Hello Kitty Wedding Cake

What is it about Hello Kitty fanatics and weddings? There is something about the two together that bring out the worst in a Hello Kitty fanatic as can be plainly seen in any type of Hello Kitty wedding. This is one area that still brings fear to the forefront since we didn’t have a Hello Kitty wedding and my wife feels that she somehow missed something by not (thankfully, we got married long before the Hello Kitty fanaticism began) having one. But that yearning on my wife’s side to have a Hello Kitty anniversary wedding keeps popping up every time something like a Hello Kitty wedding cake ends up in my email box:

Hello Kitty wedding cake

There is nothing that says doom and terror more for a groom than having to cut and serve your guests something like that on your wedding day. I have no doubt upon seeing that cake that there is another man that has every right to be a guest writer on this blog and he deserves to have the pity of men worldwide for the torture he is suffering.

Of course, my wife thinks it’s “absolutely adorable” and I distinctly heard the words “we should get one like that when we have our anniversary we…” at which point I slammed the door on my hand and screamed in pain because I calculated it would be infinitely less painful to do that than hearing the rest of the sentence. Unfortunately, it was probably only a temporary solution to the problem so I have a feeling that my extremities are going to be quite black and blue this coming week which seems to be a minor price to pay considering the alternative when living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Mitzi who should only be able to eat that for the rest of her life for contemplating even for a second that it was a good idea to send me this photo…

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  1. Im surprised that you didn’t comment on how Hello Kitty changed to a male on the cake and were married to… umm… each other? on the cake.

  2. That’s realy ugly! I bet it tastes nasty too. Shouldn’t they be standing in the tea cup insted of on it? I guess scince the hk jeasus tat she can now walk, well stand, on water too. I would not eat this, even if it were free at someone’s wedding, it looks iky.
    Tell me HKH what kind of cake is it, I bet it’s carrot cake, I hate carrot cake.


    I want it though I would get one differently. Like with Hello Kitty in a Kimono with Dear Daniel <3 and on a bridge :3

    I would think it is vanilla or yellow cake since its traditional.

  4. Richard B- Fyi-The male version of Hello Kitty is named Dear Daniel, and has been around for quite some time…

    Okay, so I’m a huge fan but even I wouldn’t go THAT far….what is wrong with people, it’s people like that- that give us normal Hello Kitty loving people a bad rap… (I know, I can hear you all now- nothing about loving Hello Kitty is normal… I can take the heat) πŸ™‚

    And the icing used for that cake is called Fondant Icing and is pretty gross to begin with, so adding Hello Kitty to it probably won’t make it any better…

    P.S. Mr. HKH- I hope your hand is okay…. πŸ™‚

  5. Holy Shit.

    That Things Hideous,
    But I Agree With Steph The Bottom Of The Cake Is Nice And Alice In Wonderlandish.

    Just Cut Of The Top Half And It Would Be Fine =]

  6. That is one scary cake! And it makes me fear for the future of humanity that these fanatics keep coming up with this kind of crap. HKH, I hope you never, ever have to actually come into contact with that monstrosity, or any other like it.

  7. Without HK and DD, I’d like this cake. Hope it tastes better than it looks. If the HK on this cake is edible, just think how fun it will be to dissect her! The possibilities, man! πŸ˜€

    Mr. HKH, I do hope all this self-flagellating doesn’t send you to the ICU.

  8. There are other minds working the same sort of way as mine. As far as I can see, the figures are made of (or at least covered in) fondant (aka royal) icing, so you can bite HK’s head off without risking any worse injury than a nasty toothache! πŸ™‚

    Also, hope your hand gets better soon Mr HKH.

  9. Now that must take the cake right? I bet that a Hello Kitty fanatic would want one at her wedding but NOT eating it because it’s too cute (like not using toilet paper that has Hello Kitty on it) so the cake would be useless anyway right?
    But seriously Hello Kitty at a wedding?????????? This cake belongs to a 6 years old Birthday party not an adult affair.

  10. i think it’s soooo cute since this is my cake!! haha!! i have really good laughs reading your comments. rather finding your comments offensive, i find it hilarious. thanks for making my day! i love hello kitty hell!

  11. I used to take cake decorating classes and the icing used is Fondant – easy to mould but doesnt taste that great… Hope it wasnt fruit cake.

  12. I went to HKpepper’s (aka Mitzi Rimando) wedding and you guys have seen nothing yet… you guys are freaking out over the hk wedding cake.. wait till you see the HK-SHAPED PASTA they served!!!! EEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW…..

