Hello Kitty Airport

If you are a non Hello Kitty fanatic, you probably can’t conceive of anything worse than flying on a Hello Kitty airplane for the holidays, but when it comes to the Hell that Hello Kitty places all Hello Kitty fanatic partners into, a Hello Kitty airplane would never suffice. If you’re going to go to the trouble of building a Hello Kitty airplane, you might as well also build a Hello Kitty airport:

Hello Kitty airport

Hello Kitty airport

Hello Kitty airport

Hello Kitty airport

Hello Kitty airport

While my wife thinks that this is the greatest idea in the world and now wants to travel on the Hello Kitty airplane even more, this is the type of thing that places the last straw on the camel’s back before breaking it. It would not surprise me in the least bit if they have to provide numerous Hello Kitty barf bags to all the Hello Kitty fanatic partners who are forced to suffer through this.

While I don’t normally support terrorist actions, if a group decided to take over this airport and bomb the building, I think they would be doing a service to mankind and receive the support of millions of people for whatever cause they may have. Since this is unlikely to happen, and since at some point I’m going to be forced to endure this torture, if you happen to see some guy continually barfing into a Hello Kitty barf bag in a corner attempting to shield himself of all the horror surrounding him, feel free to give your sympathy (while bringing some extra barf bags) to someone living in Hello Kitty Hell — it just might be me…

Sent in by Kitty Baby, who should have to live in that airport for the rest of her life for even thinking for a moment it would be a good idea to send me these photos…

27 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Airport

  1. It is actually very cute……. I’ve had the chance of boarding through that gate before and thought it was pretty cute. There is a playground aread for the kids and shopping area for kitty lovers.

    Sorry HKH…….

  2. Your comments make me want to barf and the only thing that terrorists need to do is find you. This is a wonderful place that the airport designed so that kids and parents alike could relax before their flight. All airports should be doing this so that the passengers all feel much more relaxed before going on trips.

    Your complete lack of civility and constant negativity is growing old very quickly. Don’t you have anything positive to say at all? Why can’t you just admit that Hello Kitty brings some joy and happiness to your life? Or are you afraid that admitting the truth will threaten your manhood?

    You say that Hello Kitty fans whine, but the truth is that you are the biggest whiner of them all. Nothing ever satisfies you. You could learn a lot from Hello Kitty if you’d stop being so close minded and negative.

  3. I like hello kitty and all but that is way over the line of sanity.
    I guess if you have children this could be fun for them but torture for the parents none the less. The only people, other than fanatics that would even think for a second about using this service would be children, hopefully they’d put grow it very soon.

  4. That would be awsome to use!

    It not only would keep my sister entertained but me as well.. I would have a field day taking pictures and enjoying all the hello kitty ness of it <3333

    My dad would probably be barfing in the building before getting on the plane xD

  5. darlene:
    “Your comments make me want to barf and the only thing that terrorists need to do is find you.”

    Isn’t that just the Hello Kitty spirit? I’m sure she’d be so proud.

  6. I somehow doubt millions of people would support a terrorist act on an airport, no matter if Hello Kitty was all over the place… that’s just… sick… I’d never want people to get hurt just to destroy an icon, even if it was something I really hated.

  7. I can put up with a Hello Kitty CD player that doesn’t play CDs that well but a Hello Kitty Areoplane??

    Not something that i would place my life with! Cute, but no thanks.

  8. I actually boarded through there…it’s in Taipei international airport.

    Haha…while it was fun for females and HK fans, you can see the glum expression of all the fathers and brothers sitting in a corner trying to rid their eyes of the pink-ness that is Hello Kitty.

  9. It’s actually surreal. Hm, the Turner Prize (modern art) was recently won by an artist whose work included him in a bear-suit wandering around a gallery. I feel that wandering around this airport looking v puzzled could be a work of art.

    Gotta admit, I am wondering what special HK stuff could be found in these shops. Ow, head hurts.

  10. Chances are, the barfbags will be Hello Kitty themed as well. Better to just vomit on the floor and walls to cover as much of the Hello Kitty theme as possible.

  11. “I somehow doubt millions of people would support a terrorist act on an airport, no matter if Hello Kitty was all over the place”

    if we are dreaming about it, i would call to the airport first so the people can escape from that place, after that, they can explode it or whathever they want to.

    no one would support a terrorist act but, this site’s owner put a smile on my face with that comment, they are just thoughts not acts.

  12. hey there! can you imagine a hello kitty hater actually knows more of hello kitty than a lover?? *giggle* i went to taipei just for this. seriously. that and hello kitty sweets (cafe). your ‘hating’ site proves to be most useful in updating myself *giggle* super site… big loves..! *bisou*

  13. Holy Sh*t this is awesome!!!!!!!!! All HK fanatics we should start a yearly voyage to this place. And the heavenly music should play when you step through the doors lol

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