Hello Kitty Pick-Up Truck

Since there are already way too many Hello Kitty cars out there – everything from Smart Cars to minivans – it should be no surprise that a Hello Kitty pick-up truck is roaming the streets terrorizing all those unfortunate enough to see it. I guess it makes sense. The Hello Kitty fanatic needs a place to put her Hello Kitty shotgun

Hello Kitty pick-up truck

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21 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pick-Up Truck

  1. Yes, Janni, that poor, POOR vehicle. If it was in the Pixar movie Cars, it would want only to hide in the garage and never come out again.

  2. oh god. anybody who actually NEEDS a pick-up truck would not bother painting any design on it, let alone a cartoon character. anyone who has a pick-up truck but doesn’t NEED one is a douchebag. anyone who HAS a pick-up truck and WOULD paint a cartoon character on it needs to grow up, get a job, and stop spending their parents’ money on stupid shit.

  3. I can think of one really good reason to do this to your truck girls. Your dad, brother, boyfriend, guys in your life will NEVER take your truck without asking. 😉 They’ll never take it at all! You can pretty much guarantee it will never be stolen from a parking lot by a man either. That being said, I’d never been seen in that either but then I drive a sports car…and no, it isn’t pink. lol

  4. thank u for all the comments i own the truck ….i also own a hello kitty motorcycle …. the truck was developed to run toys for tots and breast cancer runs in Orlando Florida i am glad that some of u love the truck and for u that dont like it o well im sorry cant make every1 happy some people just gotta deal with it

  5. hello every 1….my name is will..ive spent alot of time fixing this truck and helping the poor thing stay alive ..i know alot of you do not agree with whats plastered all over it …but dawn is really proud of this truck and uses it for good reasons ….it dose alot of toys for tots runs and it dose alot of breast cancer runs and as much as i hate 2 say it the more u see it it will grow on you and ull start to appreciate it more …

  6. @jen us southern girls need something jacked up and dirty to drive. not something that would make everyone else who sees it want to gouge their eyes out.

  7. There is one in Orlando Fl which is a breast cancer awareness vehicle. Hello kitty has joined the fight against breast cancer.

  8. I am 60, married to a big beautiful blue eyed cat lover! He would be proud to see me out and about in it, and would not mind being seen in it. After all, how many people would take on a 6’8″ 375#, gun toting man, protecting his 5’0″ 122# wife? ???????? ????

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