Hello Kitty Face Sewing Machine

I know that things are getting bad in Hello Kitty Hell when the transformer Hello Kitty sewing machine doesn’t seem quite as bad as I first thought. What could get me thinking this way? The Hello Kitty face sewing machine, of course:

Hello Kitty face sewing machine

What is most frightening about this is that it appears Hello Kitty had a one night stand with Bill the Cat and this is the resulting child. Of course, my wife loves it and has added it to her list of things she wants (even though she already has a Hello Kitty sewing machine, but then again, when has that ever made a difference to a Hello Kitty fanatic?) Just your normal start of a new week in hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Emma (via ClΓ‘udia*~Assad) who really should have to have all her clothes made with this monstrosity for thinking it could ever be a good idea to send me this photo….

In other totally non related sewing machine news, Hello Kitty has been made “goodwill tourism ambassador” of Japan to China and Hong Kong. This is just more piece of news that proves that Hello Kitty is after world domination and something that I really don’t need to know, but when 20+ people email me the story (it is becoming more and more obvious to me that many of you that read this blog have far, far too much time on your hands…), I get the feeling that Sanrio has hired some of you to make sure that the only thing that fills my email is Hello Kitty crap…

Update: Because you knew that the evil feline would have to come out with additional Hello Kitty sewing machine models:

hello kitty sewing machine pink

hello kitty sewing machine blue

Sent in by jultritz

89 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Face Sewing Machine

  1. Something always amazed me was how good HK fanatics’ eyes (or nose) are. I tried to find the item using Google search (web, image) but I couldn’t find it. Google’s search engine is visiting the entire Internet universe continuously picking contents. How could fanatics find such item before Google’s search engine? This may mean Google still needs to improve their search engine. This sounds like Chess match between human and Computer.

  2. the top half looks creepy o-o the pink things sticking out makes it look like a strangled cat with its tongue sticking out O_O

  3. So why do you always diss the people that send you the pictures that you feature here? If noone had sent you anything…you would have to go out and find it yourself, which would be worst..right?

    Although you should keep your wife on a leash. She need not to freak out at every hello kitty product there is lol but I guess that cat is addicting somehow.

  4. Oh man that’s… Just creepy. It looks like Hello Kitty ran into the Nightmare before Christmas. Thanks Hello Kitty Hell Dude. This is going to give me nightmares tonight.

  5. That actually looks like some thought has gone into the design. Unfortunately, it looks like the design budget stopped the makers doing any production engineering on it!

  6. I like it okay, but I like my machine better. I have the green HK machine from Target, it works really well. I even saw one in a reputiable sewing store before I got mine. It’s basically a Janome Harmony with HK all over it. Just because it has HK on it, dosen’t mean it’s a bad product. I have no complaints and I’m 23 and have been sewing on a machine since I was five. My mother wouldn’t have bought me a bad machine.

  7. Yup, it’s real. On of my quilter friends bought one for her two-year-old granddaughter for when she’s old enough to use it. I toyed w/ the idea of getting one. But I love my Pfaff (for now until I get a maybe-Bernina).

  8. Maybe it’s just the photo, but some of the components that should be machine grade steels look like they’re made of plastic.

  9. Well I have to admit…this really isn’t the CUTEST HK thing I’ve seen, it’s not bad. But I would much prefer to have the other sewing machine you posted on here. The one that I think you said your wife actually has!! If I had that one…HK would be on EVERYTHING I own!!

  10. For what it is worth i think this is a good place for HK. Think about it! as we are sewing Darlene’s fingers and lips together she can marvel at the might kitty up close.. πŸ˜€

  11. Oh my goodness.

    I love my sewing machine. It’s my favourite possession but if it were ever to be replaced by THIS then I would CRY and faint most probably.

    And also it doesn’t look like a particularly good sewing machine anyway. It’s one of these strange modern contraptions that doesn’t make any sense… I prefer the classic sewing machines.

  12. Thanks paper-rain. That was where I was coming from too. I can’t say exactly, but this machine just looks wrongly designed in places.

  13. Am I the only one who thinks it looks scary? That pink tongue thing goes back and forth with every spin of the thread. It licks its “lips” at you! TASTY HUMAN!

  14. “What is most frightening about this is that it appears Hello Kitty had a one night stand with Bill the Cat and this is the resulting child.”

    OMG, you’re right! LMAO!

