Hello Kitty Sochi Olympics 2014

Once again proving that there is nothing that the evil feline isn’t willing to try and buy her way into, this is undoubtedly what Sanrio would like the Olympic rings for Sochi and beyond to look like:

Hello Kitty Sochi Olympics 2014

My wife absolutely loves it and thinks that it makes perfect sense because “The Olympics bring the world together and so does Hello Kitty. They are a perfect match for each other.” I was tempted to give my opinion that the only place that Hello Kitty belonged in relation to the Olympics was in the flame as fuel, but decided that since I had managed to avoid the Hello Kitty sleeping bag since moving back to the US, this wasn’t the time to begin getting into that routine again…

Left by @_adrilovesyou on Twitter who should have to watch Hello Kitty cartoons during the Olympics for the rest of her life for every thinking that showing this to be could result in anything positive…

14 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Sochi Olympics 2014

  1. this looks cute.. but the blue, red and green colors don’t really resemble that of the olympics.. and it looks a bit pale.. i like the change on ribbon style though..

  2. WTF is a “sochi” in Japanese for Hello Kitty?

    As as I understand “sochi” simply means ‘here’ in Japanese: What gives?!

  3. What’s this “cute” and “when’s it coming out”? It’s evil. Been reading back over some posts i missed, and i see you’ve been taken over by Hello Kitty minions. *shakes head sadly* There’s only one thing for it. *takes out Hello Kitty Kalashnikov* …. omg, i’ve been infiltrated!

  4. @ some-wapesepnoob : Sochi is the city in Russia where the 2014 Olympic Winter Games are to be held.

    In regard to the design: I can only pray the IOC gets wind of this and shuts it down. They’re usually insanely protective of their trademarks.

  5. This is creepy. I will be hiding under my bed until this passes over.

    Shelia: I certainly agree. Way to many fans here. The worst comments are “Where can I get this?” *shudders*

  6. @ Sheila and Hertzey, yeah, does being an HK fanatic render you unable to read “If you are going to ask where you can find some Hello Kitty item on this site, don’t bother because it ain’t going to happen.”? 😉

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