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For those of you who may not be aware, Valentine’s Day is celebrated a bit differently in Japan than it is in the US. In Japan, men don’t buy anything on Valentine’s Day – it is only women that buy chocolate or candy for men (then men reciprocate on March 14th on what is called “White Day”) Now one would make the logical assumption that since it is men that will be receiving the chocolate on Valentine’s Day, there would be no need for Hello Kitty Valentine’s Day chocolate, but alas, we are once again referring to Hello kitty where logic has never ruled the day. Thus, there is plenty of Valentine Day chocolate:

Hello Kitty Valentine

You might be able to imagine what my Valentine Day looked like. As my wife passed me box after box of Valentine’s Day chocolate, I had to greatly stifle the cringes that reflexively crossed my face as the evil feline time and again appeared on the chocolate (let it be said that there are way too many Hello Kitty chocolate Valentines in this world and I think I received them all…) Of course, I’m not actually allowed to eat any of this chocolate because as my wife said, “It’s too cute to eat. We should enjoy looking at it.”

I now have a shelf full of Hello Kitty Valentine chocolate staring back at me as I write this post which I can’t eat and will have to stare at for the rest of the month (at which point it will probably be packed away, but I still won’t be able to eat it). I know that it’s going to be a Hello Kitty Hellish rest of the month when I’m already hoping that my computer catches on fire and in the process melts all the Hello Kitty Valentines so I have a good excuse not to have to look at them anymore…

Photo sent in by Monica who deserves unthinkable torture for sending me this and forcing me to look at yet another Hello Kitty chocolate valentine on this most depressing day…

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  1. Waste of good chocolate, that. (At least I assume it’s good stuff.) What’s the use of HK-choccy if you can’t even have the pleasure of smashing it up into little pieces? 😉

  2. Yeah, and just think if she’d allow you to eat it you could bite her little head off and chew really hard!
    I hope you got the BATZ-MARU V-Day Card I sent your way 😉

  3. You are the most ungrateful man in the world!!! Your wife buys you chocolate to show her love and all you can do is complain about it. And to top it all off, you don’t even have to get her anything. It’s a disgrace and you should be utterly ashamed of yourself. It’s no wonder you are so bitter since you can’t seem to see how lucky you are.

    And why would you ever want to eat it? Your wife is right that it’s too cute. Again, you have no perception of what love really is and how you should accept it. Most men would be overjoyed to be in your position and get all that chocolate. This shows that you have no understanding about the love that Hello Kitty gives to everyone and how special the gifts you received really were. You have no appreciation at all!!

  4. Okay so Darlene posted while I was posting my second….CHRIST woman, get a life!!!!! And a clue while you at it and spew your pshyco-babble at someone else!!!!

  5. Chocolate is a FOOD! Meant for EATING! so EAT! geez… Especially on Valentine’s Day. Eat Chocolate, and if that’s not enough EAT HELLO KITTY’S FACE OFF!

  6. I thought your wife wanted to go to an all-Hello-Kitty diet, why not start with the chocolate? XD

    Are you getting HK chocolate for her on White Day?

    And does she really not appreciate the fact that you don’t like Hello Kitty? I mean, people know *I* like Hello Kitty but that doesn’t mean I go around spreading it to other people.

  7. Hey Georga’s right- think the wife’ll get mad if you re-gift???
    It’s a GREAT idea!!!!
    And yes ladies, adn gents it IS a crime to buy chocolate and NOT eat it!!!!

  8. That’s just stupid. I mean, YOU should decide what you do with your (hello kittyfied or not) gifts…
    It’s just like offering something YOU really like and say “but wait, maybe you shouldn’t open it. Wait, wait, actually, maybe I should keep it…. Yeah, it would be safer… So… Yeah… I’m gonna keep your gift for myself.”

    That chocolate is yours, and you should be able to eat the damn thing. Chocolate that’s not to be eaten is USELESS chocolate. Really.

  9. For White Day go buy yourself some real edible chocolate and re-gift the Hello Kitty stuff to her since then it will go to someone who appreciates it.

  10. Izabael…thats just creepy….

    Righto….the sleeping bag be damned! Eat the stuff! Your valentines day is already ruined so make it somewhat better by breaking that “too cute” face into pieces and eating it!

    Least…thats what I would do, but my girlfriend would expect me to eat it and take my revenge on HK if she bought it for me…so yeah.

  11. chocolate that’s not allowed to be eaten is a sin. And certainly no kind of gift.

    I hate to say it but your wife is a sadist. She’s pushing to see how far she can go before you snap.

