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It just never stops. When I listed the first set of Hello Kitty Tattoos, I naively thought that the topic wouldn’t come up again. It didn’t take long for the Hello Kitty Star Wars Storm Trooper tattoo to appear, then the Hello Kitty Batman tattoo which I, again, thought would put things to an end. But then there was the Hello Kitty zombie tattoo and then Hello Kitty zombie II tattoo. I felt those were never gong to be able to be topped until I saw the Hello Kitty scarification which pretty much clinched the title in my opinion, but alas, things always get worse in Hello Kitty Hell…

I know you read the title of this post and were shaking your head in disbelief even before you looked at what I have written. You thought that I was exaggerating to draw you into the blog because there is no way in Hell (Hello Kitty or otherwise) that anyone would ever get a Hello Kitty Jesus tattoo. Hello Kitty fanatics are wacko, but there is a line even they will not cross, right? See, I have had that delusion too, but it always proves to be wrong because fanatics of the evil feline don’t know what a line looks like that shouldn’t be crossed. Thus, the Hello Kitty Jesus tattoo:

Hello Kitty Jesus tattoo

No problem, I’m more than happy to wait a few minutes while you clean up the mess on your computer screen and keyboard before writing more. Take your time and make sure that all food and drink have been expelled from your stomach before attempting to look again. No, it’s not a problem that you need to run to the bathroom again because while cleaning up you noticed that it really does say “Hello Kitty is my Jesus” – I’ve already been there and understand that the food just won’t stay down…

Each year I look at what Hello Kitty Hell the previous year provided and have a small glimmer of hope that things can’t get any worse. I pat myself on the back for surviving another year without gouging my eyes out with Hello Kitty forks (or spoons or chopsticks or basically any utensil since they have all been Hello Kittified) due to all the Hello Kitty that surrounds me and imagine that the worst is surely over. Then within the first two weeks of the New Year, something like this ends up in my mailbox to remind me that Hello Kitty Hell can always get worse and 2008 is going to bring unbearable amounts of Hello Kitty pain…

Sent in by tattoo artist Brian from Youngstown, Ohio who deserves the worst of the worst that Hello Kitty can offer for not only thinking for a second that it was a good idea to send this photo to me, but for also giving notice of what 2008 is going to be like in Hello Kitty Hell…

196 thoughts on “Jesus Tattoo

  1. You know… im tempted to change my name on here to darlene and just type in so she won’t have to type anything. Im sure we all know that her comment is going to be so sadly despicable that we will loose another inch in our hope for humanity. It would save us an inch.

    This entry is just terrible, hello kitty should never be mixed with Christianity in this way.

  2. Hello Blasphemy! this disgusts me!
    Richard, darweirdlene won’t have anything to say about this one, because it looks bad for HK.
    unless she makes some weird ass connection between jesus’s unconditional love for us and sanrio’s unconditional love for money.

  3. Attempting to make hello kitty look like a man is bad… to make it look like Jesus is far worse! It’s ofensive and disrespectful to all the Christians in the world… it’s beyond anything I could ever imagine one doing…
    It’s horrible and ugly… I believe that even Darlene won’t find any beauty in this.

  4. Oh, come on. Stop being so dramatic saying that this makes you vomit. Do you always have to over exaggerate so much? It would be so nice to see an honest and truthful post for once. The only ones that feel sick are the people that have to read your daily over reacting rants.

    This tattoo is nice. This person feels a strong affiliation with Hello Kitty and is proud to let people know about it. That is something that should be celebrated, not ridiculed.

  5. Damn it! I just ate.

    Darlene – there is so much wrong with that tattoo on so many levels. It’s going to offend so many religious people it’s not funny. It’s blasphemous, the person that had this done is violating one of the Ten Commandments “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”, there is something somewhere about worshiping false idols, etc. I don’t need to go on do I? Not that I am religious or anything. I could really care less for the most part what someone has tattooed on their body, freedom of speech and expression and all. Having said that, this idiot is asking for a lot of criticism from many religious folks. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had strangers approaching him telling him they were going to pray for his soul or telling him he is going to burn in hell for that. Then again, that might be the sort of attention he’s after. Who am I to judge? What I do know is if I took that picture to my tattoo guy and said “Hey, I want this” not only would he tell me he wasn’t going to do it but he would kick my ass for coming up with such a stupid idea.