  15. Boyfriend: “You bought a sewing machine?”
    Me: “Hey, at least it’s not the Hello Kitty sewing machine.”
    B: “Hello Kitty Sewing machine?”
    M: “Hello Kitty sewing machine.”
    B: “Thank God for the small things.”

  16. OMG i love HK!! Just the cute litte bow and the little face. Have any of u seen the Hello Kitty holo game. That game is so cool.BTW there is a boy in my class that love Hello Kitty.He get mad because we make fun of him.Have u ever seen the HK poster.The one at the beach in the bra and the underwhere.Have u ever seen the the Hello Kitty poster when she is in the car.Have u ever seen the poster when she gos to Montana.Have u seen when she when she dresses up as Hannah Montana.how many of u people like Hannah Montana?

  17. As as sewing machine it looks like it’s as bad as it is as a Kitty. And I *like* Hello Kitty. —————- But not that much. Oh no, not nearly that much. No where close.

  18. Gosh I love your website.. I am a hellokitty fanatic. and i love coming here ecause i can look at all the cool hellokitty stuff…

    yournumberonefan :]

    lol and your in my bookmarks how cool are you

    p.s from your new website stalkerandnumberonefan

  19. I actually nearly died when i saw this. How can anybody think that it is CUTE?!
    It looks like an evil robot version of Hello Kitty. One that will eventually set out to destoy the universe.
    I’m really quite scared in all honesty.

  20. this is cute for a young girl learning to sew. i had a really small pink singer sewing machine when i was like 5…so this is a cute idea for beginners =^..^=

  21. were can u get a hello kitty sewing machine from i need one becuse i am in year 9 an going on to year 10 i am doing textiles and i need a sewing machine i don’t want plain white ones I LOVE HELLO KITTY AND I WANT A SEWING MACHINE OF IT PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS HEARS MY E-MAIL

  22. omg i love hello kitty iam 11 but i lovehello kitty ihave the phone the jewrelly the massive teedy the laptop somme clothes pilows and bed set slippers shoes i love it nuberone fqann(for prom i wont the dress) my birthday i am getting the hair starights the hair dryer and crippers. i wont the sewing machine my birthday party is off to bee hello kitty :):)

  23. i like hello kitty sewing machine and i’m addicted to all hello kitty things even though.i have small things i have now and two orginal made in japan, hk.

  24. This, at first, make me go ‘What were they THINKING?’ but after a while I decided it’s morbidly funny. Like The “eyes” and things are going to pop off at any second and the whole thing will fall apart and burn like the satanic little thing it is.

  25. HOW CAN I BUY the types shown in the pictures:
    KItty Face & the other pink typw with slider controls!
    I only can find 1 type on the web: pink w/ know only control PLEASE post the web site, url, mfgr, please please please?!?!!?:(((

  26. Omfg, i need one! Its brilliant! I will never, however, show my husband this blog for fear of him realising he could possibly begin to mobilise that anti-hello kitty army he’s always wanted

  27. I want to buy the pink and white Hello Kitty sewing machine can you please tell me where I can find it so i can purchase it? Thank you πŸ˜€

  28. whhhhhhhheeeeeeerrrrreeee did you find that first sewing machine? i am tearing apart the internet trying to find it. the other two are everywhere but the other two are uglyyyy.

  29. Ha ha…I just saw this post.
    I have TWO Hello Kitty machines…both made by Janome….just check out their websites or look up any sewing machine shop in your area and call them. Janome makes the best machines and my two Hello Kitty (one green one…like the one you have pictured… and one white one with red and blue Hello Kitty details….a bigger bolder badass machine) ROCK the sewing worlds!

  30. For all those wanting a HK sewing machine here’s a tip. Get a machine that actually WORKS, buy some HK stickers. Put stickers on the machine. VOILA! Hello Kitty Sewing Machine.

    Save your money for something else HK related, like a vibrator or something.

    • Hey Candi,

      I have used the last one, the blue-greenish hello kitty sewing machine, and I can attest to the fact that it works very well. Many of my students use this sewing machine and it’s a great one to start out on for the price.

  31. After much searching, I finally have this machine! A friend of a friend who lives in Singapore got it for me. I guess it’s been discontinued for years, and was only ever available in Asia. She had to do a lot of footwork to find an old stock one still around! It looks as though one pink dial cover is missing from the one in your photo, tho.

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