Hello Kitty Edible Fruit Bouquet

Just one more indication that Hello Kitty fans can’t leave even a bad idea alone. I was already cringing at the Hello Kitty flower bouquets, but there was no way that the evil feline would stop at that. Instead, she morphed the bouquet from flowers to fruit creating a Hello Kitty edible fruit bouquet:

Hello Kitty fruit bouquet

Yes, those are Hello Kitty pineapple shapes which again takes another bad idea (Hello Kitty Fruit) and takes it to another level by making it into the evil feline’s image. I’m sure if one of these ever arrives at our house, I will have to weigh whether it’s simply better to trash it immediately or first violently bite Hello Kitty’s head off, both of which would likely relegate me to the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag for a long period of time.

Even worse, it all comes in a keepsake tin so that you have to remember the horrifying experience every time I see it (there is something about these keepsakes that Hello Kitty fanatics absolutely love which of course only deepens the Hello Kitty Hell pit).

Of course, my wife loves it and thinks that it’s a brilliant idea. “Who wouldn’t want to receive a fruit basket filled with Hello Kitty?” which pretty much means I’m going to have to face this monstrosity at some point in the future. Just one more thing to look forward to in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Mike who should have to eat all his food in the shape of Hello Kitty for even having the notion that sending this to me would be a good idea…

Update: Worse than these actually existing is that some people think it’s a good idea to purchase them and give as a gift:

Hello Kitty fruit bouquet

Hello Kitty pineapple

Sent in by Caitlin

54 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Edible Fruit Bouquet

  1. yeah, he’s stupid. I send him photos all the time and he never bothers to post them or even to write back thanking me for sending them to him. And when I write to him asking why he won’t put them up, he won’t even answer those emails. He discriminates on the photos he uses and ignores some people.

  2. oh steve and kty….it’s all in the fun and spirit of the blog…aren’t there more important things in life to get angry about?
    this blog is comedic and fun really….
    and now to this post.
    I like fruit, but really- this is NOT a good way to get your hubby/boyfriend to eat healthy…

    I just had a mental image of a star wars fruit bouquet. weird 0_0.

  3. It’s not fair. Why does he use other people’s photos, but not mine? I spend a lot of time looking for them and then he just ignores me. No thank you or email.

    He should be thankful that I spend the time looking so he doesn’t have to, but all he does is ignore and then wish punishment on those that help him. That makes him stupid.

  4. Hello Kitty fruit..

    There are no words, and I can’t tell if I’m horrified, or if I want to squeal in that fangirlish fashion that would get me shunned from your forums, or possibly shot with that HK assault rifle. xD;

    Kty, it is his blog and his choice of what to use. He didn’t ask you to waste so much time finding them when hes perfectly capable of doing it himself as you can see.

  5. I know he didn’t ask, but that doesn’t give him the right to ignore me and not thank me. That is common courtesy. All he does is spend his entire day working on this blog so he should have the time to send an email telling me thank you for the help.

    He doesn’t do any of the work himself. He’s lazy. He uses photos from people who send him things and then he wishes punishment on them. He’s lazy and ungrateful.

    My photos are as good or better than the ones he posts. It doesn’t make sense except that he discriminates.

  6. @kty

    Haven’t you ever heard of playing hard to get? LOL Just stop sending him the photos and maybe he’ll miss you so much that he will use a photo from you.

    You could also write your own blog instead of being lazy. Spending all that time and effort just for him to acknowledge or thank you seems kinda silly. Give his blog some competition if it bothers you this much.

  7. I don’t like Hello Kitty, but shaping the pineapples in hello kitties image is pretty clever. I would love to receive this, pineapple is tasty! 😛

  8. kty seriously relax, he dosnt spend his whole day on his blog, say like perez hilton. He has a diffrent job this blog is just a side thing he decided to start for fun, to explain to people, and not get judged or critized like his wife does, (err well other than darlene and some other HK fanatics but there always fun to make fun of :)) and maybe these thing you send in hes seen before or just isnt that shocking to him to really care because he has started to become used to little things, stop being so pesstimistic and thinking highly of yourself and just come down from that dream cloud from yours.

    Oh and with the fruit thats just plain weird. But if you do get it enjoy eating the evil felines head, or if your wife insists it stays entact, enjoy watching it rot and getting the joy of throwing it out x]

  9. Lmao kty, get a life. He’s not going to use every image he receives, especially if it’s something that’s not really surprising at all to find Hello Kittyfied. If it bothers you so much then just buzz off and quit sending him things. I doubt he’d care. (Besides that, uh, way to make assumptions, saying all he does is work on this blog.) Did you miss the whole point of this blog? You know, humor? Maybe you go search for some of that since *you* apparently have enough free time to spend all your time searching for pointless things.

