Free Hello Kitty Toaster

Hello Kitty Hell took a major step down into the depths this past week which I never anticipated. I received an email from my parents in the US saying that a packaged addressed to a “Mrs. Hello Kitty Hell” arrived at their house and they wanted to know if I had any idea what it was about (they had no idea that I even wrote this blog). I instantly knew that whatever was going on, it was not going to be good.

After a few emails back and forth and having my parents open up the package, it was determined that some unknown person (the note inside only said “Some gifts for you” and was not signed by anyone) had sent my wife a rather large package of Hello Kitty crap, but had made the mistake of thinking that my parent’s US address was our address. This makes me want to ask a couple of questions to the sender:

1. If you have been reading this blog, what on earth makes you think that my wife needs any more Hello Kitty crap?

2. Isn’t it just a bit creepy and stalker-like that you decided to try and track down my address instead of just asking? (although had you asked, I would have refused to give it out)

Since there is absolutely no way I am going to let any of this stuff end up in my wife’s already far too large Hello Kitty collection, it’s your lucky day. I’m simply going to give away everything in the package before my wife gets a chance to lay claim to it. While I’m still trying to figure out exactly what was in the package (my parents have no idea what some of the stuff is since some of it has foreign writing on it, but they should be sending me photos shortly), there is no doubt that a Hello Kitty toaster was part of the package. I think it is best to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Hello Kitty toaster

If you would like to enter the contest for the free Hello Kitty toaster, simply leave a comment below. One entry per person, so please don’t leave multiple comments.

I will have a random number generated for the comments. I will have a random number generated for all the comments left below. The person’s comment that matches the number will receive the toaster, which will be sent out by my parents. I will put up the rest of the Hello Kitty crap from the box once I get photos and know what it is that needs to be given away. While I truly hope that someone that dislikes the evil feline wins and then takes the time to show how they destroy the Hello Kitty toaster, even if it goes to a fanatic it is better than it landing back at my house and in my wife’s collection…

The contest starts now and will end at 3:00 pm eastern (2:00 central, 1:00 mountain and 12:00 pacific) on Wednesday November 4th. Open to anyone living anywhere in the world except anyone living at my address in Japan πŸ˜‰

Update: The contest has ended and we have a winner:

random number

#20 on the list is Lauren who I shall be emailing shortly. Congrats and I’m happy it will be going to your house instead of mine!

Update: For all of you that lost, this little tidbit may make you feel a little better:

I recently read your blog post about your wife’s mysterious toaster (weird but that’s not why I am emailing you). I have a couple of small hello kitty things like some pens and a mouse pad so my friends think I love it (they should meet your wife) a lot. They bought me that same toaster from target for Christmas and a month after I got the damn thing it had an electrical malfunction and almost set my kitchen on fire! — Kerry

Then again, in you are a Hello Kitty fanatic and your house is filled with Hello Kitty crap, a fire might be the best result you could hope for…

550 thoughts on “Free Hello Kitty Toaster

  1. I love hello kitty, but would never subit someone I love to the hell you live in. But the toaster would go great with my waffle maker.

  2. If I win I would like to save everyone some time and money and ask that all the items are smashed into tiny bits with a sledgehammer, pliers and wirecutters. With video.

  3. Oooh I’ve wanted that toaster forever!!!!!! So cuuuuteeee. Dorm fire codes be damned!

    And them stalking down your parents is VERY creepy…. From the blog its obvious you live in Japan so why sent to a vaguely related US address O.o. How’d they get the address?? Even if it was a box of free games I’d be very disturbed if my parents got a package from one of my blog readers.

  4. Hot dang, too late to be FIRST! Well, here I am. Not that I need a toaster (I have one, and will probably get like three more in the near future as I’m getting married in nine days), but I wouldn’t mind some other HK item, especially one not readily available in the US. =)

  5. Oh damn, every time my boyfriend see one of those when we are out he keeps telling me I need it.

    Lol, now that would be funny if I won it. I think I wouldn’t tell him but serve him the toast first XD

  6. I’m about to move and could use a new toaster, even if it is an evil one….

    (and surely the “random” number will be 666!)

