maybe they are not so smart… but, they do know how to state a perfectly simple comment on something that they GOOGLED.

  105. ive read most comments on this site and realize that pet ID is a huge reason why things are done this way. Dog tags can easily be lost, however has this person heard of microchipping??? its really effective all shelters check for a chip when a stray comes in and you are notified right away. I know that Home Again microchipping also offers its members lost pet insurance and if they find your pet injured they cover up to a certain amount. What tattoo shop can offer you that??? Plus the only animals that i know that are “branded” with exterior tattoos are livestock, so is this a pet or is it going to graze the fields only to get fat and slaughtered?

  106. By the way for all you people going ape shit over other peoples thoughts and concerns, get a life!!! everyone has the right to their own opinions and skrew you for putting people down. If you wanna brand your damn dog, cat, hampster who cares! i have my thoughts and you have yours. you fighting on a message board just shows how incompetent your mind really is! so again get a life and grow up

  107. that hello kitty tattoo is just wrong!!!! shame on you for putting that dog though that – did he or she ask to be tormented like that?? did they hold you down and force you to be put in pain – i’m calling spca

  108. LOL….gonna call the spca huh…wow ..i’m sure they will hunt this person down and punish them to the full extent of the law…LOL. I have had more fun with this form. Its amazing how many stupid ppl can gather all in one place over somthing that is so harmless.

  109. That is Just sick and wrong… That is animal abuse and anyone who would even tattoo a dog should be considered a criminal… To put that dog through this is sick. AND ABUSE!!!

  110. my dog is tattooed, and we did not go to the vet specifically for that. she was in being spayed, and they allowed us to do the tattoo while still under sedation. many vets will allow this if the pet is under for another procedure anyway. if I had requested them to put her under to only tattoo her, I would have been turned down in a heartbeat. she is fine and doesn’t even lick the site. the dog is totally unaware she has a tattoo, and I feel better knowing if someone is seen around with a dog like mine with her unusual tattoo, I have a better chance of finding her.

  111. The dog probably doesn´t care. How would it ever know!?
    I see nohing cruel about it, since it was done while the dog could not feel it.

    The only crime of which she is guilty is the crime of having really bad taste.

  112. I need help finding the home of a cat that “arrives”. She has obviously been well loved, so I want her to find her home again. She has three green dots on her belly, showing that she is spayed. How do I find the Vet that uses the three green spots? Maybe his records show who this cat’s family is? Thanks so much for any help you can give. Ann

  113. Wow shut up!
    The dog didn’t feel it.
    & where Im from thats a common thing.
    & HIGHLY recommended by vets.

    Get over yourselves.

  114. i know those folks, and they did my hello kitty tattoos…ha! but i always thought it was weird that they did it on their dog, but you have no idea how weird that guy is…

  115. okay well first of all, there are plenty of other things out there for you all to worry about besides ppl getting hello kitty tattoos or ppl tattooing their dogs. i myself as well as about 10,000 other ppl in the United States as well as other countries…have a hello kitty tattoo. now if you believe for a second that anyone is going to listen to what you have to say, writing a blog about tattoos….think again =) ppl are still going to go out and tattoo themselves with whatever they like- its about what you want permanently tattooed on YOUR body not what the rest of the world likes. no one out there is concerned about what one PIG HEADED IGNORANT blogger thinks about them.

    my advice to you – is just get a life and find something else to complain about.

  116. i think it is kinda smart because if someone finds her and sees the tatoo thay will know who the owner is and hopefully bring her back home!

  117. i’ve got to admit i’m baffled as to who the idiots here really are. I’ll bet 90% of you who own a dog and think tattooing is cruel have had your dog spayed or neutered. Um hello, those are polite terms for genital mutilation. I know for a fact it’s painful as hell when the dog wakes and until he’s fully healed. It also has lasting mental effect on the poor dog, I’ve seen my share of dogs that where never quite the same again afterward. Yet you probably think you did fido a huge favor getting it done, didn’t even think twice about it other then it’s just a “snip” in your brainwashed mind. It never ceases to amaze me how brainwashed people can be about things. And how is having you dog stabbed with a VERY large needle to implant a rather large capsule under it’s skin is any less painful and cruel? It’s not! Remember a dog napper can find and remove a chip quite easily if they want to. A tattoo is more permenant and far, far easier for those who found the dog to see. While microchips have FDA approval for human use they also have been linked to cancer in animal studies. Think about that when comparing the risk to that of tattoo ink.