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  7. People seriously do surprise and amuse me. It’s a tattoo of either personal choice or opportunity. Whomever decided that this tattoo was the right choice for them should be commended for their courage for they obviously knew the short minded backlash they would receive. Look at it from the perspective of a person such as myself. I am a person who believes in and has respect for God and Jesus. I also believe that i have absolutely no place to judge or ridicule this person for their choice. Such action shows a fear that shocks and astounds me. Perhaps instead of looking at the content of the obvious we should look at what it could represent. Maybe this person chose this medium to show their discontent for the hello kitty craze. Or maybe to show how short minded people really are. Either way i would like to thank both the subject and the artist for having the courage to face peoples obvious ignorance and judgmental existence.

  8. …I knew Hello Kitty was everywhere, but HKH has opened my eyes to HOW everywhere. I didn’t think any company could ever be that commercialist.

    It is a sad, sad day for my brain; it didn’t need the extra cynicism.

    But, um, Hello Kitty with manly stubble is HILARIOUS.

    Plus, look at it this way; crucifixion is a really slow and painful way to die. Crucified Kitty is going to be feeling a whole world of hurt. Doesn’t that warm your HK hating soul? =3

  9. I tend to agree with Taco Delicious…all you hypocritical so called religious people who come on here and condemn hello kitty lovers. I am not religious at all…..and guess what….I am not going to hell!!…..I dont judge HK lovers or haters, I am a decent human being, thats why I’m not going to hell……get a life people… are all so wrapped up in bad mouthing and making really spiteful comments about “people” on this blog. If thats your intention, start up your own site….this site is supposed to be about hating a cartoon character….say what you like about Hello Kitty…..leave the human factor out of it….you are the most pathetic bunch of so called christians I have ever met. HKH…about time for some censoring of emails, dont you think????!!!!!!!!And as for you Salem witch hunting, nazi holocost loving christians who are just dying to come on here and reply and rip the absolute crap out of me….sit back for a minute and reassess what it means to be a christian wont you, because at this stage, you are all failing miserably!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Okay, this tattoo needs some explaining. First of all, the person who got the tattoo didn’t commission the tattoo. For the past couple of months I have been doing a “Free tattoo of the month” all of which have been hello kitty themed tattoos (because I think its hilarious). I drew the tattoo design. I wanted to see what people would tattoo on them permanently for free because it amuses me and its funny how dumb and cheap people are in the area I tattoo in. The person who got the tattoo doesn’t like hello kitty at all. The tattoo itself is making fun of the people that worship commercial idols, because there are people that do. There are plenty of people that will think this person is stupid for getting that tattooed on them, but in my opinion getting a boyfriends/girlfriends name tattooed on you is far more stupid than this tattoo; at least this tattoo is humorous.


    Go pray on that for a while will ya, and do something about your hatred!!!

  12. Wow
    I expected a lot of comments from the Religious Right
    However –
    GET OVER IT! it is not your place to tell someone what to wear on their body – even if you do not agree with it.

    Poor Hello Kitty – That beard does not become her!

  13. I have been impressed with the bizarreness you’ve posted in your blog. But I never really understood until today, when I decided to read what kind of responses you get to these threads.

    You have some of the weirdest commenters in the whole wide world. I’m truly in awe.

  14. “Hell-O kitty…I could give a crap about what other people’s tatoos are, and I actually like this tatoo. I am a catholic and this does not offend me in the least

  15. To darlene, HKL, Joanne, taco, and every other deluded Hello Kitty fan:

    You’re wrong and batshit crazy. Shut up.

    And isn’t Hello Kitty supposed to be a GIRL? Is it logical that she should have a full growth of beard and go topless? And why am I asking you all about logic?

  16. Damn, that has got to be the dumbest tattoo I’ve ever seen! Although, reading these comments from all the HK fanatics trying to defend this ridiculous thing is so hilarious, it’s almost worth having to look at the silly picture.

