Hello Kitty Toothpaste

I know that it’s going to be a Hello Kitty Hellish week when my wife comes up to me with a huge smile on her face, her hands behind her back and asks me the dreaded question, “Guess what I have for you?” At that point I usually think that it would be a lot less painful to simply off myself at that very second, but somehow I manage to get a serene look on my face and ask back, “I have no idea, what is it dear?” (I think if they gave a reward for the person that could hide their true emotions, I would be in the running). Then, of course, I get presented with something like Hello Kitty toothpaste:

Hello Kitty toothpaste

Not only is it Hello Kitty toothpaste, it’s Princess Fruit Bubblegum toothpaste. I think I can already feel my teeth rotting…

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  1. Compared to the other HK stuff you’ve posted, this is pretty lame and uninteresting. We’ll need to find you better stuff =P

  2. this one time i got old HK bubble Gum , and it got stuck on the area where i had lost my tooth (i was like ten or something) it was grape too….. T_T and it taseted like medicine more then grape, my mom had to pull it out…..uck…

  3. Mehh.. I think after nearly 2 years Mr. HKhell you’ve run out of good things..
    This toothpaste has been around for a couple of years now.. known by the fact that I have young children and they like this.. when they aren’t wanting Spider-man toothpaste that is 😛

  4. ok, i admit it. this and the matching toothbrush are currently in my house. however, they belong to A 3 YEAR OLD!
    this stuff is not for grownups for pete’s sake!

  5. I was just thinking… it would be fun if your wife blogged also. A Point, counterpoint or he says, she says kind of thing.

  6. Oh, and all you complainers – this blog isn’t about what the great new Hello Kitty product on the market is. It’s about this poor guy’s journey through Hello Kitty Hell. When his wife brings him a tube of something made out of Hello Kitty, that’s a new day in Hello Kitty Hell. Stop being so materialistic – dang!

  7. HKH, throw the HK toothpaste away! A week or two in the sleeping bag will be worth not having this crap rot your teeth!

  8. While I am amazed at some of the crap they come up with that bares HK’s picture, I must say I have been subjecting my husband to taking a shower in our HK bathroom for over a year, now. Thank God for Target! We’ve got the shower curtain w/ matching hooks, bathmat, and a wide variety of HK tooth brushes. I’m the only one in the house that actually uses the tooth brushes though; I even have an electric one! Sadly, I haven’t come across the tooth paste! Steal it out of the bathroom and send it to me, I’d be happy to take it off your hands!

  9. This is the saddest thing ever. Hello Kitty fanatics complaining because a HKH guy posts something they have already seen. Just more proof that Hello Kitty fanatics are leeches and want everything handed to them on a silver platter.

  10. HK tooth paste? now that was kind of expected huh? I think I know how it taste, because almost every kiddie toothpaste have the yucky medicine strawberry flavour anyway.
    When I was a kid it was called Donald Duck toothpaste, I used to love it because it was pinkish-red and would eat it out of the tube, when they gave a face-lift to the product and labelled it “pingu toothpaste” I was in my 20’s and babysitting, the smell was anough to make me want not to brush my teeth.
    No self respected adult should be forced to brush their teeth with this really.

  11. oh i have this. the taste is pretty awful. the worst was when i grabbed up after using whitening strips on my teeth. the mint and the bubblegum just didn’t mesh together that well.

  12. Ahhhh…indeed…old news in the world of HK….our tube has been sitting in my 16 yr old’s bathroom for a couple of years.

    Yes it tastes HORRIBLE…me…an ADMITTED HK FREAK even agree’s with that, but alas we can’t bring ourselves to part with it because the cute kitty is on it!! Instead it collects dust and other muck sitting on the counter in my teen’s bathroom. But it does smell good and DOES NOT contain sugar, but does indeed have floride in it and made by some weird company called ZOOTH PASTE!! Soooo…I know if my kids were younger they’d probably being EATING it up!!

  13. Oh and as you can see on the website….your wife had he option of being you 2 other flavors of this stuff!!! YIPEE!! Oh and the many choices of toothbrushes too!!

  14. Oh and as you can see on the website….your wife has the option of bringing you 2 other flavors of this stuff!!! YIPEE!! Oh and the many choices of toothbrushes too!!

  15. Japanese kids toothpaste tastes gross. We got Anpanman toothpaste melon, and strawberry and they were vomit! Ugh…i def wouldn’t try this.

  16. IME, from many many moons ago, fruit-flavour toothpastes all taste gross. Ok, I can see the strong mints I use being too strong for kids, but even back when I was pre-school I preferred a mild mint flavour.

  17. I do not believe this claim “3D hand-sculpted designs with unsurpassed detail, helps bring the characters to life “. I’d believe that the masters were true sculpted designs, but a sculptor making each brush, no way!

  18. Why am I not shocked to hear that the same gross toothpaste that I used years ago is being Hello Kittifed? I honestly don’t get why it is still being made unless it is ridiculously cheap. Just glad it is toothpaste which you are supposed to spit out.

  19. if your wife is such a fanatic, why didn’t she buy the other kinds of hello kitty toothpaste as well???

