Just when I have about given up hope in Hello Kitty Hell, a photo arrives in my email box that brings a smile to my face. Let’s here a big round of applause for the Hello Kitty pincushion:

Hello Kitty pincushion

Genius! Brilliant! Just what the evil feline needed to accentuate her “cuteness.” Now to figure out a way to convince my wife that every single plus in her collection really would be far more useful as a pin cushion…

Sent in by Jasmine who definitely will get a beer on me if our paths should ever cross…

71 thoughts on “Pincushion

  1. This makes me SO happy in strange ways. xD

    I gotta have one. Wonder what darlene could say about this….(Imagination time!)

    “You are evil and cruel!
    This is disgusting to think this is sanitary. This shows how idiotic and sick you are!
    blah blah blah….wife puts up with you….blah blah…MEN are sick…etc etc.”

    and the funny thing is a girl sent this in so she’d sound more dumb. xD

  2. ha! i had a moment like this today – my significant other handed me a container of HK candy, with a collectable HK figure and i happily noted that it carried a giant choking hazard warning on it. Perfect! (note i’m not really into HK, but he meant well)

  3. I suppose that you think it is funny inflicting pain on things. Your crude jokes about wanting all plush to be pin cushions just isn’t funny. It shows that you have no sensitivity to what is really going on.

    This isn’t a pin cushion. It’s a plea from someone who needs help. Sticking needles into Hello Kitty will lead to more violent tendencies just like animal abuse does. Hello Kitty is willing to sacrifice herself to help this person.

    If you think all Hello Kittys should be filled with pins and needles, then you also need help. It’s not funny to celebrate cruelty no matter how you feel about something. We now see your true side.

  4. Hate to break the sad news to you darlene, but it’s a plushy, it’s not alive, it can’t feel pain. It’ just a fabric covered blob of polyester fluff. Granted, it’s in a nasty pink color and I’d never have it in my house, but at least it’s being useful for something other than another piece of polyester in a landfill.

  5. This is a just a $1 cheap toy from Target… therefore not an upper-class HK toy… die!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW-Darlene, there IS a real HK pincushion… whatcha got to say about that???
    Nothing… that’s right… moron.
    So basically what you are saying it that all those kids in high school Home EC classes leaning to sew are bound to one day be abusers…you are a total and utter idiot.
    And what about those people who eat HK cakes?
    Are going to turn into cannibals?????
    Use some damn sense woman!!!!!

  6. Just tell your wife that she needs a place to store her HK pins and that you’ll happily put them in this doll for her. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I like tokidoki type stuff, but sometimes I want to make it twisted or at least in pain. (Inanimate objects btw.)

  7. “And what about those people who eat HK cakes?
    Are going to turn into cannibals?????”

    To Darlene they probably already are …. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. “Hello Kitty is willing to sacrifice herself to help this person. ”

    ……………. can’t ………… stop ………… laughing ………………..

  9. Catherine, ever seen the film of “Hellraiser”?

    Hmmm, there’s a nasty thought. An intentional horror film using HK characters as the basis of the film ones.

  10. Yes Catherine. I didn’t actually think of that until you asked why the pins were all in its head though. It’s the sort of way my mind works sometimes; something someone else says inspires it.

  11. *chuckle* I will say this – the more I check out this blog, the more I avoid HK like the plague.

    Darlene’s a trip. But there’s one way to improve that HK pincushion I think – put a hangman’s noose on it and leave it dangling from a sewing machine. 13 knots counterclockwise to send that evil feline quickly back home too!

    Of course, you’d have to point out that it was done so the pincushion wouldn’t get lost…

  12. Well I guess that, by Darlene’s standards, we’re all haters and crazy and in need of help. Oh well, I always thought I was a bit off… this just goes to prove it.

    This picture is a piece of art that I can understand. It takes a pop culture POS icon and puts where she belongs…. now if only there was some blood in there it would be perfect!

  13. Ahhh well we can only imagine Darlene committing seppuku and splashing the precious red by somehow rationalizing that HK puts you in a better place the whole time and to stop worldly pain, although in a lot of cultures suicide is considered a mortal sin. Also, another side effect to being dead is you can’t buy any more of this crap.

    But then when did reason ever hit Darlene?

  14. Im just refusing to say something to darlene this time….. but,

    have you noticed that she always post like third in every entry? and that she NEVER posts again trying to validate her statement….
    She always insults HKH guy and never us… even when we treat her like a maniac, and HKH guy hasn’t said anything to her directly—– … creepy…

    talk about OCD and other mental illneses…

  15. cath, we had that arguement awhile back, but turned out to be untrue.
    i think darlene is what the politicians call a “spin doctor”. i wouldn’t be suprised if sanrio pays her to present an opposing view on this blog. nothing sanrio does suprises me anymore.

  16. “Darlene isnโ€™t realโ€ฆ.Sheโ€™s actually MrsHKHโ€ฆ.”

    LOLOL That would be surprising. And it would give this site a hole new dimension too. ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. i’ve never commented about darlene before. but i must say that she is an amazing troll! seriously. if there were some sort of troll awards she’d win. i LOVE when she posts cos it totally makes my day. and then watching everyone else get all upset over it. HA! i love this blog!

  18. On many sites they just say DNFTT.

    In this case it would be Do Not Feed the darlene.

    If she got emaciated enough, Angelina Jolie would adopt her and we’d be down one idiot.