  17. This tattoo is hilarious… I’m not sure I’d want it permenantly ON me but definitely worth printing out… hehe. And I totally agree. Worshipping Jesus is just as stupid as worshipping Hello Kitty when you think about it right? Most reasonable and rational people aren’t all that religious.

  18. The explanation is hilarious… It shows how stupid people can be : they would take anything as long as it’s free. But curving a Hello Kitty Jesus in your flesh? It takes it to a whole new extreme :/

  19. Hooray!!!….it seems that all the previous christian hypocrite haters are off praying instead of being mean and nasty on here…..well all of them except EIZE that is! What does that say about EIZE??? Instead of asking us about logic…ask us about how it feels to be a nice person……you need the help!

  20. Hey there, I gues that I just wanted to point out (in a non-hating/flaming way ^_^) that all we’re proving here is that religion is one of the easiest ways to incite anger between people who would otherwise be okay with each other.

    Me personally, I don’t like the tattoo, and yes that is because of my (informal) belief system. But I respect other people and their beliefs enough to not flame other people because of it (I have enough friends of different nationalities and religions to have grown broad minded).

    This is a public space where people of different nationalities, belief systems and opinions share can communicate. Turning it into a centre of argument and anger only ruins the space for the rest of us.

    To any Christian people still reading this insanely long post, HKH is designed to be satirical, and therefore will push social, religious and other boundaries, that is its nature and is to be expected. While people may disagree, it is the poor HKH Hubby’s choice to post what he wants.

    To anyone non-Christian who is still reading this insanely post, please don’t assume that every Christian is the same as the one before. Everyone has their own opinions, stereotypes do nothing but cloud peoples’ judgements, concieve assumptions and insult others.

    And to anyone who understands and apreciates what I’ve said, thanks ^_^

    I’ll hop off the soapbox now, sorry if I have offended anyone, it is completely unintentional ^_^

  21. Joanne:
    The only person that is incredibly brainless and obviously stupid and rude is you! you are accusing everyone that disagrees with this tattoo of feeling hatred but you are the one that is so misguided that you changed your name to HK! I adore cats and I like HK but it’s imaginary, it’s a cartoon! I have the right not to like tha tattoo but you do not have the right to tell that I’m a hater!

  22. Jessbyte, I’ve tried proff-wrotting wot I haz wrote b4 posting; it doesn’t help! XX 😉

    Oh and I pretty much agree with you.

  23. Thanks Kitteh! 😀 It’s bedtime where I am, I’m not the best when half asleep :):) I’m surprised I wrote for so long 😉

  24. Joanne said:

    “Instead of asking us about logic…ask us about how it feels to be a nice person……you need the help!”

    Wow–what a way to reveal your idiocy. Let’s recap:

    “And as for you Salem witch hunting, nazi holocost loving christians who are just dying to come on here and reply and rip the absolute crap out of me….sit back for a minute and reassess what it means to be a christian wont you, because at this stage, you are all failing miserably!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


    So–what about being nice again?

  25. Dont worry, I’m doing us all a favour……I am just gonna look at the pics from now on….not gonna read any of the blogs except for the opening one from HKH…..I’m not telling anyone else what to do, but maybe this might be a good idea for some of us (both sides of the HK fence) who are obviously taking this whole thing way to seriously…..come on people…we are getting really nasty to eachother over a cartoon cat…..I feel a bit silly about that!….I am sorry if I have offended anybody personally. Maybe there should be a new site http://WWW.hellokitterloverHATERS???…..because all the enjoyment has gone from this site, dont you think???There was a time when you could come on here, and just have a laugh and no one got hurt. Its not really my idea of fun to judge and be down right nasty to people I dont know and I feel really embarrassed that I have fallen into the trap of doing that!!

  26. I can’t believe this. I know I love Hello Kitty but to say that she is my Jesus that’s taking things a little too far. This person has obliviously taken fanatic to a whole other level. I know at times it may seem as we are a bit obsessive about Hello Kitty but for the most part we are not that delusional.

