Hello Kitty Lady Gaga Hair Bow

When you live in Hello Kitty Hell, you soon learn that there are way too many people that actually want to be Hello Kitty, so I guess that it really shouldn’t be a surprise that people would do something like take their hair and make it into a Hello Kitty bow:


All I can really say is that it doesn’t surprise me that someone that goes around with a stage name “Lady Gaga” would also be into Hello Kitty – somehow the two seem to fit perfectly together in my humble opinion. That, however, doesn’t stop the masses from still having the same reaction upon seeing something like this

While the fanatics may think this is cute and lovable, the rest of us normal people simply shove our finger down our throat and relieve our stomach of all its contents when we see things like this. This is not something that we actually think about doing, but an automatic Darwinian survival reflex. Then again, when you see stuff like this on a daily basis living in Hello Kitty Hell, there are times you wish that survival reflex would cease and just put you out of your misery…

Sent in anonymously which was a smart move on the sender’s part since I would have placed upon them a curse of having to wear the hairdo everyday for the rest of their lives for thinking that sending it to me could ever be a good idea…

101 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Lady Gaga Hair Bow

  1. I so dislike Lady Gaga.
    Her music is the embodiment of Hello Kitty:
    Light, fluffy, cute, mindless (read: dumb) and ultimately so tooth-rotting that you’ll probably need to see a dentist after listening to one song.

    But part of me still loves Hello Kitty. XD

  2. Lady Gaga’s songs get stuck in my head and i can’t ever get them out until i bang my head into a wall. It eats my brain from the inside out, just like the evil feline of death. O_O

  3. This is something I would have done to a wig so I could wear it when ever and it would always look good-

    Kitty Rules

  4. although to add to my above comment- to me it really just looks like a bow- if it were ment to be Hello Kitty’s bow its on the wrong side.

  5. How dumb can you be?!? It’s no secret that everyone wants to be Hello Kitty because it’s the dream of most girls to be as cute and loved as Hello Kitty is. It goes to show how you don’t understand women at all that you would think that women don’t want to be Hello Kitty. Putting a bow of hair on your head is a perfect and fashionable way to do this. You’re the only one that can’t see this.

    It seems to me that you are just jealous of Hello Kitty because no matter how much you lie and badmouth her, she will always be more popular than you. Even more ironic is that your small bit of fame with this blog is based solely on Hello Kitty and you would be an absolute nobody without her. It just goes to show what a pathetic life you lead.

    Lady GaGa is a beautiful women showing her charm and intelligence by affiliating herself with the cutest and most lovable character in the world. That makes sense. Why you feel you have to through this blog is the real question and proves what a wanna be you really are.

  6. Lady Gaga looks cool on that hairstyle, she should have put a diamond studded hello kitty clip in the middle of the bow and it will look better. And i agree with you darlene, i even want to get a hello kitty night gown someday. I just love Lady Gaga’s look!

  7. I have a Rhapsody account and listening to her now why am I thinking a Madonna copy.

    I do not think she look anything close to Hello Kitty but put some ears on her and she would look like somebody’s [pet].

  8. I actually like Lady Gaga, and I’d say the bow on her is quite cute. I don’t know if she was just trying to be like Hello Kitty or if it just was a cartoon-inspired fashion statement.

    Either way if it was compared to scarification to this, I’d take this over looking at bloody scarification pics all day. If you don’t know what I mean, look back at the FRESH pics of that scarification.

  9. If that’s her real hair, I’m amazed at how style-able it is. The hair bow is a weird idea though, as much as I love Lady Gaga =P
    That Darlene person is TOOO jokes though. It’s every woman’s dream to be a fat cartoon cat?! Are you serious?!

  10. It’s MiMi’s bow.. or whatever her sister is named..
    who cares.. lol
    anyway.. can you believe how NASTY and RATTED they would have had to make her hair to do that?.. just imagine the product in there..*shudder* No thanks!

  11. I have no idea who Lady Gaga is – does that make me old and out of touch, or just of more refined tastes? She looks a bit like Sarah Michelle Gellar. Lucky her.

    The bow’s cute – interesting hairstyle. Big sunglasses are always stupid, even if you’re Audrey Hepburn.

  12. Lady Gaga has no talent and is the embodiment of shite music today. As to the hairstyle, i hope someone put a naked flame somewhere near it.

    Darlene, i am female, and very much a woman, and I would rather use a garden fork to gouge my face off than even look remotely like Hello kitty, which is an obnoxious, vile soul destroying piece of Company created tat aimed at very small children who still like pink, and ignorant, probably line bred individuals like you who can’t have an original thought in the mote of dust they obviously use as a brain.

    I swear to god Darlene, i have had enough of YOU!

  13. this isn’t exactly hello kitty. not everything with a bow has to do with hello kitty. bows were here long before the feline.

  14. I do that hairstyle sometimes and don’t think it has anything to do with Hello Kitty!
    It’s just a popular hairstyle right now.

