Hello Kitty Lip Tattoo

A perfectly normal response to something that seems incomprehensible would be “wtf — why would someone do that?” I know that I have lived in Hello Kitty Hell far too long because when the Hello Kitty lip tattoo ended up in my email box, my reaction was not “wtf — why?” but a resigned “I’m surprised someone didn’t do this sooner…”

Hello Kitty lip tattoo

Of course, I’m not entirely sure what the meaning of having the evil feline tattooed to the inside of your lower lip is unless you have an obsession of wanting to thrust your lower lip out to strangers and let them get a good look at how well your brushed your teeth with Hello Kitty toothpaste. What’s worse is this seems to me like it would be a perfectly reasonable action for a Hello Kitty fanatic to take which only confirms that I’m far too deep in Hello Kitty Hell these days…

Sent in by dreamkitten who should be forced to get a Hello Kitty lip tattoo as punishment for thinking that sending this me could ever be a good idea and making me realize the sad and disturbing fact that practically nothing Hello Kitty surprises me anymore these days…

Update: It’s no surprise, unfortunately, that more than one person thought this would be a good idea…

Sent in by deelin

hello kitty tattoo inside mouth

Sent in by grant

38 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Lip Tattoo

  1. Hello Kitty or not, I think lip tattoos are a terrible idea. What’s the point of getting a tattoo when you have to pull down your lip to see it? 😛

  2. Well the good thing about it (?) is that you can go to a job interview without anyone knowing about your tattoo – it wouldn’t be revealed by simply speaking (or dressing the wrong way, as with most tattoos).

  3. her teeth are clean, but the gums are not healthy……I am thinking a substance abuse problem of some sort. She probably didnt feel a thing!

  4. Yes I goggled it, it a way one can get a tattoo and keep it hidden. There are other places (below the belt I say)

    I wave my Hello Kitty tattoo in your direction.

  5. Not only do I have trouble comprehending why anyone would do this, I also think the tattoo artist did a lousy job.
    The kitten’s all wrinkled.

  6. she looks like she’s bleeding pretty bad under her bottom teeth…right at the gums… and yeah i see that blue stain too

    i know a friend who has “bitch” tattooed on her lip like that and i’ve seen pictures of her getting that done….but i think she said it fades…and you have to get a retouch on it…

    i guess….if your mom never wanted you to have a tattoo but you really really wanted one….that’s one place to put it without her seeing it….

  7. I could imgine myself getting something like that. It would be more or less like this: the nazi captured me while I trying to escape germany; a crazy nazitattooist wants to know my secrets and start treatening me with his needle gun. I cry and I am scared but I cannot do anything to avoid the torture. The Kitty will be impressed forever on my lips. doh! I cannot think of any other reason why someone should get such a tattoo

  8. you guys are all dumbasses these tattoos are not permanent its not pen it is a tattoo they dont hurt that bad they go away within a year somtimes sooner

  9. You know, that’s what they do to race horses. For identification. The self-same racehorses that, often, end up in a slaughter house…..That’s what I think of when I see any lip tatoo. This one is truely hellish….I wonder if she’ll look at it in a few years and think “Why the fuck did I do that??”

  10. well, i’ve thought about adding a pochacco tat to my other ones but definitely somewhere else……Kane Hodder already did the lower lip better than I ever could.

  11. I have a feeling the second photo is one of those dudes that painted his nails that way intentionally so he’d look like a dirty, homeless crackhead. The hello kitty lip tattoo isn’t helping my mental image much.

  12. oemgee you actual freakz. seriously, why the fudgemuffins would you go through with the pain of having that done just so that your body looks shite? yayayayaya bananaz

  13. I’m not a fan of Tattoos at all but hey if your gonna get a tattoo somewhere…i’d say at least they can still get a job in the REAL WORLD w that hidden in thier mouths.lol lol

  14. Ewww dat dnt even lk lk HK its disgusting.and I’m 11 but I tink dat guy is gay I mean y else would he paint he’s nails n gt a HK tattoo.just 2 let url knw I knw bout all dis coz I have a very high IQ n I understand bt wat I dnt lk bout dis is it lks crazy da lst pic is terrible it lks lk 1 of those tattoo artists did a bad job god those look terrible I would neva gt a tattoo

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