Hello Kitty Mexican Wrestling Mask

It was bad enough that pro wrestling decided that Hello Kitty would be a good addition to their lineup, but Sanrio couldn’t let it stop there. That is why you can now purchase your very own Hello Kitty Mexican wrestling mask:

Hello Kitty Mexican wrestling mask

Hello Kitty wrestling mask

It’s not the fact that my wife wants one of these (that is a given living in Hello Kitty Hell), but the thought of when she might actually wear it. I may come home one evening and find her greeting me at the door wearing it which will likely induce an instant heart attack from the sheer terror. Or I might be crawling into bed at night and lean over to kiss her goodnight to see the mask which would pretty much affirm every nightmare I have ever had about the evil feline.

So while the actual use of the mask will once again confirm I undoubtedly live in Hello Kitty Hell, the lingering torment of trying to anticipate when it will be used (in order to avoid the certain heart stoppage it will surely produce) and how it will be used will simply make each and every day that much more Hello Kitty Hellish…

Sent in by Beth who really deserves to have to wear that mask everyday for the rest of her life as punishment for thinking it could be a good idea to send me that photo in any way, shape or form…

Update: I am thoroughly concerned (and completely disappointed) that there are at least two readers here that have decided that it’s a good thing to wear this mask (second photo sent in by Abril)…

26 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Mexican Wrestling Mask

  1. Are you certain that Beth isn’t already wearing that mask, and probably did so and sent you the photo as a joke? 😉

  2. Yeah, it’s very poorly constructed. I bought my husband a lucha mask last year for xmas, maybe I should get a Hello Kitty one! But I want one that’s better than this one…

  3. Hahaha, that looks like a bootleg to me. But a really creepy bootleg, I think I’d run away screaming from anyone wearing that.

    Keep fighting the good fight against Hello Kitty, my man! (Though I should mention this blog had the unintended effect of sending ME down the road to Cinnamoroll hell.)

  4. More pointless merch to get your money. Hopefully you won’t have a heart attack from the wife.

    I have been thinking about your situation. I think it’s HIGH TIME that you get an obsession to match with hers… something she can’t stand.

  5. i think it looks home made, because crappy as hello kitty is they at least make it look half professional, so if it is home made its actually not that bad, i would make a lucha mask of something i like at that quality and wear it, but never hello kitty

  6. I’m a big HK fan and this sucks! I can’t stand it when people try to make homemade HK stuff, or worse, buying bootleg crap like this. Any true fan would never think to wear or buy something of this poor quality. It’s just gross! I doubt your wife would actually want to buy/wear this, b/c if she did, I would really have to question her loyalty to HK….

  7. Yeah, I was just waiting for the NACHO LIBRE name to come up 😉
    Um…maybe the movie would have been funnier if Jack Black would have worn this instead… probably not…

  8. It looks Hand Made. Why would anyone do that unless they were a psychopath? I mean. Admittedly wearing the Mask wouldn’t be too bad. Not only can you not See the mask you’re wearing, but it cuts off your range of vision so you can see Less of all Hello Kitty stuff. But it’s really sort of low quality. couldn’t they at least make a Rubber one?

  9. personally again i think it shows more devotion to a hobby to make your own origional thing (is anything in hello kitty origional anymore?) then just simply buying something. spending your own time to create something new that no one else has is impressive, even if it is hello kitty i commend her and would rather have this mask then any hello kitty product mass produced (thats not saying i in any way shape or form would actually want an hk item, because i do not, but if i had to have one or i’d die of cancer or something i’d pick this)

  10. hi!

    even when the mask looks home made, I think is great, I found one in Playa del Carmen and I couldn’t resist to buy it. I sent you mi picture.

  11. The mask was not homemade (although I wish I had the skill to make a mask like that), it was pretty much a bootleg at the local fair.

    Still pretty fun nonetheless, and who would have thought HK would make her way into the world of Lucha Libre?

  12. So Beth, one or both of those shots are you then? In which case I stand by my comments about you being cute and having a good SoH, and add that you have a terrific smile! 😀

  13. I have that! Its fun to wear. The back says Hello KITY instead of kitty because it was obviously not made by sanrio.

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