Pumpkin Carving

It really does not help my Hello Kitty Hell when people actually take suggestions of my wife such as learning how to carve a Hello Kitty o’ lantern:

Hello Kitty pumpkin

via Movies of Myself (with the hope that it does mold and collapse into a zombie Kitty and we get to see a photo of that)

Hello Kitty pumpkin cat

Sent in by Marla (It seems to me that Kitty isn’t happy being associated with Hello Kitty)

Hello Kitty pumpkin

Hello Kitty pumpkin back

Sent in by someone who asked not to have their name revealed (someone with at least a bit of common sense, although he did make a Hello Kitty pumpkin so we may not be able to give him too much credit) from last year.

All these readers (and anyone else that decides to join them) should have to keep the Hello Kitty pumpkins for the entire year and watch as they decompose into the true character of the evil feline…

Update: I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that after writing this, more Hello Kitty fanatics would send me photos of their Hello Kitty ‘o lanterns as well:

Hello Kitty pumpkin

From Jennifer…

Hello Kitty pumpkin

From Sandra…

Hello Kitty carved pumpkin

From natalie…

Hello Kitty carved pumpkin

From natalie…

Hello Kitty pumpkin

From Nicole…

21 thoughts on “Pumpkin Carving

  1. lol, of course darlene will say “they are beautiful and sweet and convey the love that hello kitty gives to all. we should all bow down at these fine examples of occultish feline mysteria!”

    lol and HKH, no hard feelings about my last comment. i was mostly joking roflmao!

  2. Ah! My little kitty is so cute! I’m glad she’s on the website!

    The pumkin is rotted already. I put it outside so I don’t have to think about it.

  3. Pumpkins are supposed to ward off evil spirits on All Hallow’s Eve.

    …Isn’t a Kitty pumpkin just going to _attract_ them?

  4. Now you are the one being completely ridiculous. These people made Hello Kitty pumpkins for themselves and it had nothing to do with you. You don’t have to look at them and they did not make them to torture you in any way. Why should it matter to you in the least bit? You are stretching for reasons to hate Hello Kitty now.

  5. I don’t think Darlene understands that the mere presence of Hello Kitty on virtually all products, perishable and nonperishable, give HKH a head ache. He just expresses his overwhelming need to release such grievances through this blog, which is ultimately very awesome for us readers, HK fans or not.

  6. LoL, Darlene understands nothing, Zararocs. Nothing except crack. Screw freedom of speech, she has to lead the Hello Kitty War we weren’t aware existed! She shant rest until everyone worships the brain-washing Kitty-chan! She is deaf to all words that are not telepathically sent to her mind by the mouthless Kitty-sama! Feel free to visit my blog and join other ***holes like us! ;D

    Let’s all give our host Mr. HKH a round of applause for an entertaining blog & his sense of humor and saint-like tolerance for the leader of the Hello Kitty Movement!

    Good work, sir. You brighten up all of our days! (Even Darlene who doesn’t know how important you are in even her life XD)

  7. I love them!

    Not as cute as my neighbors Pumpkins from last year!

    I took pictures of their hello kitty Hallowen pumpkins but I think the pictures got lost when my parent’s computer busted.

    Now I cannot wait till Christmas! My mom has a TON of Hello Kitty Decorations for the whole house! <3

    She made my sister and I wreaths as well we have Hello kitty ornaments and a Hello kitty Doll in a Santa costume.

    You would dislike my home greatly on a normal basis.. but once Christmas comes.. its Hello Kitty-Fied.

  8. Absinth, pardon my beating my Hallowe’en drum almost as loudly as Darlene beats her Kitty drum, but carving pumpkins really isn’t that much work. When they’re ripe, they’re pretty much hollow inside, kind of like a fresh loofah squash, if you’re familiar with that species. Once you cut a little lid out of the top and scoop out the seeds and goop, you’ve got a lovely orange shell about 2cm thick. It’s soft enough to be cut with a paring knife, and firm enough to hold its shape for a few days. I think that’s why we carve pumpkins in the states, rather than the original Irish turnip; to make a lantern out of a turnip, you’d have to bore out the centre, which is just as hard as the rest of the vegetable.

  9. Well, brace yourself! 2008 Halloween is coming soon 😉 I was actually planning to make a hello kitty carving so I searched online to see if someone has already started the tradition. I friend of mine in Japan right now is a total HK fan and I am making one for her.

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