Hello Kitty Ecstasy

It’s already well documented that hello Kitty loves her drugs whether it be Hello Kitty cocaine or Hello Kitty marijuana accessories. And with the way that those who follow the evil feline dress up for raves (NSFW), is it really any surprise that Hello Kitty ecstasy exists?

Ecstasy pills shaped as Hello Kitty

I’m sure that there are Hello Kitty crack rocks out there somewhere (and if there aren’t, you know Sanrio is drooling at the possibility…)

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30 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Ecstasy

  1. nope, this is a lie. those are little candies that taste like sweet tarts. i got a bunch of them last year for xmas. i had some in a little tin and then some in boxes. apparently they came from Target.

    • I was thinking the same thing, that they just look like the normal candies placed on top of a baggie.

  2. I’d agree with Catbunny; the bow has definitely been replaced with a pill or capsule, so these are not an officially licenced product.

    • It doesn’t really look like a capsule pill. Capsules will have one break point, not two. So their wouldn’t be two lines. That pill comment was just a failed joke. If anything, it looks like a bandaid.

  3. Of course these are fake! These are the little tart candies they sell in those tins at Target, at least I HOPE THEY ARE….

  4. wooow, yes hello kitty x is real lol. obviously none of you have ever rolled, ive had many hello kitty cutouts and hello kitty stamped e pills

  5. Those look like candy and if they are not… They are bunk pillz. I can look at that picture and tell. I have seen many xtc illys in my life and I can tell you right now.. That is anything BUT MDMA.

  6. I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to offer some valuable infor in case any stumbles across old batches of real HK e-pills.

    My serious party days ended about 2 years ago but the 3 prior years to that, batches of these were going around the east coast from various pill pressers and all were highly adulterated. My test kits read everything from heroin, cocain, methamphetamine, caffeine, piperazine, etc. and minimal levels of actual MDMA. Granted, most ecstasy users know theirs pills aren’t “clean” these were some of the most dangerous pills going around.

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