  27. Damn, instead of all of you being outraged by some stupid tattoos, you should be outraged by more important things…

    Anyway, HKH, you should put Brian’s explanation in your article – it’s so much nonsense it’s hilarious.

  28. Joanne, i agree with you. Comment on Kitty, not on the people who like/dislike her.

    I believe in freedom of expression. While i disagree with tatoo’s and i’m not at all religious, if someone wants to get such a tattoo on them, i believe they are entitled to it and i’m not going to call them a nutter for it.

    Be happy, and don’t get too serious. 🙂

  29. >And isn’t Hello Kitty supposed to be a GIRL? Is it logical
    >that she should have a full growth of beard and go
    >topless? And why am I asking you all about logic?

    Yes, Hello Kitty is a girl. When was the last time that someone thought it was strange that a cat had hair growing on its chin or didn’t wear a shirt?

    Jeezus (pardon the pun).

  30. i am not religious so i’m not offended by it that way. i’m WAY more offended that this tattoo makes HK look incredibly ugly. it’s blasphemous to HER! she is all about love and cuteness! bearded and crucified is not cute! whoever got this tattoo must be insane. not just because it makes HK look ugly but because it is in fact the ugliest tattoo i have ever seen. and as much as i love HK she is not my jesus.

    i sense severe tattoo regret in the future for this person.

  31. Aren’t there rules about that in the bible? No idol above him or some such nonsense? I wonder if the person is at all religious… makes a person wonder….

  32. Joanne get a grip! This site is enjoyable and i come here for a laugh.

    I think this tatoo is stupid and Brian’s explanation gives it a lot perspective . So stupid its funny!

  33. joanne, you are acting the way you accuse christians of acting. very mature. and considering that you legally changed your name to Joanne Hello Kitty, i don’t think you have any right to say what is logical and what is not.

    i am not offended by this tattoo because i am a christian, i am offended because it is tasteless. it takes a sweet icon like hello kitty and turns her into an ugly man.

    and btw, jesus had a sense a humor.

    grow up.

  34. That’s hilarious! I, personally, would have made HK a little more cuter in the tattoo….but I think it’s great! I think the world would be a better place if “christians” spent more time helping those that are less fortunate than getting on the internet to bash a HK Lover. Also – just because YOU are a christian does not mean everyone in the world has to have your same beliefs. You people are idiots.

  35. lisa thank you for putting all christians in the same group. that would be like me saying all lesbians are nasty butchies. simply not true. i am a christian. i have gay and lesby friends that i love dearly. as for helping the less fortunate, my church just finished a month long campaign to send money, supplies, and people to an aids center in south africa. we spent the weekend before christmas feeding hawaii’s homeless and working in the shelters. not all christian’s practice what they preach. but saying all christians are assholes does a great disservice to everyone!

  36. Get the hell over it. Its a tattoo, who cares. Go burn some gay porno mags or something. Christians are the number one cause of people’s loss in the faith of Christianity, not stupid ugly tattoos.

  37. this is so freaking ironic it is absolutely hilarious!

    it’s not offensive to the christians out there, I’m CATHOLIC and don’t feel ofended. it’s offensive to all the hello kitty brainless lovers who just don’t understand it!


    and I personally like hello kitty but in a much lower level, I’m not a maniac about it.

  38. Well you certainly brought out the people who have strong opinions.

    I personally think the tat is … um … ugly. But funny. But I don’t have any particularly strong opinions about it.

    There are a lot of people out there who would gladly kill you if you insulted their religion’s chief figure in that way. And not a few of them are Christians – just take a look at the death toll from the N Irish troubles from a few years ago. Religion has a way of twisting people’s minds that way.

    I don’t have a strong opinion about that, it’s the way we humans seem to be wired. Sad, but veh…

    Now if you insulted my wife’s looks I’d hunt you down and throw wet cats on you.

