What would be worse than a house full of Hello Kitty crap? How about a Hello Kitty House full of Hello Kitty crap?

Hello Kitty houses

Hello Kitty house

Hello Kitty house inside

It’s seems some resort in Taiwan got the bright idea that building Hello Kitty houses could somehow be a positive thing (obviously nobody at the company lives with a Hello Kitty fanatic) and completely disregarding the torment they would inflict upon us. My wife simply said, “I’ve found my dream house!” which certainly is not a good sign when you live in Hello Kitty Hell.

The sad thing is that if the house would remain like shown in the photos, it would actually be better than my current living conditions, but you know that it would be merely a matter of hours before the whole place resembled a Hello Kitty flea market with my wife’s collection all over the place. My wife has already started her search to plan our vacation there which pretty much ensures a Hello Kitty Hellish holiday…

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  1. P.S. To totally complete the HK theme, the flagstone pavers leading up to the green house should be in the shape of her head…

  2. after seeing this I don’t know if I can really complain about my 5yr old daughters room being semi decorated in HK… but it definitely makes my head hurt

  3. You don’t understand women at all. Women want things that are cute and make them feel good. It’s only torment to you because you’re a man and you refuse to try and understand women. That is why you have to complain in this blog instead of support your wife.

    This is every girl’s dream house and if your wife wants it, it’s your duty as a good husband to get it for her. She looks after you so you must look after her. If you really love her, you’ll do whatever it takes to get her the house she dreams of. You might as well face this fact and accept it.

  4. Imagine the CFC’s erupting into the air after that, even though I don’t believe in those :P. However, the stinkiness resulting burning down so much plastic may make me smile, considering that I will envision HK and her cronies (excepting Kuromi, which I like) running out screaming with varying degrees of burns upon their skin due to the melting, dripping plastic.

    Hee hee hee.

  5. The green one looks like it might be slightly tolerable, but the pink one’s interior resembles one of those disposable pink vomit buckets they use in hospitals.

  6. I believe in ChloroFluoroCarbons, but you need fluorine to make them. You don’t get it or them in plastics as a general rule.

  7. @DARLENE: you know NOTHING about what women want. Why? because you’re a drone that can only regurgitate that HK tells you…

    I’m sorry that I even read this post… I’ll be having HK house nightmares now. Those house are really too much and it’s sad… very sad.

  8. Darlene,

    Please please please stop speaking on behalf of anyone but yourself. This is certainly NOT my “dream house.” I don’t want a pink “Hello Kitty” themed anything, much less an entire house. Yes, I enjoy things I think are “cute” but I respect my husband and don’t put it all over the house because I know he wouldn’t enjoy it. Marriage isn’t about what you can get out of the other person or catering to each and every silly and/or unreasonable desire, it’s about compromise. I could want a platinum and diamond encrusted toilet seat, but I don’t expect my husband just to go out and get it for me simply because I want it. That would be unreasonable. Besides, just because HKH complains in his blog doesn’t mean he’s not supporting his wife. Being supportive doesn’t mean he has to like every single HK piece she brings into their home.


    Keep fighting the fight. Love the blog and think it’s hilarious. Godspeed.

  9. Darlene I have no idea what you are talking about. I can assure you it is NOT every girls dream to live in that house. I know because I am a girl, a girly girl infact, with a mild liking of Hello Kitty. And even I would get a migraine after a day in that house. If you dont trust me ask a bunch of random women on the street, you’ll probebly get the same reply from most of them. -End of rant-

  10. Aww, Cathrine… see you’re doing it again. What you constitute as a comment is actually an emotional and angry personal attack which equals troll like qualities. You speak to inflame, not to have a discussion. I don’t take what you say personally because I don’t care. It’s funny actually…

  11. Uhh, I’m a woman and a Hello Kitty house isn’t what I’d want. Neither is everything cute what I want. In fact, that’d probably just make me feel ill. O_O

    As for women wanting what makes them feel good… um, who DOESN’T want that? Female OR Male! But encouraging a guy to get whatever his wife wants to make her happy isn’t a great idea, you know. In the first place, she shouldn’t be looking directly at mere material items to make her content. Perhaps spending time with her husband should make her content! I mean, I like Hello Kitty items- but damn… I’d be far happier spending time with someone I love anyday over getting HK stuff. Oh brother. Someone who just wants and wants and wants more HK stuff just sounds like someone who’s never satisfied. And THAT is never a good trait for a person to have.

  12. You, Moriyah have no clue what I speak of. That wasn’t an emotional or angry attack. It was a mere observation.
    Did I strike a nerve?

  13. HKH guy is right… the house isn’t as bad as it seems… the television is kitty and the exterior has a kitty… if you take them out… is just another pink house resembling a Playboy mansion theme even….

