Hello Kitty War Tattoo

We already know that Hello Kitty loves her weapons and that Hello Kitty fanatics will basically ink anything and everything on themselves. The two of these separately are enough to make any sane person cringe with horrifying fear. Obviously, that is not enough for the evil feline as the Hello Kitty war tattoo plainly shows:

hello kitty war tattoo

This scenario of how the world ends is far more plausible than anyone should care to admit. There are Hello Kitty airplanes, so a Hello Kitty fighter jet isn’t a stretch. There is a Hello Kitty armoured personnel carrier, so a Hello Kitty tank is probably already in production. And we all are already all too familiar with Hello Kitty and her machine guns. All I know is that Hello Kitty continues to keep the heat roaring in Hello Kitty Hell by continually showing that things can always get worse…

Sent in by someone that would prefer to remain anonymous, but still deserves to have unspeakable punishment rained down upon them for ever thinking that sending this to me would be a good idea…

22 thoughts on “Hello Kitty War Tattoo

  1. Oh god somebody please cut off that flesh and burn it. Why would anybody ever get that tattooed into their skin? D:

  2. My comment… “I have no comment” would be preferable to claim, but… I actually do have one!
    I’m just gonna keep it to myself tho, because it’s just too mean -_-

  3. There are no words to express how much I am laughing at Anne Onymous right now!! I think further punishment is superfluous!

  4. So what if its a guy? Its not like its Kitty holding flowers or something girly. Its his body so if he wants a Hello Kitty tattoo leave the man alone. Gosh, Im pretty sure he doesnt friggin care if you like it or not!

  5. @ Miss Kitty, “Anne Onymous” is a joke; try saying it to yourself (or even out loud if you can get away with it) without sounding the ” “. There’s something about the limb that just “looks male” though, yes.

    @Heller Kitty, I could care less whether you think the tattoo owner cares about my opinion or not. By posting their artwork on the internet (even anonymously) on a forum that allows comment, they’ve effectively asked for opinions on it. Some of those opinions are apt to be negative, unless you’re very good.

  6. Ergh… Heller Kitty… maybe I should have said flat out that I know this person. And, they are an acomplice to my Kitty madness!!! This is the most epic tattoo/battle scene ever!!!

  7. i am the owner of this hk tattoo…i didnt send this pic into this website but wanna thank the person who did…now everybody gona know about my awesome tattoo

    @miss kitty, you forgot to tell them i got more on the other side of my leg and im not done yet…gonna get my whole leg covered

    kittyhell wait til my tattoo is done and you will see a kick ass hellokitty tattoo and all the haters can kiss my ass

  8. HelloKenny you have wasted a lot of money to have crappy looking tattoo done. Now you have to live with that crap for the rest of you life.
    I think you have kissed to Kittyhell’s ass just for replying to this site.

  9. Woo kitty tattoo looks too good. It is so nicely done. i hope this tattoo can be removed because once kittyhell thing is old it is of no use. but any ways for now this tattoo is cool.

  10. Laser Tattoo removal was made for this. Imagine having that on your skin when you turn 40 or 50. What is hello kitty at war with anyway?

  11. Hellokenny I love your tattoos I’m starting my own series of hello kitty tattoos …..Screw what they saying you don’t live to please the na Sayers I love it…..do you……

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