Hello Kitty Superman

I’ve mentioned before that Hello Kitty doesn’t like to stay in her domain, but instead intrudes into other popular cultural areas and tries to Hello Kittify them. This usually doesn’t go over too well with the fans of that particular area, but Hello Kitty fanatics think that it’s the most wonderful thing in the world (and assume that everyone feels the same way). It is because of things like this that we get the Hello Kitty Darth Vader or the Hello Kitty Star Trek Klingon. So it should be no surprise that Hello Kitty fanatics also created a Hello Kitty Superman:

Hello Kitty Superman

While obviously a poorly done photoshop job, my wife still thinks it’s great. Her opinion is that “the goodness of Hello Kitty inside Superman would make the best superhero of all time!” (as if Superman weren’t already good) while the rest of us look at it shaking our heads in unbelieving disgust. My wife actually said she would buy a Hello Kitty superman doll if they made one which scares me because I’m sure that Sanrio is probably considering doing so…

You definitely know you’re in Hello Kitty Hell when superheros are supposedly better when they morph with Hello Kitty…

Sent in by way, way too many people — you all need to get more of a life and all your superheros should come Hello Kittified in the future as your punishment…

19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Superman

  1. “The goodness of Hello Kitty inside Superman”?

    Does that have something to do with the Hello Kitty vibrator?

  2. Yea i was about to say there is no way in hell that an actual hello kitty suit like that exists. ESPECIALLY FOR A MAN!. Anywayz whoeva did that, did a real crappy job with whatever photo editing software they used!

  3. Among all the Hello Kitty Strange items you have posted, I am shocked, shocked I tell you. You have a major omission.

    Yes, I have seen Hello Kitty Tarot cards. Have images of a few. Mimi on horseback carrying the scythe of death is just … special.

  4. hello!I’m from Croatia.I’m very imprest with this site! It’s to good! I love Kitty…In my contry (you pobably don’t know where it is) there’s not a many Hello Kitty stuff to buy…

    P.S. I’m sorry for bad english =)
    I would came here often

    pozdrav iz Hrvatske od Kristine =)

  5. That is really stupid. Supermans the best and you got him in an hello kitty outfit and hello kitty sucks big hairy fugus infected toes. so umm yeah………….not cool man…….otay said what i had to say…………bye bye…


  7. How come I’m seeing this one only now????

    Superheros and Hello Kitty should not mix, because the result is clearly “Superhorror”

    Superman is among my favourite superhero, and he didn’t deserve this one bit! Plus as you said what the hell is this “the goodness of Hello Kitty inside Superman would make the best superhero of all time!”
    As if Superman was a bad guy who became good just because of HK…COME ON! Even the hilarious HK Darth Vader can’t be good because of HK

  8. Oh…oh…oh my. DC has sold out. Star Wars has sold out. NO ONE is safe. NO ONE.

    *begins praying fervently that she will NEVER see a Hello Kitty Iron Man costume*

  9. Please, please tell me there is no hello kitty Batman. Or Robin. Or Nightwing. Or Batgirl. Or Oracle. Or Catwomen. A hello kitty joker would make my day. (Just imagine the reaction)

  10. uhh… that photo shop job isn’t bad, lay off. It doesn’t look 100%, but it looks pretty good, regardless of whether or not you agree Hello Kitty Superman is a disgrace.

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