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  1. that cat has the same look my cats would give if someone tried to put anything weird on me: “I am going to claw your eyes out when you go to sleep tonight”.

    Honestly, most cats hate having anything besides a collar with some hating even those so why do people HAVE to try and dress cats up like dolls? If you want an animal to dress up, get a dog. They couldn’t give a crud about it.

  2. Poor little cat, indeed.
    HKH guy was correct to omit the name of the person who sent the video.
    Otherwise, many people will write angry letters to her.

  3. I honestly want this, just so I can do this to my cats… I’ve actually seen the website, and it’s all in japanese. And I don’t read japanese… so… God is on the side of my cats (they’re boy cats too, so there definately is a God).

  4. I don’t know how much worse this blog can get, except if you continue to write your stupid blabbering and your inflammatory headline lies. Sharing your love of Hello Kitty with your pets is to show them true love. And it is easy to see that the cat enjoys the owner paying so much attention to her. That is the luckiest cat in the world!

    You are the one that should be brought up on animal abuse charges for all the harm you do and lies you tell about Hello Kitty with this blog. Hello Kitty should sue you for defamation of character for all the libelous things you write!

  5. Okay, who let Darlene out of the padded room?

    I do some strange things to my cat. He loves me, and I can (like having him jump on the trampoline with me) but I did anything to make my cat look that depressed, I’d expect to be bitten.

    Besides, Darlene, hate mongering isn’t in the HK hanbook to life.

  6. I’m not a cat fan, but anyone who puts something like that on any animal should be charged with animal cruelty…

    It’s not cute, it’s stupid. Who woke up one day and said, “I want to turn my real cat into a cartoon cat by forcing it to wear a costume!”????

  7. Um Darlene if you think about- I know that’s a stretch for you to have to use your tiny little peanut you call a brain- but forcibly making an animal or any smaller mammal for that case wear/do something against their wishes is called ABUSE!!!!
    So does that mean we can drug you and dress you up like oh, say Big Bird and not get the cops called on us???
    I think this is cruel, I did that to my carts when I was KID, but to be an adult and to know better… (shakes head)
    Doing that to a cat (or dog) can lead to ear infections, and by putting those dumbass collars on it you can also choke them! So that IS indeed abuse!
    Have a kid so you can dress IT up like a moron!

  8. Actually, perhaps we should go with the Clockwork Orange aversion therapy on Darlene, but using it to make her phobic about the Interweb? 😉

  9. That’s just mean… though the cat is very well behaved. Makes me wonder if this poor kitty has had to endure worse indignities… like the kitty sweater or paw boots.

    Cats are our friends, not dolls to dress up. So sad…

  10. Uhmmm knowing some stuff about drugged out cats…

    I think that indeed this poor feline was given some chillin juice or something… because I cant imagine a cat being SO calm and steady at the given circumstances.

    Trying to put a flea-collar to one of my cats was an ordeal… I cant even start to think of dressing it with a… CAT costume….

  11. Oh Sweet Baby JESUS!!!!
    Those poor cats!
    Its like a wall of shame I say!
    Those owners need to be bitchslapped for thinking that’s cool to do to their feline friends! 🙁

  12. and….the owner should stop dressing up her poor animal and get herself fixed up. I mean did you see what she is wearing? Get a manicure psycho lady! Hand cream, did she ever hear of hand cream?

  13. It is so cute! I want one for my cat! My cats dont care at all when I put stuff on them, if they are handled a bunch when they are kittens, it usually isn’t a problem, I never have a problem with flea collars, clipping their nails or anything.
    I like Hello Kitty AND this blog, so Darlene is a nutbar!

  14. If you need to dress up a cat, and love Hello Kitty there are a few Vinyl Solutions..go to Build a Bear and buy, stuff, and dress your own Hello Kitty, plain or Hawaiin. Go to Sanrio for a plush that has her own outfits. Win/win for all feline lovers~

  15. Dear oh dear!!!! Can it get any worse than that? I wonder why the cat is so resilient, I remember not being able to put a simple ribbon from a gift wrap around mine when I was a kid! Plus cats hate when you touch their ears so the hodd must be a really pain to that poor little one…never mind that it’s a cat that is getting dressed as a cat wich is even dumber.

    Even my dog would not tolerate this.

  16. I’ve had the experience of actually witnessing someone buy the “hat” for their cat while I was on vaca a few weeks ago. This woman was so excited, she was just beside herself with demented joy at the idea that her cat would be wearing this for Halloween! It took everything in the cashier’s strength not to laugh this crazy woman out the store. What is wrong with these people?!!!

    My experience has taught me that those who do such silly things to thier animals are lacking some brain cells to say the least. They forget that their animals are not, I repeat are not toys to dress up! I also find that those people are the same morons who will buy a dog carraige so that the dogs can be taken to the mall to be pushed around like some baby, as though they actually want to be there.

    @darlene: Um, there is something called freedom of speech and the web is covered by that right. Also, it’s clear that you’ve forgotten that HK is a cartoon character, not a person, and therefore has no claim to any rights of defamation of character.

    Anyone wanting to share their love of HK with their pets can do so by purchasing pet toys created by Sanrio. My dog had a plasic HK dog bone that squeaked when press and she loved it. You don’t need to dress up your dog or cat to “… share your love…” as noted by darlene.

    We might not all agree if it’s abuse or not, but don’t lie and say you don’t find those clips of cats wearing HK hats funny as hell! Seeing them makes my day!

  17. @darlene,

    The most dumbest thing I’ve ever heard is, “Hello Kitty should sue you!”