    Flaming aside. I’m surprised no one has pointed out that at least you can’t reasonably keep the fruit forever. It had to be eaten at some point, after all. If you take a bite out of Hello Kitty’s head then just assure your wife that you wanted to appreciate the best part of Hello Kitty first (since it is her head that is most recognizable and most used, therefore…)

  10. All I’m trying to say is that he should appreciate his readers more and that means taking time to say thank you when someone sends a email with photos to him. He should also explain why he uses some photos and why he refuses to use others. If he’d explain, then I could find some that he’d use, but he doesn’t even care. It’s like he doesn’t care if we send photos to make his life easier.

    Think about how much harder he would have to work if everyone didn’t send him photos. And think how much less interesting the blog would be. He owes me an apology for not being considerate and to everyone else that has helped him as well.

  11. Kty- he dosen’t want you to send him pics which is why he wishes punishment on those who send him pics he uses. What are you like Darlene’s sister or something?

    Why would a person go through all the trouble of making their food look like hk? They’re just going to eat it anyway.

  12. I can’t believe I found one of these at my local Asian market. Thanks to this photo at least I managed to hide away and not allow my friends to buy one. Thanks to this warning I stayed away from kitty cannibalism. For now.

  13. The fruit bouquet is bizarre, and fruit shaped like HK is just disturbing. Although, biting HK’s head righ off could be fun…

    And Kty, shush! If you don’t like how HKH runs his blog, then don’t go to said blog. But sitting here bitching about it isn’t going to accomplish anything! Seriously, are you related to Darlene or something?

  14. Did you not notice there is a disclaimer specifically asking people not to send him things, kty? I don’t think he wants the kind of help you are trying to give him.
    I wonder how much fruitage was wasted cutting all the bits into littler bits that look like stuff/semblances of a cat. Although as far as kitty stuff goes, this isnt half as creepy as some of the other stuff that’s on here….

  15. @kty

    *points and laughs*


    That was my first thought as well, at least this is not a keeper, unless you go out of your way and treat it with formaldehyde before encaseing it in some sort of clear resin. Thoug I do not doubt an HK addict would want this done I sotra doubt most have the abitily to do so.

  16. He doesn’t say not to send him photos. He says not to ask where you can get things. If he doesn’t want photos sent, then he should say so. And if he doesn’t say so, then he should be courteous when people do send photos. That’s common courtesy.

    I know it’s his blog, but we are the ones that are doing all the work for him. Even if he didn’t ask us to, we are and he should thank us for that. And when he doesn’t use my photos or email me back to thank me, he makes me feel bad. Like I went to all this effort for nothing. So I do all the work, he is lazy and does nothing and then doesn’t even say thank you when he’s done nothing. And then he doesn’t even use my hard work. Why can’t you all see that all I want is a thank you for my effort. That’s not much to ask for.

  17. I would consider this the ultimate in weight loss products. It will either make you toss your cookies or make you loose your appetite. Either way – weight loss.

  18. Kty – i thank you for all your hard work at trying to help this blog, there feel better. Now shut up!!!! And quit trying to help the blog!

  19. Georga – agreed. Its a great weight loss tool for men and women. Women would be motivated to eat fruit all the time for it’s “cuteness” and men would be bulimic involuntarily. Everyone wins! YAY!

  20. Not that I’m irate at his mannerisms. I love the blog, I love Hello Kitty. I just think the ‘thank you’ is a little counter-productive…and overused. Sure it was funny the first time, but you should just have a disclaimer on the front page that says “WARNING: If you, for some reason, find it in your heart to send me Hello Kitty things that I can then use to update my blog, then you deserve to burn in hell.” It’d save you a lot of typing.

    In other news: I’D eat that.

  21. Wow! That is soooo cute! But i couldn’t bring myself to eat it, then it would be gone, and no more Hello Kitty pineapple heads to look at….on the other hand, i have Hello Kitty jelly molds and Hello Kitty rice molds, they make jelly or rice into the shape of Hello Kitty’s head and i can make it over and over and over…it’s cheaper and easier than buying the bouquet!

  22. kty, between the RSS feed and the email readers, there are almost 3000 people reading this blog and a lot of them are sending in photos. How much time is he supposed to spend thanking everyone?

  23. hahaha. I told you it would happen. People are catching on that you are mean and that you don’t respect us. I warned you this would happen. It serves you right.

  24. Doesn’t this just lead to all the fruit drying out, and becoming inedible pretty quickly? Oh, wait, this is HKH, where marketting is more important than health or practicality! 😉

  25. i think this is great! i purposely left this page up so my fiance could see the fruit bouquet and get the hint that i really want it. cos not only is it cute, but it’s GOOD FOR YOU! it’s FRUIT! and it’s a proven fact that making food into cute objects makes people want to eat them more. i mean, i am of the opinion that the Hello Kitty waffles are the best waffles i’ve ever tasted. so i’m pretty sure that those pineapples will be like the pineapples of heaven to me.

    must find where to get it! (no worries, HKH, i know you don’t give out that info. i shall find it myself!).

