Hello Kitty Tramp Stamp

Seriously, if you see something like this on your girlfriend (or she even hints that she wants something like this), it’s a pretty good indication that it’s time to get out of the relationship as quickly as possible (or know that you will subject yourself to intolerable pain living a life in Hello Kitty Hell):

Hello Kitty tramp stamp

Sent in by glamonster who has already given herself far more punishment by getting this tattoo than I could ever wish upon her…

Update: You really believed Hello Kitty tramp stamps would stop at one?

hello kitty tramp stamp tattoo

Sent in by Sabree

20 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Tramp Stamp

  1. I think its fantastic, but surprised no color in the bow. But most likely will regret when 70 with a saggy hello kitty tramp stamp. I like the tattoo, but placement wouldn’t be my first choice.

  2. Not crazy about that one, its too random and doesn’t fir the body right in that spot. As for Hello Megan’s comment about it being saggy when she’s 70, fortunately, that is one area of your body that doesn’t normally have a lot of fat therefore isn’t subject to wright loss/gain, so chances are that one won’t sag.
    I swore I’d never get a Hello Kitty tattoo since they tend to look cartoonish (well, especially since she IS a cartoon) and didn’t follow the artistic theme of the rest of my tattoos, but I finally found one I LOVE and am getting it in March. Still trying to decide on the inside of the wrist or the back of the shoulder though…

  3. Seriously looks fake. Any real HK fan would have colored in her bow and nose. Like the comment before, placement is the least desired. I’m sure most guys would find this particular tattoo unattractive b/c it’s HK and would probably have some sick pervervsions while engaging in sexual activities.

  4. i love this tatt design ive been looking for a hello kitty tatt for some time but havent found one i like but im definately going to consider this one but with a coloured in bow n nose and maybe on the inside of my wrist

  5. I have that tattoo with the bow and nose colored in but it’s a lot smaller. I love Hello Kitty but I’m no near crazy obsessed.

  6. Okay yea. Although I am a great fan of HK & have four tattoos with HK on my body currently, there’s limits. First limit is the HK wedding (look on YouTube for this). I don’t think that I could ever subject any man to this ever in my lifetime & if you’d like me to guest blog it on my thoughts on that, do let me know. The tramp stamp has got to be my second limit. I don’t know that I could do a HK tramp stamp. (I know I couldn’t, something else is in that area. People have joked me for years about my tramp stamp, but few know the significance of it.) If that’s a real tattoo though, kudos to the girl who has it because ink like that in that spot really doesn’t feel so hot.

  7. Ok, I NEED to know where she acquired those panties. Hello kitty plus rainbow equals AWESOME and I need them. Any tips would be much appreciated!

  8. Ummm the second one was taken in the mirror. >.< The bow is on the right side but the reflection made it look opposite. DUH. And it is not fake. Cost me 100 bucks to get it done. LOL

  9. PEOPLE IT IS NOT FAKE!! Bree, I absolutely love it & you of course 😀 As for the person that said somethin bout a dude findin it unattractive, well you’re an idiot. Point. Blank. Period. Sexual activities? Do you stare at someones tattoos during sexual activities? C’mon now let’s not be dumb here. I’ve seen tattoos that were more ridiculous than her hk, I don’t like hk, but that tattoo is wonderful, she got it in a spot that SHE wanted it in & it fits perfectly. If you’re gonna hate then you can go somewhere else.

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