    …..XDD It’s a freaking cartoon made in the 70s! Ohmigod. Epic…EPIC fail.

    And that poor cat! It shouldn’t be dressed up as a cat, if it is a cat.

  18. At a guess, it’s saying “DOOZ NAWT WANTZ!!”, which normally means sitting still and going floppy until the offending item is removed.

  19. hahahaha! Leave it to Catherine to bring up the beauty products.

    Not that I would dress mine as Hello Kitty, but my cats would tear me to ribbons if I tried that.

  20. @Alex… WOW…I was really wondering how long it would take for someone to bring politics here…I will not comment but it was funny!

    @Sara Dane: I finally got my shirt! I will be wearing ‘Don’t blame me I voted for HK’ on Nov 6th!

    @Catherine: I too noticed her mumu-ish outfit! Yes, I think she needs to invest in a better wardrobe for herself rather than the cat…who already has good looks 😉

  21. @ anonymous


    I think this is a Japanese cat. It seems like every freaking cat blog from Japan has these cats that passively endure indignities that many other cats of different nationalities would consider even dealing with!

  22. Well, that cat is obviously drugged, he (or she) just lets her do these awful things without a fight. If I’d try to put a hat (any hat, mind you) on any of my cats I’d lose my eyes and most facial skin in about 0.068 seconds..

  23. I used to put those little Christmas sweaters on my cats and they’d lay down and refuse to move… I think that’s an automatic response of some sort… mind you I would not do that now… I’ve learned that’s just mean!

    Serioulsy, if you want to dress something up, get a lawm duck- they come with a ton of little outfits for every season/occasion.

  24. All I have is dog… and she would just take it off. Luckily, my friend has the only puppy in the world that lets itself be dressed up.

  25. @ darlene, and her darling daughter, cop a clue its called freedom of speech, and thank hecatate your not the boss of us, to live in your world is true hell, @ the owner of this site, you fecking rock, love this site, it makes me smile, sorry about the whole kitty hell thing , but your loss is our gain, in laughter, haha

  26. That is wrong. Oh so wrong. No sefl-respected cat owner would do that to a cat. I hope the person who did this got some serious clawmarks all over by that cat!!

  27. OMG! I saw this and couldn’t stop laughing. That cat looks soo pissed. Like when she put on the second collar the cat was like “huh?? what is that?” It was priceless. I bet that Chick got seriously clawed after doing this.

  28. i laughed sooo hard at this! and then i decided to show my mom who is also a cat lover. we can’t believe how tolerant the cat is. my cat would never stand for that, but then again i would not be mean enough to put a cat head on him when he already has one!

  29. Okay, that cat? Not happy. It must be trained to put up with that stuff, because everybody knows cats hate anything that restricts movement or senses, especially hats and jackets(I know this from experience).

  30. im confused…why put cat ears on a cat? thats like putting a wig over a full head of hair ¬¬ i can only assume the reason the cat stayed in place was because the owner glued it to the table with some hello kitty animal torture glue! its terrible!

  31. I myself find hello kitty fairly fun.
    But this is disgraceful.
    And “Darlene” is a rambling idiot, saying the cat is “clearly enjoying it” is absurd.
    Look at that cat’s face.
    It does not look happy at all, it is the face of a harrassed animal.

  32. Why do you always speak of your wife in a condescending sort of way? Why are you even married then? You sound like a very bitter & resentful person! Honestly now, There are a lot of worse things out there than Hello Kitty. Why don’t you use your voice for a true cause?

  33. I think that animal abuse is HORRIBLE because I love animals. But this is just beyond that. Why would someone treat their cat like a doll? Are they like trying to play dress up or something? wtf?

  34. It is sooo funny, the cat has the “you’re so stupid, but i’ll bare with this just so i can poke your eyes afterwards” face. XD

  35. umm that cat must be very persistent with its owner i mean VERY!!!! my cats would give me the look of death and claw my arms off they have collars and thats it they likr theyre collars cuz they get poed if i try to take it off or adjust them. but seriously i would be dead if i did that to my cats. they HATE pink anyways

  36. I would not successfully do this to my cat without having to have stitches afterward. And I would deserve every single one.

  37. I’d rather see this than an animal being abused ANYDAY. This person loves this animal. I know we think it’s weird to dress up animals but this pet is well loved and that is excellent.

  38. I really have never seen this before,how sad.
    I say that they should stop manufacturing.It’s really not right.If they don’t stop manufacturing then just get people to stop buying these products i know that nobody will listen to this but this is my opinion.Please I strongly dislike cats but this really is serious

  39. @darlene and kid
    I’ve learned a lot about animals and asked vets and can say for sure that THIS IS BAD!!!! Health wise-BAD! In fact the vet (and mom) only think that a dog that has little to no hair should be forced to were a JACKET (note: that’s a coat) and only in the winter when they’re going out.
    If you put a headband on, BE CAREFUL. It can’t cover the ears. Cover to much, THEN IT IS BAD!!!

  40. Just because the cat doesn’t care it’s being dressed up doesn’t mean it’s been drugged. I think it’s alright to dress your pet up (not all the time, maybe just holidays), but only if it doesn’t mind it – and I wouldn’t leave the costume on all day. I you think this is abuse, you’re ridiculous. Now, if the animal is clearly unhappy and trying to get out of it and you are FORCING it to wear, it, then yeah I’d say that is abuse. But I’ve seen plenty of pets not mind it, or actually WANT to be dressed up. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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