  39. i honestly think the tattoo is hilarious everyone who has a problem with it needs to learn how to get a sense of humor dats wats wrong with everyone no one knows how to laugh

  40. You know I don’t believe in any religion and I think this was a poor choice in tattoo. Mainly because I think it’s kinda ugly and it’s bizarre in it’s devotion.
    I think that tattoos are personal choice but I could see this one being regretted later. But hey that was their choice to make. Doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s a little O.o though.
    Oh and for those christians that say putting something blasphemous on your body is just asking for people to ridicule you, remember that when someone mocks you for you faith based on that jesus fish on your car. After all you are asking for it by displaying something others might disagree with, RIGHT?

  41. Best. Tattoo. EVER!!!!

    Well, except for the one that this one guy in the Army got on the outside of his saluting hand that said “F___ You, SIR!”. That was the best.

    But this … genius. Sheer glorious genius.

  42. Wow, not that I’m particularly religious but I’m pretty sure there’s a special circle of hell for people with Hello Jesus tattoos. lol

  43. To protray Muhammed isn’t bad if it’s just to say “hey, it’s a picture of muhammed!” (IMHO, Cause I’m not a Muslim, and I don’t see any problem with visually portraying an important historical figure.)

    But I think seeing that blasphemous crap made me feel how some Muslims might feel at a picture of Muhammed. I seriously started to feel sick (and I have seen my share of sick stuff in my day).

    I agree with mokosh, and want to edit Gary Larson’s cartoon to relay my feelings.

    *Hallway in hell with different rooms*
    *Rooms say things such as “murderers”, “terrorists”, with people being punished inside*
    (*I’d edit the last door to say “People who get ‘Hello Jesus’ tattoos”*)

  44. there is good humor and bad humor – and this is just bad – religion doesn’t even come to play … comedy is just comedy and people who don’t get that it just that and only that should get that tattooed on their foreheads so that it just possibly sinks in…

    as i recall from bible study i took in high school — everything was made by god so isn’t your sense of humor the same … or do you just lack one?

    think about it….

  45. I would just like to point out…it’s only “blasphemous” if you’re religious.

    To me, who is NOT religious…it’s just a really bad Hello Kitty tatoo.

  46. Funny what people will be willing to submit themselves to if it’s free. A bit sad, actually. Someday they’re just going to wake up, go take a shower, see it in a mirror, and scream their bloody head off until they decide to invest in a lifetimes supply of make up and conceiler so they only have to see it during the reapplication.

  47. Oh my god… XD! That—this tattoo…I was not expecting to ever see in my entire life. I wonder…in 10, 20, 30+ years, will the person still love it? I wonder how long ’til they regret getting it…

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  49. That’s so disturbing and incredibly cool at the same time! I’ll be looking forward to seeing Hello Kitty Prophet Mohammad (with or without the bomb in the hair).

  50. OH … MY … GOODESS! WHAT THE HELL …????!!!! how insane I have to be, to believe devoutly, that a little painted pink cat is my jesus? too often abductet by aliens!!!! crazy humans! :O)

  51. wow…this is crazy i love hello kitty sooooooooo much but i love god as well so a tatto like this aint for me…srry its cute though.. :[

  52. Why do people think that shocking the world = courage? It doesn’t. It’s usually a cry for help, at the least it is a cry for attention. It’s not courageous. It’s a thinly-veiled gaping void in someone’s soul.

  53. dude who cares who gets what. it is their own body. NOT YOURS. if somebody wants to get a big dick on thier head they will do it. and of course you retards will be there saying oh this person is so stupid cause they got that done. who cares it isnt your body. they will have to deal with it for the rest of their life not you. get over it. : ) taco you are my hero. thanks for realizing that i did it for the simple fact that i know how stupid people are. yes i do believe in god and jesus. just to inform you all stupid people that fixate on this site. also brian i say that we take it to the next step if to show that we really dont care what all the people on this site have to say or think of us.

  54. Stop calling it “freedom”. If it was “freedom”, then nit would be tatooed on a butt or something else that won’t see the light of day. But the point of this tatoo is to get people to look at something that they wouldn’t have chosen to. Now you’re talking about the rights of everyone else in the world.
    You can look at a movie preview and go “ew; that summary of the movie makes me want to avoid it” and both parties are happy; freedom to make a movie not everyone likes, and freedom to avoid the movie.
    And why did the person send this tatoo to a site which shows everyone how foolish a HKer can be? **To make people look at it**
    This isn’t freedom; it’s a “oo! oo! look at me! oh please give me SOME sort of attention!!”