  7. whoever took the time to track down your parents’ address and mail your wife more hello kitty stuff must be a sadist…with that said, i would be more than happy to take any unwanted, unused hello kitty items that you are giving away. πŸ˜›

    On second thought, I RETRACT MY ENTRY. I find the whole thing too creepy and would be scared that the toaster had coocoo stalker voodoo on it.

  8. I don’t care if it’s Hello Kitty or not, I need a toaster. Though the fact that it is hk is just icing on top of my toast.

    Bet the SO is going to wish he had brought me a regular toaster.

  9. As much fun as bashing this into oblivion might be, I think it might get me some free work if I gave it to my tattoo artist….so lets see what happens eh.

  10. Wooop ! Hello Kitty Toaster! Id Love to have one of them in my kitchen! Instead of a silly little silver one πŸ˜› -Crosses Fingers-

  11. UPDATE: If I win can you please give it to Jeff above as long as he uses the 600fps camera with the trebuchet… oh yes. Messy Missy Kitty PLS…

  12. Lol – I’m pretty neutral on Hello Kitty, but I think it’s totally funny that you’re giving the contents of the package away, so I’m game.

  13. Heh, a toaster is the one thing I don’t own (I just use the grill). Well, that and a microwave. Is there a Hello Kitty microwave oven?

  14. ID LOVE to get a hello kitty toaster! Ive been looking for one for a while! , my Niece LOVES HK stuff, & im trying to make sure she gets one for xmas . The Idea of my brother in law the construction contractor, ending up with a Hello Kitty Sandwich in his lunchbox as a result of my Niece wanting her mom to make “Hello Kitty ” sandwiches is just too funny a possibility to pass up!!!!!

  15. OMG! give it to meeeeeeee!!!
    ill happily take the crap and any other HK crap you find lurkin around the house!
    im about to send you an email hehehe.

  16. –everyone looks at darlene– I discovered something quite interesting yesterday. With firecrackers, if you take off the cardboard tube, you’re left with a smaller, much more devastating tube which can rip a pumpkin in half. So, yeah. I got the means, now gimme the victims.

  17. I’m leaving a comment, just so I can try to win the toaster. While we’re not big HK fans, we have two little girls that like her well enough to risk it. Thanks!

  18. I feel sorry for your wife that she won’t get the surprise HK package, but not so sorry that I won’t try to get it for myself! =0.0=

  19. So, what if I have someone I really hate and wanted to make their life so much more miserable by giving them some Hello Kitty stuff?

    Anyway, hope the random number generator is on my side and decides that some girl from Argentina deserves to be Hello-Kittyfied!

    Love your blog, btw!
    Keep up the good work!

  20. Out of all the Hello Kitty stuff I have collected, the toaster has eluded me. I will take it from you, and anything else you need to get rid of.

  21. Does your Dad own a sledgehammer, or know someone who does? If so, could I get a wav of it having the bejasus bshed out of it instead please? (or if a wav is impossible, a jpeg of the result)

  22. Sign me up. Got a bat my friend would love to take to that toaster. Would be good therapy for him for what his ex-wife put him through with all the Hello Kitty crap before she went over the deep end.

  23. I can’t promise a ballista ride, or even a catapult, but I can donate it to a local National Guard unit for explosives practice. *evil grin*

  24. It would be an honor for me to take this off of your hands! Besides, who wouldn’t want their toast to have a Hello Kitty face on it?!? πŸ˜‰

  25. Are you actually giving away Hello Kitty Crap or is this another trick (like April Fool’s-which was awesome by the way-I fell for it)?

  26. My daughter is obsessed with hello kitty and although it’s not often I let the evil feline into my house I know how happy she would be if we had this toaster!

  27. I’d love one. I have a friend whos wife is big into hello kitty and their kitty toaster just broke πŸ™‚ A perfect replacement.

  28. Definitely a creepy and stalker-ish move to send you that crap, but I love that it’s giving me a chance at a free toaster!!

  29. LOL! I already got the toaster for Christmas 5 years ago and that thing is a piece of crap! However, I would love all the other stuff in the box πŸ™‚

  30. I feel like a traitor to this wonderful site that I’ve become addicted to, but my niece loves Hello Kitty, and seeing as today is her birthday, I’ll put in a bid just for her.

  31. Oh, that’s so great!!! My wife loves that so much~ And if I am not so lucky to get this one, maybe those in the package are all right~ Thanks~
    Come on ~ My luck!