    I wonder how the bathroom’s like….

  14. @Kitteh!

    You would know about CFC’s. I was making a crack about them since they’re whining rampant about that or at least something to that effect when I was a wee tadpole in jr high. However, we learned science today! Yay!

    I wonder if Catharine’s name should be Andrea as in Dworkin. πŸ˜›

  15. I would never survive living in a HK house it would just give me nightmares and make me hate pink more than I do now.

  16. hmmm…is it just me or is darlene being a little less harsh here… also in the ‘toothpick’ one too. seems like for once she’s not bashing Mr. HKH saying something about Hitler or masculineness [sp? o-o]

    one thing though… i don’t think Mr. HKH is being looked after too well when everything in his house is related to HK

  17. Newsflash, Darlene: This house is NOT every girls’ dream! How do I know? Because I’m a girl, and just looking at that thing makes me want to upchuck. Quit trying to to speak for anyone but the delusional fanatic that is yourself.

    And I don’t know who this Catherine is, or if she’s new, but she’s starting to sound like Darlene 2.0.

  18. Andophiroxia, I know all sorts of techie stuff, cos I’m interested in it, and sometimes need bits of it for work too!
    The surprise is that I’m found on a site like this that’s all about branded consumerism and fan art.

  19. Ugh, no Darlene, I’m a girl and count me out. I don’t think I could handle all that PINK, let alone the HK clutter-crap. It looks cheap and nasty too. The green I could manage, if there was a free bar. Just.

  20. “You don’t understand women at all. Women want things that are cute and make them feel good. ” Little GIRLS want cute things not grown women…..Id prefer a diamond ring over anything “cute” egh once again darlene put your head in a plastic bag and suck for air…

  21. @Kitteh!
    That’s all right. For some reason I love doing art and I am an art person, but some people ask me why I like HK. I sort of like her in that pop-icon Warholish way before he became crap. Like in the beginning.

    It does fascinate me to the god-like status some people hold this non-sentient character.

  22. I didn’t mean I don’t like art; just that I have more of a science brain.
    For example, a mate showed me a video of an engine test on the F-35 VSTOL, and my reaction was that the thrust vectoring engine exhaust was a thing of beauty, and yet I still get “real” and fan art.

  23. @Moriyah & andophiroxia
    I am the furthest thing from a feminist you can find.
    Thank you very much! I just can’t understand how MHK has so much time on his hands to rant about his HK anger.
    Darlene 2.0 that is funny. If you would read my entries and you had any kind of brain function you would realize we are not at all alike.

  24. Oh no, I think you misunderstood me. I didn’t mean to say that you don’t like art, I was just mentioning how ironic it is that I am an artist and I like HK, because you think of the rampant commercialism and such, but I like her in that other way. However, it is funny how much a lot of actual artists do like her in that way.

    And yes, it’s the cute factor that happens in as well. πŸ˜‰

  25. You’ve given me an idea; check your e-mail!

    Oh and I think you’re misunderstanding me. I hate the rampant commercialism aspects, but liked some of the fan art etc. I just don’t want to be thought of as an art hater because I see beauty in technology as well as in art and nature.

  26. As an adult, these houses are way over the line. But if you wanted to take your young daughter for a special weekend getaway, then taking her to a place like this is perfect.

  27. How does Catherine in any way resemble Andrea Dworkin? Love or hate the woman, she never ran around defending women’s rights to buy stupid pink crap and torment their husbands with it.

  28. Nah, she just hated men and said that everything that they made was to rape women in order to support their own ‘maleness’, or if they were male they had “issues” if they didn’t agree with her.

    Maybe I should have called her Gloria. πŸ˜›

  29. Those houses are ugly and that shade of pink is ugly. I like pink it’s my favorite color but I wouldn’t want my house to be covered in it. I think that a gray wall with a siloette of hello kitty’s headin a mural type motiff mixed with other elements of pop culture would be neat but not a whole freakin house. They look like cheap life sized doll houses.

    Darlene must be single and lonely to have relationship delusions like that. Either that or she is 12 or something.

  30. “ran around defending women’s rights to buy stupid pink crap and torment their husbands with it.”

