Hello Kitty Underwear

While I find everything Hello Kitty disturbing, there are some things that turn up the disturbed barometer a bit more than others. I’m still having trouble figuring out if this Hello Kitty underwear that Sanrio is producing in multiple patterns is for boys or girls:

Hello Kitty underwear

Hello Kitty underwear

In either case, they are just plain wrong. And a closer look tells you just how wrong they are. What exactly is Hello Kitty trying to sell here?

Hello Kitty underwear

Yes, you read that correctly. This is Hello Kitty kid’s underwear with “Juicy and Sweet” right across the crotch and the question “Want a bite?” directly above. I’m not too sure how appropriate that is for adult underwear, let alone children’s. Then again, it doesn’t seem like Sanrio is having much of a problem selling adult themed products masquerading as something else these days…

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  1. You are the one that is totally disturbed. I can’t believe you are trying to make this into something it isn’t just to make your blog popular. “Juicy and Sweet” and “Want a bite?” refer to Hello Kitty’s love of apples. Everyone knows that. You are trying to cause trouble where no trouble exists and it is one more reason your blog will never be popular. If anyone is a sicko here, it’s you for thinking those thoughts when nobody else ever would.

  2. “Hello Kitty. Want a bite? Juicy and Sweet” lol – those are so in an adult film within a month. Anyone want to take bets?

  3. Darlene gets it more spectacularly wrong than ever! I, for one, neither knew nor cared about HK’s tastes in food.
    Oh and as a matter of genuine cat physiology, even the ones with mouths, can not eat hard fruit due to the shape of their teeth. Even if they could, they could not have apples as their favourite food, since fruit doesn’t contain Taurine, which cats, like all other true carnivores, need in order to live.

  4. Japan’s sexuality is as odd as it’s taste in Hello Kitty. In the 80’s and 90’s schoolgirls would “flash” salarymen ( businessmen) their undies. Compensated dating ( teens being paid to go and dates to buy fashions with the money) was only recently declared illegal.

    Love hotels (with hourly rates), are only part of the scene. Salarymen molesting girls was so common, the trains had to be segregated!

    I think Benny is right. These are destined for adult films very quickly.

  5. Ummm yeah. Hello Kitty, with her undue insistence on sweetness and light, is turning into a fictional analogue of that real-life proponent of sweetness and light, Michael Jackson. I gotta tell you, when someone goes around insisting that all is happy and wonderful and beautiful all the time, there is something R-O-N-G *wrong* with that person’s psyche.

  6. As I posted before, I’m telling you that those are for boys. See the clear “openning” in front. I don’t understand why they are not producing Hello Kitty Underwears for girls. Imagine some girls, who are Hello Kitty fanatics, wearing Boy’s underwear on their will or forced by their mother. That’s wrong, very wrong.

  7. Actually, YAA, I understand that there’s a fad for girls’ underwear with fake “flies” at present. I don’t know why, I’m just reporting what I saw at Target. However, I think it would be less wrong for girls to wear HK underoos, with or without flies, than it would be for boys to wear them. I don’t like to imagine the vicious fate awaiting any lad who shucked down to these in the locker room.

  8. Mr HelloKittyHell, you made the most surprising entry I’ve ever read… and on my birthday!! I’m honoured… lol… Do you wish happy birthdays to your readers? ๐Ÿ˜›

    I think those undies are for girls, because there is a trend to make girls underwear look like it’s for boys, and no boy would wear chocolate undies with pink kitties… I think!!

  9. ‘because there is a trend to make girls underwear look like itโ€™s for boys’ – in the name of all that is decent, WHY? Boxers for females I recall some years ago – but they didn’t open at the front!
    I like some things with HK on, I’ve seen HK underwear I like but these are hideous! Maybe they’re for students to stick on their heads at drunken parties?
    PS Thank goodness HK doesn’t have a penchant for cherries…

  10. those are for girls. i have seen them here in hawaii (which is like american japan) and they are always in the girls sections of stores. i have no idea what is up with the “boys” underwear for girls trend, buy victoria’s secret is also carrying women’s underwear that looks like boy’s briefs. frankly disturbing.

    darlene. oy.

  11. I own several pairs of underwear that look like ‘boys’ with the fake fly. But it’s sewn shut….don’t let the molester’s in!

    In any case, they probably are for girls. I own bunches of hello kitty underwear, though I still consider myself not a fanatic. They’re just cute!

  12. I think they are super adorable….and I want some….can anybody post the website where i can make my boyfriend purchase some for me…..please. They are so CUTE!!