  32. 1. I just discovered you on twitter and may have fallen in love.
    2. I hope your wife doesn’t mind; I know my husband won’t bat an eyelash.
    3. You are hilarious.
    4. Thank you for the giveaway, and my daughters would keel over from the toaster.

  33. Aren’t you a bit scared that someone that insane knows where your parents live?! How did they get their address?! This deserves some serious investigation!

  34. I’ve been in need of a new toaster for a while… and what better way to start my morning. I’ve wanted this hello kitty toaster, but my boyfriend always tells me I’m not allowed to get it πŸ™ But if it’s free, he shouldn’t have a problem with it!

  35. What a strange but creepy surprise! I’ve just moved into a new flat and I have been looking for kitschy things to fill it with! Also desperate for a toaster… Good luck, everyone!

  36. I just want to win so I can destroy it I want to seriously kill something of Hello Kitty considering my hatred for that evil cat

  37. If I win the toaster I’ll keep it for a really really really bad day, get a baseball bat and go “Office Space” printer on it. “Die Motha####er, die motha####er!!!”

  38. While I have long since grown far out of loving Hello Kitty (and really enjoy the blog because of it) I admit that her evil toasters make some darn good toast. I hope I win, since the other one I used to own died years ago.

  39. The toaster in our kitchen at university is broken and we desperately need a new one, having a hello kitty one would make it a million times better!

  40. Dear Mr. Hello Kitty Hell,
    I am very sorry to hear about this uncomfortable situation that you are in — in addition to all of the hello kitty stuff that your life is filled with, this must be the icing on the cake.

    On the brighter side of things, I think you live a very interesting life, one that many hello kitty fans everywhere envy. I also didn’t know that you live outside of the US.

    I would very much like to enter this contest and remove these items off your (parent’s) hand.

    Let’s hope the random number generator likes my entry number!



  41. Ooooh!! i really have been wanting one sooo bad and my bestie was going to get one for me for my dorm..but we cant have toasters! so i’d use it at home!

  42. I am In! put me down for it.
    You should have my email address.

    ps. as for recieving radom stuuff, welcom to life as a celeberty

  43. its so obvious that people are posting more than once….
    I wouldnt really care whether I have it or not…….unless it toasts pop-tarts…
    but its free
    & dude thats creepy!!!
    someone searched for your address and sent a package to you!(well your parents)
    I would try and figure out who did it because they know where your parents live……and idk i would just be really freaked out.

  44. I like cats but not sickly sweet diabetes inducing cartoon cats with pink ribbons. If I win it, I promise to use it to reenact the copier scene from ‘Office Space’. I’ll even send you pictures!

  45. I would take great pleasure in treating that package like the unknown entity that it is and turning it over to the bomb squad for “proper” disposal.

    Provided of course that my girlfriend does not get to it first and enshrine it in our kitchen next to the toaster oven, cd-player, and lunchbox vomitorium that she already has.

  46. Ok so I am a lowly college student, who greatly enjoys this blog, and I always need free stuff… so i hope this is it or i can get some other free stuff, even if it is Hello Kitty.

  47. Voting on the side of evil, I would enjoy that toaster only for the look on my male roommate’s face the first morning he stumbled out of his mancave and found it sitting on the counter. I’d keep it as long as it continued to bother him – atleast until after his football buddies have been over and can also admire it – and then I’d have to accidently on purpose destroy it. Because, let’s face it: I wouldn’t like waking up to a Hello Kitty in my kitchen anymore than the roomie would, but I wouldn’t throw a princess fit about it – which is why it would be funny. for me.

  48. I would love more than anything to help you in gettin rid of these Hello Kitty items, and if I win, I’d be glad to document the destruction of said item.

  49. My hat may be famous, but I do not own any toaster at all. (Or cell phone, or TV, or home internet connection…) My friends keep telling me to join the 21st century. Imagine what a leap forward I would have taken when I can serve them Hello Kitty toast!

  50. I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT. If you give it to me, I will make sure I never hold a Hello Kitty themed pageant again so your wife won’t enter your future daughter.

  51. Wow so your parents should just return to sender or something. If there is no return address, sue USPS, since they are required to check for that crap now.