    Ha! That is a great statement! I think that is what most women do anyway…to a small extent a least, like say getting juicemakers that will collect dust in a closet or little glass dustcatchers they have move when they dust… it’s great πŸ™‚
    Sorry, just thought a little lightening up could be used here…

    Catherine, moriyah and andophiroxia: Separate corners ladies… πŸ˜‰
    Though I have to say Catherine, your first comment is what started it and was a ‘little’ rude and uncalled for… Some of us have been commenting here for a while and not many people take to arguing with us on a daily and repeated basis… not trying to start anything else but pointing out my outsider take… (and yes, there are a few of us here that always stick up for each other no matter what)
    Now, I know you’ll post again to respond since you seem like the kind of person who likes to have the last word… so I’ll stop now and not give you more ammo πŸ™‚

  31. My first comment wasn’t meant to be rude. I had just wondered why you would have married a crazy HK girl if it bugged you so…. A friend happened to forward this site to me and I commented. Simple as that. Sorry if my opinion angers some of you, but I thought that was what this site’s purpose was. People stating their opinion.

  32. *laugh* my 7 year old instantly said, upon seeing the picture

    “I want one!” -her
    “But .. it’s a hello kitty house, even on the inside” -me..
    “I know! I want to live in one!” – her.

    Oh my.. hopefully she’ll grow out of it, I know as a kid I would have loved to live in a my little pony house (LOL!)
    So, I’m sure she’ll grow out of it.

    I think I’d like to spend a night in the hello kitty house.

    Just to see if I get any horrible nightmares or see if it’s haunted by the souls of any poor man who died of a cute pink kitty induced heart attack XD

  33. @DJ Psychomike: LOL, genius. Maybe instead of bats he’d see endless swarms of Badtz-Maru. That would get anybody to lay off the drugs.

  34. whoa! that is it! i am going to fly on the hello kitty airplane to the hello kitty resort! going to pack my bags and tell my fiance right away! i hope they bring you hello kitty room service served by hello kitty serving hello kitty shaped food.

    i’ll steal some hello kitty shaped soaps for you!

  35. That is my dream house! lol ^_^

    I.MUST.OWN.A.HOUSE.LIKE.THAT!!! If my parents didnt mind, i’d hello-kittyfy the outside of my houseeee ^_^

  36. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! I would definitely visit Taiwan someday!!! There are sooo many things in store for me there!!!

  37. Who finally found Darlene’s house, who ever it was make sure she is in it when you burn this ugly thing to the ground.

    For some reason this house reminds me of a Stephen King novel.

    **Stunned by the Stupidity**

  38. @silentbob

    “Darlene’s house” thats so funny. If I actualy believed she was a real person I would believe that she lives there. πŸ™‚

  39. Well there is a HK house in Puroland, much like Mickey Mouse’s house in Disney’ Toon Village. I could see an inn but a place to live..what blashemy it looks nothing like the Hello Kitty Doll house or castle..*miffed*

  40. i think hello kitty is CUTE, no matter what anyone else thinks. the hello kitty house is not my dreaam house but i would love to go and visit it.

  41. I would love to live there…but it would be very awkward. Just imagine your boss coming over for a dinner party.

    “Yeah, the big pink house at the corner…you can’t miss it.”

    And imagine the things that go on in a house like this, you find pot in your teenage son’s hello kitty dresser. You must than confront him at the hello kitty dinner table. Than that night you and your spouse have sex with a giant hello kitty face staring down at you whispering silently “I know what it is you do….”

  42. oww.. i love the house. but hey.. hello kitty si not hell..

    there’s nothing wrong living in a hello kitty house πŸ™‚ you know. people may differ from what they call a “dream house”
    just a little respect ..

    but then again.. kitty is not hell..
    you are making her.. ohh my..

  43. A short while ago on another post I suggested (sarcastically) a Hello Kitty! house and it’s good to see results this quickly. I still think a 3 metre/10 foot plastic bow mounted diagonally above the right hand upstairs bedroom window would be the ultimate decoration.

  44. I want to live there! I am going to do something like this when I get a house of my own. Maybe sans the kitty, and in a different color, but that living room getup is so nicely done.

    And to Kisa, RE: the my little pony house idea? AWESOME.

  45. Haahaa..

    I could imagine at halloween kids would go to the house and hello kitty would come to the door and give them hello kitty candy. And then the kids would tp the house in hello kitty toilet paper. :l Haa Ahh Haa.

  46. OMGOSH! I love this house (pink one)! Darlene’s comment is too funny, love her too. I’m going to demand my husband get me or make me this house immediatly!!!! Muahahahahaha! I shall submit my comment with the click of my hello kitty mouse that lies on my hello kitty mouse pad πŸ˜€

  47. @Cyndy

    ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKING MIND?! Darlene’s comment wasn’t funny in the slightest. She’s attacking this guy and you’re laughing at it?! What is wrong with you? Okay, I’d think it was funny too if she wasn’t so freaking MEAN, but come ON!

  48. @Liz
    Anyone who takes anything in this site seriously or personally has a serious issue. Liz go get something to cool down now simmer down now, k. LOL u made me laff to though thx

  49. @Cyndy

    lol sorry I freaked out at you, I just can’t stand when people get all hater like darlene did. I guess me getting all hater really shows my character, huh? :p To be honest I’d like a house all pink too, but not quite like that.