  20. Your target didn’t have it? it’s on a lower shelf with the kids tooth brushes here.. heck I’d be willing to send you a tube.. but beware.. it tastes awful..

    and Gina not all of us mentioning that it’s ‘old news’ are HK fanatics. Yikes, nice ASSumption from ya there.

    Brien .. most people would have figured after it having been on the market and easily available in the US for so long. he’d have seen this by now. It’s actually kind of strange that his wife _didn’t_ notice this sooner.. her HK radar (or whatever they call it) must be broken somewhat.

    HK-hell should be happy, it means she’s having a harder time finding stuff. As seen by the slowing down in posting updates even. Though, I have to wonder how bad sleeping on the couch in the HK sleeping bag really is compared to having to sleep next to someone who couldn’t shush up about HK long enough to give the guy some.. lovin .. though.. he must get some pretty often or else I have no idea why he’s staying. 😛

  21. Yeah, I have the Zooth toothbrushes. I have the pink dragon and the pink cowgirl! I really don’t like the cowgirl one, though. So it just sits in my bathroom as decoration, and I brush my teeth with the dragon/kimono one. I had been using an electric one with HK on the base with the brush coming out of her head, but I saw the two pack of the Zooth brushes at CVS and had to have them. My brother-in-law has been staying with us, and had misplaced his tooth brush, but I couldn’t get him to brush with the cowgirl. I guess he would rather be riddled with plaque than brush his teeth with HK.

    If I ever came across the tooth paste, I don’t think I’d actually use it. I remember that nasty stuff from when I was a kid!

  22. They’ve been carrying this at the local store I go to since BEFORE I worked there, and I started October 15, 2000.
    I have since quit but still, that’s been out 8+ years and your wife just NOW finds it?!?!?!
    Oh and I’m sorry, I really am. Although, maybe this gives you incentive to buy your own toothpaste. Besides, wouldn’t it be “too cute to use.”
    On the other hand, you could squeeze from right where her head is, and pretend you’re strangling her.

  23. @Nicola
    Lol, so you know what I mean. I can’t go to a store without finding this.
    I love being an Ohioan, but I hate seeing Hello Kitty everywhere I look.

    Oh, and Mr. HKH, make sure your wife doesn’t go to Build-A-Bear, she can get stuffed animals dressed in HK stuff. Although, it’s better than when they actually had a make-your-own Hello Kitty. That was just creepy.

  24. i actually just got that last week with the tooth brush as a gift from my friends. it really isn’t that great tasting but since it’s HK i feel obligated to use it. it’s just weird to brush your teeth with bubblegum flavor instead of mint. i like my mouth to feel minty fresh afterwards not princess bubblegum.

  25. Actually, I have this toothpaste. And the electric toothbrush to match. It doesn’t really taste like anything but just a sweet taste.

  26. @MiSpoonIs2Big : GO BUCKEYES!!!!
    Ohioans ROCK!
    Speaking of Build-a-Bear, my friends got me a an HK Build-a-Bear for Christmas two years ago.. it’s actually an HK doll wearing an HK shirt with a mini pink HK shirt 🙂
    Too Awesome!

  27. @mhkitty
    Yes, GO BUCKEYES! Althought I live in a part of Ohio, where a lot of people like Michigan (yuck!) lol. And yes, OHIOANS ROCK, because we have Cedar Point!!

  28. And for those of us who’re mystified by:-
    1) How the USA has turned Rounders into a professional sport.
    2) Why the USA insists on wearing 100lb of body armour per man to play rugby? 😉

  29. Okay, note to self…..don’t make comments about Hello Hitty Build-A-Bear, because I went to my local mall yesterday, and guess what?! On May 30th, Build-A-Hello Kitty will be coming back with Island Kitty, Hello Kitty with a tan. You can dress her however you like, BUT the picture it shows her in has her wearing a “grass” skirt and a “coconut” bra top. It’s disturbing. KEEP YOUR WIFE AWAY!

  30. Lol when i showed my hello kitty crazed sister the toothpaste she found it disturbing she much rather prefer
    hello kitty candy..which still sucks because its still HK..but im not to amazed by seeing that ive seen it before

  31. i’ll admit that if my boyfriend got this for me i would be ecstatic, but seriously, i’m a girl… if i got this for my BOYFRIEND, i would fully expect to be sleeping somewhere else that night *lol* and who could blame him???? 🙂

  32. OMGSH! i have some of this toothpast =] for all who are woundering it does tast very good =] and the tooth past inside is pink =]

  33. Ew… *shudders*

    Thank goodness she won’t let you use it (Well.. I’m hoping she won’t let you use it, just like the toilet paper)

  34. OMG! i’m 14 and bought a tube of toothpaste like this exsept she was dressed as a snail! n i bought a normal toothbrush n she’s wearing a kimono and a mechanical toothbrush w/ her on top it so cute 🙂 lol

  35. I have Hello Kitty ‘Buzzing Bubblegum flavor’ toothpaste and it’s so awesome(: i almost got the toothbrush too but the head with the bristles and everything was too small, like toddler sized..:/ but i have the toothpaste!:]

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