  118. oh, and just a tip for those of you yelling someone should call PETA. I suggest you surf on over to petakillsanimals dot com and educate yourself. In 2007 PETA killed over 90% of the animals they took into their shelter (more like a concentration camp!). Meanwhile the ASPCA down the street from them was able to adopt out nearly 70% of the animals in it’s care, and on a shoe sting budget compared to PETA as well. PETA is a twisted organization. PETA thinks dog lovers are part of the problem and a dog is better off dead then living under the care of it’s owner as property. They’re sick, sick people who have killed tens of thousands of animals “for their own good”. In their minds it’s the best thing they could do for them because being a pet is a cruel messed up life in their view. They have disdain for “dog lovers”. They consider keeping an animal as a pet to be a cruel and abusive misuse of animals. Support your local ASPCA, Human Society etc. but PLEASE don’t support PETA. They’re your dogs enemy not his friend. An no they don’t scan animals that come into their “shelter” for microchips because they have no intention of returning him to some careless animal abusing SOB (you) who lost their pet. He’ll end up in their freezer with the rest of them, and it’ll be for his own good. That’s the PETA mindset. PETA is to dogs what the Nazi’s were to the Jews, Gypsies, invalids etc. Their worst nightmare!

  119. poor doggy, hello kitty tattoo. he must walk around with his head down in shame. But it’s a good tattoo! I agree with Hello Silly.

  120. This is going a bit OTT for ID. i think people should stick to the more common of identity purposes like microchipping or Ear Tattooing. I dont like chips myself because it does not help in finding your dog if the thief is walking about with it, you will have to wait for local authorities to turn up to scan but by that time the dog and thief are long gone. at least with an ear tattoo you can prove its yours there and then.
    Ear tattoos are done with a stamp and is a similar amount of pain/pressure the dog would feel with a needle for chipping.

    The mass combined iq of the majority of the responders in this blog is about 15 Maybe 20 but I think that might be too generous.
    I think the reason they tattooed hello kitty is because the dog was forever humping cats.
    What a friggin’ moron.
    (And for the record, yes I like HK, but I’ll be damed if I’d put her on ME much less my pet. At the VERY least…shouldn’t she have put Pochacco on it?)
    it’s quite nightmare for the one who dislike or hate this little pinky winky kitten
    i shaved my dog once…because it was very hot…..
    he was soooo pissed.
    Tattooing a cat on your dog is just perverse.
    (do you get what I mean?)
    I also just realized WHERE it is! Near the poor baby’s nipple! WTF? Who DOES that??
    BTW – for safety, always on the inner flank or stomach, NEVER the ear. That’s too easy for a thief to chop off.
    I have put alot of thought to this…
    I have the SAME tattoo as that dog! What a disgrace! Lol
    sick freak
    full stop.
    Ya, the dog must had killed itself…
    (even though i am a fan)
    I could seriously laugh for a whole day about this.
    microchip my *&& I can already see it. “Oh look honey a lost puppy, quick go get the microchip scanner! You know the one you bought me for Christmas last year!”
    feed a starving child or something useful.
    Ferrets get tattoos frequently, if you go to a pet store and look in the ears (or sometimes under the arm)
    give the dog a REST!
    dogs squeal if u cut their toenail.
    “OMG what will the other dogs at the park think of THIS!?!”. Please.
    SECOND They only squeal if you cut the nail TOO SHORT.
    Get your facts.
    “SECOND They only squeal if you cut the nail TOO SHORT.”
    no. i have two dogs and they squeal when i take like even just a bit off when theyre long
    that poor lickul doggy!!!!
    y wud sum1 put a tatoo on a dogs nipple!!!!!!!!!
    like people r guna b looking there n e way!!!!!!!!
    i dont fink sooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
    The first time I looked at the picture I was thinking, “Wow, I have never in my whole life seen or heard of someone tattooing their dog.”
    they tattoo horses lips
    That’s just mean.
    my dog also she loves the sound of the tattoo gun and is always lying around when its on!
    omg i think that was so freakin smart
    coonhound mix
    Skysong May
    Tatoo? Verry badd. Why make dog were silly kitty? You are silly Kaytee. Tatoos bad people too.
    I have dog named kameeche. He were juct ID number, an happy. No need for Silly kitty. Just ID. Japan would not be this cruel. Kaytee bad influence on us. Tattoo ugly. Not cute Kitty. I never calm down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I thought it was about butt-sniffing to them and peeing on bushes.
    If u think thats bad then what about cows.
    Think about all the little cows (moo moos)
    You are such a stupid ditz. I really try hard not to insult people on forums but you really take the cake. Animals do not try to look good for one another? Of course they do, you retard
    WTF is da owner trying to do 2 da dog mann!!! i feel very very very sorrie for da dog!!!
    Omg! Dude dat person is a total freak! wat is wrong wit dem?!?!!?
    Ok, I dont understand why you people are getting your panties in a knot about this
    then get something cool… not hello kitty mmkay?
    i think your dog ran away because it tryin 2 get some money 2 get his tat removed by laser. good luck doggy…hope ur willing to sell ur body 2 get enough money.
    i think thats my ex wife she had same tat by tit…….
    be the way i’m portuguese that’s why I write so bad XD
    Holy Cow!!
    THIS IS TO PINKKRYPTONITE: okay, you wanna get smart?
    Okay so, uhmm, pinkkryptonite…
    […] Kitty Batman TattooHello Kitty Dog TattooHello Kitty Darth Vader TattooHello Kitty Converse High TopsHello Kitty Vibrator RebornHello Kitty […]
    Did you ever find that sweet dog?
    I think the reason they tattooed hello kitty is because the dog was forever humping cats.

