Hello Kitty Dog Blanket

There are few things worse than being the significant other of a Hello Kitty fanatic, but one possible exception may be being the pet of a Hello Kitty fanatic. This is especially true if you happen to be a canine. While it would seem that nothing could be more humiliating for a dog than to be forced to wear a Hello Kitty head or being tattooed with Hello Kitty, being dressed up in a Hello Kitty blanket certainly is up there in the running:

Hello Kitty dog blanket

Hello Kitty dog blanket

Obviously, most people look at this and think “wtf are you doing to that poor thing!?!” If, however, you show this to your significant other and instead get the reaction, “ahhhhhh, that is the cutest thing ever! That person must love their dog so much” then you must realize that you have nothing to look forward to in life but a constant barrage of Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by greta (via Elevated who should have to wear that blanket around for the rest of her life for believing that these photos are “soooo cute” and that sending me these photos would be a good idea in any way, shape or form…

34 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Dog Blanket

  1. I don’t know about you, but if I was that dog, I would be trying to escape from that death trap of a blanket. I’d be chewing, ripping and peeing all over that thing, then dragging it outside and burying it in a 10 foot deep hole.

  2. My aunt actually made me one of those blankets, and I frequently try to wrap my cat up in it…needless to say, she wants nothing to do with being wrapped in a HK blanket, or me most of the time…LOL

  3. Yeah, like you said Mr. HKH, no wonder pets bite!
    I wouldn’t do that to my cats or my dog!
    What’s worse is, it’s probably a boy and he’s like:
    ‘WTF here people???-wait ’til I get outta this and I’ll pee in every one of your freaggin shoes!’
    My cat has taken over my blanket like this, it’s HER bedding, and I am no longer allowed to touch it, ever.
    She really just likes fleece.

  4. Why do you have to be so judgemental when everyone can see that this dog is well loved for and staying warm even when it’s cold outside? Besides, the dog loves it. You don’t see him struggling with it. He is calm and enjoying the warmth that Hello Kitty brings. Maybe if you learned to do the same, you’d be a lot happier.

  5. Darlene adds dogs to the list of “things I don’t actually know anything about”! 😉

    Seriously lass, dogs are very accepting and tolerant creatures. All it cares about is that it’s warm, and, being colour-blind, it doesn’t know about the Pepto-Bismol colour!

  6. YUCK! AWFUL!!!! ok my dog would have that thing ripped to shreds in about a minute. Never mind the fact that the poor dog is almost straight jacketed into the thing.

  7. True, true ladies, dogs are really chill, some cats too…I used to dress my cat up my Cabbage Patch doll clothes… but none of them were decorated in HK 😉
    the look oh his one-eye-having-face just sceams ‘please, somebody help me…’But then again I could be wrong, he could just love being trapped in a overly warm blanket for long periods of time… he might be in Doggie bliss…

  8. I agree with Courtney. Not only does the poor dog only have one eye, but he/she must also be tortured with that – blanket? Sock? Felt Burrito? What IS that thing, anyway? At least the dog could get out of a blanket. Maybe the dog is fortunate to have only one eye after all – less HK to see……

  9. As much as i love Hello Kitty i can see by the look on that dog’s face that he’s very sad! The poor thing…i think the fact that he’s wrapped up is causing his sadness though. My dog hated being wrapped up in anything like even a doggy jacket for warmth, and she made a face that was very similar.

    Darlene, you have no idea what you’re talking about! Just look at the expression on that dogs face, he doesn’t look happy at all.

  10. Poor dog! Most dogs that I know (all of them, coming to think about it) prefers to, when they feel cold or cuddly, to find a blanket By Themselves! They find somewhere nice and cosy, they lay down for as long as they want to, an they (listen closely, I will say this only once) Can Leave The Blanket ANYTIME They Like!

  11. In the second picture, the dog looks pretty stressed to be in that blanket… poor puppy… probably lost an eye trying to escape the first time his owner dressed him up in HK stuff.

  12. Oh, Suzanne I’m LMAO thinking about your comment- though there is nothing funny about a dog loosing an eye, it would make a good SNL spoof or something! 😉

  13. for once, im glad i just have horses…horses and fish. that way im glad i have a haven to run to when the outside world is overrun with hello kitty! just as soon as they make hello kitty saddles and fish food, im done for!
    and on a completely different note…
    who is this darlene person?

    1. how does she know what the weather was like?
    2. how does she know just by looking at the STILL picture, that the dog isn’t struggling…
    3. how does she know that the dog loves it?

    i’m just wondering how much of her life she has wasted commenting on every single one of these entries, thinking that hello kitty HELL is a devoted fan site and wondering why everyone is being so ‘negative’…

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