Hello Kitty Condom Keeper

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that there are Hello Kitty condoms that there is a Hello Kitty place to keep those condoms safe: The Hello Kitty condom keeper:


While some might argue that this was originally made for some other purpose, all I have to say is Hello Kitty shoulder massager — whatever Sanrio might claim, the truth is obvious to see.

There are a lot of things in Hello Kitty Hell that worry me to no end, but having the evil feline provide pregnancy protection definitely is one that is near the top…

Sent in by Aaron, who I would normally wish horrible future disaster upon for showing me something like this, but I figure that he will more than punish himself with the women in his life if they agree to sleep with him after seeing the Hello Kitty condom holder…

50 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Condom Keeper

  1. I’m surprised that there ARE HK condoms. I kind of figured that in the world of HK babies magically spring forth from a woman when the couple is financially secure and prepared, after marriage of course, with nothing so messy as SEX involved. =P

  2. This must be one of the hottest items in 2009!
    So funny.
    The Kitty seems very content holding a condom.

  3. No enaissanceGrrl, the correct statement should be:

    > I’m surprised that there AREN’T any HK condoms yet.

    As Sanrio is penetrating every corner of industries, I wouldn’t suprise if there are HK condoms, IMHO.

  4. While one could use that for condoms that’s not what it was made for. I happen to have that particular hello kitty item and when I bought it, it held 5 flavored lip glosses, not condoms.


  5. rofl that is too funny I also have the lip glosses this originally came with so it it not what it appears to be although this is definetally creative

  6. Good idea actually; it clearly warns the bloke to get the H*ll out of there without doing the deed (so she’s way easier to dump). 😉

  7. look at it this way, if someone who has the mental capcity if Darlene ever did face the prospect of finding some man stupid enough to want to get jiggy with her, then it will A) prevent the creation of a new Darlene and B) he has been warned.

    On a personal note, i am more inclined to complete abstinance rather than have anything like that in my presence.

  8. So are you all saying using this item as a condom keeper is enough protection as in you not getting any with that.

  9. Yes Acton, thats what we are saying. No straight girl would touch a straight guy who thought his was cool. And no guy should go anywhere near a partner who uses this thing to store their condoms. If they do, then they have only themselves to blame.
    HK is a preventative all of its own.

  10. I would do a straight dude who was into HK…but only after a pretty strict interrogation to make sure he really WAS straight.

    But to be fair, I do tend to be attracted to not-macho men and have had pretty severe crushes on at least two gay men.

  11. Hmm. It could be pretty much anything though. A coin purse, lip gloss holder, tissue holder.. Infinite number of uses.

  12. Kitty, I don think one can make blanket statement. Maybe for you but there others who would like a lovable eccentric male hello Kitty fan, (if i was a few years younger and in better shape) There are male fans on Hello Kitty Junkie and in Sanrio time. I have a little “dead pool” who going to walk the isle first.

  13. Acton, please explain to me, in a logical fashion, why any grown adult with a ha’pporth of sense would be so into a rampant commercial creation intended for small girls who still adore the colour pink? I don’t get it. And honey, this is HK HELL. 😉

  14. Good Question KItty

    I can speak fro my self, but if there common thread it is people like Hello Kitty regardless what you think Hello Kitty should be.
    1. I am a bit eccentric and besides I can, America is a free country. I also relish going against the flow, I like Hello Kitty, I like having Sanrio stuff around my apartment, My bedding is all Hello Kitty, I have a pink Hello Kitty book bag I carry in public. I have 20 Sanrio plush toys all because I can and there not a legal thing you can do about it. I do not even have to give you a reason. I am a sucker for pink and cute. I see my involvement as an exercise of my freedom not to follow the societal collective.

