Hello Kitty Sweets Pastry Shop

When emails like this show up in my mailbox, I know it’s going to be a Hello Kitty Hellish day. Anything Hello Kitty is bad enough, but when you combine Hello Kitty with something else my wife likes (such as pastries or sweets), then things get a bit out of control. So it was no surprise that my wife is doubly determined to make it to Taiwan (via Hello Kitty airline and through Hello Kitty airport) to get dessert at a pastry shop dedicated to Hello Kitty:

Hello Kitty sweets

Hello Kitty Sweets sign

Hello Kitty Sweets store

Hello Kitty cake

There really should be a law dictating that Hello Kitty themed shops should not be allowed to exist. These are the worst for those who live with a Hello Kitty fanatic because it’s a “destination place” and there is never anything good that can come about when you are taking a trip with the sole purpose of going to a Hello Kitty themed shop.

Having been dragged to themed shops like this more than my fair share of times, you quickly learn the types of people that are there. Obviously, the place is overrun with Hello Kitty fanatics which can often be worse than the themed store itself. Then there are the partners of the fanatics that fall into one of two categories. Most are the young men that think that by taking the Hello Kitty fanatic to the Hello Kitty themed shop, they are going to get some that evening not knowing the hellish path they have chosen to take. The others are like me who fervently try to warn the younger men to bail out asap or get ready for a life of Hello Kitty Hell.

It is in places like this where lives of Hello Kitty Hell begin…

Sent in by ed (via daisy’s blog) who really should have to eat all his meals at Hello Kitty themed shops for even thinking for a second that sending this to me would be a good idea…

52 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Sweets Pastry Shop

  1. Oh man…that is just so stupidly weird and awesome at the same time. You don’t see many cartoon characters with their own pastry shops…but then not all of them are trying to take over the world, either.

  2. This one doesn’t look that bad, if I were living nearby I might even go there, that said I’m a normal person who would NOT take a special trip just to go there LOL I think that’s the difference between a Hello Kitty Fanatic and a normal person who think one or two Hello Kitty items here and there is cute πŸ™‚

  3. At least you get to poke Hk with a fork and cut it with a knife! And chew on it! The swallowing part is complicated though… I think your wife would be most offended if you spat out the delicacies of HK. I think I can only wish, happy holidays in Taiwan! πŸ˜›

  4. that cake looks delicious though…..
    if you ended up having to go with your wife to taiwan, to that place, can we have a report of how she cut through kitty’s face with a knife, and poke it with the fork, and put it in her mouth with a big smile?

    p.s… it’d be great if the sponge cake inside were red. to go with the hello kitty cutting scene.

  5. Yesterday, my friend bought a Hello Kitty lollipop, and she packed a bite into my mouth. I almost threw up. Here’s a surprise: Hello Kitty taste just as bad as she look. *shiver*

  6. This one is not too hellish. You can cut her head right in half with a knife!
    BTW, wasn’t there a Hello Kitty Cafe in Hong Kong? I think it was not licensed by Sanrio and they had to change the name, but continue to serve all food on Hello Kitty plates and cutlery which the customers can take home.

  7. Yum!! You know they have a Hello Kitty cafeteria at Sanrio Puroland? You can already get Hello Kitty desserts there… it’s so yum!!

  8. You know you retarded man… some kids like hello kitty! Like me! Be glad she teaches kids the proper manners instead of bratz acting like streetwalkers! YOU ARE RETARDED! I hate you! I wish you were the hello kitty cake and people cut through your face! Bad man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wow, that’s a bit intense…”YOU ARE RETARDED!” Yikes. Anyway, my mom and I made a homemade Hello Kitty cake for my 23rd birthday and it was fantastic. As for a whole pastry shop after Hello Kitty, I can’t say I am surprised. I’m actually surprised she hasn’t spread the Hello Kitty pastry goodness around the world in air tight packages, because THAT is something Sanrio and HK could do to continue their monopoly of girly/guy things.

  10. YCMM, so you’re saying that cutting people is better manners than dressing sexy, and trying to treat people in a kind and positive manner?

