Hello Kitty Tricycle Tattoo

It’s never a good sign when the beginning of a new week begins with a Hello Kitty tattoo in the email box:

Hello Kitty tricycle tattoo

It’s even worse when accompanied with a video with the Hello Kitty theme song (you’ve been warned to mute your computer):

What exactly is it with Hello Kitty fanatics and cotton candy colors? (I know, no use asking because any answer given will still be unintelligible to the mass of normal people). I’m not sure which gives me more of a headache, the Hello Kitty theme song or the Hello Kitty tricycle tattoo…all I know is that the two combined guarantees that it’s going to be one Hello Kitty Hellish week…

Sent in by Achim who deserves to have this same tattoo placed on him for ever thinking it could be a good idea to send this to me, but even more punishment for once again pushing the idea of a Hello Kitty tattoo to the forefront of my wife’s mind…

38 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Tricycle Tattoo

  1. Um, I really think this is one of those Peel’n’Stick kind..no way would the red be that bright and/or show no bleeding. Plus, especially on the red you can see the membrane for the temp tattoo over the skin!

  2. That’s actually not a bad tattoo technically. Considering that it’s actually close to the lines of Hello Kitty.

    I must be too bored at work to be doing art critiques of Hello Kitty.

  3. i think MH is totally correct. if you look really close, you can see how the purple clouds just seem to float over her skin, plus there is zero skin irritation.
    total fake job!

  4. Agreed that it’s probably fake. The colour of the apple in particular would be almost impossible to get in tat inks.

  5. I have to say that the quality of the tatoo is very good.
    It sends a strong message, whatever the message is.
    Amazing …

  6. If that’s real (I’m not convinced either way; the colours look too strong for tattoo inks, but I don’t see decal carrier either), major kudos to the tattooist for the standard of work.

    I hate the subject, but the execution is even better than Brian’s work!!

  7. Well, that’s a really nicely done tattoo. Too bad about the content. And it’s sad. I don’t understand how people can live with stuff like that for life. Anyway, it is rather cute and well done.

  8. Errrm…. Check out the other videos… Especially the one with the guy in the blue shirt showing off his hello kitty tattoos. And the sad part is that he has one done right on his right leg and the one on his left leg is her sister ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Well, think of it this way…with all the different tattoo designs being sent to you, your wife will never be able to decide which one she likes best and will therefore never get one. (Fingers crossed for you on this)

    Have you considered going to your local shrine and praying your heart out?

  10. At least this one doesn’t combine HK with something it really shouldn’t be combined with. But does the world really need another tattoo featuring the evil feline?

  11. lol thats my ringtone, and the cotton candy colors has alot to due with that theyre the colors sanrio uses for most things they sell, that makes those colors cute

  12. I personally wouldn’t want that on me and I have tattoos, but at least it is well done. But to each their own and if Hello Kitty does it for you, then by all means, go for it. It is one of the better Hello Kitty tattoos that I’ve seen.

  13. surprisingly nice tattoo. everyone seems to think it’s fake because they are all used to seeing really crappy kitty tattoos.

  14. i bet all you people saying it is fake don’t even have tattoos!
    well, i do and they are extremely vivid colorwise. if you go to a decent parlor they will have decent colors!
    awesome tat!

  15. Ehh i dont think its real skin irritation is not present and it looks too good to be true. I know mine didnt turn out nearly as fantastic as that did. But if it is real, that guy is amazing at his work!

  16. It’s no fake. The tattoo still looks awesome!! I see it every 4 weeks as she drops in our hairdressing salon to dye her hair pink. She’s the godmother of living the hello kitty way of live! ๐Ÿ™‚

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