  55. i didn’t even know about this site until i was looking at all the other hello kitty tattoos when i found this site. unfortunately. i would of never put my tattoo on this site. i don’t want people looking at me for something that i got done on my arm. even though i don’t regret getting it done on my arm. if people look at me different because of a tattoo that i chose to get. but of course people aren’t that way. i know how i am and how people are in life. i don’t care what all of you say about me this is my body and i will do what i want to it. this is just a more of a reason for me to not like people even more in life. (atleast people that are ignorant to me).

  56. i absolutely loove hello kitty and have thought about a lil tattoo in a sneaky spot, but this is just plain awful! i will have to say that i love jesus more than hello kitty, and this person is just wrong!!

  57. the fact that this person has a tatto of hello jesus and we hate it doesn’t make us narrow-minded, it makes those who think it’s cool or brave insane. i’m all for the “do your own thing stuff”, but, honestly, get a life! there are certain boundries!

  58. Lord @[email protected]……this is not possible…one can not even begin to list all the wrong damn things about this tattoo
    the problems with this tattoo go beyond one’s personal belief…I was born in the Christian religion…but i would find this tattoo offensive even if it depicted Mohamed Allah..Budda or any other deity on Earth…
    what’s next? you tattoo on your butt “I love Jesus?”
    (note) actually i would not mind to see Satan Hello Kitty (That would depict her as what she really is)

  59. JESUS CHRIST!!! @[email protected]

    …..*sorry, i couldnt resist -_-*
    ok i was dying of laughter from the utter randomness of the tattoo concept….and then i read the words around it…..the demon cat worship has officially been upgraded to a religion…(i wouldnt b suprised if the anti christ turned out to be badtz maru or something @ this rate =S)

  60. ah,cool,can i have your wife’s hello kitty stuff??lol just kidding!:]your wife seems cool,lol,i like ur site only reading what your wife gets funny she gets mad at you when u dis hello kitty,sheis the hello kitty queen from what i see lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:]if she had a myspace i wounder what it be like probley everything hello kitty!!!!

  61. LOL, how can this offend ANYONE. It’s just a cartoon cat.. ALso, cats have hair on their chin. Female cats are not hairless, lol. Also females, real people, have hair all over their body.

    Anyways, Jesus is fake. Read some history, not what liars tell you, and what you should believe in. LOL, gullible people, I swear..

  62. Brian is my new hero. Speaking as someone who has a variety of random crap tattoed on him as parts of various running gags I fully approve.

    It’s a pity I live in the UK and not Ohio otherwise I’d probably pay a visit!!

  63. I live in Ohio, and as much as I adore Hello Kitty, I don’t want her tattooed on me in any form or fashion. I would, however, have her lovely face painted on my big toe so she could peep out from my sandals during the summer.

  64. …wow… and she still keeps her bow on… respect… *converts to hinduism as its probably one of the last religion untainted by HKH*

  65. @ observer:

    Meh. They revere the cow and have a diety that resembles an elephant with part of the chest a male pec and the other part being a female breast; it’ll be a matter of time before they bring a white cat into the mix. (They consider the white rat sacred. …just change one letter, and… ;))

  66. ok, i like hello kitty alot! but umm this tatto is just UBER extreme, like wow… their aren’t any words to describe how ridiculous this person is. This is just like ewww

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  68. this is one of THE most amusing things i have ever seen in my life.
    i love hello kitty but i cant help but love this website because its so fucking funny.
    i do feel for you, you poor, poor man.

  69. I can’t believe u would disgrace the God who made you name like that !!! If it weren’t for him … You wouldn’t be making this website !!! You suck and will one day burn in Hell

    signed , a Christian

  70. This tattoo is very disturbing. It’s not just the carefree mixing of religion with Kittymania, but the idea that someone would go to the lengths of having that permanently etched on themselves.

