Hello Kitty Robomop

In Hello Kitty Hell one would imagine that it couldn’t get worse than having Hello Kitty on every shelf constantly staring back at you in your home, but then that would be once again underestimating the evil feline. Now I have to constantly watch where I walk so that I don’t trip over my wife’s latest addition to her ever growing collection: the Hello Kitty Robomop:

Hello Kitty Robomop

Hello Kitty robot sweeper

Hello Kitty roomba sweeper

Hello Kitty robomop swiffer sweeper

This is basically a Roomba which has been Hello Kittified and made for Japanese households (which rarely have carpet) using a Swiffer sweeper like pad instead of a vacuum. All I can say is that it’s extremely annoying as it slides across the floor bouncing off walls and purposely trying to trip me. I would drop kick it at the first chance if I knew doing so wouldn’t lead to banishment on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag for the next week (and even this prospect is quickly fading as a deterrent).

I have come to the conclusion that there is something in the Sanrio company charter that explicitly requires them to Hello Kittify the most annoying products possible to drive those of us who are sane to the edge. Either that or they are sitting in their offices reading this blog saying to themselves, “OK, that didn’t get him to off himself. What other horribly annoying gadgets can we find to Hello Kittify in our next attempt to do so?” Either way, the results are the same as I live in the eternal damnation of Hello Kitty Hell…

42 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Robomop

  1. They don’t work that well anyway so I’m not surprised…
    I have to agree the color scheme is crap!
    Pink on white wouls have looked SO much better!

  2. I think the idea of black writing on red is the best part (but not for colour-blind men [which I’m not {the colour blind part that is}]). The rest of it looks fairly carp though!

  3. “appliances” that moves on their own are creepy enough, this Gizmo just look crappy enough to me HK or not. And to trick people into thinking that it will save them time on household chores? Since when taking a swifer broom and swiftly passs it on the floor in a room is hard and time consuming?

    As I see think this new HK crap has for sole purpose to make people trip, break their leg to be then sent to a Hello Kitty Hospital, to have Hello Kitty X-ray taken, and then walk back home with a Hello Kitty cast on a brand new pair of HK clutches. And I bet that’s exactly what Sanrio is ploting right now.

  4. These Robomop things are stupid. We got one ’cause it looked kind of good for lazy people, but they don’t work well.

    And yeah, the colour scheme is just wrong.

  5. another reason I am glad I live in the U.S or else my mom might talk me into getting something like that since neither one of us like to sweep around the house. The color scheme wouldn’t be so bad if it was reversed (red on black) but you have to admit, it is better then pink on white like most kitty crap is.

  6. HAHAHAAA! If you’re lazy and don’t want to get under the hard to reach places, this gadget is for you! Funny, but I thought they would have made it pink… or put a bow on it.

    Hopefully this won’t be catching in the US.

  7. i’m now just waiting for the blog where you say you “accidently stepped on it” and it broke because it doesn’t seem to be very sturdy what so ever, bouncing off walls or not

  8. That thing dosn’t even sweep every well it just bounces off things! Its more like an over priced cat toy.

  9. That’s got to be the most useless piece of crap Sanrio’s come up with yet! “Yet” beith the key word, of course, as I’m certain there’s even more useless crap to come…

  10. Actually, I can see something that sort of size that runs about the house by itself working really well as a cat toy. Now, if you could fit it out with a circular Swiffer pad, it might actually even be useful too!

  11. The actual ‘roomba’ isn’t even that great, we have two cata and a dog and the damn hairs kept cloggin it… not fair since the ads state its great for pet hair…. 🙁

  12. One of my (real World) friends has 2 cats, bought a new cyclone vacumn, and removed 4 dustcan loads of cat hairs from their living room carpet. As for the cats, one positively asks to be combed and brushed, and the other one doesn’t mind it.

  13. My dog LOVES to be vacuumed… we have a brush attachment that gets all the undercoat… course we did just shave him for summer so we’re good now… but in the winter we’ll have these little ‘tumbleweeds’ of fur… he’s a Collie, and lord knows they shed!
    Anyway I don’t think I’ll be buying this anytime soon 🙂

  14. Isn’t this what a friggen swiffer is for?
    Yeah.. I think I’ll stick with the swiffer.

    on another note, I want standard hardwood floors.. carpeting sucks

  15. MHK, I said Sheltie (like Lassie in the films), not “Shetland Collie” (similar shape and colouring but smaller).

  16. Oh Me Oh My! I have to say, i think Hello Kitty is cute.. Not cute enough however to be placed on every object in my house. I think it’s going a bit too far when Hello Kitty is cleaning up my floors. It almost makes me never want to go to Japan for this reason… I may nightmares over this now. Hello Kitty will be everywhere!

  17. i love everything hello kitty, but i dont want this. they couldve done a way better job hello-kittifying it. its odd that peoples hello kitty hell is like my hello kitty heaven…

  18. I think this idea is hilarious. Let’s take it to the next (and obvious) level. Why not take the “swiffer holder” cage and place it over a hamster ball? Allowing your pet hamster play time while it dusts the floor, entertains the cat, and it would only be a $15 total investment that never needs charged!! BTW a real roomba rocks!!

  19. Oh. I thought you were kidding.
    The TV & sewing machine I was open-minded too, but the mop . . . good God, it’s a Hello Kitty MOP.
    What, she’s been a bad kitty & now you’re planning on wiping her face in the dirt?
    HK shouldn’t be a mop, that’s a bit much. The TV I’d go for, tho.

  20. Hi, Can anyone tell me where to get all these appliances? I’m hello kitty big fan! I’m from Malaysia and Australia. Tell me where to get hello kitty stuffs pls! anyone mind to share??

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