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If you have any inclination that your significant other would want a Hello Kitty engagement ring, that is the perfect warning sign that you should run away as fast as you possibly can. If you do not heed this sage advice to run and decide that a Hello Kitty engagement ring is somehow a good idea, you should be well aware that you will likely have to wear a Hello Kitty wedding ring and have a Hello Kitty wedding with her wearing Hello Kitty wedding dresses and you in a Hello Kitty tux (no, it certainly isn’t a pretty thought which has sent more than a few strong souls to the local insane asylum…) Basically, prepare for a life of Hello Kitty Hell.

hello kitty engagement ring

The fact that the evil feline has an engagement ring to not only lead, but encourage people to these fiery depths that not even the most heinous of people deserve pretty much sums up what Hello Kitty is all about — pure and long lasting torture…

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  1. @Raardvarks – I was thinking that was a hunk of cubic zirconium and not a real diamond too! So now you know folks; HK wants you to think that her stuff is worth 2 orders of magnitude more than it actually is worth.

  2. I love HK and all, but this ring is a no go on every level. Not only is this ring straight up ugly and tacky, but it looks super cheap too! Another epic fail by Sanrio, but I’m sure SOMEONE will be happy to own this. To each his own…

  3. This would be cute as a promise ring for a little girl. But I agree, huge red flag for the guy if his lady wants this, plus the cut of the stone doesn’t work with the design 🙂

  4. One may say Hello Kitty is out a place I think it needs to be less prominent and can be a safety hazard is the wearer accidentally scratches somebody with it. except when the Hello Kitty fans slaps Mr hello Kitty Hell cutting his face and add physical scars to his emotional scars for defying the cute one.
    Better wold be hello kitty engraved into the ring.

  5. they shouldve made it all out tacky, heart shaped pink stone with glitter on top with a rhinestone hello kitty

  6. Let me guess. Your wife thinks you should have gotten her THIS engagement ring, not the one she did get. Because of course, Hello Kitty is absolutely the best.

    Lol, this ring and HK are disturbing.

  7. It seems like such a waste of a diamond, i dont know who would ever waste there money on this other than a billionaire buying it for his 7 year old daughter.

  8. I kind of hated the kitty, I never saw what was the big deal. When I was in 7th grade she was popular and my cousin obsessed. All that was about the feline were horribly expensive. The wedding an engament ring are ridiculous. My advice to men who buy this things to get engaged and married is dont. I f you pop the question to me a hello kitty as engament ring the answer would me no, so don’t battle with the wedding ring.

  9. There are many companies out there who are banking on these specialized luxury goods for the special occasion, which of course at the same time increases the chances of our other halves requesting for that special ring that might make us squirm in our seats.

  10. I would want one of these if my man asked to marry me, it’s adorable, but I wouldn’t completely OBSESS over having a whole wedding or house filled with HK stuff!
    The most ive ever gotten into HK besides this is wearing a necklace and a beanie. Lol.

  11. I would not torture my husband with a hello kitty wedding but I would rock the hell out of that ring. Faithfully & proudly at that. Seriously, WHERE can I buy it?

  12. I would sooner marry Hello Kitty than some stubble chinned all alike jeans wearing modern “man”. She is super cute an icon and has lots of fabulous looks for every occasion. Who cares about the wedding, bring on the kitty!

  13. My girlfriend is so into hello kitty she would love this ring please send me the info on getting this ring plz my names justin

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