Hello Kitty Rubber Duck

It’s been well established that Hello Kitty can’t leave anything alone that may be popular that doesn’t have her on it. She co-opts anything and everything and turns what used to be something that could be enjoyed by all into a horrific example of everything that it wrong. Case in point — the Hello Kitty rubber duck:

Hello Kitty rubber duck

This Hello Kitty rubber duck simply terrifies me. One look at it and you’ll never be able to take a bath again (unless, of course, you are a Hello Kitty fanatic and therefore oblivious to the terror that a toy like this foretells). It typifies the toy in the bathtub that the cameras would focus on right before a mutant monster reached out through the bathtub drain to pull the woman under and drown her. Or what we’d see being splattered with blood as a knife wielding serial killer took care of business in the shower. Basically, it’s the toy that perfectly illustrates that there is something seriously wrong in the world and the result is going to be a horrific death — which pretty much sums up the world view of anyone living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by kay who deserves to have Hello Kitty rubber duck slasher nightmares for the rest of her life for thinking even a moment that sending me a photo of this could ever be a good idea…

36 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Rubber Duck

  1. It kinda looks like that evil clown in “It”.
    People shouldn’t Photoshop images with HK! It might give Sanrio some ideas that I really don’t wanna think about…

  2. I’m glad other people thought it looked Photoshopped. A real HK rubber duck would be all white anyways and have flowers printed all over it.

  3. OMG, I read the book ‘IT’ when I was like 10 and now clowns scare the crap out of me!!!!!
    They’re freaky man!

  4. That is so fake. I know where that toy is from. It’s from mcdonalds. I actually had it in my car…and those things on the bottom are bracelets and the top opens up like a jewelry box!

  5. I HOPE that this Hello Kitty rubberduck is photoshopped. If it’s real, I will in fact never be able to take a bath again. And I hope when I wake up tomorrow morning I’ll realize that this picture was only a nightmare…

  6. yeah i have that happy mean toy too! actually, i have every single hello kitty happy meal toy from the past 2 years! woo! and i wear the pink bracelet every day. 🙂

  7. It’s def. a photoshop. I have the base that it’s on. It was a toy being sold by McDonald’s a few years back with HK as a ballerina. The bands come off and can be used as bracelets and the stand itself opens up and is used as a little box.

  8. That has to be photoshoped cause it just doesn’t look real. Some people out there are really loosing their minds…

  9. Tilda i have the same one and it’s not bracelets it’s coits, you have to throw it over the Hello Kitty’s head, it’s a game.

  10. Whoever photoshopped this is scary of having such idea in mind; The person is scarier than the photo… can’t help wondering what else s/he did to HelloKitty with photoshop…

  11. That picture was photoshopped. The original toy was from Mc Donalds, I think. The one that had absolutely no purpose at all but for you to attempt to break off her head to get the rings inside. What were they, anyway?

  12. omg u can so tell that is photoshopped…i looked at it once and saw it was pohotoshopped, besides a hello kitty rubber duck would n cute, not ugly like that one

  13. Lol, that’s the stupidest photoshop ever. If you really loved your wife you wouldnt be complaining on this lame ass website blog. Get a life.

  14. They Just Pasted A Picture of A Duck Body And A Duck Beak And I Should Know Because I Have That Bracelet Toy! (well actually my sister does 🙂 )

  15. I know this is way to late, but NO! NONONONONO! Not the rubber ducky! I really could care less about HK, I instead enjoy rubber ducky’s (we have a couple of bathroom items and random rubber ducks but that it). This is terrible… I need to go cry.

    At least darleene didn’t comment, good god, she would say the rubber ducky (est. 1930’s) needed HK (1970’s) to become more popular!

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