Hello Kitty Men's Underwear Additions

It had to happen. It was bad enough that my wife thought I should be wearing the Hello Kitty low rise underwear, but you can imagine my shock when they arrived at our door in three additional patterns as well:

hello kitty mens underwear white

hello kitty mens underwear black

hello kitty mens underwear red

Unfortunately it really doesn’t matter what the Hello Kitty pattern on the underwear is — my age and beer belly guarantees that there is no way in Hello Kitty Hell that I will ever look even remotely close to what is pictured above. One would assume that this fact would shock the Hello Kitty fanatic into a sensible reality to where they politely say that maybe the whole idea of Hello Kitty men’s underwear was a bad idea. Unfortunately, the Hello Kitty fanatic seems to be able to disregard flabs of aging skin and fat that make a normal person wearing these so hideously wrong (and guarantee instant arrest if ever seen in public).

There is just something terribly wrong in the world when despite all this, my wife still wants the evil feline to provide my below-the-belt support…

66 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Men's Underwear Additions

  1. I seen them on Ebay, the seller is in China and me thinks these are not Sanrio sanctioned product.

    I send my condolences in your direction.

  2. Find something she HATES and insist you will wear this ONLY if she wears the thing she HATES. Misery loves company and all that…

  3. Your wife could possibly perhaps benefit from some evaluation from a licensed therapist. What (straight) man would wear these?

  4. You really should be arrested for all this nonsense that you keep writing.

    Whose fault is it that you don’t look good in these? Your wife’s? Hello Kitty’s? NO, it’s YOUR fault because everyone can see that these look wonderful on some men. If you had any respect for your wife, you would get in shape so they looked better on you and your wife could enjoy them even more.

    Your wife wants you to look the best that you can and she knows that Hello Kitty will help. You seem to have no appreciation for this. Instead you complain how you don’t look good enough in this underwear. The underwear is cute, sexy and looks good. That means the problem lies somewhere else.

  5. A lot? Mind you the one in the black shorts has no worries in the showers has he?

    My man ever wore anythign liek this, even for a joke, and I would do unspeakable things to him, especially after he has trained me up in unarmed combat. Jeez they are hideous and oh so wrogn in every respect.

    Darlene, last post you called him selfish for (what you apparently read and the rest of us didn’t) not allowing his wife to be beautiful by using a HK Salon. Now you are proclaiming he should wear these things for her sole delight, Isn’t that a selfish attitude sweetheart?

    I’d say you were a two faced sour old crone who has never been laid, but then I don’t think you are even aware of what a Man is are you honey? Just you and the HK ‘massager’ on a weekend is it?

  6. I’d be politely asking any man I saw in these if he was feeling okay, and maybe we should take a trip to see the nice young men in their clean white coats?

  7. if there were boy short undies like that, i would sooooooo wear them, they r so sexy!!!
    but on a guy… only if i tell him to would it be ok

  8. Where is the brown version? I think that color version would be the most adjusted to men. You konw, men farts… and a brown stain in a white underwear is not good….

  9. Two words: horrified fascination. I can’t stop looking at them and gagging a little, and then looking at them again. That package is — These are so —

    I could see a (straight) guy wearing these for a joke if his girlfriend likes them, I guess.

  10. danigirl- haha! yeah, but i would point and laugh, i would rather stare in disbelief wondering if i approve 😀
    still, the model looks HOT especially the first

  11. Male perspective – That model should look good in more or less anything. Lots of us won’t, and if we have the realism to see that we’re not going to look good in these, women should have the sense to accept it! You’re fast enough to complain if we buy you stuff that we’d like to see you in/take off you but you don’t like!

  12. Kitten, check your local TJ Max. I saw some there yesterday.

    Straight *women* wear LOTS of ridiculous stuff we would never dream of wearing, left to our own devices, just to make our men happy. And we’re pilloried for being uncaring, unloving, selfish, less than a real woman, antisocial, or lazy if we so much as question it for a moment. I don’t see why the gander shouldn’t have a little of the same sauce.

  13. loool, HK in the black and white one looks like she’s giving you the finger – sort of a “That’s right, I’m next to a fine cock so leave me to it bi-otch.”

    for once in my life i feel sorry for a statuesque male model.

  14. What the gus folks. If a man was so incline to buy and wear them, it will not be like he just going to drop his pants in public so you can get a good look. You will never know.
    I am a prude (if married) my wife would all ready understand who she is marrying in the first place, Hello Kitty underwear is not a big issue.

  15. @Gail… dont disrepcet the gay community by comparing these things to them!

    Mr. HKH, I say you compromise to wear these on your wife’s bday if she immediately takes them off you, and, well… 😉

    Darlene– he was not blogging about how sad he is about not looking good in these, duh! He’s not disappointed that these would not compliment the beer gut… so shush.

  16. A real man can wear anything and the masculine burns right through all the frillies. It’s the weak and insecure fellas that are afraid a bit of cloth can emasculate them
    I’d wear them just to make my GF squeal!

  17. really…wow. With a pair of undies like those you just HAVE to buy the hello kitty condoms!!! when will sanrio stop with all the insanity!!!

    im a HK fan myself but this is way to much little girls are supposed to love hello kitty and this is just plain weird.

  18. Imagine you actually got forced into wearing this while you’re traveling…and the custom officer at the airport comes up to you and says, “sir, we have to strip search you…”

  19. Wowsers Elika, wowsers!;D
    They’re cute, and the model wearing ’em has got a sexy ass!!! Yum!
    … Has anybody ever thought that maybe, just maybe, Darlene is actually his wife?? Haha, JK!:D

  20. i hate to admit it… but i have these on right now. ignoring the fact that they have a satan cat on them… they make the meat and potatoes feel like they are floating on a cloud.

  21. me n the wife just picking some out now.owt to get the rumpy pumpy goin again ! at 65 we hope it’ll work for us cuz we love cats.purrrfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. i hate the tightness and the body D: D: ewwwwwwwwwyewewewew
    i drew hello kitty on my honeys plain white boxers ^_____^ they’re fabulous!

  23. Can someone tell me where I can find this hello kitty stuff for guys in Montreal??? Even the website??? I can’t find this stuff… and by the way, I’d look hot in those boxers. god knows I spend enough time at the gym.

  24. I LOVE these!! I have three pairs of the whites, three pairs of the blacks and one of the red (not shown here). I’m man enough to wear Hello Kitty, are you?

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