Hello Kitty Sleeping Bag

Anyone who has read this blog for awhile knows about the Hello Kitty sleeping bag and how I spend far too much time in it on our couch. It simply goes to show how much I suffer in Hello Kitty Hell that this sleeping bag had been used so much that my wife decided that it needed to be replaced. Thus I was shown my new bedding for all those times I dare to cross the evil feline:

Hello Kitty sleeping bag

Hello Kitty sleeping bag

I’m not sure if I should look at this as a victory that in my struggle to fight against all the cuteness which surrounds me that I was able to wear out the old Hello Kitty sleeping bag or defeated that I have spent enough time sleeping in a Hello Kitty sleeping bag that it required getting a new one. Either way, it confirms that Hello Kitty Hell is real and looks like it will continue to last for much too long a time…

46 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Sleeping Bag

  1. Wow. That’s emasculation right there.

    If she makes you sleep in it, be sure to fart in it.

    A lot.

    Make sure you eat plenty of cheeseburgers and spicy food to ensure the staying power of the stench.

  2. His wife won’t ruin another sleeping bag to ‘discipline’ him anymore?

    But then if Mr. HKH is willing to go all out er… chemical warfare… then there would be no issue. 😉

  3. If anyone ever tried to ‘discipline’ me by forcing me to vacate my bed for the simple reason that I said something negative about a MARKETING PRODUCT, I’d be showing them my car keys and split.

  4. At least you can vent your frustrations by punching HK repeatedly in the face. If your wife complains, just tell her that you’re trying to “adjust” the “pillow” that HK’s head provides.


  5. Shadow Dragon, I suspect that Mr. HKH may have considered that option. Remember, however, that if that happened then Kitty would have won! Kitty would have triumphed over Mr. & Mrs. HKH’s marriage, demonstrating that she is even more powerful! We can’t let that happen!

    Mr. HKH, I truly pity you. I am _so_ glad that my daughter rapidly out-grew Kitty, though at times I miss my “little girl”.

  6. To be a woman and sleep in pink I understand… to be a man to sleep in pink; that means there wasn’t something else available. To be a man and sleep in a pink HK sleeping bag with kitty head? Pure torture. You must REALLY LOVE your wife HKH. Truly and totally love your wife. Or your a masochist.

  7. The Design amuses me. Especially how it Rolls up and has the Face of Pure Evil staring at you. You must rest your head on Hello Kittty’s face. I must say. that head pillow doesn’t look comfortable at all, nor adequate to hold an entire head.

  8. I’d take the advice to fart in it, A LOT.
    And maybe drool all over the kitty head so that it gets all crusty and your wife gets appalled and dismayed. Perhaps if you eat some really bean filled dish, you can make it stink so bas she wont allow you in it anymore.

    still, I could NEVER put up with such an obsession!

  9. adopt a pet skunk and let it sleep with you on the sleeping bag nights! all of the other nights, it can have the whole hello kitty room to itself! i’m sure your wife could find a hello kitty pet crate!

  10. ok, at this point I have to ask: why do YOU have to sleep on the couch if the wife throws a fit? I have never got that (not that I will have to deal with that but still…)

  11. wow, have you ever considered just going on a mad rampage and burning all of this crap? true your wife may slit your throat in the night with an hk butterknife, but in my book, it’d be worth it

  12. i love that sleeping bag. is it adult size?

    it instantly made me laugh (out loud) imagining you sleeping in it.

    sorry for your grief, but…whoo-hoo! hello kitty rules!!!!

  13. BUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve rea dur other blogs and im sorry to laugh at the fact that u got a BRAND SPANKING NEW ONE to sleep in is so unbareably funny LOL im sorry that u have to sleep in this but HEY atleast u have a nice place to rest ur head 😉


  14. Why does _he_ end up sleeping on the sofa? Because a proper gentleman would not banish his wife from the bed, and would instead take upon himself the discomfort of sleeping on the sofa.

    Mr. HKH clearly suffers significantly out of his great love for Mrs. HKH. I feel sorry for him, but I also admire his reserve and his devotion to his wife. I’m sure even Mr. HKH has a breaking point, and it is clear that his is far past what mine would have been in similar circumstances.

    Mr. HKH, I salute you. You are a better man than I.

  15. sooooo, do you sleep on your stomach or on your back in this thing? because well you know….the head position on the hello kitty head… lol

  16. And here we have proof that Mr HKH does love his wife. Why else would someone put up with an obsession this big?

  17. @Alex… I swear that has to be the FUNNIEST things I’ve seen yet…humping the sleeping bag head….GENIUS!!!
    (tears rolling down face with laughter, at thought of grown man acting like a dog and humping pillow…)

  18. Mr. HKH you are a pussy whipped guy. OR should it be ‘kitty whipped’ guy? XD

    Thanks for providing the laughs and all, but sometimes you need to say ‘no’ and stand up to your woman once in a while, or else she won’t respect you at all.

    You need to draw the line somewhere, or else in future she’ll take you from behind with a HK strap-on, or cheat with a man cosplayed as ‘Dear Daniel’.

  19. Ah, I truly respect you, sir. Only true love for your wife would keep you with her through all she’s put you through. I salute you! More women deserve more husbands as truely loving as you.

  20. all i can say is…

    u realli love ur wife (which is very sweet as not many guys *males around my life*can ever put up with my hello kitty love….)

    so not saying neything else, but i must say you must be a wonderful husband… ^^

  21. WOW! That may be the cutest thing ever! A built in pillow; I’d say I am suprised, but I am not. The Genius of Sanrio and teh Hello Kitty developers knows no bounds.

  22. I totally respect you and the fact that you love your wife and that’s why you put up with her obsession with HK. But as a woman, I would never even think of doing that to a man, and especially not ordering him to sleep on the couch in a sleeping bag made for an 8 year old. I’ve discussed your website with a male friend, and we both agree on this. We hope you’re getting some bonkers, off the wall, crazy sex in return for all this. If not, it just doesn’t seem worth it.

  23. Thats okay, just refuse to sleep with a blanket.
    Sleep without a blanket, and keep warm with an open fire…powered by a little evil feline sleeping bag…

  24. His wife must be a smoking hot chick that he’s still deeply in love with, suffering through all that stuff and still walking around being all “it’s okay, it’s hell but I can live with it – in fact not, but you know, it’s life”. She must be way worth the pain and suffering – maybe that’s because he doesn’t want to post pictures of her… 😛

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