Hello Kitty Breast Cancer Tattoo

I want to first make it clear that I have nothing against breast cancer campaigns, but I do have to say that these campaigns have gotten way out of hand when someone thinks that it is a good idea to get a Hello Kitty tattoo with a breast cancer pink ribbon as the bow:

hello kitty breast cancer tattoo

Seriously folks, the only thing that a cancer pink ribbon should be used for in conjunction with the evil feline is to make a noose so that we can finally get rid of her and put the masses out of the misery she causes. Just saying…

Sent in by Jennifer

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  1. If someone goes through cancer, I don’t think anyone is in the position to tell them what they should or shouldn’t put on their body.

  2. Wow you have sunk to a new low. Cancer is a serious matter and should not be joked about no matter how someone tries to cope with their disease.

  3. HA! All your posts are full of lies and are distasteful, but I knew one day you would totally go over the line and everyone would see what an awful person you really are. How dare you insult people that are trying to bring awareness to breast cancer. It shows how completely heartless you are and how you have no taste.

    Maybe now all those fakers who say they supported you will have to admit that those that love Hello Kitty have always been right. I think you just dug your own grave and I will be happy to put in the first shovel of dirt!!!

  4. Wow, your comments were cold and just plain wrong.

    There’s one thing I can now tell about you without ever having met you…

    You’ve never had cancer.

    Someone who had (or has) cancer, especially the deadlier kinds, can tell you that it’s good to cling to whatever type of motivation you can find to stay optimistic and keep fighting.

    This person CLEARLY has either had breast cancer, or is close to someone who’s had it (like their mother, father, etc.).

    When my Mom died (shortly after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer), I got my very first tattoo (it was just her name). But, if she was a huge Hello Kitty fan, or a huge fan of Tweety or anything else for that matter, you best believe I’d have a picture of that plastered next to it.

    You make me sick.

  5. @barbie

    Thank you for so eloquently saying what so many of us are feeling about this particular tattoo. How dare Mr. HKH make such an inappropriate comment about something so serious and clearly so personal. I think this tattoo is lovely in both it’s sentiment and context. When it comes to all things Hello Kitty, most of us can see the absurdity in all that surrounds her, but this is where we must draw the line. Cancer, and any dedication to cancer and it’s awareness is nothing to joke about and should never be made fun of. This is where Mr. HKH went over the line and went from being funny to just plain mean. I hope that in light of our reactions, he will see that his “hate” for Hello Kitty went too far. Shame on Mr. HKH!

  6. Am I the only one thinking that if the person didn’t want the tattoo to be made fun of, then why did she send it in to a blog that is about hating hello kitty? Everyone know that is what he does – makes fun of all things hello kitty. What was she expecting from mr. hkh? That he was going to all of a sudden fall in love with hello kitty and say it was a great tattoo just because there is a cancer ribbon as part of it? If anyone is to blame, it is the person that sent it in, not mr. hkh.

  7. [Daniel (in the lions’ den, not “Dear Daniel”)] There is right and wrong on both sides here. Mr HKH is wrong to flame any cancer awareness campaign, but having breast and cervical cancer awareness campaigns, when there are no similar campaigns for male-specific cancers like prostate and testicular is sexism! [/end]

  8. You are a pathetic piece of crap for making fun of this. Don’t you have any morals at all? There are some things that are off limits and you crossed that line. I will never come to this blog again!

  9. not me but right:

    “Breast Cancer awareness programs are bullshit. They started in the early 2000’s with good intent, but all it is now is a marketing campaign for companies who want women to buy more of their product.

    The 10 year survival rate for someone with breast cancer is close to 90%, and is one of the most well survived cancers. Sure, as with all cancers, early detection and prompt medical attention are key to surviving but, chances are, if you get breast cancer you’re going to survive it.

    On the other hand, take liver cancer. The 10 year survival rate hovers just below 10%. Why don’t companies spend millions painting their boxes red, or orange, or freakin brown and put a little ribbon on the box to raise awareness about liver cancer? Because no one gives a crap about bringing awareness to cancer, they only care about making money, and no one is going to buy your product when it makes them think of a nasty old liver, when they could be thinking of boobs.”

    Oh, and the OP says that he has nothing against breast cancer awareness, and his gripe is with the tattoo, which is crap by the way.

  10. All of the people I know who have tattoos have commemorative ones, meaning they mark an important moment in their life good or painful. The assumption that tattoos are only cool or for thrill seekers or bad asses or what ever it is that you are implying is WRONG. My very best friend got her’s when her grand mother died, my sister’s is a symbol of her faith, I got mine at 30 when I finally claimed my life as my own. To arbitrarily decide that because a person’s choice in expression is not yours makes it wrong or inappropriate is just ignorant. I totally support anyone getting a tattoo to commemorate survival or a loved one.

