Hello Kitty Nicotine Patches

It seems that on a past Simpson’s episode, Lisa quits smoking using Hello Kitty nicotine patches

Hello Kitty nicotine patches

The most frightening thing is that this isn’t even a stretch to see Sanrio actually making something like this. First they will introduce Hello Kitty cigarettes, get people addicted, then introduce the Hello Kitty nicotine patch so that they are part of the entire process. In fact, I have no doubt that there will be a day in the near future when all people are given their medication through Hello Kitty patches. You know that Sanrio is drooling over the prospect of Hello Kitty Ritalin patches for kids…

My wife thinks this is a great idea, but then again, she forces me to wear Hello Kitty band-aids, so anything like that appeals to her. I know that I will have hit rock bottom in Hello Kitty Hell when I have a complete mental breakdown and I’m given Hello Kitty patches in the mental hospital (while, of course, sporting my fashionable Hello Kitty straight jacket) to administer the drugs…

Sent in by VTPPGLVR who really should have to wear those patches filled with maximum amounts of nicotine as punishment for thinking that sending me this image could ever be a good idea…

28 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Nicotine Patches

  1. But Darlene will wear them like those stupid trendy birth control patches you see on tv. She is so dumb and delusional that even though it says “NICOTINE PATCHES” on the box, she will insist it’s a cute birth control device.

    Oh yeah, first.

  2. Has anyone else noticed that in the picture, Hello Kitty has a mouth? Surely that’s a precursor to the introduction of HK cigarettes…

  3. As soon as I saw that episode, I knew this scene would end up on here ^__^ Hello kitty has been on the Simpsons before, and she always has a mouth – it’s kinda funny.

  4. HK has a mouth is the Simpsons episodes so that Matt Groening can avoid getting his ass sued off 4 copyright infringement! Popular-culture clash!!!!

  5. woohoo! i’ve been visiting this site for less than a year and i got on here!!

    X-D o crud; Sanrio making HK Patches in response to HK CancerSticks? did NOT see that one coming…

    :will carry out her sentence with pride to have been acknowledged by the head Whipping Boy in HKH:

  6. I don’t think I’ve seen this episode. What happens in it?

    It was a pretty good episode. Marge wanted to be a ballerina when she was a kid and decided to try out again, and when she is rejected, she got Lisa to be one. Lisa starts smoking to stay thin/focused, and has to quit when her family finds out (HK patches). You also have Homer and Bart making jerkey in their basement…

  7. This one’s interesting. As sick and tired as I am of the Simpsons, the idea of “Hello Kitty Nocotine Patches” is probably a jab at the idea that Hello Kitty is commerciallised to a point that it spills over into things that are far more adult than the intended 6-12 year old audience (unless you’re some HK fanatic). eg. condoms, douche, Vibrator (kind of, it was originally a shoulder massager).

  8. @me: Actually, there are a couple of products Sanrio has out where she wears a flower instead of a bow, I think that’s where he got it…

    @Jesse: I think this is a few years old…not really sure, I catch it once in while, but really stopped watching after, oh, the 11th year…. 😉

  9. CS, that is precisely where I see this blog (and certainly where I personally before I started chatting with people am) as coming from.

  10. Ha, I’ll still watch the simpsons, if it’s new, and it’s right in front of me…I wont go to any effort, to watch it, but I’ll still watch it :p

  11. Hello Kitty also appears in the Simpsons in the World of Warcraft episode. Bart goes to his trophy room where he keeps all his heads and Marge has re-decorated it in Hello Kitty style (this is within the game.) I went to get a clip off youtube, but its been pulled. There’s a screen cap here:


    I can’t seem to just link the picture.

  12. Your wife forces you to wear the Hello Kitty bandages? o_O I am a HK obsessive, and although my husband wouldn’t mind, I don’t think I would force him to wear my HK band-aids…

    Although I do think nicotine patches would make them a little more fashionable to some people. I also think some pirate patches would be awesome too. Yarr!

  13. They already make Hello Kitty vibrators, no joke. I used to work at a place that sold them. And as much as I like HK, AND vibes, lol, i thought it was just wrong, and refused to buy one.

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