  11. Yo, You cant make me :p, YOU are the poster child for birth control!
    This is why there are parental controls on computers now… this girl’s parents should use them!
    Dudes, I think this place is great, and I LOVE hello kitty.
    It’s just too funny, until you get the wacked out fanatics and bratty kids…hey I wonder if she’s realated to Darlene?????
    Absinth you are so right, what fun is something cute and cuddly until you can hack it with a knife!?!?!?!
    I bet it would go great with a nice Chianti and Fava beans πŸ˜‰

  12. are you seriously twisted somewhat, because who spends their time making a site dedicated to a fictional character, a character like any other can be liked and disliked to a certain extent? twisted freak.. do something useful with your life

  13. Oh goodness! I want to go there! A hello kitty cake is the cutest thing ever! I hope they keep insulin on hand, I’m liable to go into shock from all the sugar <3

  14. on the upside if you do visit that shop atleast you’re safe in the knowledge that you are eating hello kitty’s face therefore ridding the world of 1 extra hello kitty product.

  15. Actually I went to that site, and I want to let you know the link on that site is dead. It’s wierd. It will show you the store, but the link on the bottom won’t go anywhere.

    Thought that would make you happy. I did put the link to the pizza you put up on my blog and I sent it to all of my friends.

    They thought it was gross.

  16. Hi, can anybody tell mi whr is e hello kitty sweets pastry shop in taiwan? Can tell me the address & how to get there.

  17. There you go again, bashing Hello Kitty when all she does is bring joy and happiness to the world! Hello Kitty and the combination of a sweet shop is the best that could happen! People love Hello Kitty and all you do is bring her down. You should appreciate all the trouble your wife goes to to bring you Hello Kitty things. You are a selfish, selfish man.

  18. i dnt undastand y people keep dissing hello kitty all the time. She’s so cute, and she has, like, a million different personalities, so it’s not like shes just a dumb, sweet little thing, shes tough too!
    And, like, a Hello Kitty pastry shop soundz awesum, id luv 2 go there!
    Y dnt u grow up and get over urself?! God, im only 14 and im probly more mature than u!

  19. I want on for my birthday it’s coming up where can I order on. I wish I could just move to a town with all Hello Kitty stuff. i want to go there.

  20. i really would love to eat that cake and ummmmmmmmmmm it really do seems peaceful on all the lil messages maybe that is because DARELENE didnt leave anything.

  21. have to go to taiwan in order for me to see this pastry shop, the hello kitty suite in kaoshiung and of course the hello kitty flight at eva air!! wow what a treat that would be!!!

  22. I like the decor other than the hello kitty stuff. As for my self i don’t mind hello kitty as i am a girl but i love your site and feel for you!

  23. I found your comments so true! I AM a HK fanatic and recently took a trip to L.A. where my #1 agenda item was visiting the HK store! Your outlook is hilarious and I truly feel for you that your girl is hooked. I imagine my husbands blog would look much like yours. Ever heard of Puroland? Its Hello Kitty’s version of Disneyland. Hello Tokyo.

  24. Wow… That is like a door that leads to another universe. The universe of the fairy and magical land of HK!

    … I don’t know whether I should be awed by the fact that it’s a pastry store (I love sweets!!!) or the fact that it’s been kittified to death

  25. Hi,um you should really consider not starting practically ALL of you comenatries with When emails like this show up in my mailbox, I know it’s going to be a Hello Kitty Hellish day. Its generic and self-centered. It sounds like a little kid talking.

  26. My God.
    I like HK quite a lot, but i feel sorry for people that get dragged to places like this. Obsession isn’t healthy, especially when it’s a cartoon cat that’s ‘five apples high’ or whatever it was.

  27. I’ve been there! I went twice. I’m a Hello Kitty fan, but not a fanatic. Anyway, it’s in Taipei, Taiwan, and it’s the only one in the world. It’s called Hello Kitty Sweets, and it is a restaurant/sweets shop. I have taken a lot of pictures and put them on my facebook…but how to show everyone? Hmm…I know! I’m going to add myself as a fan on facebook and post that I have pictures of this place on the fanwall. Any interest in seeing the pictures can submit a friend request and I will accept you!

  28. Hi! I would like to ask who knows something about the “Hello Kitty Cafe” in Hong Kong. I know it’s name was change so I wanna ask what’s it’s new name and where can I find it! Thanks πŸ˜€

  29. May I know is the Hello Kitty Cafe still in Hong Kong?If yes, please give me the address. I will be going to Hong Kong next week Oct’10.

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