  122. Okay, there is so many things you can do to hurt a animal. This is maybe cruel for some. But if you see what happens to animals out there. Then this is cute compared.

    She say its done under narcose and the dog wont notice anyway.

    My dog got a eartag, and NO ONE should tell me that this is more cruel than this.

    I hope they find the dog.

    And to you people bitching about this, you dont have animals be course you cant take care of it. So whats worse? Collecting Hello Kitty and being a shit? Or this?

  123. If the tattoo was for ID purposes, wouldn’t it be more sensible to tattoo the owner’s phone number on the dog, along with the dog’s name? The HK tattoo doesn’t appear to serve any useful purpose.

  124. Yes.. all of you who hate the fact that these animals are being tattooed is crap! where i come from we eat dogs.. i lived in a country where letting things go to waste was not an option! we ate our family dog for my brothers birthday because it was old it was gonna die.. long story short.. it was a way to have a little part of our pet to be a part of us.. now.. i have grown to love cats and dogs and if mans best friend is completely devoted to him well a tattoo on its underbelly is really not a big deal.. living in the USA you have dog owners who love their pets soo much that .. they dress them up, have them go the groomers and get pedicures and their hair done.. and for crying out loud doggy daycare? i think its ridiculus but hey americans love their animals! if you look at the picture above this owner definitly took safety precautions in mind when they decided to tattoo their family pet… as a tattoo artist .. i have not tattoed any animals but it is very difficult to do so if the animal would have not been sedated.. it says that it was tattooed under a vet supervision under anesthesia. the animal didnt feel a thing!! and if this tattoo wields a closer friendship between master and pet and their bonds become closer why the hell not tattoo your pet.. its your choice its America.. ! lay off!! they didnt tattoo this dog cause they hated it!!

  125. I think tattooing a pet for ID purposes is a good idea. People do a lot worse to thier dogs for vanity purposes i.e. clipping ears. And to everyone that is saying to tat. the owners phone number or address on an animal…..YOU’RE RETARDED! What do you do when you move or change numbers? Cross out the old tat. and put the new info on the animal? A picture or name is a much better idea.

  126. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You sick person!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you do that when you were drunk of something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You have gone mad!!!

  127. ok so like so what if she tatooed her dog! its not like it was awake like a human! it was on anestetics! i bet all of you have like little outfits for yer dogs! not that theres anything wrong with that cause my dogs have their own closets but its liek a pernament accesorie! LEAVE HER ALONE! and thats terrible to say the dog should kill its self! how do you know the dog soesnt like it? exactly! you dont! so9 HAHA! in yer faces beatchs!

  128. omfgg, thats awesomely cruel :S i mean i <3 hellokitty thats the awesome part…then the common sense kicks in, and i say wtf was that owner thinkin!? animal cruety muchly?!!

  129. I am a breeder of very high end Standard Poodles, bred for conformation, hunting, agility, and service/therapy work. We tattoo each animal for ID purposes and it’s ok to use your own unique code, ie “hello kitty”. Because the needle does not reach the nerve endings of the dog’s skin, the tattooing procedure is not painful and takes only two to three minutes. On average, the procedure runs about $10, with discounts for multiple pets. Select a unique code and register your contact information with a tattoo registry, such as National Dog Registry. It is not advisable to tattoo your phone number or address, because that could change. With a registry, you can easily update this information. An added benefit: it is a felony for research facilities to use a tattooed animal in experimentation.

  130. My dog has a tattoo and a microchip. I didn’t do the tattoo, her breeder did when she was a puppy (she was from Canada, where all CKC reg. dogs are tattooed). They tattoo the puppies using a number and letter code, not a phone number or SSN. To use it for ID purposes you must register the dog or register the tattoo with one of the tattoo registries.
    The problem with a microchip is that it is not visible. A lot of people who might find a stray dog have never heard of a microchip so they would not know to ask the vet to check for one, if the dog had no collar they would assume they had no ID. A tattoo is more visible.