  50. Comment from darlene
    Time: July 10, 2008, 7:02 am

    You don’t understand women at all. Women want things that are cute and make them feel good. It’s only torment to you because you’re a man and you refuse to try and understand women. That is why you have to complain in this blog instead of support your wife.

    This is every girl’s dream house and if your wife wants it, it’s your duty as a good husband to get it for her. She looks after you so you must look after her. If you really love her, you’ll do whatever it takes to get her the house she dreams of. You might as well face this fact and accept it.

    I totally agree =]

  51. wow.. Its my dream house too!:D
    I will have a house like that someday I’m sure of that!:)
    Do you think they make a blue house like that.!?

  52. ERRRRMM…excuse me?!?! i think you should just SHUT THE HELL UP, seriously! geeess just stop insulting,kay? if you hate hellokitty that much you shud just dig a hole and hide!!!

  53. i love you you love me were as happy as can be with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you wont you say i love you to from your frind Adriana to:Hello Kitty

  54. @ Darlene.

    I’m not even going to try and point out the several misconceptions you’ve expressed.
    Simply, I’m going to condense it into two, immature yet fitting words.

    Epic fail.

  55. That’s not “every woman’s house.” That’s not even A woman’s house. That could only be a preschool girl’s play house!

  56. I love hello kitty so much i have so much kitty myself but i dont think i got everything yet, omg i love that hello kitty pink house if i do have that kind of house i will be the happiest person, i do have hello kitty businness card that it says jin kitty says yummy, everyone in my neighborhood knows me as jinkitty, now i am pregnant n i am thinking what to get for my princess kitty

  57. Seriously? They built a Hello Kitty house? And people want to live there? Wouldn’t it be more fun to live in, I don’t know, a Flintstone house? That’d be cool, and environmentally friendly, too.

  58. Very cute, but I don’t think it’s a residential house. It looks like it’s part of a musemum or it should be.

  59. I would have died for that house like, three years ago. But now I’m a little more grown up and I’m married. I adore Hello Kitty an have since I was a little girl. Since I actually love my husband I don’t flaunt that love, or too much girliness, all the time. It’s just not fair to him. The only Hello Kitty he sees is my band-aids, some notepads (that he uses willingly because he won’t buy his own), and our baby’s stuffed animal. I’d love to have most everything I’ve seen in this blog but you know, we’ve all got to grow up sometime.

    That being said, OMGOMGOMG!!!! That house is soooooooo CUTE!! I want it!!!!

  60. I can’t believe I’m throwing it out there should it not exist already…but I think this house would be perfectly acceptable in a Sanrio theme park situation (please for the love of god don’t build one) you know, like the dream suite at Disneyland.

    But that’s it.

    I am a girl. A girly girl, with a healthy respect for pink and advocate in equal HK rights (for children under the age of 12). This is so NOT my dream house.

  61. I have even more pictures of this, I sent them to you a while back.

    It is in fact, not a haello kitty house, but a hello kitty castle.
    Complete with a ehllokitty back garden
    hello kitty tv
    hello kitty breakfast, sofas, beds…

    The ultimate hello kitty hell.

  62. wow your house is very nice i wish i can go there please………. dont be afraid i am not a killer
    what do you think the design of my house hahaha…………

  63. haha this house is awesome! i love this site! I’m a total H.K fanatic and I use this site to find more adorable H.K stuff πŸ˜€ I especially love the border at the top. I love how much you all hate her and what sanrio does but just think, at least it gets your wife off your back. shes too busy raving over Kitty πŸ˜€

  64. hi, i am hello kitty and I WANT THAT HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!
    i really want that house!!!!!!!!!!!
    i give 9000000000 dollar for that….
    i want to se more about that house…
    i want more pictures on that house.

    Love from my heart,
    Hello Kitty

  65. YOU ARE STUPIDD, I have an addiction with hello kitty, Yes I am a girl, despite my name. blame my mother fer that. I WOULD KILL FER THAT HOUSE.
    – get a life.

  66. Well, I’m sorry you dream gazers, BUT the pink Hello Kitty house is MINE!! I am in love with Hello Kitty and everything about her. My room, shoe collection, clothes, and accessories are all dedcated to her.

  67. Its peachy pretty perfect. A whimsical pink house of love like its made of cakes. I can just picture me living there with two beautiful female Persian cats. However I prefer an eclectic abode inside so maybe not so much of the Hello Kitty everywhere. Can you bring it to the UK?

  68. Are these people for real? Seriously, both the ones who built this and your reviews? That place is the epitome of pathetic and ridiculous. People need to get a life.

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