Hello Kitty Flowers

My wife loves to get flowers, but a dozen roses won’t do. In fact, any bouquet of regular flowers, no matter how beautiful, just doesn’t make the grade. If I ever give her flowers, they have to be Hello Kitty flowers:

Hello Kitty flowers

Hello Kitty flowers

Hello Kitty flowers

Hello Kitty flowers

Hello Kitty flowers

When guests come over and she wants us to have flowers on the table, they have to be Hello Kitty. What’s crazy is that you can go into practically any flower shop in Japan and they will know how to make these bouquets – it’s downright depressing. There really should be some law that grown men aren’t allowed to buy bouquets of Hello Kitty flowers. There is nothing more embarrassing than walking down a crowded street with something like that in your hands, but it is yet another aspect of my Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by numerous readers…

As if these weren’t enough to make you sick, more photos sent in by reader Linda

Hello Kitty Dear Daniel flowers

Hello Kitty flower bouquet

Hello Kitty Hello Mimmy flowers

Hello Kitty carnations

Hello Kitty flowers

Hello Kitty flower bouquets

More photos sent in by tricia

Hello Kitty bouquet

Hello Kitty flower bouquet

Hello Kitty flower frame

Hello Kitty heart flower

Update: It keeps getting worse — not only are these available for purchase, there are now tutorials online on how to make Hello Kitty flowers (what the tutorial really should be named is “How to make sure to lose your significant other in the quickest way possible.”)

how to make a hello kitty flower

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38 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Flowers

  1. If you did something bad enough, those flowers could earn you your forgiveness!

    But I do agree with TeratoMarty, cut flowers were once considered bad luck. I wonder why that’s not so now.

  2. Haha. Why would it be embarassing. I think a man carrying home flowers of ANY kind shows a thoughtful nature and an ability to put aside his macho nature to present someone he loves with a bouquet of flowers is awesome.

  3. Just when I don’t think I could love Hello Kitty triubutes any more, you show me something that tops it. Thanks!

  4. Now in the very first time i want to get married !

    My wedding bouquet will be hello kitty..

    OH NO ! NOT JUST my bouquet ! The whole wedding !

    Ooohh a HK wedding ! *faints to a dream worlds of HK weddings*

  5. and why don’t Americans get as nuts about Mickey Mouse, Coke, M&Ms, Simpsons (etc) which are just as strong (if not stronger) icons of our own country?

    Or maybe I’m misinterpreting this site and these are products are mainly the exception and not the rule…

  6. omg!
    your flowers are so cute. how long does it take you guys to make them? just wondering. but any ways, i love, love, love your hello kitty flowers.

  7. OMG – Where do order you get these flowers on-line for delivery in the U.S.? I have a ton of g/f’s that adore her!

  8. me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’ll get married with these hello kitty flowers!!!!!!there very very very uniqe in there own way and beautiful like hello kitty!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. When I was little, I’d have thought these were the most adorable things ever(Namely because I’ve been obsessed with Cats since god only knows when)

    But now… I can’t imagine Demanding these. I’d be happy to get flowers at All…

    But I don’t understand most obsessions, so… *shrug*

  10. Jesus Christ, when did all these HK fanatics come crawling out of the woodwork? You used to be able to come here and bash the vapid marketing ploy and now it’s all “SO KAWAII!”

  11. I’m sorry but that is fricken’ cute!!! Any man with the balls to walk in the door with those flowers has got it coming to him. In a good way. *wink

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