  11. My granddaughter got this tattoo the day we walked in the Paint El Paseo Pink walk sponsored by the Desert Cancer Foundation to raise money for diagnostic and treatment services for uninsured women. I’m a four time cancer survivor and have had breast cancer twice. Jennie got the tattoo to raise awareness of breast cancer and to honor women (and men) who have won or lost their battles with breast cancer. Your callous, insensitive comments have upset a wonderful young woman. You are pitiful.

  12. Jennie is my 21 year old daughter and she got the tattoo for my mother who just had a bi-lateral mastectomy after getting breast cancer for the second time after (yes beatski) surviving her first battle with it for 10 years. She did this while sacrificing everything to raise Jennie and her younger brother Paul because, let’s just say, I wasn’t “fit” to. She was back working at her full time job at 69 years old and not even weeks after her surgery. I am not proud of this, but I am proud of Jennie, and words can’t express how grateful I am to my mom for raising one of the most thoughtful and selfless young ladies around. FYI Jennie came home for the weekend from college, where she is in her last year and going to be an English teacher, just to participate in a breast cancer walk with my mom and myself for the second yr in a row (many more to come) that morning. The only marketing was small company logos of the sponsors on the tshirts that were included in the $15 registration fee. I promise you the hot pink plastic strings of beads that were given for each year to the survivors (“Granny” was wearing her 12) were not Chanel. But if companies make money while raising it for a good cause, so what. And kitteh!!, if u want a similar campaign for prick cancer so bad, then why don’t u start one? After the walk the three of us had breakfast and then I took Jennie for the tattoo. Believe me I had reservations about it and am only a fan of tattoos that are more to reflect our insides than decorate our outsides (I have one). I even told her I didn’t want to be mean, but Hello Kitty is gonna look really f’in stupid when she’s in her forties or fifties, and about as outdated as Betty Boop is now. Jennie thought about this for a long time and made sure to get it where it won’t be a “visible tattoo” that affects her teaching career. I’m sure it would be completely out of the question and completely out of your character, but if u were a real man, you would apologize to my daughter.

  13. Ok, just talked to Jennie and she said we’re all taking it too seriously–she knows the site well, and did send it in antagonistic fun.

  14. What gives you that right to decide how someone being awareness, or supports breast cancer, I think it’s cute, and you should be ashame for even commenting on it. Hasn’t anyone ever told you that if you have nothing good to say just don’t say anything.

  15. What an ignorant comment, beatski. Why don’t you try telling the loved ones of the 39,800 women and 390 men who died from breast cancer last year “chances are, if you get breast cancer you’re going to survive it.” And I’m sure you know all about the quality of life for those who DO survive the disease for a number of years. Surgery, chemo, radiation and hormonal therapy are SUCH fun! You say my granddaughter’s tattoo “is crap by the way.” I think it’s you who is crap.

  16. Seriously, darlene, this is bad enough without you spreading more hate. Just drop it.

    Dude, you’re comments are uncalled for on this one. Breast cancer is very serious, and associating HK with it doesn’t make it worse in this case. What happened to you ragging on bringing back the vibrator or recoiling in fear at the HK-based guns? I don’t care if this was for fun or in jest or whatever, there’s a freaking line dude.

  17. kaii really this iz an amazing tatto and if u dont like it too bad kaii u dont kno wat it like to losse some one u luv cuz of cancer any typ one of my friends just died if cancre( not brest cancer but still cancer) so anyone who iz trying to make awher ness of any typ of cancre should not be told how they should do it and u hae gone wayy to far and u need to grow up si wat u hate hellokitty guud for u but a lot of people luv her u have ur like and people have there

  18. This is taking it too far! It’s not right to change the image of Hello Kitty to promote anything other than Hello Kitty. The breast cancer awareness campaign has the Pink Ribbon, it should stick to that.

  19. Doesn’t anyone think it was inappropriate for this girl to submit this pic to this blog? It is a HK hate site you know! I’m not saying it’s all her fault though, Mr. HKH should have used some sense and not put it on here.

  20. Strictly from an aesthetic point of view, the ribbon could have been positioned differently , it just seems a bit awkward, but the original idea and concept is a cute and loving tribute, nonetheless!

  21. I’m getting one with the pancreatic cancer incorporated in it . My mom passed away 2 years ago from.it. if you don’t like what people put on there body tough crap. Your opinion doesn’t matter

  22. I liked this tattoo so much I got it last night n honor of my mom who died of breast cancer in 2006 && if YOU don’t like it who cares im not gonna lose ne sleep over your thoughts of this tatt

  23. I think Jennie sounds like a wonderful person with a fab sense of humour. It’s possibly a pity that Mr. HKH decided to actually use the photo of her tattoo she sent in (whilst evidently knowing full well how he’d say things if he did). But I don’t think it’s a pity, really, I think she’s just brought awareness to somewhere usually dedicated to more inane mysteries of life. Kudos Jennie and thank you!

  24. Who the hell are you to make any sort of comment regarding such a matter. A VERY personal matter at that. If you don’t like HK, fine, whatEVER. But to criticize an individual for getting a very personal meaningful tattoo, shame on you.
    BC survivor & HK lover….

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