Hello Kitty Water Fountain Statue

My wife now wants to fly to New York this summer. Take one guess why? It seems that Tom Sachs has put up some giant Hello Kitty and friend statues in New York for the summer including a 18,000 pounds, 21-foot-tall Hello Kitty and a Hello Kitty water fountain:

Hello Kitty statue New York

Hello Kitty water fountain

Hello Kitty crying

Someone really needs to “accidentally” pour a bunch of red dye into that water fountain so that it appears that blood is squirting from the evil feline’s eyes since that would be a much more realistic representation of what she represents. Ah, to dream…

Of course, my wife wanted to go and see this exhibition as soon as she heard about it, but especially after hearing the comments of the creator who said (make sure you haven’t just eaten because gag reflexes are sure to kick in) “Hello Kitty is universal. The purity makes her a great vehicle for understanding the truth in our lives.” Yep, I lost all my food when I heard that too which is a pretty typical occurrence when living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by K. F. (via fashionweekdaily) and Julie (via style) who should both be placed under these monstrosities for thinking for a second that sending these articles to me could ever be a good idea. (third photo credit to Noah Sussman)

40 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Water Fountain Statue

  1. The problem would be “Accidentally” dropping in enough red dye to make the water red, not pink. And I think it totally appropriate that the evil feline fountain looks like she’s made of cheap paper mache like some kind of pinata.

  2. Wow. Just wow.

    I can appreciate the mockery of pop culture, but at the same time I can’t help but think pretentious artist. It’s either or here. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s awesome to make money at what you love, but that’s just….wow.

    I kind of wonder if her 18K lb statue will topple over in the rain like cheap paper mache and kill a bunch of toddlers or something. I mean I hope it won’t happen, but it’s kind of one of those sinister foreboding thoughts I have at times, same time when I see Pikachu and Naruto…

  3. I will gladly volunteer to accidentally drop an asinine amount of red dye in that fountain. Ninja status might be revoked since I mentioned it here…. I have to agree about it looknig like cheap paper mache! Tacky is the name!

  4. P.S. Upon looking at the pictures again, I can’t decide what is worse. The fountain or that woman’s supposed to be dress.

  5. Shame my aunt no longer lives in NY or I would talk her into doing just that.

    I love most art but I can’t stand art that just reproduces pop icons for cash. Honestly, if I start seeing Hello Kitty at the Cleveland or Toledo art muesums, I will scream!

  6. I was about to ask if they had been kidding, why make it look so cheap if you’re going to make it be so large? o.O

    *sigh* what a shame, I’d expect to see this at like, Sanrio land or something, but in decent quality.

  7. Wow. I never doubt the pics you put online, but sometimes I wonder if the fake isn’t your wife. She seems unreal O_o…

  8. I happened to mention your blog caused mine and it caused me to get attacked by a hello kitty blog about sanrio towns… you know, I just really don’t want to think about it. There are so many horrible and garish things on there it will give me nightmares for months.

    I had many lol’s when I visited yours yesterday and today I woke up in a little section of hell. It’s like a god damn virus and you’re helping to spread the infection.

    I think I gotta go ball up in a corner and cry now, scuse me everyone.

  9. it looks like the couple are having trouble sitting on the fountain o-o
    looks like they’re about to fall in XD

  10. Oh God why? Why My Beautiful City? It’s bad enough that the Evil Feline has a Shop in Time Square… But This? This means WAR! Now Where’d I Put that red Food Coloring?

  11. Don’t statues that look like they’re crying blood get elevated to divine status or something? That’d just make the problem worse!

  12. There is nothing I hate more than crappy artists trying to justify a crappy “art” piece by talking crap.
    That said, it looks cheap, and tacky, and yup kind of like a giant piniata, maybe instead of hoping for king kong we should send a couple of kids with stick talking them into breaking the monster open.

  13. 18k pounds? wow, five (or whatever) apples are much heavier that i had guessed
    also, completely white, that is sooooooo begging to get tagged, and if i happened to have spray paint and a plane ticket i would do it myself. plus in the top picture her legs look really really tiny, i hope they break 😀

  14. Well even though I like the idea of the fountain….I don’t really like how it was designed….and it’s shodiness in appearance. HK deserves the fountain status, and she also deserves to have a much NICER LOOKING fountain made of herself. Wish I could have worked on it….I woulda done her justice!! And I wouldn’t have had water coming out of her eyes so it looks like she’s crying!!! That’s just pathetic!!

    And does anyone else ever wonder if this HKH guy is real? Or is he just some random guy who secretly LOVEs HK and writes this blog to justify having all of the HK stuff he has in his house. He’s just making up a wife that LOVES it so much, so he can blame it all on her…when in REALITY it’s all REALLY ALL HIS!!!

  15. Krissy, ROFL!! 😀

    IMO a decent looking HK fountain should have a smooth surface, reflecting what the character actually looks like.

  16. Well if it is smooth, it might be too “plastic”.

    However, if it was a blinding reflective surface, then she could send her beacon of love and hope to the world and blind everyone in her sight with that message.

  17. Wait guys she’s has the water coming out of her eyes!! if you put red food coloring to make it look like blood they’ll compare her to the virgin mary who cry’s blood tears and start to worship her even more and make darlene think she is awesome!!

  18. After looking very carefully, it seems that the first and last 2 pictures are two different HK fountains.. Did anyone else notice? In the first one, it is very glossy and her pose is different.. and if it was 21 feet, why would the couple be scaled to almost the same height as the papier-mache looking fountain..?

    Just saying. The first fountain is cute though, the second looks cheap.

  19. Please read correctly people! There are two things talked about here… 1) a fountain, and 2) a Statue…the statue is the first pic, and the fountian is the second and third pics…

    Anyway, I may have to drive to NY this summer and get a pic of me mooning HK! THAT’LL send darlene into spasms!
    HA!!!! Really diggin the whole water out of th eyes thing! Though I agree with the red dye making her a idol comment… fanatics will flock!

    @ Sarah… OMG a 200 ft hello kitty destroying NYC… friggin awesome!

  20. i’m a NYer, I saw this being built a while ago, it was pretty ghastly and ugly cause while it was being assembled it looked like a papier machete nightmare!

  21. Makes me wish I still lived in nyc…
    I’m going back for a visit this summer and it is one of my goals to F with the fountain!
    @ Rhianimator – you could totally make the fountain red and not pink. christo did it. you’d just have to be stealth or something.

  22. that’s TOO MUCH FOR ANY ON COUNTRY TO HANDLE ON IT’S OWN> we should take it apart and hise the peices around the world.

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