    Also not every shelter has a microchip scanner, and some of the microchips are not compatible with every type of scanner. Most of my pets just have microchips but I do like that my dog has a tattoo as well so that she has more identification just in case.

  131. That is NOT cruel. Really, tattoos are not that painful. Grow a pair. Also, the dogs are knocked out during the tattooing process and don’t feel a thing. Tattooing a dog for ID is a common and smart thing to do. My own dog has a tattoo of a cupcake on his belly. He didn’t even seem to notice it was there!

  132. Honestly, I think that’s a good idea.
    Not just because I like Hello Kitty,
    but I mean…
    Any small symbol being professionally done at the vet and permanently tattooed on your dog.
    What if they were lost or stolen?
    You would have a clear and 100% way to identify your dog with no questions.

  133. dude not funny or cool !!,

    im sorry men….but this is a stupid idea!



    heve a good day ~rot~

  134. Not only does one have to be a real sick MF to tattoo a dog, but the effing vet must have been retarted not to know that this is toxic to dogs, the paint used, the needling of the thin stomach layer skin…thank GOD the poor dog is gone and away from that moron who did this to him. Honestly? ANYWHERE is better than that guy. Also, if the dog was really loved and watched – he wouldn’t be missing. Where was the guy when the dog disapeared? tatooing his cat?

  135. to Liz who shaved her dog, because it was hot….I hope you have since learned that dogs need their fur TO KEEP COOL, they don’t have sweat glands honey, the fur keeps them cool. In the summer, don’t get your dog vet and don’t shave him off, just brush the undercoat and let him be a dog…

    to the Thailand gal… don’t you guys eat dogs there? I’m shocked that you’re shocked by the tatto…ah, well.

  136. @ Filmfeline
    well, just because someone’s from thailand doesnt mean that every single one there eats dogs
    They can feel sorry if they want to
    You are a very stupid ignorant person

    also, poor doggie!

  137. http://www.tattoo-a-pet.com/

    It’s obviously not that uncommon.

    Some of the comments on this thread were pretty harsh towards other people. If you have an opinion, that’s cool, feel free to share, but blatant vicious behavior towards other people is really not cool. If you think that the people commenting on this thread are stupid, keep it to yourself. No one wants to feel bad about themselves just because they maybe can’t spell or are from another country, and it’s pretty unfair that you people would comment on this thread in a rude way. You don’t even know the other people!

    As for me, it seems as though tattooing your pet for identification purposes is actually quite common, and it does not hurt the animal, since it is done under sedation. Therefore, I don’t see a problem with people doing it. However, for myself, I would not do that to a pet. I would not get angry at someone else for doing it if they had a good reason, but I would simply not do it myself.

    Have a good day.

  138. Its is sooo funny how offended people get over the dog being tattooed. Some people are so crazy. The dog tattoo is cute, and I doubt the dog cares in the slightest. Why exactly is it cruel? He didn’t feel it. Is it wrong because it didn’t have a choice? Maybe we should ask them? I bet if I asked my dog he would rather not be neutered. Quit being crazy, and don’t go bombing the vets office please.

  139. You are the crazy one hon. Go and take some time out to look up animal cruelty. Just like declawing, tatooting and animal is cruelty. An animal doesn’t need a tatoo. It is a person’s choice. She’s too lazy to id the dog properly so she assumes someone who finds her lost dog, is going to first shave the dog and search for the tatoo. INSANE
    People look for tags and when there are no tags the dog is placed in a shelter. Let’s just hope it’s a no kill shelter, othervise it’s ten days and euthanasia. People, those of you who have animals try and stay away from crazy lady advice above and please ID tag your pet. You NEVER KNOW when it can go missing and yes, even if your dog never goes out on it’s own, you can’t rule out natural disasters or a brake in. ID YOUR PETS and minimize the unecessary recycling of animals. Each month about 600 dogs and cats are put to sleep in 1 US state only!!THAT is reality. THAT is crazy and cruel. ID YOUR PET and stop laughing about people who care. Also please don’t adopt any pets, clearly you are in need of some serious pet edu.

  140. PS: FYI the dog above went missing – and wasn’t recovered
    HENCE an ID tag would have worked a whole lot better than some stupid Hello Kitty tattoo under a bunch of fur.

    (i.e. the tattoo is stupid – not HK, love HK!, just to be clear hehe)

  141. Why don’t you liberals get a life and stop making such a fuss about such a little thing. Big deal if the dog has a tattoo. Why don’t you go find something to do besides waste your time and look on the internet for something to complain about. Go get a job or something!!!

