Hello Kitty Humiliation – Photo of Horror 3

It’s my nightmare come true. No other words needed…

Hello Kitty humiliation

Hello Kitty humiliation

Left in the comments by Suzanne who says “My boyfriend dressed up in Hello Kitty stuff, but its only because the messageboard he visits had a thread called humiliating photos of yourself you wouldn’t want people to see so we took some photos” (it’s seems that he succeeded quite well and probably more than he ever anticipated since his girlfriend is leaving them on blogs like mine – someone is going to have a hard time leaving the house for awhile). Of course, this fails to address the reason why all the Hello Kitty crap was available in the first place…

44 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Humiliation – Photo of Horror 3

  1. So your saying he did this on purpose?! I think someone needs a trip to the hello kitty insane assylum and be wraped in a hk straight jacket and put in the hello kitty padded room.

  2. Actually, I think this one is funny because they both(his girlfriend and him) thought it was completely ridiculous… It would have been creepy if she had said something like “It’s adorable!”

  3. I was sent a link to your website 2 days ago by one of my employees who is living his own HK hell here at work with me and I haven’t stopped laughing since. Yes I would like to kittify the whole world around me but I understand how much others can hate it. My significant other REALLY hates my HK toaster and alarm clock and is mad when I won’t allow the HK Kleenex to be used. I think you are doing a public service for people trying to cope with us. Keep up the good work. I can’t stop laughing!

  4. Wait now… if the thread is about “humiliating photos of yourself you wouldn’t want people to see,” why *exactly* did he post it on the Internet? God knows that’s the last place you put stuff you don’t want people to see. This pic was spammed to every male friend this guy ever had, and every girl he’s ever wanted to impress, within a picosecond of its being put online.

  5. im thinking about doing something like this to my boyfriend but he wont even let me take a pic of him in my hello kitty blanket he always hides underneath it when i try and take a pic lol i guess he dosent see the humor in it like i do and apparently this guy too..

  6. Everybody’s comments are so funny. This was at the beginning of my obsession and my bf thought it was harmless. Plus, on his messageboard, he didn’t really think anybody’s photos were all that embarassing, and he wanted to post something that was REALLY out there, even if we took the pictures on purpose. We tried to make them look candid, like Hello Kitty was his guilty pleasure, but believe me, its anything but. My boyfriend lives in his own Hello Kitty Hell.

  7. Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil….aw crap I saw it…and it goes by the name of Hello Kitty!
    I’m blind, I’m blind! πŸ˜‰
    Are sure he’s not, you know… a little on the feminine side, bat’s for the home team????
    That is too much!!!!!! I almost fell off my chair laughing!!!
    Okay I love HK, but if my man put on HK my stuff, I’d have to leave him…seriously.

  8. It is great that he shows support πŸ™‚
    I guess it could be worse, he could like tear up your HK stuff or ‘loose’ your favorite HK pen like my ex did πŸ™‚
    I really like the shirt, did it come with the pants?
    I got an awesome set of PJ pants and matching robe from Penney’s and man is it comfy!

  9. He’s wearing two different sets of PJs… the blue shirt came with shorts but he didn’t fit in them and the pink bottoms came with a white top but he didn’t fit in that…. so we mixed it up so everything fit okay.
    He’s never purposely lost any of my stuff, but he encourages me to keep it hid away in boxes in the closet. Haha.

  10. Ha ha, my ex bought me a HK stick of gum and notebook once for Valentine’s day….the promptly spilled soda on the notebook….schmuck!
    Yeah my dad hated all my hello kitty stuff and my coworkers either cringe or laugh when they see it all at my desk.

  11. No gay man would be in that monstrosity for any reason. If he wore that to prison, I’m pretty sure it would make him rape proof.

  12. Now, Now, Suzanne….we are not fat unless they start calling them plus sizes πŸ™‚
    Seriously… you’re not fat if those fit you. I buy most of my HK stuff in XL because the SOB’s who made them must think all women wear a size 34B bra…(nothing wrong with that size mind you) but REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES!

  13. Of course, this fails to address the reason why all the Hello Kitty crap was available in the first place…

    && why it fit him so well…

  14. The 60,000 question: did he take the shirt off after the photo shoot? The shirt looks fimular, I saw a guy in one, he was the emo type.

    PS. I stand corrected about your BF.

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