Hello Kitty Anatomy

It is bad enough having to look at the outside of Hello Kitty, but there are more and more people that think it would be a good idea to look at her insides. Case in point, Hello Kitty anatomy:

hello kitty anatomy spin

hello kitty anatomy

Is it totally wrong that upon seeing this, I immediately thought that a quick slice with a Hello Kitty knife or Hello Kitty box cutter of one of those Hello Kitty blood vessels would be a wonderful way to make the world a little better? It’s depressing enough that this exists at all, but you know that it’s only a matter of time before someone emails this to me as their new Hello Kitty tattoo

Sent in by Jason Freeny (via his Moist Production site) who should be forced to show the most expedient ways to kill Hello Kitty as part of this art project as compensation for ever thinking that this was something that I needed to see…

21 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Anatomy

  1. I’d like to see the further to our right – I’ve always wondered if the bow is actually a part of her body. Maybe it’s red due to lots of blood vessels near the surface, like a human’s lips…

  2. How strange to see HK skeletal features… Teeth but no mouth to speak or smile with… Very strange indeed…

  3. In a perverse sort of way I quite like this as fan art. I think Morgan and Sanriobaby have already said anything else I’d want to.

  4. I would also like to see more to the right… only so it is proven that the creepy thing has a heart… and where it is so we can dispose of the evil once and for all!

    ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

  5. I wanted to make fun of her for being pudgy. *coughhypocritecough* Too bad it’s just how her bones are… Maybe I can make fun of her for that.

  6. She has five fingers on her left hand, yet the right looks like a mitten… and as sanriobaby points out, she has no smile, but has teeth… how very peculiar…

  7. Poor kitty must have terrible disk problems in her neck. I have neck problems and I often wish I could unscrew my head and set it down a while. I can only imagine how much that head of hers weighs. When they make a Hello Kitty traction unit, it is SO mine.

  8. Wow…actually this would be pretty cool for anatomy and physiology, I’d much rather study the muscles of a dissected HK than a real cat…this creator should seriously consider making it a program…i bet it would sell too!

  9. Apologies but confess to being a total Hello Kitty fanatic – however, I am very selective and will only pick up stuff that is useful or fairly subtle in the design (I was given a smart blanket and cushion as a christmas present and I loved it). I also love the HK anatomy pics, and in fact I have an annotated colour print of the one shown above which I use as a bookmark in my uni anatomy textbooks, along with anatomy of a Gummy Bear and a Mermaid. Kind of cheers things up a bit when the science is getting heavy !

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