    Anyway, I think this needs to be blown up, just cuz the toast always tastes like crap once you use the toaster on it! I think a blowtorch would be more appropriate! Eye for and Eye, see here πŸ˜‰ Muahahah!
    I have the hello kitty toaster oven and it rocks! But no toaster for me, I’ll do just fine without biting into HKs head every morning! (Hmm, a nefarious plan is hatching here)
    And btw- where is our favorite crazy HK lover? I figured she’s be threatening bodily harm if she didn’t get it.

  52. I’ve had an interesting relationship with hello kitty since I started reading this blog bu since I was very wee I’ve wanted the toaster so Do want but partially so I can eat her face

  53. so many comments already o.O
    I’m in as well XD
    Not sure wether I would destroy or keep it…. I have some rather conflicted feelings concerning HK ^^’

  54. I love hello kitty!! My best friend is one of the biggest fans and I wish I could win this for her for her birthday….I guess it’ll be luck if I do since this is randomized by a number….

    love you all HK lovers!!

  55. A. Creepy and stalker-ish for sure
    B. That toaster is crap and doesn’t really make toast more like bread with toast around the edges
    C. Good for you for getting rid of the cursed thing before allowing you wife to have any more HK crap

  56. That’s creepy they found your parents address..
    I still cant figure out HOW they’d even figure your parents address.. that’s.. just… creepy…

    As for the toaster, cute.. but I really want to see what else was in the box. I’d love to win something for my 9 year old to give her for Christmas. πŸ˜›

  57. hi!!!!!!!!!! i heart that toaster its so frickin cute omgogmomg i wanna make hello kitty face toasted blt’s and they will be so cute and stuff and i wana hug it but then ill get crumbs on me and it will suck but omg i need that toaster ._________. OK BYE! =]

  58. Oh yay! This has made my day. I was planning to buy one anyway, but this would totally save me come cash (So I can get the Hello Kitty Pancake Pan). I can finally have the toaster I dreamed of! I’m in. ^____^

  59. I can’t believe I’m entering this, but I’m in desperate need of a toaster. I’m so desperate, that I’ll even suffer the evil feline’s face on my toast for, well, a while.

  60. You can send anything hello kitty my way… ive been looking at that toaster forever…. my toast needs something cute and interesting πŸ˜€

  61. I can’t believe what you are doing. You are committing mail fraud!! That package wasn’t sent to you. It was sent to your wife. You have no right to give any of the stuff in that package away because none of it belongs to you. That is stealing and you should go to jail for doing this. You should be ashamed of yourself!

    I should get the toaster because then I can report you to the police for selling things that aren’t yours to people and you will get your just rewards for taking things that aren’t yours.

  62. I would love a Hello Kitty Toaster. Also I think your blog is hilarious. Hello Kitty is cute, but sometimes (kind of a lot, really) her fans take it too far.

    Good luck keeping this from your wife.

  63. I need a new toaster! I have recently been put on a gluten-free diet– something I made fun of once– so I might as well have a goofy toaster in which I can toast my goofy gluten-free bread. I’ll even pay for shipping to New York!

  64. Good for you, stand up for your right to NOT have a kitty head on your morning toast! I, on the other hand, love jam & hello kitty toast with my coffee. πŸ˜‰

  65. goshz. i’d love hello kitty toast! wait, I’d hate to actually bite hello kitty, so when I’m done eating around the hello kitty face, I’ll sell the face(s) on ebay! 5 bucks, anyone??

  66. I wouldn’t mind winning this for two reasons. The first one would be to smear strawberry jam all over the feline so I can fantasize about eating it.
    When I get sick and tired of scarfing down the partially-toasted toast, I shall destroy it with an axe. Maybe I’ll but some fake blood into it before I destroy it…

  67. Free toaster, cool!
    I plan on moving out pretty soon and I could use a few things. I have no idea what my boyfriend and family will think of a hello kitty toaster; but then I could just tell them this story and I bet they will laugh.

  68. I would love to win! I just moved into my first apartment and I’m trying to make my (male) roommate hate his life. Let’s go random numbers…

  69. You know I was going to promise to bash it with a sledge hammer but I have to vote for jeff (November 2, 2009, 2:18 am) who suggested the catapult as long as he promises to send pictures of the aftermath.

