Hello Kitty Paris Hilton Dress

I know that it’s going to be an extra awful and down right hideous Hello Kitty Hellish day when a photo of Hello Kitty and Paris Hilton combined makes its way into my email box:

Hello Kitty Paris Hilton Dress

While it is obvious to one and all that Hello Kitty deserves Paris Hilton and Paris Hilton deserves Hello Kitty, having to actually view the two together pretty much ensures that nothing is going to stay down for the rest of the day. I previously mentioned that when the Armageddon comes, this is what we will see marching at the front of the procession. It now looks like I may have been a premature in my declaration because a Hello Kitty Paris Hilton combination could certainly be leading the march as well…

Sent in by Shaunna (via the superficial) who should be punished by having to wear this monstrosity of a dress every day for the rest of the year (and have Paris Hilton as her new bff for good measure) for ever thinking it would be a good idea to send this photo to me…

29 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Paris Hilton Dress

  1. Come on, this is the most decent she ever wore. Not saying to much about her.

    If you want Hilton horror I show an extended copy of Paris Hilton’s Carl’s Junior ad in your direction.

  2. Proof positive that you can take the white trash out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park (and its fashion sense) out of the white trash ..

  3. that kinda doesnt look like her.
    1.) she has kinda wrinkly hands. celebrities wouldnt dare look like that.
    2.) i ask you, what paparazzi could get that close to her??
    3.)shes in a parking garage. enough said.
    4.) Love the dress, regardless of who’s wearing it.
    It just goes to show that, even if that IS paris hilton, people all over the globe love hello kitty. Heck, that dress could even work for the 4th of July!

  4. I’m so glad to see Paris changing for the better… Hello Kitty is an amazing role model, setting a wonderful example for the young and old, which Paris could really use. Look at her – she is modestly and elegantly dressed, she isn’t drinking or doing something stupid, she’s really trying to be a better person.

    Another good thing done by Hello Kitty!

  5. Everyone is getting tired of your over the top exaggerations. Boo hoo, there is something with Hello Kitty on it so the world must be ending. Hello Kitty makes the world a brighter and more loving place and everyone knows it. You look like a fool every time you say Hello Kitty is bad when we all know she isn’t.

    Paris Hilton loves Hello Kitty because the rich and famous want to be associated with her. The rich and famous have hard lives with paparazzi always bothering them and Hello Kitty makes their days better. You’re just jealous because you want to be like them, but can’t and Hello Kitty is one of them.

  6. Marlene & Darlene, i really think you two should get married.

    On the face of it, the design of the dress is a lovely cut, but its the material. Stupid bint is over the age of 7 time she started to grow up. But then again Paris Hilton never will, will she?

    Two truly hideous creatures in one photo.

  7. At least it’s not as bad as that lace pink dress thing you posted a few days ago. But still, this dress is horrendous. I think Paris Hilton actually does it some justice.

  8. The sad part is that looks like the crap my mother used to make me (on her half dead sewing machine) except in a different pattern. [Even at five, I refused her evil clutches….] and it probably cost Paris here hundreds of dollars.

  9. It’s things like this that make me want to invest my money into the alcohol industry, because of how much I’ll be spending on alcohol to make me forget I saw something like this.

  10. I was thinking that, on the plus side, HK has got PH to wear something that doesn’t make her look like a scanky $5 hoar (sic)

  11. Even though I don’t get the whole hello kitty thing, I think that dress looks kind of cute on her. A lot more modest and classy than how she dressed years ago.

  12. If any more vapid starlets like Paris Hilton and Katy Perry show up on this blog you’re going to have to make a ‘Hello Kitty Celebrity’ catagory or something. I’m so sorry.

  13. Seriously. Hello Kitty isn’t out to rule the world. I think someone who’s been at it for 35 years would realize that they can’t dominate the world through products. And you’re acting like Hello Kitty is real. Everyone knows she is a made up cat. I’d like to see you defeat Hello Kitty with your stupid little blog. That’s what I’d like to see. Obviously Some of these things aren’t authorized HK products and simply done exclusively, such as the last gun that you showed. You also don’t get the fact that Hello Kitty isn’t just for five year olds anymore, and that’s why they have HK beer, wines, and sake. And to you anti HK freaks who are about to ask what sake is, it’s Japense wine, stupid. Anyways could you just shut up? Everyone knows that Hello kitty isn’t what you call simply the icon of love peace and happiness but that doesn’t mean she’s evil. I am now going to truly defy the mind of anti HK’s.

    The minds of anti HK fans:

    Duhhh, um, uh oh, there’s a uhhhh . . . item with Hello Kitty on duhhh . . . ZzZzZ oh! duhhhh . . . there’s an item with uhh hello kitty on it. I should shoot myself because uhhh, duhh, ZzZzZzZzZzZz . . . oh yeah! Because there’s an item with, uhhh, Hello Kitty on it so I should shoot myself!! Uhhhh I ascared a somethin’ with Hello Kitty on it!

    I hope this is a lesson to you anti- HK fans who seem to be so dellusional. Get a Real life! XD

  14. @anti-HK’s are retards
    I would not get too work up about MR HKH site. I am a big fan myself and sort of an alter ego. He just tilting at windmills but does so with whit.

  15. Paris Hilton would look good even in a burlap sack. That said, I wonder how much the ever profit driven Sanrio paid her to wear that dress ? The girl lives for money and appearing HOT, after all…

  16. “anti-hk’s are retards”? Seriously? Okay, ignoring the total origionality of that, you should have make your tag “I’m a troll, watch me make fun of you and try to get attention!” Good grief. (and yes, I’m aware of the irony that I’m actually responding to you, no need to tell me, although you probably would, troll)

    And actually, this one isn’t so tacky. But I think Paris Hilton stole it off a ten-year-old… kiddie patterns? Puh-leeze.

  17. After her dogs saw her in this they threatened to tear her ankles to shreds. This explains why she had to build them a $325,000.00 house.

  18. I’m not so sure it’s Paris, then again I don’t really care. I hate the pattern. And challenge “anti-HK’s are retards” to an IQ test.

    Choose the site and time.

  19. i love Hello Kitty, and i understand how some people would be annoyed by others liking her. But what i dont get is why a person who supposably hates her, would dedicate an entire website to her. When i dislike things, i certainly dont obsess over them on the internet. I dont see the point in spending free time doing that. I also think it’s ridiculous that the public makes such a big deal about what a celebrity is wearing.. Anyway, does it really pain you to see an image of a make-believe kitty on things so much that you have to waste your time on this website? I’m sorry, but you need to get a hobby..

  20. most of the hello kitty clothes and shoe are really annoying and sort of babyish but this i love.

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