44 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Tinker Bell Tattoo

  1. I agree Tinker Bell can be a a bi*** but this goes too far.I would like to see this person 10 year later or a job interview with this tattoo.

  2. This is horrible.
    I agree with Gail and Acton, I couldn’t have something like that on me forever.

    It’s just brutal and not artistic at all.

  3. That would be amazing as a poster!!!
    ……just wait till darline sees this……
    @ arnie:
    I see that too!!!!
    @ kitteh!:
    Haha lol

  4. Dear Zoe,

    This blog was started on the idea that he doesn’t like hello kitty therefore it would be logical that it would attract others who also dislike hello kitty. The question you should have asked is “Why do people read this blog if they like hello kitty?”. That is a question I can answer! I read this blog because it is funny and I find new hello kitty items i would like to put on my must-buy list! ^^

  5. Agreed, the blog is funny.

    I hate over-priced and non-age appropriate Sanrio marketting tat (HK vibrator anyone?) with a passion, but some of the fan art (see art, fashion, clothes and tattoos categories) is actually good.

  6. “I agree Tinker Bell can be a a bi*** but this goes too far.I would like to see this person 10 year later or a job interview with this tattoo.”

    Because people generally wear sleeveless outfits to interviews. You’re an idiot.

  7. I love hello kitty stuff but I also have a sense of humor and find this blog hysterical. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

  8. GODLIKE! Want it too 😀 don’t know how you guys can think it’s disgusting, it’s the pure essence of heart if you see a slaughtered hello kitty. would even be bitter with 1 or 2 arms or legs less. 🙂

  9. your just jealous hello kitty gets more girls than you or more attention then you or in other words get a life and stop hating on hello kitty:]

  10. No. I would have to vehemently disagree with the idiots who seem to think that this person has made the mistake of a lifetime. If you get the tattoo -obviously- you will be smart enough to wear a shirt with sleeves long enough to cover it up. Has anyone thought that maybe this person has no want to dwell within an office where people wander about in Hello Kitty sunglasses? There are plenty of jobs in which you can work and make plenty of money without walking about and blushing over your horrific murder of the kink enthralled kitten on your arm.

    With that said I’m going to have to make this rather intelligent statement:

    Gawd. Tink has just become FAWsome.

    Idiocy finished. 🙂

  11. More and more people are thinking less about what they put on their bodies. I would never get anything like that on my arm that is a very open body part at times. This is not attractive at all. My first tatt will be beautiful and well thought out some thing I wont regret later like that tatt

  12. this is the worst tattoo in the world im sorry that you were dared to get it cuz i dont see any one in there right mind getting that tattoo


  14. omg thats jus not right… those who say this is cool should be hurt reallyy bad.. some people have a great hello kitty obsession like me do not apprechiate this at all.. thanks

  15. Now Tink know’s whats up. While Charlie Sheen was out getting tiger’s blood. She knew it was Hello Kitty’s blood that was really worth the kill.

  16. @jesse
    “aw tinkerbell is jealous cuz more girls like hello kitty then her!”

    Where did you get that fact, the Scientific Institute of BS?

  17. I knew I liked Tink for a reason, besides her take no crap attitude.
    This would be easily covered by something like a t-shirt, so it’s no problem for the work place. I love how they did Tinkerbell (and that Tink was smart enough to wear gloves) and I LOVE the blood. Blood is bloody difficult to get right on paper, never mind skin.

  18. Hello kitty is much popular than tinker bell so she have no busy to kill hello kitty period and man the guy on the pic you better watch your back

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