Hello Kitty ???

It’s bad enough when photos arrive in my mailbox that are products branded with Hello Kitty, but it’s even worse when I get a random Hello Kitty photo that I have absolutely no idea what it’s all about (and am too frightened to even imagine what’s going on):

Hello Kitty wtf

Someone please give me an explanation that makes sense of what is going on here that won’t completely freak me out and won’t give me nightmares about it for the rest of the year…

Sent in by deana, who really should have to view this outside her window every night before she goes to sleep for thinking for a second sending this photo to me could ever be a good idea and so she is a freaked out about it as I am…

48 thoughts on “Hello Kitty ???

  1. My guess would be that it is a Hello Kitty overdosing on heroin after a raunchy night of sex and debauchy of the innocence of mankind.

  2. I was thinking either a girl in a hello kitty mask getting f*ed on the ground, but it looks more like shes fleeing in terror from some knife wielding psycho from a horror movie.

  3. Hello Kitty, the later years….

    After her fame is over she becomes a drug addict and starts selling herself for money. Shame.

  4. WELL……if you want to think about it possitvely i think HK got in a “cat fight” and i don’t think she won. 😉

  5. It looks like a mannequin with a severed HK head.
    Very haunting.
    Georg you’re right..it almost looks snuffish.

  6. Its obvious, shes a teenage star now,
    and is a druggie and alcaholic,
    and is being raped by one of the HK fetishes people

  7. It’s a Hello Kitty Face Hugger from The Movie ALIEN Which has now been Hello Kittyfied. It’s eating her face so it can lay it’s Hello Kitty Easter Eggs inside her and when they mature the Hello Kitty Chest Bursters will burst out of her chest in a shower of love and happiness, and send her to a Literal, Hello Kitty Hell.

  8. It looks like HK is being trampled by the ghosts of men who couldn’t live in peace bc of all the HK memorobilia put in their bathrooms by their former girlfriends/wives. It’s hard to hold all that resentment in, y’know.

  9. That is a Deviantart submission. It looks vagely artistic if you squint, and evern then in a stretch your imagination, look beyond the photo kind of way.

  10. The fact that you have Hello Kitty in the title of every post, tells me you must be brainwashed in this hell.

    Seriously, if you hate it so much why do you use it’s name constantly in your posts and titles? I mean the name of your blog tells us everything.Why use it’s horrible little name more?

  11. You are a sexist stupid man!
    Why does anyone read your blog?
    You are evil! I hate you and your blog!

  12. Ashara it’s to be funny.

    Ashley and Kelly: NICE!!!

    Darlene II: Can’t have said it more succinctly.

    Maybe the picture is HK’s confused brother Confused Carey. Say hello to him. He wants to be as pretty as his sisters.

  13. Oh, my goodness, I go away for a weekend and look at all of you! 😉
    Darlene II: WTF does ‘DRRRRR’ mean? I thought it was ‘GRRRR’…..Still sounds to me like a 12 year old. We know you’re Darlene 1 in hiding… come out, come out wherevere you are…we can play Sweeny Todd… I’ll be Todd, you be the Judge 🙂
    (that seriously is freaky movie….)

    Anyway about the pic: I’m thinking someone has a warped sense of ‘art’ and thought “Hey, I’ll send this and get everyone going on HKH!”
    We all fell right into the evil trap!

  14. If this is art then I don’t want to ever see another installation from this artist ever again. There is symbolism SOMEWHERE in there, but I’m just not seeing it.

    All I see is some twenty something girl with a pink hk head on to signify the death that hk will cause a person should they turn fanatical.

    Oh. Wait.

  15. Yucky! This is a ‘furry’ aka ‘furbie’
    HUGE fetish, people like to dress up as there fav stuffed thing and, well, with their statigically placed hole, aka “SPH” they do bad things that make god cry.
    Seriosuly its a pretty big fettish. Look at the stain on the carpet! Hello Kitty hates it!

  16. look at the top just above her shirt there is someone stepping on her….maybe someone thot it’d be fynny to show hello kitty gettin beat up….but the legs steppin on her was photosopped in…just look closely

  17. Vell, in Hong Kong, so HK, in 1999, a hostess, Fan May Yee, 23, was murdered by 3 Triad members, underground gangsters, with her remains sewn into a Hello Kitty doll’s plush head. Bizzarre reference, purrhaps?

  18. This poor lady has just been bitten and infected by the montrous creation from the planet Sanrio. I seriously pity this person.

  19. looks to me like a mannequin inside a window display. the arm, especially by the wrist, is shiny like plastic and the peoples legs which appear to be standing on top of her are reflections in the window

  20. Does this have anything to do w/the Hello Kitty Murder in Hong Kong? There was somethin about it on Wikipedia, that they found her head in a hello kitty doll. I wonder…..

  21. Maybe she is referring to the hello kitty murders? ((By the way, something I know you will love, I will email you a link to this delicious little mishap. Brutal murder, and torture, named after hello kitty, as the girls head was stuffed into a hello kitty doll ^-^
    Justice, to hello kitty.

  22. it’s actually a pic from a murder dubbed the hello kitty murder where these guys tortured and killed a girl and then stuffed her head in a hello kitty head. i’m not even kidding. its some messed up crap

  23. Be mean…. I don’t care, because I love Hello Kitty; I have everything of Hello Kitty. Sure, be mean, and the murder took place at Tsim Sui Shim, at 8:21 PM. Just visit Hong Kong at 8:21 PM and the girl’s ghost floats in air and says, “I will kill you and put your head in a Hello Kitty doll.”
    So stop being mean to Hello Kitty. I LOVE not HATE Hello Kitty. Ban me off and I’ll call her spirit. I know her number.

  24. On August 12, 1999, a horrible but pretty 14 year old got her wallet stolen but got paid back by 24 year old, Fan-man Yee. When Fan-man Yee paid her back 1,000 and 400, the 14 year old commanded her boyfriend and his gang to kill the young nightclub hostess. It took place in Hong Kong, at apartment 368 in the hotel of: Tsim Sui Shim. Fan-man Yee said, “STOP!! Don’t kill me! I’m working tomorrow!!” But the 14 year old’s boyfriend and- his gang and ignored. One of the gang members gave the oldest, 34-Chan Man Lok, a knife and Chan cut poor 24 year old Fan’s body parts off, except her skull. They boiled Fan’s body parts and tried to find something to hide the girl’s head, and found a Hello Kitty plush sitting next to the bed, sticking to the wall. They unstitched Kitty’s head and said, “Be quiet we’re gonna hide you, and Fan said mumbled words. They all smiled and kissed the Hello Kitty plush head and left. When the youngest’s girlfriend came in her apartment, she saw Hello Kitty’s head on her Hello Kitty bed, and she looked under, then she found the hostess’ head inside her Hello Kitty plush doll head, and when she slept, in her dreams (real life) she saww Fan floating in mid-air, and Fan’s ghost said, “You get revenge back. I will kill you at the waist with a chainsaw.” And when 14 year old told the Hong Kong Police Department, she said, “The victim said she’d kill me with a chainsaw.” And they asked her who did it, she said, “My boyfriend and his other gang friends.” When she said that, the three men got arrested for 20 years in Hong Kong jail and had to pay a parole for $3,000,000 each person.

    I love Hello Kitty and I have the souvenir of Fan’s head in the Hello Kitty plush head.

  25. this is about a lady who died by these 3 man the stuffed her in a giant hello kitty mermaid! they called it hello kitty murder!

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