  71. dude..

    I laughed for about 5 minutes before i could stop. Then when i had a glance at it again, it made me laugh for another 2-3 minutes.

    Seriously. HELLO KITTY IS MY JESUS? Dang.. Hello Kitty fanatics really don’t know when they’ve just completely crossed the line..

    I like Hello Kitty, but even I know that invisible barely-there-but-there line. =P

  72. we all have our own tastes, i personally don`t like it but i don`t like tatoos very much
    i think it would offend some people but they are not the ones having it done

  73. Awesome tat. I dig seeing it but probably would never get it on my body. How can anybody say more than that? Either you like the tat or you don’t.
    There are too many religions in the world for ANY PARTICULAR RELIGION to be true and correct. Christians say everyone who isn’t Christian is damned. Islamics say everyone who isn’t Islamic is damned. Follow the same equation of “X say that everyone who isn’t X is damned” for every single religion known.
    Most religions have a good set of values to abide by, however you don’t need a religion to have common sense on being a good person. Religion = waste of time, money, natural resources and minds. Science explains why we’re here, and instead of any sort of god or gods, I thank evolution. PRAISE BE EVOLUTION!

  74. Ahh, I am a big kitty fan, but without going in to that, as much as I love Kitty……Jesus is Jesus and Kitty should stay as Kitty. I have a kitty Tattoo and have had it for almost 10 years now, but she is kitty and just that!

    Each to thier own though,


  76. Who cares? Jesus may have been a man, but a god? Thats horsehockey. Like Santa or Ghosts. I contend we (you, dear reader) and I are both Atheists. When you understand why I dismiss your god, as you dismiss all other gods- Zeus, Pele, Thor, and many many other gods that YOU dismiss, I just believe in one fewer god than you. Therefor, you dont believe in all those other gods, such as

  77. Religion is such a sad crutch for hopeless people.
    I’m sorry that it has to come into a silly topic such as this and cause people to have fits. Online.

  78. At least they believe in an object that can be seen.
    Unlike “Jesus”.
    I find it quite humorous myself.
    Religion is a crutch to keep children and other people out of trouble.
    People use “god” as an excuse to make things ok.
    I love this tattoo I think it’s amazing.

  79. I can’t decide what’s funnier… the tattoo or the people getting so upset and turning this into a religious debate.

  80. Oh my god… WAIT?! Is it just me, or does HK has a beard?! O.o

    Is she a hermaphrodite now!? O.o or a transvestite?

    Well look on the bright side… Hello Kitty is suffering XD

  81. Call me different, but I’ve just never understood the HK obsession. I especially don’t understand why someone would want to permanently adorn their flesh with a freaking commercial character. The original creation was bad enough, but WTF are people thinking to turn it into something like *that*?!?

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m a firm believer in the philosophy of “to each, their own”, and am the proud owner of a tattoo myself. But if I should ever even consider inking something like that on my clothing (much less my flesh!), I pray the gods will strike me dead on the spot…..

  82. If this kind of blasphemy involved Islamic iconography, someone would likely lose their life for it. But because it mocks and defames Christ, the bearer of this tattoo likely glibly equates it to the right of free speech. The irony is that the life of Christ continues to be about love and forgiveness and those of us who revere Him have the opportunity to express concern and love toward the misguided person who has ‘artfully’ expressed their state of utter spiritual desolation. God save them.

  83. Err… well, actually….. Jesus does. Even if this person is a sick bastard, Jesus loves him/her. That’s why He willingly bore those thorns tearing his flesh. Let’s just hope this person gets a bump in the head that’ll wake him/her up to the truth so he/she’ll start showing some due respect.

  84. *Deeply offended* Man……no…That person is gonna burn in the foulest pits hell. Nothin beautiful bout that.

  85. All you christians stfu. No one, including the wearer of the tattoo care if you find it offensive. Jesus, if he was actually still alive would probably be laughing his ass off.

  86. OMG! i love HK! but not to that extent, he ruin hello kitty.
    shame to whoever have this tattoo . you should be sorry to jesus, damn, very disturbing!

