Hello Kitty Virgin Mary Tattoo

If you have spent any amount of time on this blog, you know that when it comes to Hello Kitty tattoos, the evil feline has no problem mixing it up with absolutely everything. This includes religion, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that someone thought that a Hello Kitty Virgin Mary tattoo would be a good idea:

hello kitty virgin mary tattoo

So the evil feline not only claims that she is the son of god, but she also claims that she is her own mother at the same time. Is there really any doubt that she also believes that she is her own dad? The mere fact that I even have to write and contemplate this proves beyond a doubt that I live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Left by Marykate on Facebook who should have to suffer eternal punishment (which I guess she is in a sort of way since this is her tattoo) for making me even ponder about the above scenario and for thinking that showing this to me would result in anything positive for the world.

Update: One would assume that a single virgin mary tattoo would be enough to torture the world, but obviously they would be wrong:

hello kitty virgin mary tattoo

Sent in by Kate

35 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Virgin Mary Tattoo

  1. You try to make this sound bad, but you fail because everyone knows that if Hello Kitty ruled the world, it would be a much happier, loving and peaceful place.

    Hello Kitty is better than any religion! She comforts people more than any religion can. The world would be a better place if people looked up to Hello Kitty instead of religions since she is all inclusive in her love. Even little children understand this and why they are drawn to her from an early age.

    Why don’t you just give up on this fight? You know that you have lost. The only people that follow this blog are ones that love Hello Kitty. You are so stupid that you are working against your own cause and don’t even realise it.

  2. I swear, every time Darlene posts, I can’t take it seriously. It really sounds fake. Nobody can possibly be that…weird.

  3. I find it HYSTERICAL that you’re taking your biggest pet peeve and surrounding yourself with it- if ya hate hello kitty so much, wouldn’t NOT blogging about it be step one to removing it from consciousness?


  5. I’m sorry, but when it comes to HK, I’m a huge snob. If you’re gonna get a HK tattoo, no matter how you want it done, get her face right!!!!! This tattoo looks like a real bad bootleg of HK. What a shame!

  6. For any newbies, welcome! And yes, darlene really feels this way. Don’t make attempts to question or reason with her, it’s a losing battle. Just do what the rest of do and laugh 🙂

  7. Virgin Panda Goddess Rules and Hello Kitty looks on bemused as Ever… This is beauty and beyond “skin deep” art ,,, a footnote on religioN:- evil religions put their ideas above the happiness of humanity ,, religions SHOULD exist to serve humanity and not the other way around… Hello Kitty is BEYOND need for Religion , because HELLO KITTY RULES ….and all humans can do as ‘followers’ of religion is wallow in medriocrity , their need then, to serve another persons opinion and expresss ideaology..ReligioN is dark ages tyranny bottled and condensed and it became mass hysteria long before books were written ‘coercing’ ppl to believe in other ppl’s views thru power of the written word .

  8. I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE HK fan.. but this is just terrible. the tattoo itself is bad and is nothing in this world sacred? I understand all the other stuff that people make into hello kitty tattoos (HK joker, batman, stormtroopers, etc..), but if this person was ACTUALLY a religious person, they wouldn’t have done this. Bottom line is, I think that this is the most ridiculous tattoo EVER!!!

  9. @Sabrina BlazE: You do realize that your entire comment is full of hatred & belies extreme spiritual ugliness? Typical Hello Kitty fan.

  10. i too love hello kitty and i also have a hello kitty virgin de guadalupe tattoo.! what horrifies me is the quality of work. if ur gonna get a tattoo like that make sure it is done right….mine was done by celebrity tattoo artist henry powell @ sixfeetunder tattoo co. in upland california…and it is a true piece of art….thank u very much..long live hellokitty!

  11. woah, that tattoo is really poorly done. it’s not that bad of an idea, the concept is cool–but the artist sucked horrbily and it looks like a 10 year old drew the face. how hard is it to draw hello kitty’s face, REALLY, especially if you’re a professional tattoo artist? come on.

  12. thats so wrong. i guess hello kitty is just so shoved up yall’s asses. seriously. its just a CARTOON, ok?? nothing too awesome. why would you do that to the virgin mary. that the most STUPIDEST tatto EVER. SERIOUSLY!! So just chill out on the hello kitty love. the thing aint god. geeze.

  13. Hello Kitty, Full of Evil,
    Satan is with you
    Scary art thou amongst felines
    And Creepy is the fruit of Thy womb,
    Hello Kitty,
    Mother of all things wrong today
    Leave us sinners now and create the Hello Kitty Corpse.

    Now say that six times for disturbing Lucifer’s best minion.

  14. I may love Hello Kitty, but making Hello Kitty into the Virgin Mary? That is inexcusable! How dare they defy the Virgin Mary in that way. If any other Christian saw this, they’d be horrified!

  15. Go *Darlene* you are soooo right!!! I’m joining you on that idea!!! wicked tattoo idea but could definately be done bit better sorry to artist!

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