    You should start collecting Transformers or something anti-cute out of revenge.

  12. Lol. This page and comments are too funny.

    To the man who writes this blog: I’d like to stick my Hello Kitty painted toes in his mouth and FORCE him to like HK.

  13. Izabel, you are the evil twin of Darlene aren’t you????
    Yikes, I’d really hate to know what you do to people you actually like!!!!

  14. how’d you miss the Hello Kitty MMORPG news? usually this place is the first place to report all sorts of kitty evilness!!!

    You’re losing your edge dude! Hello Kitty Island Adventure is headed your way, warn the world, warn the world!

  15. Hrm… I think the thought of the gift should count… however, the fact that you received chocolate (HK or not) that you are just supposed to STARE at is a little weird. I agree with whoever the hell said it above. For your “white day” you should buy your wife Transformers chocolates, to only stare at of course.

    And Darlene either has to be the author, the authors wife, or just some fake person trying to antagonize. Ignore it, and they’ll go away.

  16. “Most men would be overjoyed to be in your position.”

    Next time I buy my girlfriend chocolate, I’ll get transformer-shaped ones and I’ll tell her she’s not allowed to eat it because “it’s too cool to eat, we should just enjoy looking at it.”

    Though I don’t actually believe you’re serious..

  17. What the hell?! Chocolate that can’t be eaten is wrong. It’s worse than wrong- it’s an abomination, a disaster, an absolute sin! ALL chocolate is meant to be eaten, even if it is shaped like the evil feline. HKH, go rip open those boxes and devour every last bit of it, and then you’ll at least be full of chocolatety goodness while you sleep in your HK sleeping bag.

  18. Ha ha, Darlene is such a moron, love reading her comments ^_^

    Oh, ya and the Chocolate thing is pretty silly, eat the damn chocolate!

  19. Antinous – I am not familiar with the girichoko concept. Particularly when I’m within a few meters of free chocolate, because within minutes, they’re SO gone! 😀

  20. girichoko: “obligation chocolates” given on Valentine’s Day under sufferance to workmates and other associates.

    If you’re not allowed to eat them, they’re not a real gift.

  21. Antinous, agree totally.

    Others, on the general subject of chocolate, agreed, if you’re not allowed to eat it it’s a waste!

    Isabael, Mr HKH is married, so put him down now!! OTOH some of the rest of us are single males, and would be up for a bit of toe-job action, at least in principle! In principle because I don’t know you well enough to know if I’d go with it in practice or not!

  22. I’d eat it.. even if it’s just Girichoko.
    Seriously man, your wife needs to get over herself. while hello kitty is cute, your wife takes it seriously sickeningly too far. I can’t tell if this is a joke, the entire site and all. If it’s not, good gods man, you love her more than I’ve ever seen ANYONE love another human being for putting up with that complete and total crap.
    If she gets mad at YOU for not loving hello kitty, put HER ASS on the couch with the hello kitty sleeping bag!

  23. That’s stupid she gave you the chocolate she can’t tell you what to do with it after that, and if she does then she realy didn’t buy it for you, if was for herself. So go ahead and eat it or save it and regift it to her. Also some time away from her would do you good.

  24. oh my god, the things you’ve had to stand in the name of love, poor man. there’s nothing worse than getting chocolate and not being able to eat it you must really love your wife

  25. I think she only gave it to him to justify buying the chocolates. Which would be worse? Not getting chocolate at all, or getting chocolate that you are not allowed to eat but must still stare at?

  26. Here’s an idea for nest year: make her a chocolate HK valentineDON’TCLOSETHIS!!! LISTEN! Anyway, make it, and then if she refuses to eat it, act all sad and go “Don’t you like it?” and act all hurt. Bwahahahaa.

  27. Hahahaa! I can’t believe your wife won’t let you eat the chocolates! But then if you think about it- you get a chance to look back on it after like 2-3years time to see how mouldy and ugly HK will be. Thus showing her true colours! XD

  28. Mimi and I really don’t know what all the fuss is about. We like everything sweet like cookies and cakes regardless of what they look like and/or how they are shaped. Sounds like someone doesn’t know what real love is. Real or not Hello Kitty is love. I should know because she is me. Te he he he…Ha ha ha ha…

  29. Dude, just eat it anyways. It’s just chocolate. It’s a waste of space otherwise. No one really cares about a bunch of old whitening Hello Kitty chocolate in it’s “mint condition” boxes. It’s stupid to collect things like that.
    Just open them, eat it and if she gets mad too bad for her.
    If she wants to look at how cute they were, take pictures. It’s why God invented cameras.

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