  87. Personally, I don’t see the problem in this. You see, in this world (believe it or not) not everyone is religious or unbelievably religious to the extent of following every “rule and regulation” of every religion. You can flame and hate this person all you want. You can even flame and hate me for pointing out the truth, but take a look in the mirror and look really closely and HONESTLY say you have never “broken a rule of religion”. For those of you that think this is WRONG, you are hypocrites and liars to yourself. I will openly admit that I’m not perfect, but I also don’t follow a fictitious being that was made up so mankind could look up to someone. I’m not a follower, look at government. Sine the start we have have Kings, Pharos, Czars, Monarchs, Tyrants, Presidents, and any other form of “Higher Power” you can think of. Mankind has always looked for something greater than itself to follow. So stop ranting and raving about people that have FREE WILL and get out of your house and go do something that you WANT to do of your own FREE WILL.


  88. UMMMM retarddssss who cares i think the tat is cool….
    im not religious or anything like that but hello kitty makes anything look amazing.
    get over yourselves religious freaks “GOD” isnt even real and neither is jesus!!!
    its all fakeee

  89. thats pretty hot!
    i just drew out a hello kitty tattoo for a buddy of mine.
    its hello kitty with her eyes gauged out, holding an inverted cross. not sure if i should put the 666 on her forehead tho…
    and i dont see why your making such a big deal about what someone else wanted. its their body not yours. i like offensive tattoos. i kinda want random numbers tattooed on the inner middle part of my left arm. religions are stupid. but i guess some people need something to believe in when they have nothing better to do.

  90. “jesus loves me he loves me abunch cuz he always puts skippy in my lunch!”

    ya know… god doesnt put the bread on the table. my paycheck does.

  91. all of you jesus freaks need to grow up i mean serously its a tattoo ive got worse stuff on my bedroom walls i mean jesus and harry potter are the characters out of a fictonal book it never happend god was how early people explaned earth quakes and eclipses and stuff like that i realised god was a load of you know what when i was like 10 god is a crutch for the week minded.

  92. This is so bad on so many levels. Hello Kitty, Jesus, and a sucky tattoo. Wow.

    Thanks to the tat artist who explained the creation of it. And whoever decided to get this idiocy permanently engraved in his/her body deserves whatever they get.

  93. I think it’s funny

    If I saw someone with that I would so give them a high 5

    Though I wouldn’t get it personally

  94. i agree with emily awesome,
    if i saw someone with that id give them a high five! then id scissor them and do witch craft with my new lesbian friend, or id get a sex change and have premarital gay sex with my new gay friend and do witch craft with them, and go shopping on SUNDAYS.

  95. This is disgusting. Worshiping Hello Kitty is one thing but this tatoo is another thing. It’s offensive, wrong, and getting tatoos is violating God’s work that it took to make you. Anyone with a mind wouldn’t get this. The only thing that could make this worse is if everyone else had it on their body.

  96. christians in general are uneducated.there’s far too much science these days to prove anything about christianity true.on the other hand, hello kitty is awesome<3

  97. That’s just screwed up! You don’t mix religion with the economy! I bet it this made alot Christians pissed and offended!




  99. This tattoo is hilarious. Look at those little bleeding holes! Fictional human sacrifice has never looked so cute. This was probably one of the most original and fun tattoos that the tattoo artist has ever done. What a great idea… So jealous I didn’t think of it first.

    When HK and JC come together, a world of hilarity ensues.

  100. ….skjgkj I feel the need to go to Confession for just having looked at this.
    (Before any anti-religious people, jump on me, I’m not “judging;” I’m just saying that it gives me, personally, the creeps. Not all Christians are raving loony Pentecostals, sheesh.)

  101. OMG this is hilarious! I honestly had to turn away from the screen out of shock and laugh. 🙂

    I am NOT offended at all by this tattoo and I am a Christian. Just take it easy people! There are so many worse things to be offended by than this tattoo which was obviously done for a little comic relief for Hello Kitty lovers and haters alike. 🙂

    Very cute and funny!

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