    2. It a furry thing, there a lot of baggage in furry fandom as well as good elements. I do care from how the furry fandom went from a branch of Science Fiction to the new emo or teen fad and other issue I disagree with the fandom. I see Hello Kitty as 100% athro and innocent. There more variations in Hello Kitty than to say Disney. I also find Sanrio fans more accepting than furries (goes back to the high school cliquish nature of furries)

    Ps as a classical liberal (limited government, individual liberty, capitalism) commercialism doesn’t bother me, I have to power to choose ignore or accept it.

    It also why I like Hello Kitty Hell, it has gone beyond dealing with wife, and the utter comedy of him thinking he can stop Hello Kitty. It is not going to happen.
    You Hello Kitty Joker (hint: Batman)

  15. Kitteh-“you put that on your bedside table and it’s a contraceptive.” ROFL! Somehow I doubt it will prevent the formation of new generations of Hello Kitty fans though!

  16. Perhaps the cat is warning us to use the condom as she is a by product of such negligence. She has seen the error in her ways and is helping us prevent the world from other mistakes like her.

  17. @Catherine
    I just being truthfully answer, in addition it should be obvious I do not care what you call it. That all I have to say.

  18. To anyone who think’s Acton’s sexual interests are wierd rather than just different:-

    Have you ever “played” with a partner who wanted to give you a body rub whilst wearing a fur glove? No? Perhaps you should, because then you will get the attraction!

  19. Actually, the evil fur-line’s purpose is more subtle…
    Anyone with an ounce of sanity will shudder and scream at the idea of a HK condom holder, and thus refuse to move their hand anywhere near it.
    As a result, the condoms therein won’t be used….
    And thus will the evil one ensure more souls will be born, to be tormented…

  20. @both of you
    Excuse me both of you; I never mention sexuality in any of my post. I am a bible believer Christian and used to be a car carrying member of the “Religious right” and quite involved with the Christian furs so sexually I am a prude and very private about my views on the issue. Yes even my father in Church knows about my furry interest.
    @ Catherine
    You statement is just a logical fallacy: it is your assumption my response supports your sweeping generalization. There could other reasons. My mistake is responding in the first place and not ignoring you like a troll or Darlene. I try to do better next time, Darlene is more tolerable than this.

  21. “Trojan” condoms in conjunction with the Kitty. Haha! … succumb the temptation and after 9 months expect bunch of kitties bursting out…

  22. You are telling lies again. This isn’t a condom keeper, but a holder for lip gloss. You probably made this photo up so that you could try to make Hello Kitty look bad.

    And so what if it was a condom keeper? Are you saying that you don’t want women to be responsible when they have sex? Hello Kitty is all about responsibility while having fun and being cute. So even when you make up lies, you still show that you have no understanding of what Hello Kitty is all about.

  23. @ Acton No offense is intended. Its just that you have serious issues that aren’t “normal”. Not saying it to be mean its just a fact. You should be airing your furryisms
    on some freaky furry sight not on this one. Keep it to yourself.

  24. ill see ur hello kitty condom holder and raise you a black hello kitty vibrator. XD
    oh and btw hello kitty isnt just for young girls who “adore” the color pink…i like hello kitty but im not a fanatic and i absolutely hate the color pink, and i cant stand it when i find something i like that might have hello kitty on it but its friggin pink…>=/ andi ts like, “is every god damn thing sanario makes pink?! but i like Chococat and Kuromi more than Hello Kitty ^^

  25. LOL! My Hello Kitty obsessed friend has this exact item. I remember spotting it and asking what it was for… she said it used to have little lip glosses in it but she loved the holder for them ;P

  26. lol I have a small square tin with HK on it that could be used for a condom. And today I found a Hello Kitty tin that was gathering dust in a cupboard that could be used for…I dunno

  27. it really would work…what kind of men can still get it up after seeing this?

    Abstinence is the only 100% safe for STD and pregnancy. Now this is safe. Go to the source and kill desire itself. LOL

  28. It’s not actually a condom holder o.o I have one that is identical to it. It’s actually came with four sticks of lipbalm and that was the case. XD But it’s funny seeing what he’s using the case for.

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