Hello Kitty Dog Hip Dysplasia Orthopedic Brace

You really have to feel sorry for dogs that end up in Hello Kitty fanatic homes. Whether they are putting you in Hello Kitty dog clothes, placing a Hello Kitty muzzle over your nose, putting you in a Hello Kitty doghouse, placing a Hello Kitty head over your own or forcing you to get a Hello Kitty tattoo, life pretty much sucks all the way around. Of course, a Hello Kitty fanatic won’t stop there. When you’re old and you can no longer walk on your own, your owner will promptly embarrass you to no end by getting you a Hello Kitty dysplasia orthopedic brace:


Basically, this is a leg brace for dogs who suffer from arthritis, mild to moderate hip dysplasia, decreased endurance during activity, hip pain, low back pain or weakness and back leg limping. The Hello Kitty fanatic, not believing that this type of physical pain is enough, then humiliates the dog with this Hello Kitty brace to ensure maximum psychological pain for good measure. Would you expect anything less for anyone (including a dog) living in Hello Kitty Hell?

Sent in by a. who should have to have all her medical supplies for every major operation be Hello Kitty branded for thinking even an instant that sending me this photo would be a good idea.

27 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Dog Hip Dysplasia Orthopedic Brace

  1. Wow the poor dog got wear hello kitty stuff when will the hell end heh 😀 btw love the site make me laught <3

  2. Why would you put Hello KITTY on dogs? It doesn’t make sense.
    You’d think they’d make more Hello Kitty stuff for Cats. >_>

  3. blah blah blah *complain* blah blah blah *acts like a four year old* blah blah how dare you blah cute blah every dog wants to be hello kitty anyway blah you suck blah *steams* blah *complain complain* blah blah screw you all blah *starts having a temper tantrum*

  4. There are no words.
    I’m a HK fan, and am tormented by friends constantly for it (they also *buy* it for me), but…no. Just..No. Why would you *do* that to a poor animal?!! Of course…I find those HK heads for cats cruel as well…I find forcing clothing on animals at all cruel.

  5. Is this real? I more disturb but the egotistical pet owners who would subject their poor dog to wear this. Don’t get me started about how theses narcissist refer their pet as their kids.

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  7. @Kitty
    that is darlene 3. just some random person that makes fun of her. theres multiple of them, which is why shes darlene 3…….

  8. Why do you have such a problem with people that want to give their pets the very best? Any dog would proudly wear this and be the envy of all the pets in the neighborhood. Plus it helps them to walk when otherwise they couldn’t. How can that be a bad thing? Would you rather the dog limped around in pain? Probably!!

    Dogs love their owners and love them even more when they dress them in cute clothes so that everyone will notice them. Any pet owner would buy this in a second and that is why Hello Kitty makes it. You’re just jealous because no matter how much you bash her, she will always be more popular that you are.

  9. Is this, ah, object, only available through licenced vetrinarians? If not, then it could potentially do more harm than good, since it almost certainly won’t be correctly sized and fitted to the individual dog.

  10. Cheers veggie, i had missed that one, Probably why it was funny. Mind you Darlene has really outclassed herself on this one.

  11. you know the dog will be thinking, “cmon man! its a cat for gods sake! i know they have a dog character dont they! im never going to live this down at that park! if you like cats so damn much maybe thats what you shouldve gotten!” lol poor doggie.

  12. Poor dog. Bad enough he has a medical problem, his owner has to compound the misery by making him wear a hot-pink, cat-encrusted hip cast! I KNOW Sanrio has a dog character. The least they could do is put the dog on it. C’mon, Sanrio, have a heart! Please….I beg you…

  13. I have to tell you that this is an orthopedical brace for little girls, newborns with hip dysplasia, it’s not for dogs.

  14. my little yorkie, Rocky, has hip displaysia and he’s only 4 years old.. the doctor says it would cost $5,000 for surgery but it’s not even guaranteed that he would heal. so i would have to give him medicine everyday to help with the pain. now that i see this!!!!!!! i would sooooooo buy one so he won’t have to work as hard just to walk. yayyy!!!!!!!

  15. Darlene, For posting that comment you deserve to turn into a dog and have to wear that THING. What kind of dog wants to be dressed as a cat?

  16. ‘ …envy of all the dogs in the neighborhood…’ Nah, it’s probably closer to ‘laughing-stock of all the dogs in the neighborhood’. Unless you are in her new “experimental” empire, then it is considered uniform for dogs with hip dysplasia.

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