  26. Kty, your searching and sending was of your own volition nobody asked you or owes you anything for it.

    Your expectation to receive a thank-you for something you chose to do is very pathetic.

  27. I love this blog. This guy is funny as Hell and no way should he have to send out thank you emails regardless of what was sent to him. What is missing from someone’s life that they spend endless hours searching for pictures to sumit to someone else is never going to use? I would get the idea that he doesn’t want that kind of help after the first time pictures weren’t used. Seems to me the wacko filter is working just fine for him. Stop sending pictures. It is that simple. You really think whining about it is going to get you a thank you or aknowledgement? I would feel dirty and have to us HK soap if I got a thank you email after carrying on how you are K.
    About the fruit. That is funny and disturbing. At what point do the HK people step back and rethink some if their ideas? I would eat the heads first for sure. 🙂

  28. I’m way behind the times here, but this looks like a signature “Edible Arrangements” fruit basket modified to be HK. I have received a couple almost identical baskets from this company.

  29. I saw this at Edible Arrangements a while back. I find it quite amusing. I personally think you’ll find that Hawaii is another Hello Kitty Hell. There’s a whole bunch of “Hawaii” Kitty stuff (Cookies, dolls, lip balm, etc…) which looks like Hello Kitty recently got cancer (She’s toasty brown).

  30. this isn’t as bad as i imagined. i thought the entire thing would be set-up to resemble hello kitty’s head. i’m sorry if i just gave someone an idea.

  31. @darlene
    geez, u just don’t get it. u can’t take a joke can u? mr.hkh’s blog may not be all for hk, but it’s entertaining and i like it. not everyone in the world loves hk, just like how not everyone loves elmo. and i don’t say this as a man who as u say “can’t take hk” but as a girl. so chill.
    i understand you want mr. hkh to send u a thanku. but really, its like sending fan mail and hoping for one of those generic preprinted i luv your mail letters. and im supposing a lot of people send mr. hkh mail, so perhaps he doesn’t have the time to send out personal thank you notes to each one. and actually he does acknowledge the pics he posts on his site. and when he says stuff like “u should have to eat all your food in the shape of hk…” it’s a joke. it’s funny. i truly do not believe mr. hkh wishes to deeply insult any of his readers.

    so people- loosen up ok! stop taking stuff so seriously. geez. this is a funny site. relax.

  32. Really, I came upon this by mistake and think that it’s time for some people to get a life. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it evil or horrible. I’m sure there are things that you find agreeable that would make me cringe but that your prerogative… so really, lets be mature and move on.

  33. I think kty missed the underlying point of him naming the blog Hello Kitty HELL. The man’s not gonna jump for joy and thank people who send him stuff, especially if it gives the Mrs. more ideas of things to pack into their chronically over kittified house.

    & I’d eat that bouquet just for the self satisfying feeling of having destroyed her wretched visage 😛

  34. I received one for valentine’s day but the store ran out of the keepsake tin =(

    It was strange eating hello kitty pineapple heads though.

  35. i cant actually see that evil grimace in your wife’s face while saying how cute the item is, and how great a present this is…XD

  36. @kty Woooooow. Okay I am a super huge Hello Kitty fan ( no joke I own a costume, my room is decked out, and my voice mail is her) but come on! This man HATES Hello Kitty and is doing this to release some anger about the ‘hell’ he is stuck in. People send him photos as a JOKE. It is not really to help the blog, but just because it is funny. TONS of people send him photos daily. I am sure he has a life outside of this blog thus he would not have time to message us all. I send him pictures all the time just because I get enjoyment out of it. I dont expect him to use each and every one (though I have appeared a few times 😉 ). You need to chill out or find a new blog to read.

    @Darlene You my dear give Hello Kitty fans a bad reputation. Your flippin insane I swear.

  37. I think he is only promoting hello kitty more. I have a idea for my new house thanks to his blog on the hello kitty house thing xD! THANK YOU PERSON WHO MADE THESE BLOGS! I now know the renovation Idea I am going to do. The Hello Kitty Dream Home..2 xD If you see one in japan it is me..come visit! ROFLMAO

  38. OMG…ROFLMAO!!!!!! My mom actually bought one of these arrangements for my best friends 2 months ago as a “Thank you” gift!! It was ADORABLE! And delicious. And healthy!! I LOVE HELLO KITTY!!!! And I would totally eat one of these…. 😀 Mmmmm! Hello Kitty. It’s what’s for dinner…

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