34 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Bow Face Tattoo

  1. She obviously isn’t very good at decision making in her life… Her tattoos look like someone did them in the shed in their back yard with a pick ‘n poke and her piercings look like a blind 12 year old stabbed her with a tooth pick… SMH ! Disgusting… Someone needs to put the drugs down :/

  2. The artist that did that should be shot or at least have their hands removed! I love hello kitty but geezus!! That is an epic fail!

  3. ya know… i have seven tats and three piercings, not that i have so many that im wild, but really???? really???? come on now… when i get a tattoo it means something and i sit there and think am i going to be ok with when i am eighty years old…. and that my friend is why i have chosen not to get face or neck tattoos… they are cool when you are young… but when your fourty and you have to pretend you are in the “normal” world… those things are hard to hide, and the hideing makeup is very expencive and a pain in the butt to use….

  4. Seriously, you can’t do much to make that face worse – I agree that the HK Bow is the prettiest part of it BY FARRRR. Although, I may be a bit biased – I do have a HK Bow tattoo myself (on the back of my neck though, not on my face) … mine is nicer though – much brighter and not so droopy looking (though I realize that they might have done that on purpose so that it went along with her forehead). It is a cute idea though – in theory, obviously not so much in this reality.

  5. Piercings can be easily removed, but tattoos are quite a different matter. I’m not sure what plans she has for her future, but I can certainly say that she’s excluded herself from an entire class of careers.

  6. I’m fairly sure that’s a man.

    Funny thing, this isn’t the first time I’ve run into this situation. Yes, similar tatoo, similar thread. No one noticed the masculinity of the face.

  7. Acton and gail – So funny!

    Her hair looks…glued on. I don’t even understand what is going on in this picture.

    It kinda looks like someone has taken bits of several different people, stuck them together, and then drawn on it, maybe?

  8. She’s a girl, her name is Rachel and she has a child. She lives in Tucson and she’s quite nice as well. Who doesn’t make shitty decisions? Hers are just visible and not hidden like everyone elses.

  9. Her name is Rachael and she is the nicest person you’d ever meet. To be fair it’s a bad pic. She’s a pretty girl. The bow tat can be covered by bangs. I respect her for it. I have over 30 tattoos but don’t have the guts to do my face. You don’t like her tattoo? Then don’t look at it. I love how whomever plastered the Internet with her picture picked the worst one. She’s a beautiful women. Her hubby fights for our country while you all sit back judging a women you’ve never even met! Piss off!!!

    • I’ve always wondered if people from these photos know about it, if they were randomly scrounged up from strangers, or if the people in the photos submitted it themselves. It’s nice to hear she’s just a normal person with a different look, pretty much. I don’t like her tattoos personally (and I have my own), but I can respect her for it. Definitely not the weirdest tattoo by far. Hell, the artist I went to in California had pictures on his facebook of him tattooing Waldo from Where’s Waldo on his own ballsack. There isn’t “weird” in the tattoo industry, not really. Some artists do have their limits. The artist I like to go to drew the line at tattooing hundreds of flies that look like their coming out the women’s cooch…he just couldn’t do that one. Who wants to basically tattoo that they have a nasty cooch? But I’ve seen people with stars, spiders, puzzle pieces, clowns, angels, and music notes tattooed on the head and face…so a HK bow really doesn’t have that shock value for me anyways. Anyone shocked by this is really ignorant on the tattoo industry. 9+7 says she’s from Tucson, so I’m guessing her husband is Air Force? My husband is Army.

  10. Erm. She’s not a beautiful woman. If ‘it’ is a woman its one that looks like a man in drag, with really shit tatoo’s. Rachael looks like messed up.

  11. I remember seeing her on a livejournal forum for punk makeup and everyone tore her a new one for doing such a horrible job.

  12. I found this post via a google search for Hello Kitty tattoos. I know this girl, she grew up in the town I live in, and we had a lot of mutual friends when I was younger. I never thought posts like this with someone’s picture was mean until now. She looks rough around the edges, but she’s a very nice and wise person. She’s a mom, and a good one at that. I may not have loved her tattoos, but I loved that she was always herself, no matter how “extreme” and didn’t care about what other people thought.

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