  15. I love Lady GaGa’s music and I reckon the bow looks awesome on her. I wonder how she did that.

    and DO MY EARS DECIEVE ME? darlene stopped the masculinity jokes! O:

    -LE GASP!- Did she just say ALL girls? XD ROFL.
    Really, darlene? I’m a girl, and I don’t like Hello Kitty that much. I prefer Chococat better. Chococat gets nothing compared to Hello kitty, and that quite saddens me.

    BUT anyways, I don’t like Hello Kitty that much. So there goes your theory darlene.

  16. darline i think no one actually wants to be hello kitty we just like her we dont need to worship her thats in the bible you know put no other god before me she just likes to wear “diffirent” hairstyles

    >>Mz. Shaun<<

  17. good lord Darlene really? really? I think you need to find the nearest mental institution and have them put you in a Hello Kitty straight jacket because you have clearly lost touch with reality. I am a woman, I am a Hello Kitty fan I would never want to look like Hello Kitty althugh I do like this hairstyleI don’t think it has much to do with HK

  18. *takes a bow*

    Thank you everyone. Just annoys me that my nickname is Kitty (I’m from Cheshire and grin in the presence of an RAF uniform). because of this people assume i like HK. Do I F***!

    I swear to God, Skippy may think we’re being invaded by zombies, i think its Darlene in different disguises.

  19. @ Kitty, you crack me up girl šŸ™‚ My old nickname was MadHatter because I collect hats. Darlene must collect mental illnesses.

  20. Um, darlene is right!! EVERYONE wants to be her, if you can’t accept that, shut up!!

    Lady Gaga looks AWESOME and she’s rockin the Hello Kitty style while doin it. šŸ˜‰

  21. LOL makes me wonder if Darlene is a fake profile and that it’s actually a guy purposely writing sarcastic statements as flame bait.

  22. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Hello Kittys bow isn’t made from her own hair or fur. I doubt Lady GaGa even had the brain matter to choose the style herself anyway! I am a fan of HK, and I am daft enough to have been a fan for about 20years, but I can honestly say I have never wanted to BE Hello Kitty, she’s a FICTIONAL CAT for pities sake!

  23. Old news is ooooold.

    I agree that she looks pretty stupid, but not really like the Kitty. This hairstyle looks a lot better with crazy deco stuff imho.

  24. @ SWP, my mindset is currently on overload after working 7 days at Easter in the ourism industry. Darlene was kind the final straw, though I really am beginning to suspect that the zombies will wear Sanrio pink and after eating the brains of all those without a cricket bat, will then procedd to turn them into mindless followers of HK.

    And Kayla can’t be Darleen, there is a sense of humanity in there. Darlene ain’t human. Not even sure she’s sentient.

  25. I like lady gaga, and the bow looks actually kind of ok, i dont see any hello kitty on her except for a bow, which really has nothing to do with hello kitty except for the fact that its a bow. so this ones not too bad….

  26. I honestly like it, it’s different. I’ve seen it on numerous fashion blogs but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of it having anything to do with Hello Kitty. Weird. Also, to everyone who’s wondering about her hair it’s more then likely that’s a hair extension. šŸ™‚

  27. @ Sansicarus…
    Get out of my head! I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing from not knowing this “Ga Ga Lady” to she looks like Sarah Michelle Geller. WTF!?!?! šŸ˜‰

  28. Accepted she’s a recent “import” here, but I have no idea what Lady Gaga sounds like; enough said on her music though!

    She does look good with her hair done like that, so if you’re tall and slim, with long blonde hair…

  29. As much as you show your opinion, and I respect that,


    She is trying to be original. People like something different. Lets be frank, who’s the one with the platinum album? ‘Hello Kitty Hell’ Or Lady GaGa?

  30. Giles, what you say is true, but if she was actually good, or even bad, rather than utterly bland, I’d know what she sounds like.

  31. Hey

    Emm…. I think people who are dissin Lady GaGa is just jelous!!!
    SO what if she wears bows in her hair, doesnt mean shes copying hello kitty :S hello kitty has a red bow at her side, lady gaga has used her own hair 2 make 1, thts well funky!
    i think she is cool!! and her songs are well good, if her music was that crap then you wouldnt listen 2 it so there u wouldnt have the song stuck in your head…


    Lady gaga is a super star & is a fashion icon

    I love her

  32. She didn’t do it to replicate hello kitty. She saw the hairstyle on a run way fashion show and decided to do it herself. Whoever sent it didn’t do their research and just decided to jump the gun.

  33. Lady Gaga is the best her music, fashion is fab. I love her. And everyone who says shes rubbish are just jealous of how far she has got. Her bow in her hair suits her real good and its cute on her. She is a very pretty gal. LUV HER. x

  34. @ Gill, you’ve missed or ignored my point. I don’t knowingly listen to her music, but that doesn’t make it bad, just nondescript. Ok?

  35. Guys, I’m not dissing the woman, just her music. She looks good, and comes over in interviews as actually being able to use her head for something other than a hatrack!

  36. your all actual twats and you need to get a life tbh šŸ™‚
    lady gagas a person get over it,
    why set up a website about her?
    nazi bastards.

