Hello Kitty Ankle Tattoo

It is depressing the sheer number of Hello Kitty tattoos that exist out there and doubly depressing that so many people have an uncontrollable urge to share them with me.

Hello Kitty ankle tattoo

There doesn’t seem anything extraordinarily “wtf” about this tattoo which is the immediate reaction when you see other Hello Kitty tattoos like the Hello Kitty Jesus tattoo (among many others). This is exactly how Hello Kitty divides and conquers all. All of a sudden an ordinary Hello Kitty tattoo doesn’t seem as bad as it could be. You think that if your wife got a tattoo similar to that, at least you wouldn’t have to look at a Hello Kitty Afro Samurai tattoo and you think life might not be so bad until you realize you’re talking about a freakin Hello Kitty tattoo of any kind being acceptable.

I took one look at this tattoo and thought it would be a whole lot better if the chain was wrapped around Hello Kitty’s neck. My wife, of course, thought it was wonderful. When I started to protest, she used the ultimate Hello Kitty fanatic weapon on me as she does so many times. “It could be worse,” she said. This is an undeniable fact. It can always be worse so there is no way to disagree.

When Hello Kitty fanatics see something they want, they simply say, “but honey, it’s not as bad as (fill in the blank of 100 other Hello Kitty products that are much worse).” The significant other, now thinking about the 100 other horrendous Hello Kitty products that could be coming home with him breathes a sigh of relief for a split second, and in that split second of delusion the purchase has already been made. It is the master plan of Hello Kitty world domination and why there is no escape from Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Heather who should have to suffer unthinkable torture Hello Kitty tattoo for thinking for a moment that sending me this photo would be a good idea…

33 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Ankle Tattoo

  1. I mean it, it’s really cute. It I ever get a Hello Kitty-tattoo, it might be something like this. (Or something drawn by Brian, who just make the greatest Kitties!)

  2. Helene, I agree Brian is ‘THE BEST’ with the HK tats!
    This one is considerably a lot les ‘WTF?’ than the rest, its very understanded but nice.
    Yes, I ‘might’ consider getting this, but of add some HK evilness to it πŸ˜‰
    Brian, I have a WHOLE list of ideas for new HK tats, I can’t draw worth a crap but I’ll send you the list if you’d like! One questions, how small can you go with these? I was toying around with the idea of getting a ankle braclet tat with little mini HKs that you’ve done in the past, since I can’t seem to pick just one, could you do simplified versions of each of the ‘faces of HK’? Each would be a little smaller than a quarter… is that even remotely possible?

  3. oooohh thats what i wanted to get and at first i thought it was going to look funky but now i see it and i like it..im sooo jealous!!! but its sooo cute

  4. Hey Brian, have you heard a cream called WreckingBalm?
    I’ve heard it advertised that is lightens and eventually totally fades tattoos over 6 month, and its not painful like a skin peel or laser removal…
    Yeah, let me clean the pictures on the list up a little and I’ll send it to you…

  5. You’re looking at tattoos all wrong. They’re conveniently marked so when you’re in charge, you’ll know who’s first against the wall.

  6. You never cease to make me crack up, nullifying all the ickyness I feel when I see the pics you post. If it weren’t for people like you to say clever things about sucky aspects of life I would have long since lost my faith in humanity (the little there is!). Don’t ever stop, not that HK will give you an opportunity.
    LoL, what a lame ass tattoo.

  7. I liked Hello Kitty till I visited this site. I am actually at this moment becoming more and more repulsed by HK – you have won another battle in this long-standing war against HK! I might start another, similar site: BettyBoopBad lol Have you noticed how much crap there is on Betty Boop as well?
    Thanks for all your time spent on a useless & futile cause LMAO,

  8. ‘useless & futile cause’…….. Not that futile if you’ve reached another fanatic and convinced them to see the light on the other end of the tunnel!
    That was a funny comment though πŸ™‚

  9. The person that needs the chain around their neck is you. You treat your wife so poorly. She shouldn’t have to say anything to convince you. You should love and support her like Hello Kitty does. You should learn from Hello Kitty and maybe you can become a decent husband. Until then, all you do is show what a pathetic husband looks like.

  10. Darlene….get a lifeeeeee!!! you need one!! you can buy one in E-Bay for free xD!!! darlene… how many year do you have 80??… xDDD!!!! kill yourself xD

  11. are you people kidding me !!!??? starting with the first comment … lmao you have no taste. ha ha you wanna get this tattooed what a waste of ink.

  12. I like Hello Kitty, but this is one fug tattoo. Why not just wear a real HK anklet? At least you can take that off when you hit 40. I wish girls would realize how stupid that tattoos like this are going to look when they’re older.

  13. ‘The person that needs the chain around their neck is you.’
    Okay, so am I the only person here now afraid that Darlene is into the bondage scene????

  14. “β€˜The person that needs the chain around their neck is you.’
    Okay, so am I the only person here now afraid that Darlene is into the bondage scene????


  15. i think tattoos are cool, if ppl dont like tattoos they dont have to go on about how they think there ”so tacky” and ”i would regret it in the future”. if they dont like them then thats fine, but there is no need to go on! personally i think tattoos are so cool. and i would love having this one

  16. i think it’s quite funny how you are so disgusted about other people’s hello kitty tattoos and about how it’s leading to this supposed “hello kitty world domination” when infact you are one of the biggest supporters of this “horrid movement” by continuing to post these completely stupid and ignorant blogs and post these pictures and merely mentioning the name. When I googled hello kitty tattoos you were one of the first sites that came up. Thanks for helping me find material for the hello kitty tattoo I plan on getting and absolutely loving there by ultimately leading to the full on world dominating of the so perfectly cute and harmless HELLO KITTY. πŸ™‚ Thanks again.

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