  19. xD I could see how darlene could’ve saw my comment and now she brings in animal abuse AND some other crap.

    ….Genius darlene. Your a REAL genius. >__> (not)

  20. Thank you Catherine. That sort of fan art is the sort of thing I really love, and not just the HK Pinhead, but the HK Freddie too!

  21. I want it.

    And “Darlene” must be kidding me….. I am a big Hello Kitty fan but I still like the idea of poking needles into her face. That may be because I like crazy things too… but still. SHUT UP PLZ.

  22. Now I get it…. “troll” is a universal blog term. I must apologize I wasn’t aware of that (this is the first time I’ve ever commented on line) I thought it was a personal insult. I couldn’t understand the use of the term”troll” but now with all these comments I realize what the deal is.

  23. that actually looks like a lot of fun. Makes me wish I hadn’t lost my voodoo doll so I could recreate that picture with it. Oh well, thanks for the pic though.

  24. We should have a contest to see who can come up with the best “I Hate HK” keychain and send the pics to Mr. HKH. I’m sure that he would be pleased with most of them, and I say most because you KNOW there will be the people that love HK sending in their ideas. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. There was a Hello Kitty Pinhead image while back based on Clive Barker’s Hellraiser villain, the cenobite leader whose human form was Captain Spencer Elliot was caught after he opened the Lemarchand box which contained the angels to some, demons to others. While Pinhead was his nickname he was also called Prince Antares in the comics. This image was on a quizilla test to figure out which version of Hello Kitty are you? Clive Barker lived in London before moving to La and also loves painting grotesque images. Hello Kitty also lives in London and yet Momoberry is in LA. Such are the miracles of darkness..words to haunt in Hello Kitty Hell..

  26. That one is brilliant! Looks more like a voodoo doll than a pincushion to me though, but hey the result is the same, you get to stick pins and needles in her.

    @Darlene, seriously consider a psychiatrist (and not a Hello Kitty one), because there is no way a plush toy can feel any pain, and there is no way a person will turn violent sticking pins in her head.

  27. you ppl are all pathetic
    well not all of you
    some of you
    [its a key chain with needles and pins ]
    big woop
    get a life

  28. @ Cyn

    Do you think that an HK psychiatrist would have to wear the pink head thing? I imagine the office resembling the HK house… stuff of nightmares, I tell ya.

  29. Catherine, the original meaning of “troll” in this context (and I’m sure a check on Urban Dictionary or Wikipedia will bear this out) is “one who posts deliberately inflamatory material on a chatboard (now include blogs and wikis) with the intent of provoking a response”.

  30. That’s what I am saying, Kitteh. I didn’t understand the meaning of “troll” in this context. I thought it was a personal attack. Hence, my attack. But, now I get it. Thanks….

  31. The needles sticking out of the pincushion reminds me of when my mom used the Hello Kitty female circumcision kit on me. I guess I’m obcessed with a fictional cat because she took my ability to feel pleasure and function as an adult woman so I retreat into a childlike mode of attacking the blogger’s masculinity and defending a pink and white pussy since mine doesn’t work.

  32. This is the best possible way to find anything hello kitty. If you really think about it any hello kitty item could be a pincushion if you press hard enough.

    p.s. Hope you get rid of all the HK hell.

  33. i think darleen is on crack she does know that in order to make all the hello kitty plushies they have to stick pins and needles in them anyways right?

    i think its cute i want one…i always seem to lose my pincusions though

  34. Kirsty Cotton: Who are you?
    Lead Cenobite: Explorers in the further regions of experience. Demons to some. Angels to others.

    Pinhead and HK ARE related…!

  35. I’m really thinking about taking a pin and shoving it so far up Hello Kitty’s ass and make it so painful that she’ll get to feel the pain that Mr. HKH feels each and every single day………..

    hmmmmmm…………maybe I should do the some to darlene………….nah, I’ll let Mr. HKH do it

  36. That’s not really supposed to be a pincushion, you know… I have that same thing, it’s a small plush keychain. Hate to ruin the fun for ya. ;3 Yes, I’m also a Hello Kitty fanatic, but I do find it amazing how much random HK crap they manage to come up with. Your site is hilarious.

  37. @darlene

    Women can be circumcised? That’s really scary. I thought you were just being a jerk before, but now I feel really sorry for you, darlene. Maybe– and please don’t take this the wrong way– you should take up therapy? Or talk to a pastor or something to get all your feelings out.

  38. You know im looking at all this stuff hoping that every creak i here is not my gf comen in the room to see all this junk.but this im going to show her…oh and it makes me smile whenever i see Darlene freak out about stuff…cuz really why is she everywere….

  39. You know this is one of those HK items which your wife would never use the way it was supposed to be used, don’t you?

  40. well… very late of my behalf, but about that darlene womans comment…

    my grandmother (who happens to be a very sweet and gentle woman) uses a small plush with a smily face on it as a pin cushion…

    im sure that would mean that she has serious psychopathic desires and should be hospitalized hmm?

  41. Oh I’m soo sowi darlene I didn’t know that I’m 11 but I know what circumcission is. But is there really a possible way that women can circumcise? If there is HOW IN HELL could your mother be sooo mean to you! Btw I’m also a HK fanatic and yes I am obbsed with her but I still can’t believe your mum did that to you. Oh and I have a question for u darlene are you Mrs HKH you know you could always tell me ill understand

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