  142. I’m laughing at the PETA type comments complaining that it’s wrong to tattoo a dog and how cruel it is. Dogs have been tattooed for quite a long time, since world war II. It’s very common for animals to get tattooed for identification purposes. You want to put a chip into your pet, go ahead, just don’t expect them not to scratch over it because it itches under their skin. You obviously don’t know the process they go through when getting tattooed, so save your ignorance and assumptions for something else like PETA’s Animal Cruelties or what you call animal mercy killings committed by PETA.

  143. haha ya I might be doing the same thing but I’m a high school student doing this during class so that kind of undermines your point

  144. I’m curious to learn of your ‘cruelty’ at PeTA. It takes serious animal lovers to work for an organization like that, the president of Peta plans to have her body cremated for burgers on the street to let people know that dead flesh is dead flesh on your plate.
    FYI yes animals have been getting tats since WWII, but just because something has happened throughout history it doesn’t mean it’s good, now does it? Women were treated like second class citizens, god forbid they have a brain and guess what, today you have doctors and lawyers and even wrestlers who could easyly kick your tiney ass. I seriously doubt Peta kills any animals except to put them out of serious misery. And yes, there are many animal so called “rescue groups’ that are actually ‘hospice’ rescues. They use animal photos to take in cash, but don’t do dick to rehome. All you have to do is look at the public IRS files and compare how much taken in went out. They can’t lie about that. I prefer to help those I personally know are working their butts to help animals out, visit my site and click on help. In conclusion, yes it’s wrong to tat a dog, but != you’ll be surprised to hear that I may do it to my cat for ID purposes, I’m talking a small bug or three dots or something – SMALL – not an unecessary giant fucking Hello Shitty (an endearing term, cause ILHK!)

  145. Nah, I changed my mind again (cause I’m a woman) I couldn’t do this to my cat. It’s mean. It’s just not right, period and it makes no sense. If you can’t recognize your dog, except for a tat then there’s no love there. My fuzzy could be in a room with 100 identical muffins and I would still recognize her multipaws. All I have to do is call her name and she would come. She knows all the dog commands. Also, how is someone else supposed to return your dog based on a Hello Kitty tat? A phone # would make more sense or a SS# something that would get the dog home. An HK tat just says he likes Japanese toys. Gosh, I need another drink! LOL

  146. Well for one thing I think you need to learn how to spell. Another thing is that the president of PETA is a retard. I’m guessing that you’re probably a vegetarian from California or something. Also, I’m not sure if your up to date on your bible but God gave us power over the animals of the world.

  147. How shall I say this… God gave you ***ck in re: to animals. They are here for us to enjoy and no God did not say ON YOUR PLATE Also I don’t think “thou shalt not kill” has anything written in parntheses…
    Re: my spelling. I speak 8 languages and English was my last
    (no longer is my last now) how many can you speak?

  148. WHO TOLD YOU HE ATE MEAT? He ate a vegetarian diet, in fact the seventh day adventists for the most part follow those oldest traditions. Are you assuming that b/c he pulled fish out of a basket with bread to feed many that he himself had a little fishand chips? Nope. JESUS would not eat animals. The bible was written by man. The ten commandaments are told by God. He never said thou shalt not kill ( but it’s okay to kill animals)
    NEADERTHALS discovered fire and started killing of animals feeding on flesh, surely you’re a little smarter than that,
    no? If Jesus was alive today, he would be a Tibetan Buddist. That’s my 2 pennies brotha.

  149. Haha…you’ve got to be joking around with me. You really think he doesn’t eat meat. Another thing is that the smartest people in the world eat animals. And about that commandment thou shalt not kill, you contradicted yourself when you said that includes aniamals because that fish story says that jesus helped them catch the fish. What do you think he did, let them go? No, he had a bunch of people with him and they ate the fish. Another thing, when is the last time you saw a healthy looking person that was a vegetarian. Jesus would not be a Tibetan Buddist if he was brought back from the dead. For example look at Genesis 9:1-6 it says After the flood God gave animals into the hand of man (v2) and said that “every moving thing” is food for us, just like plants are food (v3). Killing man is forbidden because man is in God’s image, but killing animals for food is authorized since they are not in God’s image. This passage expressly states, both that God permits man to eat animal meat, and that God’s rules against killing people do not apply to animals.

  150. Dude the bible is a bunch of stories, written by men. Probably to scare people into being like you. I believe in God, the ten rules that came written in stone and that’s it.
    If you’re going to quote me bible stories save your time. It’s the most manipulated and edited widely popular published collection of febles I have ever read. Not to mention the amount of tuff taken out of it, or mistranlated or who knows what else. I assume you know that Sabbath was also on another day, not Sunday, until one of the Popes moved it. If I followed the bible I’d be like you. I think, therefore I am. I am resposible, therefore I don’t eat things with a face. You know what pisses me off the most? That people who argue religion often use THEIR bible for the argument. How is YOUR bible supposed to make things clear to someone who does not follow YOUR religion or YOUR bible. USE something else for example. I THINK that if Jesus was the person I THINK he was YES he would be a vegetarian and based on the history of every religion on the planet of Earth, he would practice Buddhist theory – the most peacefull and loving, less bullshit and fabrication and brainwashing. Thank you very much.
    PS: GENESIS = GEN ISIS = GOD was probably a woman too!! Take that Tanto!