  13. Ok, I double dare HKP and/or LHHK to supply a photo of the pasta, and Mr HKH to post it! πŸ˜‰

    Oh and HKP, we may differ about HK marketting tat, but we’re both here for the same reason! πŸ™‚

  14. That reminds me, my boyfriend made a cake for my “Hello Kitty Anniversary” to mark the 1 year anniversary of my starting to like Hello Kitty. I put the link in my name, hopefully it will work (its a facebook album, so I hope it will show.)

  15. I always wanted a HK wedding cake. My ideal cake would be a regular white wedding cake with white and pink flower decoration. I want to get plastic HK and DD in wedding dress and tux for the top. That way, I can save it after the wedding.

  16. wow that is a very beautiful cake but the hk on top does look a bit creepy like shes gonna jump off the cake and kill the bride lol.

  17. how strange…its cute i’d like it more for a birthday or a sweet 16 rather than a wedding cake, but that would mean ms kitty and mr daniel would have to change their outfits

  18. Hi there
    I had a Hello Kitty Wedding 3 weeks ago (here in Colombia, South America). My dress was so beautiful!! The invitations, bubbles, main table, cake server set, wine glasses… everything was decorated with HK. I’n so happy… And everybody said it was a perfect way to combine HK and the romantic.

  19. Richard B…That isn’t male hello kitty, thats her long term boyfriend Dear Daniel! I think that that cake has to be the all time cutest thing I have ever seen. I must have one.

  20. The story of the conversation with your wife and her reaction to the Hello Kitty cake topper was the exact conversation I had with my husband when I saw the picture initially. Creepy!

  21. If I had to get married with a cake like that, I would rather not get married. And this is speaking as a girl. Weren’t weddings supposed to be grown-up things?

  22. OMG that cake is just ugly. I think my 6 year old looks adorable in Hello kitty clothes and I even like Hello Kitty but I think people are going way overboard with it. I feel for you.

  23. I have to admit- that cake and the art was done really well… (Kinda looks good to eat, knowing that Hello Kitty is probably super sweet)

    But in the end… Hello Kitty Wedding Cake? I dunno… That seems to diminish the whole meaning of marriage in one go!

  24. Lets all hope that Darlene gets married soon & then we can see ALL the pics, video, dress, tuxedo, cake, marriage certificate…. & have a laugh!!! It will just be one big meringue fluffy HK do…. Maybe she’ll wear the HK head on her wedding night… Hmmmm…..

  25. Oh grow up, people! That cake is awful and not fitting for a wedding. I like HK, but I only buy it for my 7yo daughter. I hate when adults ‘do’ kid’s stuff…like wear Tazmanian Devil T-shirts and Mickey Mouse socks. Geez.

  26. why do you hate it when grown up people do kids stuff? don’t you find it cute when sometimes you still find the child in you? sometimes it’s also fun when things aren’t serious. it does not always have to be mature and heavy…look at the brighter and lighter side of life…

  27. i love hello kitty, and i am obsessed.
    but having a hello kitty wedding cake is just ridiculous.
    HELLO; it is suppose to be the best day of your life, and cutting through a slab of hk isnt very romantic.


  28. Now, subtracting Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel from the cake, I like the concept of it. Infact I’d love to have a cake like that. (Tea cup style) for a birthday or somethin’. Doubt my boyfriend would like a teacup wedding cake anyway…

    I wouldn’t either actually…

  29. My first time comment here, only because some people are just plain retarded. I’m not a hello kitty fan but i am a die-hard food fan and I must retort.

    That’s realy ugly! I bet it tastes nasty too.
    >>Your biased rant without any evidence will not furthur support your petty opinion.

    I guess scince the hk jeasus tat she can now walk, well stand, on water too. I would not eat this, even if it were free at someone’s wedding, it looks iky.

    >>Not that youll even be invited to any wedding, with a personality like yours. And no, you’re wrong if you think HK fans made HK stand on water just to imitate Jesus. For all you know it could be based on something as obscure as Chris angel.

    Tell me HKH what kind of cake is it, I bet it’s carrot cake, I hate carrot cake.

    >>Ha that’s like saying the people will make it carrot cake just because you hate carrot cake. What a ridiculous preteen whiny brat.

  30. this is such a beautiful beautiful cake, it brings the feeling of joy just looking at it. so carefully decorated. weddings are always so much fun. the bride so beautiful. the groom so handsome. the day so fantastic. the gathering of friends and family.
    what a wonderful cake, very unusual. so pretty. this kind of cake could be kept for the family members only to eat, after the reception, only, and be put on display, along with the fancy wine glasses etc.
    life is so beautiful, and a beautiful cake, like this one, is just part of a way a person can bring joy to the beautiful celebration..a lovely creative touch.
    the main feature is always the beautiful couple.
    everyone in this family loves hello kitty..and castles…and romance. good health to all of you….

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