    Comment from jeff
    Time: November 2, 2009, 2:18 am

    Should I be chosen, I promise that Mista Ballista’s pouch ( ) will be the first thing the package will experience after it arrives. (I may even insist that kevin show up with his 600 frame/second camera, to record the occasion)

  70. PS. First, Darlene, he’s giving them away, money has to exchange hands for it to be a sale, in case you missed that class in economics. Second, the person who sent them could be guilty of stalking. Someone sent Mrs. HKH a box of junk, he didn’t give it to her and you just had a royal hissy fit about the whole thing. Me thinks thou doth protest too much? Third, it’s hardly mail fraud if the person sent it to the wrong address and to a person who technically doesn’t exist. There is, technically no one named Mrs. Hello Kitty Hell. We may call her that but it’s not her name. Sorry, doesn’t make a felony just cause you say it does. Fourth, threatening someone with felony charges is hardly the way to get someone to do something nice like give you a nice new toaster. I could go on but I’m pretty sure this goes in one ear and out the other so…

  71. toaster for college please! =D

    As much as my childhood loves HK, the 5-year-old in me also finds the catapult ideas extremely awesome!

  72. I should have the toaster coz im filipino and being an asian living in ENGLAND means everything hello kitty here is over priced and stuff…
    damn you england…damn you and your expensive crap.

  73. It’s so horrible that I actually like it! xD I would love some random Hello Kitty crap, we have a very small selection of Hello Kitty merchandise in Denmark. πŸ˜€

  74. PLease!! PLease!! We used to have a toaster, but it died. I would love the HK toaster and give it a very good home!

    Thank you!

  75. My sister loves Hello Kitty. I would say she has an obsession as well, but I don’t mind nurturing it as long as they don’t one day end up at my house! lol. A toaster would be a cute addition for her.

  76. It’s so funny reading your blog, because my husband has a sense of humor similar to yours – very clever and witty, by the way. He, however, embraces Hello Kitty, even though he’s fully aware of her plot for world domination! Would love the toaster!

  77. i would really really like to win this. i’m a hello kitty lover who doesn’t push their hk-loving beliefs off on others. i would be very happy and grateful to win. thanks. jl

  78. Too wierd…but fun for us. I am an HK fan (did I admit that here?) but have just enough sanity left to understand my obsession. Please send me the toaster as my husband’s hell is no where near what yours is. You could take this opprotunity to make another man suffer some of your daily torture.

  79. I am neither a hater, nor a fan. But I do have a beautiful daughter turning 6 in a few short weeks that love all things pink and Hello Kitty.

  80. Hello Kitty? – I can not understand the attraction BUT in saying that, my darling daughters LOVES Hello Kitty. I think that might have something to do with the Japanese exchange students we host every year and have done for the last 5 years.

    To have a toaster for this years exchange student – would be brilliant

    If I am the lucky choosen one!

  81. Never noticed Hello Kitty until I found your website – now I see it everywhere! Do not own any – maybe this will be my introduction to hell…..

  82. Clever idea, burning a picture into toast. I can see good potential for this idea, like with writing instead of HK.
    I’m a pack rat, so I would be interested in having that toaster for the sake of the coolness of imprinted toast, no matter what’s on it.

  83. I could use a toaster. And I’d get a kick out of re-painting that thing something awful. But it’s kinda creepy they were able to get your address…

  84. Sounds like a close call. I kinda hope that your stalker is crying over the mistake. It would only be just, since they were trying to make your life worse.

  85. pleaseee! I’m moving soon and I would love to wake up to a nice hello kitty faced toaster! (which would probably annoy the crap outta my boyfriend..)

  86. Hello Kitty & I were born at the same time November 1, 1974!!! YEY!!! Happy Birthday to US…hope I get to make Hello Kitty toast.

  87. My soon to be 4 year old wants a Hello Kitty Birthday party next month..and one of her favorite foods right now is toast! Please pick me!!

    Thank you!

  88. If I won this toaster, I know a little girl I think I could convince to beat the thing with a baseball bat. Video shouldn’t be a problem.

    If I can’t, I’d donate it to jeff. I’d wouldn’t mind seeing Hello Kitty take flight.