  151. Hello Silly,
    I am curious, where did you get the information you spoke of about PETA. If any of it is true I really want to know.

  152. HAHAHA…. that’s a joke. You really think that Jesus would go and change religions like that, no. That would never happen. And since you don’t believe in the bible and that Jesus ate meat and you don’t believe my proof then why don’t you prove that he was a vegetarian? Oh wait, there isn’t anything that remotely shows he didn’t eat meat, but there are many things that show that he did eat meat. So instead of your whining about my sources why don’t you bring up some proof.

  153. Hmm, I wonder why the last supper painting has only fruit, vine and bread…where’s the beef??? Dude GOD said thou shalt not kill – he meant thou shalt not kill ( NOTHING in parentheses) -the excuses people make to take life and feed on flesh have nothing to do with GOD, they have to do with bible lovers (a book written by humans, collection of stories, that not everyone believes so you can’t use THAT as your argument with someone who doesn’t believe in THAT) second, Buddhism is the only religion that follows what GOD said, they don’t take life and they respect cause and effect – BUT there are plenty of sucky Buddhists as well. I once met a woman who said she only eats meat on Sundays, WTF is that??? Anyway, tattoing a dog with a tattoo this big is fucked up and usleless, however, something small in the ear may not be a bad idea for ID, but I still believe ID tags and keeping animals in the home are the safest way to avoid pets from being lost. Same thing when I see some woman crying over her two year old being stolen, where the fuck was she? Why did she take her eyes off a two year old kid, if she was in charge of him. Rediculous. People are too lazy to be responsible today. It’s easyer for you to be hedonistic, to fuck like a bunny then repent or confess, to kill some innocent creature, feed on his flesh and tell yourself it’s okay, God gave it to you… give me a freaken brake. I don’t care what the bible written by men says. GOD said thou shalt not kill and he did not specify in parantheses that oh, by the way, you can kill animals, skin them alive for fur (yes, this happens) and watch them rip each other a part for your entertainment. It’s okay. Just pray afterwards, and I will love you. Give me a break. It’s one thing to sin out of necessity, yes then repent and pray. But have some effing control and if you don’t have to, live a decent, honest life that doesn’t feed off someone else’s suffering. THAT is what I mean. If I was on an island and there was nothing else to eat…screw it, even then I couldn’t kill some innocent creature, b/c algee will give me all the nutrients I need and I’ll find a way to get food in me. YOU I could excuse then, but not when animals are overproduced, abuseld, cruelly kept in packed cages, eating one another and suffering like hell on daily basis. I wouldn’t support those farmers if my life depended on it. No way Jose. And I doubt JESUS would either. If he was here today, he would look at the majority of people and say, “shame on you.”
    I don’t care though, as a Buddhist I strongly belive in cause and effect. You will be judged. You don’t need to be judged by me. PS> visit go veg. com and take a look at the meat you eat. It’s gross!!!!

  154. Haha…this is funny. You won’t believe in the Bible because it was written by man but you will believe in the ten commandments even tho they were brought down by a single man with no witnesses and he showed them to the people. I’ve seen what the meat I eat looks like. I go out and kill animals myself. I have cattle on my farm, I hunt deer, and I kill the stupid critters that are around the country. So before you go tell me that the bible is full of lies why don’t you question everything. Not just the stuff that conteracts your points.

  155. Yes, because the 10 Cs are basically the core of every religion. If I have a cut and someone tells me a remedy, I’ll google remedies for a cut and follow what is most recommended by those who know. I don’t just trust in my local priest and sound like a freaken sheep, like you, wasting everyone’s time. The truth is there is no human GOD the way HE is in YOUR head. You’re following a blind religion void of any scientific relation. WE, including that which you call GOD are frequencies in constant movement, some move faster so they seem solid, but what you see, feel and touch or even read is all an illusion. We are light, the same way sun’s rays go right through you, you are not solid and neither is GOD, so all this bull isn’t even worth the debate. Religion is a man’s invention to keep people in check and it’s doing a great job on you, buddy. Stick to the subject at hand, tattoos.