  37. Everyone who are bitching about Lady Gaga. What’s the point? She’s so original in what she does, shes an icon in both music and fashion! And if you cant accept someone doing well in their life then you’re just pathetic aren’t you!

  38. These comment boards get kinda mean huh? Hahah oucch for Darlene. As for Lady Gaga, if you research the girl, she’s actually worked hard to get where she is. She’s different and unique. People flock to that. I doubt the bow has much at all to do with Hello Kitty. But hell, both of them are racking in tons of money. No website hatin is gonna stop that haha.

  39. I cannot believe that people think Lady GaGa is crap!!!, she is so awesome, has a unique and special sense of style and music, and is unlike any 1 hit-wonder,so stop ripping her off and go back to listening to your crappy music!!!

  40. That’s not a Hello Kitty bow… it’s a Sailor Moon bow! Based on a picture from one of the manga artbooks!! But yes, I can see how it would be misinterpreted as a HK bow… they’re both Japanese anime directed towards prepubescent girls, that adult girls still obsess over, and show up on the most random stuff.

  41. That is not a bow. That is some god-forsaken hairstyle that should never have been… ever. Kitty-chan wears a bow she doesn’t style her damn fur up into a bow, this is revolting!
    I can’t believe Darlene is still around.

  42. That is just, unspeakably hideous, that looks like a cat threw up a hairball on her hair that somehow wounded up looking like a perfect bow.

    Lady Gaga is “okay” but in my opinion i think she has no talent in her Live shows, she sings horribly live.
    Dont get me wrong, shes attractive but she makes herself seem stupid..

  43. I’ve gotta say, if that does bear any resebelance to a HK charecter, it would be Mimmy.

    On the iother hand, who’d do thst to their hair anyway?

  44. :/

    You know. Just because it’s a bow doesn’t mean it’s a hello kitty bow.

    If it was supposed to be a hello kitty bow, it would be sideways.

    That’s NOT a hello kitty bow, it’s just a bow.

  45. hi i cant belive it i am writing you a message

    i have gort long hair like your blonde

    i do dirty stuff like you

    sexy lady halima

  46. Heyy!! :)>3

    I love lady gaga !! i want to be her for halloween , but its kinda hard to pick what to wear and find it !! i wanted that wig the blonde + the bow ! its so cute and i love hello kitty 2 i have everything of her !! i just need help to figure out what to wear for hallween .. even though its like a month and a half away ! eek !

  47. …Seriously? god! she can’t tell sweet lolita from gothic lolita? and it was never inspired by that stupid cat! It was inspired by victorian and rococo clothing! Never have I wanted to punch ‘lady’ gaga in his/her face more than now…

  48. omg lady gaga is amazing and i love her for being different!! it wouldn’t be her!! i love her hair bow and i can make it out of my own hair and it just frustrates me that people don’t like her because she dresses different! :@ she is like my idol!! šŸ˜€ i think she looks amazing overall!!! i want to be her for my 16th b day party

  49. plus her music is amazing i love it!!! i saw her in concert on the 4th march and it was one of the best nights of my lifee!!! šŸ˜€

  50. Omg lady gaga looks soo effin cute lol but I want to know how to put that bow in my hair…. yeah I think ill do it thanks for inspiring me lady gaga I love u soo much ursongs are the bomb lol oh ya and hello kitty u rule<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. I don’t know anything about her, so I can’t comment, but I’m just jealous that she can actually do that to her hair…

  52. I actually have this hair bow in black šŸ™‚ i wore it to the lady gaga concert a week ago. I wore it on the side like Hello Kitty <3

  53. OMG Bows didnt exist before Hello Kitty?!?! LMAO…… you are so obsessed you make up this stuff really…..you see hello kitty everywhere and i think you need help….

  54. …how is kitty ‘stupid’?……She’s NEVER ‘hurt’ anybody……..

    Umn. Not that this coment is importent or anything. You’ve never met my family. You do not know what ‘stupid’ is and probably NEVER will………………….


  55. It really comes to no surprise that Lady Gaga would like Hello Kitty and going on to sport at Hello Kitty hairstyle. In her defence, the hair actually looks good on her. I guess compared to the other out of this world hairstyles and fashion choices she has made so far, this one looks the most tame.

  56. NICE HELLO KITTY BOW!!!!! shes so popular she wanted to look like hello kitty!! hahahahahahaha… i dont think dats so popular! she copied hello kitty….huh,is it???hahahahaha

  57. Lmao! Wtf ppl are so sick! Its shocking how ppl are okay with the church making millions over nite and say its gods work! But for lady gaga it has to be that seeing seeking the devil! She works hard at what she does and no one can make lady gagas fan dislike her so screw all you ppl that make up this crap!

  58. The hair thing totaly reminds me of The B-52’s. Nothing new for me. The B-52’s did this before all little monsters were born jejejjeje. Not dissing, just being honest. No wow factor for me.

  59. Oh, I don’t think so terror, although I was very small and not the same country, but I like her songs, hunan Taiwan have a “change big coffee show” have imitating her, although there are a lot of people ridicule she wears outside underwear… Don’t hit me, meow…

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