  13. I am of a split opinion.
    In England girls ie little girls .. have worn “male” type Y fronts as we call them for years its only when they are “older” that they get to have different less cute stuff .. which is purely a woman thing and part of the secret doctrine of female occult
    HOWEVER ..I do think people are reading into this a bit too much. Juicy and sweet + want a bite .. SHOULD NOT appear ANYWHERE on childrens underwear.

    Is there a HK taser ? Id buy it for my mom .

  14. They are for girls. I have a few fly fronts and they are realy comfortable. I would wear those.

    I think its up to the wearer to decide whether the reference to “juicy and sweet” and “want a bite” refers to apples or something else.

    Its definately not for child molesters, adult film makers and the like to decide.

    Who is to say that wearing cute and sweet underwear is to attract molesters and others with less innocent intentions?

  15. I’ve been enjoying your blog for quite some time and I have introduced your blog to many other people who finds the same very interesting…

    This Kitty product is truly disturbing I must say… Can’t believe no one in the entire process of production didn’t spot this.

  16. “Anyone else looking at the black panties just below โ€œjuicyโ€ think that mushroom looks like a limp dick?”

    yeah it does – and disturbingly, it seems to crop up in other hello kitty merchandising:

  17. I’m wicked bummed that those only come in children’s sizes. I’m small, but I’m not that small. If those came in women’s, I’d wear the hell out of them.

  18. Yes, these are not news to HK fans, this particular type of underwear is called the “boy’s cut” and these are female underwear. In fact, I don’t understand why anyone is making such a big deal about these, they are cartoonish, yes, but trust me, I have come across many a pair of Hello Kitty underwear and many of them are very adult, such as Hello Kitty thongs. I have no comment on whether or no I own them, but anyone who has seen these would clearly have something to really talk about!

  19. Why are people so worked up about these? if Hello Kitty is a sex icon, it’s not our problem. kids won’t be flashing them at anyone, since it’s considered gross in 10-17 year olds.

    If you’re concerned about your kids wearing them, just tell them they aren’t allowed to wear them anymore, if they ask why, ask them if they want a 40 year old guy sticking their thing in them . i don’t find them very disturbing. :s The Juicy and sweet thing is probably a trademark sort of thing. it doesn’t hint to pornograpphy(guys it’s JAPANESE).

  20. I agree with darlene. i DO like apples, and there was probably no space for Sanrio to put the apple on(considering how cluttered with pictures of me those undies are) . if you’re going against me, why not try and be more logical?

  21. I have been wearing HK boyshorts for couple years now. They are super comfortable compare with Victoria’s Secret’s cotton panties. I love them so much, I have more than 30 of them. Besides the panties, all my pj are HK.

  22. ALL OF YOU THAT THINK THIS IS FILTHY OR WRONG ARE THE REAL DIRTY MINDED ONES! And I think being dirty minded is cool so I’m not judging you. The only pair with what could be considered a sexual inuendo are the ones that say, “Want a bite? Juicy and Sweet,” and if you think that is a sexual inuendo, you are wrong. Definitely wrong! During oral sex the woman’s vagina is licked and or kissed NEVER bitten! So I agree that it refers to apples – and to those that say, “Cat’s don’t eat apples,” I say Hello Kitty is not a real cat!

    As far as these being for boys, boys don’t wear pink because people like you in society will judge them for it and call them WRONG for doing so. If they are hidden under clothing, I see nothing wrong with these being worn by children since their parents will probably be the only ones who will see them.

    Thank you for your time, this is just my opinion, my respect to all of you readers and bloggers.


  23. Cute. I have hello kitty panties but they’re way sexier than those. And wow darlene… wow… when you see the words “wanna take a bite?” on someone’s crotch you think of hello kitty’s love of apples? I sure don’t

  24. Umm…hate to break it to you Cesar, but “Wanna take a bite?” Sounds a lot like “Wanna eat me out?” When you bite into food, you automatically eat it, so bite and eat are the same words…

    “Juicy and Sweet” definately refers to the female um…white stuff

  25. lol! I bought some Hello Kitty underpants for my 3 year old daughter and found EXACTLY the same thing written on the front. That was really disturbing!! They went straight into the non-Hello Kitty rubbish bin.

  26. my hello kitty underwear is no where near this its normal with her face on the side but this BURN MY EYES WHO WOULD BE STUPID ENOUPH TO WEAR THIS CRAP

  27. I dont see the big deal about all this. Maybe I’m just more accepting than most, but i have 2 boys age 13 and 15 who wear these exact underwear. I thought it was odd at first, I’ll admit, but who am i to judge what they want to wear for underwear? I just try to be supportive and if they like that particular outfit selection than I wont be all freaked out and make them feel bad for their choices.

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