  156. I’ve seen what the meat I eat looks like. I go out and kill animals myself. I have cattle on my farm, I hunt deer, and I kill the stupid critters that are around the country

    – see? I don’t even talk to people like that. I’m sure you wear a racoon hat too, and can probably count past 50 right? Good luck to you, and your gun.

  157. wow you are so close-minded that you won’t even talk to half the world just because they are different from you. I can see who is the smart person here. You think you know everything in the world and your just trying to force everyone to see things your way.

  158. I’m curious. Do you even have a job or are you one of those people who free load from the government because you seem to have all the time in the world to respond to this thing.

  159. Poor dog, I wouldn’t even put a sticker on my dog. At least the dog is a girl, if it was a boy I bet the others dog would laugh at him!!!!!!!!

  160. Come on people. Would you prefer a tattoo in a place people won’t see it or a chip placed in your body? I’d want a tattoo.
    I know someone and their dog has a tattoo on it. It’s just to identify the dog.
    When they do either thing it’s under anesthesia. So imagine if you were in a very deep sleep someone come up to you and tapped you with a hammer. That’s all the pain a dog would feel.
    Plus if you lost your dog you would be sad. Do you really want a poor animal running around scared, alone, hungry, and perhaps injured? I wish hell for all of you how hopes the dog never gets home.


  161. Those of you who criticize people for using tattoos for identification purposes are totally wrong. It’s because we love our dogs SO MUCH that we are willing to tattoo them. We have dogs that are worth a lot, and if someone steals them, a microchip is NOT going to help bring them home. The microchip only works if someone finds the dog and brings it to a shelter or vet’s office where they can track the chip. And not all shelters or vets offices are even equipped to do that. A tattoo means that nobody can steal the dog to raise pups out of, because any prospective buyer will see the tattoo and know it was stolen. You people all need to get over yourselves.

  162. know it was stolen?? The only way people STEAL your pets is if your head is too far up your ass to notice they are gone. You should know where your pet is, don’t leave them in a car and don’t tie them out in your yard when you aren’t checking on them. This is like those women on TV who lose a two year old kid and they’re crying. WTF were you doing that was so important lady that your two year old is missing???? Bottom line is: a Hello Kitty tattoo ain’t gonna do you d***. Unless the tattoo actualy says: “yo! I’m stolen” Hahahaha, and even then, so what, the person who found the dog can say they put it there. Oh boy, you’ve been eating lots of Floobaroos my friend.

  163. In many places a serial number is tattooed on animals as the ID standard — this method predates microchips. It’s done under anesthesia at the same time as neutering.

  164. I personally like hello kitty but… c’mon ? you REALLY want your dog to have a tattoo on it ? what if it hurts it -___-

  165. Thinking about now, it’s not the stupidest thing I’ve seen. Even animal lovers do idiotic things. Whenever cats are TNRd their ear is cut off a bit into a triangle. Yesterday I saw a kitty that had barely ANY ear left – what animal rescue place can be so hartless as to chop off an animal’s ear right where they have the most amount of nerve endings and veins…insane. I have a diabetic cat I do her curve by the ear, if she didn’t have a tip I wouldn’t have a vain.
    A tattoo is not the stupidest thing done to an animal that is frivolous, but it’s pretty stupid anyway. The best thing you can do for your pet is know where they are at all times and if you think you can’t watch them, leave them HOME Anyway, that’s what we promote on our web site, because we care about the furry creatures. If you love your animal you will do what is best for them. If you love yourself, you’ll think it’s all about you, your choice, your pet, so what – your vanity, right? If there is afterlife… !

  166. I can’t believe it took 190 comments for someone hit on the #1 reason we tattoo our dogs. Animal testing (for products intended for human use and for medical trials) is still big business in the US. The #1 breed preferred by laboratories are Beagles. As previously pointed out, it is a felony for the labs to buy inked animals. I have a Beagle that is worth quite a bit of money; he’s inked on his inner thigh.
    Ear tats are nearly useless since they can be altered much easier or removed by cutting it off. Depending on the dog and its coloring, thigh ink can be very visible.
    Also, it is common for shelter vets to ink females after they spay them since the surgery scar can fads/disappear. These are usually small (up to nickel size) and can vary (female sign, happy face, peace sign, ect) and are to indicate the animal has been spayed.
    The problem with microchips isn’t just lucking up that the dog is taken somewhere with the right scanner; if the chip has migrated, it can take several complete body passes to locate. Most shelters aren’t going to take that much time and effort.

  167. OUCH. Did you take a closer look at that tatoo? It had some reddishness around it. All, I can say is, RUN FROM YOUR WIFE>

  168. NOT animal cruelty. If you think it is, you are clearly confused about the meaning of the word “cruelty”. You are making it harder for animals who actually are mistreated to get help, because you don’t know where to draw the line.

