Hello Kitty Cat

I feel sorry for all cats that are owned by Hello Kitty fanatics because it’s things like this which they have to look forward to in their life:

Hello Kitty cat

Hello Kitty cat

Yes, it’s a “turn your cat into Hello Kitty” kit and runs about $150. If cats have nightmares, this is exactly what they are made of. My wife was giggling like a little school girl when she found it and all I could do was look at our cats and think, “well, enjoy life now because you don’t know what’s coming to devestate it in a few days…”

It’s not often that I think that Hello Kitty Hell could be worse, but at least my wife is not dressing me up in outfits like that (yet…….)

Thanks to kaori who should have to wear an outfit like this for bringing it to the attention of my wife…

44 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Cat

  1. Wahaaahaaahaaa… that is tooo funny for words. I have a cat but she hates dress ups. I would have love to have that kit, but the price is outrageous. Haaahaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

  2. I LOVE Hello Kitty, worship her much like your wife, but even this is too far. Is that cat on drugs? I can’t imagine any cat who would let anyone put a costume on it. Now if it were on a dog, that would hil-ar-i-ous!

  3. I think my cats would be seriously mad at me for such a thing. But after, I think that kind of things make pets become depressive and suicidal.

  4. My boyfriends cats would rip me apart if I went near them with that.

    I put my Baby, The Stars Shine Bright double-bow headband on the second youngest one, and he spent about ten minutes wrestling it.

  5. When I adopted my cats from the shelter, I’m pretty sure they made me sign some kind of agreement with a list of items that I wouldn’t do, and I think dressing them like this was on the top of the list, just before “eat them”. That’s the way I remember it. If I’m wrong, they should update that list.

  6. Of the cats I currently have or have had in the past:

    6 would shred this almost instantly into unidentifiable pieces.

    3 would have run through the house yowling as if they were being chased by angry villagers with pitchforks and vacuum cleaners.

    2 would have attempted to use it as a disguise to get close to the hamster.

    And 1 would have allowed it and sat quietly for the picture. I, however, would have had to sleep with one eye open for the next 10 years so I’d have a fighting chance when she hurled a Molotov Cocktail into my bed.

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  8. We have laughed and laughed at this – poor cat. Should be abuse. No Hello Kitty Head Gear in this house. Thanks for joing the Bad KItty Festival!

  9. I love Hello Kitty, but I love real cats more…this is wrong on many levels. The first being that pets are not toys and should not be treated as such.

  10. Please tell me your wife is now tired of trying to dress up your cat & will sell it to me 🙂 My cat NEEDS this – she loves clothes! Otherwise, I guess I’ll have to buy a Hello Kitty doll and take off the clothes for my kitty.

  11. I love it <3
    it’s so cute ! if i could buy it i would.
    my cat doesn’t care, she likes to look good i think 🙂

  12. Uhm, how can anyone think that torturing and humiliating their pets is cute?
    Here’s one question for you kitty costume maniacs: What do you do when kitty wants to go out? Do you take off this horrible costume or do you send the cat out wearing them?
    Do you really beilive that Hello kitty approves of torturing her real and alive (as opposed to her being a bloody cartoon) brethren?

  13. it is cute and funny but it is bad for the cats coz they have lifes and i like this pic but i dont like wat your doing to the cute cats 🙁

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