  89. I could so use that toaster to replace our old and shaggy one. And to torment my brother with Hello Kitty toast every morning. :3

  90. I just wanna see if I can get the toaster

    In other news I might as well tell you that Hello Kitty Hell appeared in a Miami Herald and New York Times article announcing Hello Kitty’s 35th

  91. ohhh my poor boyfriend is totally in your boat:) i hope this is the random number cuz hello kitty food is something he hasnt experiance yet <33

  92. This would match my Hello Kitty and Badtz Maru guitars!!!!!!!!!

    I HOPE I WIN πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ SEND IT TO ME!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  93. Oh man, i’d really be happy to get some free hello kitty crap!

    I know it’s redonk to love stuff with pink and evil feline pasted on the front, but I figure that as long as I don’t spend any of my actual, hard-earned money buying it, it’s okay to be in love. πŸ˜‰

    – Marla

  94. The Contest is officially over for entries – any post before this one will be entered into the drawing and we should have a winner later on today. Any post after this will not be entered into the contest.

  95. Crap, you already had 466 people want this! I am neva gonna win but my daughter saw it and said “I NEED THAT”. so here I am. (fingers crossed)

  96. I would be happy to take this off your hands…my daughter is just getting into Hello Kitty and would be amazed at the “magic toaster” that can produce Hello Kitty’s face!

  97. My roommate had this toaster. Not only did it not toast the image of hello kitty into anything except for super white bread, it didn’t do a good job at it and most things required 2 toastings.

  98. hi my sister loves hello kitty so im kind of asking on her behalf and she doesnt have a email adress and i dont really like hello kitty to be quite honest so im doing it for her. she said she’ll take anything hello kitty shes not really botherd πŸ™‚


  99. omg omg omg i’ve been in love with hello kitty since i was 4 and i’m 14 now. This would totally be awesome for all my hello kitty things (i have the hello kitty fender guitar, i just had to say that) πŸ™‚

  100. i am a mother of three beautiful children whom my youngest is a 5 year old girl who happens to love hello kitty.i have cancer and my husband needs 2 hip replacement surgeries and a back surgery.with the way the economy is today we cannot afford to buy her the toaster.with my husband out on disability and our house being put up for auction we cannot make ends daughter adores hello kitty and if she won the toaster you would make a beautiful 5 year old princess very happy. thank you for understanding what this toaster means to my little girl.

    • Umm Ya Right

      I want to WiN cause I Have Been Obsesed With Hello Kitty Sense I Was Liitle Im !2 And My room I Hello Kitty If U Give mE This It Would Litterally Complete my Colection
      Come to Da Dark Side We Have Cookehs (d)

  101. hey im angel and i live in the uk im not the biggest hello kitty fan in the world but i do think its rather cute. i think what ur doing is a really good idea and helping to support Olympians xx


    I am in high school and am in a compitition to beet this girl at who has the most and coolest hello kitty stuff, I am already being hello kitty for halloweenie, but this wold top it off (:

    please choose me!!

  103. I absolutely love Hello Kitty. I’ve known about the toaster so long, but can never find a place to get it. I would love to have it!

  104. i loveeeeeeeee hello kitty i can hardly afford anything anymore cause my perents lost there job i would lovee to have that toaster <3 <3 <3

  105. I Absolutely love Hello Kitty ive been a fan of her ever since i was little if i win this i dont what id do id really cry from being so happy .

  106. If i could win this hello kitty toaster i would die because i am a hello kitty fan and because hello kitty is so cute and because i just cant afford one no money and parents don’t work:/!.

  107. Always wanted a toaster like this but since i dont have a job I can’t afford it. my little sisters love hello kitty n would be the great birthday present.

  108. o gosh this is exciting i have a pillow case and a belt buckle but i cant find any hello kitty in london ontario!!!grrr my boyfriends brother has a toaster exactly like this only its toronto maple leafs haha i want this toaster please please

  109. If i won this i would be super buber happy and try to get you guys known through vlogs, facebook, and telling people about it.

  110. I would so love to get this for my daughter she has loved Hello Kitty her entire life…Huge fan so it would be great to get this for her thanks for giving me a oppurtunity to win this thanks

  111. hi, my daughter and myself love cats and hello kitty and we both would love to win this toaster to add to our collection. thankyou.

  112. I would die to have that toaster!!!!! I love hello kitty with all my heart. I wish every one whom love hello kitty the greater chance at winning the toaster!!
    Good luck!! πŸ™‚

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