  169. So, putting a collar on is cruelty…taking them for a walk…car ride…ALL cruelty since its “unnatural” as u point out. Now whos the moron. You sound like PETA…which is nothing more then a joke. Fighting stupid battles instead of ones that need fighting. While dogs are being fought…starved…beaten…and other worse things…to bizzy fighting a silly lil thing like a tattoo….

  170. trust me I am doing a lot of physical rather than just blahblahblah online at some stupid ridiculous animal tattoo that is cruel and unnecessary. I agree with most you’re saying, but I still find tattooing an animal insane and not needed. A human vanity, nuts
    – FYI I’m sick of any org. that just emails to collect money and donates maybe 1% to the animals, doing absolutely nothing but pretending to fight their battles
    I never see the bog money making employees of ALL said organizations actually taking animals in, and carring for them. For the most part, they euthanize, then use the cases to gain cash
    I give to those whom I know personally save, care and stand up for animals and yes, I would be a moron if I didn’t express my true feelings about tattooing a dog, but you’re right, this conv. is a waste of my effing time

  171. One day I met that dog and it told me I can’t eat shrimp for dinner anymore. Then the dog jumped off a bridge because Frasier wanted to cast the dog as his Hello Kitty in his crappy show that’s no longer producing new episodes. Then Uncle Eddie will find out who his real father is and Frasier will finally have an aneurysm.

  172. Guys, calm down aye? It was in absolute no pain, if you actually read it properly it says it was numbed. So it didn’t feel anything. I think it is a pretty good idea to leave a logo/mark on your pet so you know it is your dog; and if someone finds it they know it was owned.

  173. Okay let me first say I baby my pets and would never be able to handle my pet getting a tat just to ID them as mine.I have seen humans walk funny because of ouching after a tat(I do not have any, nor do I want any) even with good reason of theif risk and good vet care during/ after I could not bring myself to getting one for my pets.Okay I asked my vet if kids pre-shot numbing rub can be used on pets.

  174. Both of my dog’s got tattoo’s when they were fixed (male & female sign’s). My county makes it mandatory i guess. The vet said they did it while the dog was asleep. We also microchiped them that day. That would be the only case i would be ok w/ this, and even being a super big hk fan— Im still not sure i’d have them put in the extra time to do that much work on the dog. My dog was miserable enough when she came home from that whole thing..

  175. My dogs and cats get tattooed when they get fixed. All are female so they get an ‘s’ tattooed to prove they have been fixed. I don’t know if more than an S would be something I would do. (The vet does the actual tattooing). Easy way to identify your dog I guess. Not sure I agree with a kitty.. but hey.. our dog is named kitty.

  176. Tattooing a dog is not in any way cruel or even uncommon. There’s not enough information on the poster, but most likely the tattoo was after the dog was spayed. Some vets put tattoos on a pet’s stomach after they are fixed so that if they are ever lost and found, the person that finds them won’t try to spay/neuter them again. Her vet probably let her select what tattoo to put on her tummy – and she just so happened to choose Hello Kitty. I adopted my dog from a shelter where they spay/neuter before sending them home – after he was neutered they gave him a weird shaped tattoo near his groin area. Where I live just about all the shelters tattoo dogs after they are fixed!

  177. it’s for id purposes, tattoos dont even hurt its not cruelty it a pin prick for a few seconds then when your dog/cat or whatever goes missing others can tell its yours its not cruelty those who say it is are closed minded idiots

  178. Actually tattoos on pets is very common. A lot of people who raise champion blood lines have a special mark that they have tattooed on their animals in case they are stolen or go missing. There is no mistaking it as yours when it is marked. It’s no different than branding livestock, or a horse other than its a lot less painful for a shorter period of time. Additionally, a lot of vets offer this type of identification markings. They do put the animal under light anesthesia and they do it. Would you rather find your dog if its stolen and be able to have a positive ID on it or find it and be told “well we can’t prove its yours because they claim it is theres and they have people to back them up” and you never get your dog back?

  179. Why are people dumb? Stop acting like the other dogs are laughing at this dog for having a tattoo. They’re dogs. They don’t care. Look at the picture of this canine. Does it look ashamed? No. The dog got the tattoo while it was under anesthesia. It didn’t feel a thing. It’s merely a simple mark ON HER UNDERBELLY that’ll identify her to it’s owner and others. I for one think it’s brilliant. If I ever find a small dog with a hello kitty tattoo, I’ll know exactly who she belongs to. Think about that next time you speak before you think.

  180. Has no one ever heard of micro chipping a dog for identification? Seems a little smarter, and better than tattooing a dog since it contains a serial number that is used to look up the owners name, address, and phone number. Seems a little nicer, and smarter to me….

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